DIY How to Make Carrot Extract For Brightening Lightening Glowing Skin+Daily Spritz live #carrotoil

hello hello guys is anybody there is anyone there [Music] d VJ is life hello guys if anyone is there is something if you know you are there it’s my first time trying I don’t know why it works but just give me a sign that you are with me is anybody there just give me a sign says something I just want to know cuz really guys it’s my first time hello hello girl Avery how are you Wow how are you gay okay come on come on everybody the VJ is yeah let’s have some child together let me go in soon I’ll be right if I’m using my phone girls are using my phone oh my god I’m a little bit shy cause it’s my first bike hello hi I’m here hello yeah keep it simple ivory I worry you are welcome – how are you thank you yes I mean it’ll be shy just wants to do something I want to show you girls how to do carat a strat so I just sort of going online to do its life and clean pero hi hi pero so say something I said sometime here for you guys say something yes I’ll finish eating thank you of course now Oh Tanya hi Paris how are you guys that’s many question before we go to what I’m here for I want to show you guys how to do carrot extracts to blemish your skin it is summer so I have everything already here with me I just want to do something very new and special which I know that everybody loved taking care of your skin okay so God be the glory payroll I’m fine soon I’m fine as well I’ll keep it simple your name is tool these two shots if that’s them no sense too long guys say something say something I’m giving up on you joke I’m not giving up on you guys I’m joking hi oh the tarik yeah my guy now one night one one night I hope you’re not going to call the cops for me I can’t really see what you said now how am I going to do because I’m using my phone okay I see like I’m seeing it I’m so glad yeah I’m so glad to I love it so I love you guys too I love you guys so much that’s why just without doing the sacrifice so they don’t mind if my phone is wavy is because I touch to see your messages thank you thank you so much thank you so much I want more people if you if your friends already just invite I want more people to do this special stuff I’m going to do teach yoga guys how to – carrot extracts for your brights enough skin to brighten your skin to give your skin glow you list and it’s very very important it’s very very special so I thought of doing it today you know so invites more people to come in here to come and see something because normally my beauty stuff when it comes to skin I don’t usually do the video because I used I sell it is private okay I do that one private things okay so bad if today you’re sort of doing this sacrifice hi hi darling I went through – hi darling how are you oh my god I’m so grateful – oh thank you so much I will call you one night because the pronoun sermon is like lifetime so pronounce your name is like lifetime oh my god I’ll come home one night I’ll be honest a true cops oh my god I’m going to show you how to do carrot a strap okay I’m so grateful that you yeah my products anyway if something really really cosmetic is some today does they would buy their it’s not maybe what I’m doing okay excuse me let me just show you something yeah yeah and it’s okay well give us your name how am I going to prune özil you know for me to turn any to eat where it’ll filled my stomach so that we just prune us it with that power you know okay really guys this is I want to show you this is the book I’m reading okay this is what I read to make all my D I don’t it does yo listen I event a day I took some experience for my car sorry for my teens and I add my 200k or da order yah he does good that’s great I’m not calling that Oh da nothing anyway you know my name already my name is joy okay oh that’s okay I think I pronounced it where anyway but nevertheless you know how it is okay so everything I do guys this is my secrets okay this is my secret I’m not going to show you the outside this is my secret this is what I’m ready this is what I read to make all my DIYs I don’t do that for my own I had something okay I had something for my own really but let me say 95% of what I brings out they do come from this book okay they come from this book because I people that know me they know that if you know what honesty I’m sorry this is me this is me so guys there’s something yeah thank you thank you so much I’m so grateful I’m grateful that I pronounce you to order okay now that’s nice for me in at least the case phone to say something about what you asked me to do I’m going to write it down because I have a very block brain so I don’t forget in case okay invites more people guys he writes more people so I meet ten people only before starts to mix these stuffs okay we are going to need to meet this stuff guys I need ten people I need say wow that’s it guys does it because you know I’m Rivera oh my god and Rivera I don’t know god is good God create something for us but we are the one that me to pray to God to give us wisdom to know how to use it say go into the water dominates the teeth of the world we are here so we need to pray that God give us the wisdom to know what riches used to do things to make things who came so that is just it I’ll erase a very great plants I’m leaving sorry that you say but you know boy that’s about to finish for my vessel really really it’s about of me for my vessel car because in code C cotton and know that it grows if you need a you know it needs something need time to grow so guys I need 10 people if I can start this this magic to blemish your skin in this soma it doesn’t it doesn’t mean if the Sun is hot your skin will be glowing okay your skin will be glowing really guys this is a top secrets which I do personally then I