DIY Natural Hair Conditioner For Dry Colored, Dry And Damage Hair

DIY Natural Hair Conditioner For Dry Colored, Dry And Damage Hair

hello everybody welcome back to my channel today I’m going to show you how to do natural conditioner for restructure freezing dry and damaged hair so this video was highly requested from one of my subscriber some time ago so because I really need to also study this part how to do this very conditioner so today here we are stay tuned so first we are going to need a sterilized rose water which I did myself so you can also buy from the drugstore or from the pharmacy why thought of doing my hello everybody welcome to my channel so I just want to get something clear to you guys that you can subscribe in this red hole in this wound down here it’s just the same so either you do you there or here they are both the same way to follow me up with your video so click in there it will give it is there for you to also click to receive notification anytime I post new video so stay tuned guys enjoy your video god bless you all bye-bye so we need our glycerine this way is a great source of attrition it helps to hold the water into our hair to hydrate our head we also need is deep and Pantanal different and odd cause stroke the fiber of our hair so I’m going to add a loonie underneath a bit sugar that helps our hair fiber to be soft and be able to detangle so I’m going to add chloride chloride is to balance the pH of everything so in this phase 2 I’m going to need our whites emulsifier works and also go to our the yellow emulsifying wax which is more emollient shea-porter mix our most versatile or live all year so I’m also going to ask this silk is super maybe he’ll of softer so I also had a leverage if you have the fresh one is good to also control the damaged head so I will need my preservation my with Sammy II I will need also a karate no Christina is also good for head for structure Saudis are my true essentia all yet to give it some aroma so to prepare this we all we need two jokes I need my whisk I was so nice for measuring cops are now spoons we also need pH balance control I will need my spatula I also need a spoon to thrown each time I add any product so I will need also these two hand clothes in my jar we are going to preserve them so to make this whole thing together and we need to filter my rose water into my wider bowl and we need is K to measure the water and every time going to answer it I’m going to measure to see how many grams III become this is almost 700 gram so I’m going to need some other ground we did things I’m mixing inside first I’m going to reduce this plants you know I were to add two spoons of Panter which is two teaspoons of this pond signal is very thick very very thick and sticky so I’m going to try to turn it inside this ball to Josh make sure everything comes out because it’s very sticky and hard to come out from the spoon so now I’m going to give this stay with my plastic spoon stare and stare so now I’m adding my very search I’m sorry I’m adding my aleni so been able to add three our spoon this teaspoon of Isla also way to turn it and turn it so on and so on auntie everything stays so I’m going to add my pH balance which is the beet sugar so everything I add dries I am going to turn in soon shall it is very one it’s almost formed group double song from some long story humm speaking sorry language now so I’m going to add my vegetable glycerine so immediately I add my vegetables away I’m going to try to just hits this water for some let me say one minute to make everything melts before I begin to do my other face so in this phase out B I’m going to add my only oil my Massey file yellow and white socks so I’m also going to out my Shabbat Ramesseum good adding my very soft which is the silk to make our hair comb software we are combing or brushing it so I’m going to add all the fatty oh yeah and yada mixture into this or that jar measuring it as well because I need to gauge what I’m doing to get your quantity of the condition I need so at this time I’m going to heat it to make everything to him together so which would put it on bow hit voila because they stood sign no need so now I’m going to just test the degree because I need the truth product to have the same degree because I also hits the other one with the same adobo heat boiler to have the same degree to be able to mix together if not if one is a hot side and the other one is not that good so that’s why I’m trying to check so by time is okay I’m going to add the oil part into the liquid part now before I start four weeks gradually so I’m wet or whisk it halfway now then I’m going to you see because your chin almost poured out so after I whisk it half way I’m just going to scoop everything from the corner of this book intraday broth then after our whisk it again try to make sure everything is thoroughly mixed a now I’m going to start to add my carotene I’m going to add my vitamin E now I’m adding the Ted face some other mine also my aloe vera gel so number two add my essentia or here which I prefer to add you can add ordinary the flavor you want so this is what I’m adding and now I’m going to give it just a brief step so now I’m going to put my preservation so I’m going to stay it’s totally now for three minutes we’re just going steady steady steady wisconsi I get this consistency we should see it’s liquid now but when it cools down because remember guys it’s it hurts when cools down is going to come hey not take take take baseball to be between medium not lights the way it is now so I’m going to start to add them into my jar so in this case I will just pour everything now into my jar so I should be very careful because this is so fluid now guys it’s just mess off you see that it just made you got it it was just no bouncing it looks so silky you understand very very silky so for that reason it’s just wait out so this is how I’m going to put them into my jar as you see me doing now after this I’m going to also test the pH balance which we know that we need to get five let’s hope so if I didn’t get five mini I prepare a chemical product but oh my god no no I don’t need to do that where everything is just prepare as you can see that we got it five because five is for our natural colon he is good for calling hey so you can so check it online so I hope you guys love my video if you are new to my channel please don’t forget to subscribe and like this video please share share share more great video me love you guys bye bye for watching thank you God bless you all continue to subscribe subscribe subscribe bye bye [Music]


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    I wish I can like and subscribe more than once. Wow you are really talented. Thanks for sharing and God bless you with more knowledge. IJN AMEN.

  • Yoyo7424 M says:

    Pleeeeeeeease send me some of this!!! Omg my blessed sister! U r so so smart!, I’ll even pay 💰 shipping!!! I’m so serious right now! U are just fantastic with these natural hair care mixtures! Omg 😮 I have so much more to learn from you!! U have your PhD in hairology!🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣. Your gift 🎁is truly from God..u keep using it my lovely 😊 friend.😘❤️

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    Do u sell it?i love in London if u do sell it pls do let me knw I will love to try it

  • Bose Aisivbioje says:

    Very very conditioner you make God bless you sis
    But pls my sis how can I get the Recipe to buy my hair is need's it pls ma thank you

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    se stupendo de vero

  • Bose Aisivbioje says:

    Hi I like d conditioner
    So can I wash it out or leave it in on the hair
    But I did not get d recip to buy I love to make my 😳pls. Can you send me d recipe pla ma God bless d work of ur hand

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    Please mention for English

  • Lois Dons says:

    Thanks so much ma'am jr sharing your ideas. Please what is the name of preservative you used?

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