DIY leave-in conditioner for all natural hair type split end, alopecia scalp, breakage

hello guys how are you today which this corrodes choose an oil which I did last time I last video on my last video this is just intro to take you guys through my my kitchen as usual I want to take some path I will need to do your conditioner hair conditioner why you can’t wash out okay so this is all about us video to them you just sit there take your tea a biscuit energy you have just stay tuned and come back later alright [Music] so I will need a spoon of my earwax to emulsify my fat see oh yeah coconut oil cacao butter and palm oil butter so make the fatty parts of this cream so with this I would needed oh yeah I would need about one spoon and olive oil a spoon and I will need this crush from the center of papaya to adds to reach or give it flavor then I will need my Lovera glycerine a job where I will stop it then I will need this job this a bottle with a pump where I’m going to put it I will need the center of this crush of banana to also help it against itself this is my Zanda one for picking and jelly de creme so I’m going to take this crutch of this banana in his fourth [Music] so I have add the other the bananas crotch and the papaya into my hobo and on the Olaf oh yay I’m adding my coconut oil inside together to make it in a microwave for 2 minutes so I’m trying to match it up mashed it and then I added to a wider bow to put my microwave so this is how the piece will come before you put it in microwave for 1 minute so as you can see here I’ve made it 1 minutes now I’m going to put it back here under one minute so now you can see that the Oh bananas crush and a papaya oil has a string so I’m going to strain everything now and take holiday oh yay so I’m going to try to press to estrada om out from the this stuff so this is what I’ve got so far I’m going to keep it aside now I’m going to make my evils my cocoa butter and my carrot oh yay and my palm oil butter together in the microwave so I’m adding you still see that the oil is the inside separates you from the juice so I have met it out everything together in the microwave for just 2 minutes so I’m going to add the papaya and the bananas crush oh yeah inside so now this is the the juice of the carrots oh yeah I’m going to add it inside a always now Antoni juice half way so in this case I didn’t talk about this this is optional I’m adding this because of my sensitive scalp alopecia hair and so on and so forth if you have no maths kappa can add any preservation of your choice so I’m adding and this is the water I’m measuring my words are now with this bottle just to gauge now I will use the water say liquid and the oil h together so this is my son and my sudden Guam I’m going to add to this what I do water is code obey if you want to do it in a proper way you have to make the water so this is how it came out after I made it for 1 minutes in the microwave so here I’m adding my and Rivera to balance the pH because I’m Vera Vera is very good too for pH balance I’m adding 1 spoon of also my glycerine oh yeah then I’m mixing everything study the water parts of it so after that I’m going to put the oil a part into the liquid pads to mix it thoroughly to get my coil in activator so you have to turn in turn and so on so after that I’m going to try to put in a bigger bowl because I’m going to whisk it up we now [Music] so I just bring it out from the fridge I kept it in the fridge for some time to cool down because you saw when I was doing at the beginning it was too hot from signal to just give me the last biscuit speed now [Music] so here guys we are done so now I’m going to put them into my boat so my just with as you can see I just write my name on dailyvee J my weight kurodo am not sure ah hey moisturiz coil activator no fries no flake give volume no split ends no lots of T doesn’t make sure to go try or hundred percent natural this is 250 [Music] [Applause] [Music] so guys I just want to show you the test shows look how creamy and smooth it came up no grease so they can use oh yeah or your shea butter mix it out or your loc or your LC Oh so I’m going to put in this pot a jar decided once I sailed through so you can use it to twist your hair out she tends to define your coil k as you’re living before any other team so it’s so creamy and they are the perfume oh my god is soap is so so great I’m so happy that I realized this very product DIY your activates or cream to your natural hair DS is good for all type of hair most especially me that I have a 4c hair so to be great for your fall see you for be whatever texture of hair you have it will be great so this is the one I’m going to be using for myself so guys I hope you try this produce very DIY at save it so cream for your natural hair so thank you everybody for watching my video please let me know when you try yours how it came on bye bye [Music]

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