sell them here okay not everything you see me doing showing in my video I do they artist I do outside when they make order okay I do them personally then I post it to them odd maybe the other way concerts me ask me they have these they have that how can I do this I can’t do that what can they do then I just do it personally then I post it to them so guys invite more people we are going to do karate’ strapped for faithful skin blemishes for those of you that love to take care of your skin I want your skin to be glowing Elsa Thank You dolly same here same here daddy I love it so you’re so sweet to bring more people are you pal I just need okay it’s not far of you now I need ten people before I can bring out these secrets come on come on of course you can use it in the winter Ivor I’ve worried thank you so much Barrow oh my god I don’t want to take care of this okay yeah I’m also going to do something I’m going to do an earlier for hair spray how order well that was so sure earlier for hair spray right now okay okay you know what let me just start sis people are not online I I’ll do understand you two time zone okay due to time zone as well I may be so a pal just taking a siesta now so now I’m going to show these secrets guys you see these carrots okay this carrot is about shrinking up because I kept indoor you can keep it on a song but at least you are going to let it to have a little bit juice to be a little bit soft it’s a little bit elastic like this okay so what you need to do when you leave it maybe you buy fresh when you leave it so another stone for let me say true so three days depending on how the Sun is high but may why this very one I left it in the fridge for one week okay there you are going to grate it like this to Alberto great it like this I don’t know if you guys have seen it clearly you are going to grate it like this very tiny pieces your virtual needed glycerine glycerine you are going to need fresh lemon okay a little mean fresh lemon of fresh lime door I don’t have a fresh one but I use this one let’s fight you see I buy other bigger size I use this one to mix my ass way so that is if you use it direct it’s going to please go to Cleo’s can I use it to mix I put it inside my cream you know you can put it if you dry flour duck incompletion your chocolate you can mix its me when I mix my okay because I don’t go on lighter than my skin I just want my skin to be not glowing dub you know blemish that’s all I don’t want them if because it’s so nice how you see my skin like when I’m not under the Sun my skin be that’s normal okay they able to need Lam are going to need um you are going to need a preservation and you are going to need lactic acid guys lactic acid he said a deep moisturizing and it cleans spots it cleans spot it doesn’t bleach we touch this it cleans spots it cleans you can use lattic acid but because you don’t you waste you can use not sick acid put aside your cream and just be happy or your skin to be that to be cleaning the spots from your skin but not immediately it would take time dough depend on your tissue how your skin is strong lights okay so you’re able to need a charm so I’ll be needing HR ladies from I will also use my measuring cup this measure eco play anyone that this one is 100 milliliter which is 5 and 4 ohms okay in America race they call it on sale Europe we do I use are milliliter be able to need something of for owns ladies so first I will leave my karate yell ok so I’m Little Mix sorry guys you also need water I’m sorry forgot is there you are going to need water too okay distillate what’s up don’t you drink or the ones are useful too I know you’re close and I usually use this very wash I used to iron my clothes because it’s much cheaper I can’t grow brain you know so we are going to need these things as I said before you went with me okay let me bend my phone down so they can see everything oh my god guys I’m the only one that do these things okay so this how watch you will need I don’t know if you guys are seen it’s okay sorry from bending it to this form you need lemon you need glycerine you need our carrots this is a measuring cup this is a preservation not sick acid and water literally the job we took blabber chakras are distill for one week before you start to use it I know oh my god I know okay yes girl yes girl yes get really I’m also going to be sorry from so I’m touching the scream of my phone I’m also going to show you a recipe for hair that’s all year for to spray your hair right now after I do this very well because that one I feel somebody asked me for it but since then I forgot I wrote it down by for God’s so I’m going to show you immediately now how you are going to do this variable so you will need first you are going to need water sorry guy I’m doing everything so confusing ah you are going to need hundred milliliter of water which is four ounce of water exactly they are also put it into your jar direct not to mess everything out okay you are going to put it here now you’re going to add your carrot inside the jar let me hood load it up ladies you are going to add your carrot inside the jar in this form these extracts guys make sure really you preserve it is very very very active okay you are going to put everything in here if you want to have a bronzed skin for this for my you don’t add you do it extract as well you don’t add lime because lamb is good so if you want to go bronze like me I don’t go bronze I’m already done naturally I don’t go I don’t like having my skin bronze because I’m duck already okay now you’re going to have it in here in this form then you make sure everything go into the water like this go into the water like this then after this you are going to add lime yeah young name let’s say fresh I were to add 20 23 milliliter I don’t know how many T’s