DIY Scalp Cleansing Scrub For Dry And Oily Scalp || NTNP

DIY Scalp Cleansing Scrub For Dry And Oily Scalp || NTNP


  • Udochi Ufomadu says:

    Pls I will love to see the sublime curly butter cream

  • Faith Chandi says:

    I voted for the curly butter then I changed coz I saw most votes went to the scrub… But I would really love to see the sublime curly butter.. Plz.. Plz.. Plz. Thanks for teaching me this method of scalp Detox. Good bless you.. Love u

  • keeping it simple and real with jenny says:

    Thats what We call shrinkage is realtà Amazing video 👌

  • PitayasFrutas&Flores says:

    Meu LIKE 18 😃👍💚💛

  • Caballero idem says:

    hello beautiful video thank you for this beautiful sharing

  • Reenka Kitchen says:

    Good Video and your Hair is nice. Liked.

  • Tessy D’Aquino TV says:

    Have not done oil treatments for a while now. Busy busy oh. My natural hair is crying for me lol. I know that product I will try it. A lot of good oil you added in there I will try it when ever I have time. Brown sugar?? Is good for hair? This is my first time to see sugar use in the hair
    Nice share Cara Mia ❤️ buon weekend.

  • Guesla Paul says:

    thank you sis i tried it today on my 2years old. i add avocado lime juice and shea butter omg the best cause the back of her hair always dried and the front is curly .now everyone is asking me what i used i did a twist out with my flaxseed and aloe cream 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Health Delicacy says:

    I will try using this scrub dear sis….tnx for sharing this my lovely sis

  • I Am Mechell says:

    Enjoyed this love DIY’s because I always learn something New! 🤗

  • Tracy says:

    I love your DIYs. They are the best you always manage to come up with new ideas. Ones I don’t see anywhere else. I never try hyaluronic acid on my dry scalp before. 🤔. It makes sense. Thank you

  • maria fisher says:


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