in ounce guys like this you ever to add it into this water we are not going to we are not going to mix it yet now we are going to add preservation preservation early in this case does not have a measurement I am just going to add let me say five milliliter of my presentation fine I’m going to turn it because the preservation needs to be strong I hope you guys have seen what I’m doing in this form just make sure it gets down the job so after these guys this is my lattic acid I have very few bets very few bets be enough for me so I’m going to add just 2 TSP because this thing is going to come out like a serum through TSP I’m added 2 TSP shot guys sorry I’ve had one this is a second ok I will do that right away I’m just trying to do this very secret which I know some of you also wants to see some tea for skin but I told you that he’s showing you how I’m it’s my carrots or here for my skin I would I will do that right away now so it’s going to be like this ok now after this we are going to fill it up this one measure met with your glycerine we are going to fill it up with some glycerine so needs I’m going to show you guys how it came up later and the ones I’m already using we are going to just give it a stir to make sure everything goes down just like this so after that this is how you are going to it sorry this is how you are going to do this extract now you are going to add glycerine later after you ask that’s after one week we are going to let it receipts for one week after one week last I’m going to show you every day we go and shake like this every day you go and shake in this form keep it in a place that there will be little bit sonic but later you typically clean and dry prevalence so this thing I’m going to preserve this extra so after one week I’m going to show you how we mix my own my I’m go to middle sodium this soda which is for anti-aging then I will also adds more our glittery so this is 40 okay so this is where the extracts pero excuse me no this one will not let us some but I’m not going to lie to you for some bones gay you’ll see them oh my god for some bones for its to clay some boards I’m going to tell you the truth you need to after one week the lips astray needs I’ve added everything if you want it to Claire for some bone oh you are going to mix with al Rivera one and I were to make it with sorry mix with kojic acid okay if you wanted to claim your son bones you have also mix with kojic acid s1 or Don liquid I have yep I don’t know the name in English I will check on its then I will link it the day I’m going to post the video for this very extracts you are going to mix it like this is just extract on his own ok it’s good to blemish your skin if you want maybe you have spots use it on your face every night before you go to bed therefore so but because it’s something are deep and you know it’s strings and somehow you are going to add mixed later with aloe vera and some kojic acid now have coded I said we have to videographer and this very active extracts to clear the strong bond okay and okay I’m using my phone now if not I’ll show you some pictures of people I mix things for that really really really does work for them okay the routine is that this is what I do I’m not let me say truly don’t like post him because I can see that a lot of people are going crazy for skin stuff like that’s okay so I just kept it kept it to myself to just later but if you need any secret you can just write my motto link my email address just ask me whatever to you you wonder not to know about how to clasp or even when you have acne you have a deadly acne guys do deadly acne in my in my place is not deadly okay because I to God be the glory [Music] okay um Oda antiwrinkle can I say the truth okay now there is something I’m using it’s stupid it’s stupid because people jump into more complication whether is this caillou order because you know i will not lie to you I don’t have any reason to lie if you want something for anti-wrinkle every night before you go to bed can you do something this is what I do just let me a second let me just bring today you see what I’m trying to say okay okay I’m here oh damn this is sesame seed oil I’m not a lot of things fall and – link oh this is aloe vera okay God be my witness I wound line before I go to bed every night I clean my face with my face wash this is my aloe vera which and mix that’s why anything I do they have reason I just take like this sorry I put on that my eyes ladies first then after it dries can you just do this let me say three days then I put here where I know that you know my aging sign or the store lah sign is coming then I just dip my hand into my sesame seed oh yeah like this one is raw what one I did be one of my video then after let’s assume it has dried up there now just puts like this under my eyes you know I’m here look go on try it first then you cannot show me how you found it just can you please try it for this how I do for anti-wrinkle every even after obtained my face I just put after but we are allowed Oliveira to drag force so this video I have it on my channel okay how I did this I’m aware from Oliveira our drape you can do the fresh one okay I’m Bert or suppose video how you can make you are Rivera Jade from the fresh one you boil it you know to make it in this form later because if you use them the fresh one and do it gel like this it will go bad after some time anyway when you boil it the miki-chan and keep its you able to keep it for years because you are also preserve it so this is how I do man the wrinkle every evening before I go to bed could you believe before three days oh my god begin to seem because fine we know I will be lazy you don’t feel like doing anything out science even me I will be little flat doing anything before you know it’s the RICO becoming bad bet if you keep on doing it or done sweethearts go and do it do it is just is just natural rad things that would that would do this miracle I don’t use auntie auntie Rico creams I don’t use them I don’t use them because those ones can gotta have eyes probably my useless I don’t want anything cause damage to my eyes okay so this is what I used I normally do a most of our available I know my reason why I do Muslims about Oliveira just use these two things sesame seed one by sesame seed I don’t want the one that says is I mean sit oh yeah I’m not going to give her represent guarantee that is sesame seed oil this one I did it myself also shown it in my video this one I did it myself my video so this is what I use to remove my Rinku and every money when I wake up my eyes were so fresh the wrinkles did before three days when I started to use this because I found it inside my book I’ll show my book guys where I collect all these I find that my book then middle I found it I start to juice it they disappeared ghosts attached me a lazy guy Saturday less director for skin left let let not less not lie so this is how I take off my wrinkled okay everything I do everything I use except maybe my body skin – skin lotion which I mix these extracts and as I said so that is for this extract I were to keep it for one week close to your window we had a song we hate it to help to bring this carrot form TT which came with our lattic acid then after my week I’m going to do another video don’t be live video is going to be in on my video how you can miss it yeah oh my god oh sorry Thanks I want to see what you said now thank you very much I’m so grateful and I thank Jesus too so he’s the reason of all this really oh my god this I wanted to go oh you know what ah maybe but I don’t know I can’t tell you what I don’t know I only tell you what I know really I hate when people we already been charged that I don’t want to go on I don’t know if just do what you know is good bet I am telling you what I do if I don’t do it I can’t tell you yes or no bye no you cannot oh yes good yeah let me say coconut oil frankincense definitely rocky sensoria is very very good but you know what I use frankincense oh yeah but I use it less because I’m very sensitive to frankincense oh yeah very very sensitive each time I use let me say if I want to use frankincense or yeah really guys I add whew okay I add few because it’s irritates my scalp you know my scar issue does the reason it reaches my scalp so for that reason I add very very few of frankincense or you so now guys let’s go to how you can do your hair oil spray let me just stick all these skip all this outside how to do your hair oh yes breathe everyday who does if you need it like me um I don’t let me say depend depend found true I’m going to do it for a lemon the truth is that it depends it depends I can’t tell you that this I am I’m about to do I will use it is good but it just depend on what type of hair you have now it’s time for the daily hair-growing hugger I shall Frieda hi how are you this oh yeah I have not used it so I can’t tell you by no do so what I’m going to mix mmm I I kind of really really I don’t – lying I don’t – like I can’t tell you how long it will take order I can’t tell you how long it’s going to take to grow your hair okay I know is what we grew your hair but I like wanna use okay I told you guys between one week I begin to see something it’s pumping out so Kay and I still love the oil really I’m crazy Nevada oh yeah I’ve already sewn three bottles out of it’s really I did it it is very one we bout to do I know it’s what I discover as I said this is the secrets book okay this is a secret book which I read so this is the book I read to see all this DIY soon and so-forth because what it gave to me in my course which I’m doing about skin and hair care at home to take care of your hair and grow your hair moisturize your hair in fact anything to do with head to toe I’m studying it so now let’s go to be able to need a gun oh yeah we got no I’ve done or you prevent our hair from dryness from split ends from breakage so on and so forth so you are going to need other oil we are able to read that much you are just going to need 10 milliliter of other oil I don’t have it very few same so because our mission same elixir I’ll try not to go above the measurements okay let me do it to see what I’m doing let me be pure again oh yeah because this company they have very pure Argan tree and it costs a lot willing you know yes I’ve got all your cost alone excuse me little just one second I forgot to bring my linseed oh yeah this is the balm of this mixture so it will need your linseed oil yeah I have a project for that’s your future yeah let me finish reading you thank you so much yeah I already have my already do my own product which I pour if you want anything I can post it to you us because I was discovered some time ago I didn’t know when I went to a company that’s posts things to us they told me I think 40 something dollar but now I found one of $40 I’m sorry it’s thick cause lipids that is the only option if you take one five to ten days to arrive to us so I already have one of my subscriber that both same so product for me already which I’m going to post tomorrow but when you consider Europe I’m already fine with that no not name Ling Li series like a flood siege you know that they already colleagues linseed oil a is from flat seat or a you from flat seat maybe only they call it lease it or you can call it flaxseed oil anyway so this is how I’m going to mix this I’m going to add 25 milliliter of this seat oh yeah okay you know okay so you want to have let me say 20 minutes out of this 20 million liter in here guys when when it comes to the sensor oh yeah essentia all yeah we use oil somebody said I’m saying oh yeah guys this is my asset ah yeah pero ya so you are going to add lemon or you guys you need to study you to google or check lemma ofö especially for dry hair and rice cup lemon oil is very very important to dry hair and dry scalp okay then I’m going to add just let me say 20 draw because this one is just pouring out this leg is angry yeah let’s put 20 drops of lemon essential oil tea tree you can use any essential oil of your choice the one you know is are tolerant to your skin I’m using the one my preference I have a lot of essential oil but these are my most good of essential oil somewhere to add just 20 drop as well I’m not country guiding and I know how to gauge it but this is what I do every day of my life year oh my god this is what I do every day of my life yeah so now you will need with edge traps guys with edge trucks have to simulate your scar it helps to bring blood you know it has to promote your hair grow it have to circulates the blood from your sculpture your hair to have to boost’s you have very fast to grow your hair guys with as struts I’m also worried if I wish I forgets this is the extract we are talking about okay this is what I’m doing with the carrots stuff extract okay then we are going to put I’m sorry okay our three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty-one twenty-two twenty-three twenty-four twenty-three transistors and 39 touching why am i adding this more because this is not what is only going to help on your scalp but also on your hair now I’m going to add my own Rivera I will just let me say a five point one two three four five I can’t one point as 1/2 teaspoon does two and a half teaspoon good meat same here yeah although I have since this Cup as way okay I have since this table I don’t need anything chemical on my scalp if not I’ll go washing my hair off because I’m so sensitive so sensitive my skin so don’ts what that is the reason why we need only tea tree and lemon if you have sense this cup even frankincense or here would be very very dangerous or you’re scuffin online because I have sensitive scar so after adding those to be able to add glycerine because glycerin we have to make this oil to penetrate to your hair shaft to keep the moisture on your head so I’m going to just add 14 millimeter okay forty millimeter okay yeah thank you very much pear oh yeah we do that and we do that how we do that so this is hardest or you are going to separate you see with glycerine they will separates themselves okay so now I’m going to add my water I’m going to add just twenty minutes out of my water this is the transit so now that is how you can when it’s like this now guys you are going to shake it each time before you use it okay because the water we have to hydrate you here the glisten we have to moisturize to keep the moisture of the oily to your head so now I’m going to I’m not going to do anything more done pouring them into my spray bottle I hope it contains here if not we are going to do a differential okay so going to everything stop wait to continue I’m going to first mix it inside here now I’m going to do something I’m going to miss it inside the air guys this one is not going deep down somewhere Tom licks it inside here by shaking like this okay so that’s it it was stir well before I pour into this bottle now so in this case when they separate themselves I know I’ve already stir it with it’s almost so this is how you are going to have your daily hair spray your daily hair sprints okay so before you use the definitely we’ll separate what’s our separate from it’s like this then you shake it I just wash the bottles of water scum you shake it and spray it for your spread for your hair like this to just hydrate your hair okay this is how you would be using it guys after you lose your twist just me thank you very much it’s not even coming you finish eating right or just wake up so this I have a two sprays yeah of course how we do I really like we call it order special oh yeah yes guys just spray it on your hair so you know how you’re going to use it for your type of hair but this is after you lose your twists or you just want to comb your hair but guys is going to set pretty rough to shake it forced to make them to blend together before you cannot spray just or hydrates your hair so you see just one spray my hair is already shiny is shining on already so guys this is how you can do your hair spray or here to moisturize your hair to keep your hair from dryness okay guys so this is its ahh I hope you loved this video I hope you love this life chats or damn I hope you love these rights you are going to do it right away if maybe for those of you that have oily hair yes yes yes yes you know what is what made it to be instance is the least seed oil yeah go girl go girl really want to use y’all really grandiose oh that’s the shot oh yeah and put slipper yeah really go go go sorry I know this is my love you because miss ones like you here crazy behind ya so if the linseed oh yeah that makes it cool to come shiny okay on your head so you see how it has quickly for my head down you know those freezing it to bring it down with this one so the what’s how is separate remember is great so separates you have to give it a shake just like this one here nice already separating so this one maybe let’s like they when I use from are just many one to each cause I do feel is now can be able to shake its way oh my god yeah I come house wet way come I swear really tried out well for the Rico okay try it for the recoil try it you I swayed are going to use anything can we go out today Yost try sesame seed and unliving I use first I’ve ever let it dry or your own that I after that’s you are just me thank you so much as me yeah do it’s really really you will love it because this is what I do you know when you wake up in the morning your face will look so cool and you will begin to see the wrinkles to be closing okay because before I do this experiment I just try it just I was dynamic a system II seat oh yeah and Verizon it somehow I was so a little bit skeptic hobbits when I tried it after three days I thought the wrinkle was already closing up okay but I can literally book he said if you start using let me say wait 30 years you start using your income would be a let me say delay to deliver but I didn’t know and I got into this stuff and not how many must have been on YouTube really really I think it’s almost less what will make it one here so I stopped using this I stopped because every page they have your story you need to store daily to know what you give you to test because guys I don’t want we are we are human you know we already we already somehow you know so when it comes to such thing I like to be serious and like to be serious if not I’m come here I said I hate I hate embrace my don’t know why it’s just something that kills me it kills me a lot it kills me if I do something which is not real it kills me really yeah you can add vitamin E to the hair spray or towards just nice Elliot’s you video bad shea butter shea butter in what form sweetheart in what form just me have yours in what form very bad shea butter because I’m planning to do okay I’m planning to do a video of excuse me me I’m planning to do a video about coconut and a mango both sang with other ingredients which I don’t want to reveal here now okay so what in any word from want me to do shea butter the oil getting just entire into my eye it’s obvious it’s not night so I use it at nights I usually I go to bed so or dine what form do you want me to use to do shea butter because you know already have a shea butter mix which is very very powerful people love that shea butter makes away creamy for I am icily J ivory the preservation I used actually I do use I’ve shown away the bottle anyway this they want this very one I use now okay know what I will link let me write you guys what are we for goods ivory I’m going to write it down the preservation name I’m going to write it down below okay so you can check it there got really not my brain oh my god Betty one I’m using actually actually I’m sorry right now is this way what they call sorry it’s not is very good am i doing oh my god I kept it now my good their colleague goes a joke God they college Oh God I dream the car is very one job God is for pharmacy is from the pharmacy that’s produced all the cheese I’m using for sensitive skin for all natural he asked in Prudhoe this one I call it the Kalitta joghurt but anyway there is particular one I use for almost one year I was sent a name down American gets that one on now when I bought it through Amazon IV I bought it through Amazon why this very one I bought it from the pharmacy initely if you live in Italy you can get its any pharmacy why I don’t know if God is one is Italian made them they produce it here I don’t know if they sell online but I’ve checked by I’ve not find this very name online the one I found on last one I use before I forgotten anything but let me just try to go because I’m using my phone let me go with let me go online with my computer oh you can get it on true Amazon I bought my true Amazon really I bought it through Amazon you can get it online through Amazon I’m coming sorry guys I’m checking on the preservation for ivory because I bought it through Amazon just trying to reach it back the name I have it on my head based not okay it’s called phenol see that’s a no low fantasy it’s a lot anyway I’m going to link everything I just discussed here what she asks me about oh my god Wow mascara for eyelash guys Oda you know what you oh my god okay let me write it down I’m also going to do that I’m also a sorry for ya okay okay you have it sensitive no problem you know what mascara for eyelash I just have the thing here now by reading it to through the video recipe I will send the recipe you want me okay want me to tell the recipe right away no I understand do you want me to tell the recipe right away it’s very simple do you want me to tell you the recipe right away okay you know what um you are sure you I want to buy the container okay the way you put the devotees just look for a choco okay look for a choco hmm look for the organic you want the one you take in the Y you can take through your mouth for incest I because they want to normally use because I have incest a problem so you buy those type one in a reduced type of choco from the pharmacy the one you use to okay then after that you just ground it pour it into your Castro oil quality to your custodian add just little of hobo oh yeah okay hard just little drop of Lube or oil mix it very well okay no preservation nothing because it’s oh yeah use it to to your eye lash even on top here you every evening but if you want to go if what you need to go out make sure that choco is more okay to let it can be able to thick then you will not add if you want to be using it outside not only to grow your hair just me cream recipe for eyes whites a ring I really needed oh my god ah this I don’t know just me no you can use our order you can use Oliveira know you use what they call it again and we’re very unknown because except if you want to use Oliveira oh my god you’re great there is long process meaning you have to remove the gel there you have to sterilize it okay because if you use the direct gel you can come also cost imitation okay because you know if you have sensitive skin not because Allah is good on that when it comes to eyes you have to be very very careful okay then I just mean I bought what you asked me I will need to check if I have such recipe really early to check for half so to escape I don’t know if I have such recipe but not have not let me say a check deep day but when it comes to any of that switch I know I juice already or I know how to mix them which is from your hair to your throw your skin you know when it comes to your eyes wing are so bright thing it’s oh my god guy I guess I don’t really know I want to tell you rubbish okay I don’t to tell you what I don’t know then I will start soon you know mr. Marie No Oh dah hey Jane hi Jane how are you I’m fine and you Jane I’m a same here I’m so glad that you are here – I’m waiting for most of you and I’ve shown something which none of you saw but by the time I post the video you got you can check on the on this video and see I I shown how to or maybe you have seen it already I don’t think so that you check later I did a carrot and strut on a hair oh yeah everyday hair oh yes pray which he can use to spray to moisturize your hair okay so you can go and check the video later to see how to do this moisturizing oh yeah I really yeah really we’ve given its name the name is or dysplasia or God she has been asking me live in order to moisturize your hair so we give this oily or that special oh yeah which of the eye a Jane excuse me gotta put on the lights cause he’s getting little bits dark outside Wow that’s good I’m so happy Wow thank you so much you love it Jen do you love the oil hold on you can’t mix our wits what do you call it you can’t mix wits aloe vera you have to prepare that separately but how I asked it to make it jelly I add I mix it okay thank you very much Jane are you love the henna oh yay I’m so grateful I’m so grateful that you guys understand what I’m doing that is not a joke is if I have heard of some people that already making their own ground out of it which I’m so happy I’m so grateful to God because as I as I said on one of my video that God used one place to bless the order I’m so happy that’s so fun I’ve made brown out of it which is very very good we need to help each other it is what you know it’s not permanent place to live bit less loved one on order help on an order yeah yeah Jim it really really works look I’ve had my hair so long and I’m so happy because I’m using everything you guys saw me to him before I do it I if I bring it out I have to do it on my head okay I have to use it on my hair and after using it look the earlier I did last time forced him to stimulate your scalp for hair growth if I told you guys that I have a very few now because somebody just caught I need that oh yeah I said I did it for myself after my channel can I prepare your she said no no no I need it immediately oh my god I have to quickly just take from that one because she said she trusts me you know oh my god I’m so grateful thank you so much Jane thank you so much ah ah die understand yeah I know I know I know I know it’s a secret that’s why don’t K yeah it’s a secret yeah it’s a great secret which they are using the most commercial products that is set out there if you read the back of all these products that is set out today okay if you read the back that the ingredients label you will see that most things i’m using inside day that’s the natural one not the chemical one thank you so much Jane thank you so much let’s add gel you try to watch this live stream because I use I did karate instructor I did it’s carrot edge trots this very worn so for your skin okay for skin blemishes thank you thank you so much oh my god you guys know I’m fond of making mess all the time look at a port this oh yeah or my body oh my god this is possible yeah they are what special I know Thank You Jane Thank You Jane thank you or dad thank you so much yes these cannot edge trucks you can watch the video yeah it’s for skin bets I’m going to keep it for one week after one week guess I’m going to show what to add and how to use it on your skin does if you want to go bronze if you want to go bronze I’m also going to tell you what you don’t need to put inside already missed it what did you just say Buddha really does I catch it behind here so I wanted to take the carrot I struck with my hand to just stretch my hand and take it I thought sweet son in my hands back you know the bottle is very long so I just toss we had a pour all over my body I’m so sorry because part of the oils poured out to my god anyways anyways is like that old I remember the ad Oliveira okay you better add what they call it a surgery used to prepare I don’t know how well gates oh let me see natural ingredients um best yeah Jen I also make the best face Femi and nourishing excuse me because I’m using my phone calm culture got any good recipe in the birth of yeah darlin I know I I said it before that mostly okay no problem when I we are going to wait for one which though for the og to brings out the extracts of the carrots okay is good a quiet you know what just after every to just watch this video so I have after one week that we are going to work on it okay then for the family don’t worry this is just extract okay we are extracting everything from these carrots don’t worry just mean John Young and I just prepare this is the base is extract okay just like just like this protein extra this week’s gem and struts okay just like this which gem extra okay they did it’s like the way I did this couch or you know they saw these carrots edge truck so the other things is what to use it and how to miss it for to have your skin let me say sorry bronze then I would tell you what not to add which is what I already put in here anyway if you want to have your skin to be glowing on that is some people we say what kind of cream cheese Kalea what kind of cream cause I’m I’m you okay now when I’m in the dark place my skin is chocolate but when I’m under the strong guys my skin will look bright I mean breath as if I’m using something to know this is what I miss half times these now added to my cream I don’t want to go no Beretta yes you know what yeah LaVonda is good bets rose rose mary or a year for sensitive skin you know what I don’t know you try because for me I have rose essential or a rosemary sorry rosemary Aisha oh yeah Oda the problem is that it’s irritate my scar so you have to try you have to test how can you test it is by adding just a peach to you to the side of your hair or the back of your ear to test do you know of good pay very living cream concussion I am making something today but I wonder what you could do pain relief concussion darling I have my hand so do my massage table a relief cut yeah Jane for the glow J for the glowing just wait for this n strut when it’s ready mm-hmm but for the a pair relief I have I haven’t done there are so many things guys I haven’t even starts doing on this channel because there are so many that I don’t even know where to start I’m just saying okay one after the other for the pain relief yes I have let me write it down or the yeah and all that ginger or a year is good ginger oil is good I’m writing it down just mean I’m writing it down so that we forgot yeah play relief oh yeah for to massage your skin rights to massage its there is is just like let me say tiger burn okay DIY tiger balm okay I saw Jesse – I have used the – and I love them yeah yeah I tried hair vegging yes the one that I think it was does the what they call it again d oz o ro s no right whoa ro s Australia Virgin efforts a like fertilizer on my scalp girl I didn’t I didn’t work you eat this may know this one will bring out what I’m trying to say it won’t bring out this may off this is DIY own okay the DIY like tiger balm roots don’t have that order of renewed a commission yeah you guys should know that when he said the our why is different from that Kamisha wanna be added lots of since no they add silicone to make it grow yeah Mitra had I had this much time don’t worry this one was made our way why growth hair oil wide growth head oh hey hey Jay where have you been I did I did oh yeah a video of how to grow your hair fast in one week just check my last video check my last video sorry video Jane yeah hold on what up what did we just do this oye you saw it’s when I spray it on my hand now wha this oh yeah every day all year we give your hair Sheen immediately if you saw it when I spray it on right now just try this very room okay is to keep your hair moisture and so give it shine as well yeah Jane virgin hair fertilize that oh my god I don’t know people that I used it I don’t know how they are tolerates yeah it’s real my head I’m not against anybody that said whatever they said them but when it’s not good for me I back off but it’s good for somebody else is okay just like some people they use what they call it’s um oh my god was this food see so I peruse this story it’s not about to talk about it’s not to talk about shea moisture okay what about Shea Moisture when I use it there that was oh my gosh should be four or five years ago Seamus child its breaks up my hair it costs in Chi he said there’s no para being Lord is no dad yeah vegetal fertilizer I don’t advise it I don’t you know what I did it I used it Jane I used it on my hair it didn’t work for me I’m not going to lie to you this is what it didn’t do to my hair but why I saw so many videos I said it works on your head okay Oh Jane if your hair is thinning out continue to try my product cause you I have I have a very thin hair but least with what I’m using because this or they call it again these are with protein it helps to thicken hair and boost her to grow very fast try to use some toodaloo you know what just keep on looking for some of my product that would be interesting interested through interesting to you okay interesting to you because what my hair was team because of a new pair shot was week it was tint was weak its do go frizzy okay pray for me okay god bless you bye bye darling bye bye Jane bye okay thank you so much for your support god bless you thank you so much thank you so anyone in the house it’s just thank you same here same here bye see you soon in my next video okay bye Jane okay ah ah Jane thank you so much I’m doing on my bed I don’t think I have beautiful hair but nevertheless thank you thank you so much uh I had to turn her into Doc Brown’s using something like Hina ahead of indigo Oda I just me awake um welcome trust me water you know what I prescribed for somebody to make her a her hair hair oh my god at a stop inhalation okay about how to make dark brown dark brown oh my god you know what I only know how to give your hair some now with indigo and hey now I’ve not done that sweetheart if there’s anybody left on that video it’s okay I have not done that I don’t know how to the only natural way I know you can give you a handsome I like seeing you know some color let me say horny Colo doc Hanako no I know if want to give you your hair some highlights in adding tips or all over your head I know what to mix and do that cause somebody I’ve done it so I don’t I can’t dye my hair you know why because of my issue I did dye on my hair with ena some time ago when I watched some video those days could you know that my henna began making my head to go very dry and breaking out so I I stopped it I cut off the end god it became going freeze because henna is it to thicken your hair by the same time it will also dry up your head cocina is very very strong so I don’t know I can’t tell you I don’t want you to come out semi you said so you said this known I don’t know but if you if I if you want to give your hair some highlights another song when you’re not is show you a would be you know we be let me say horny column let me say that back honey color or bright honey these have prescribed it to somebody she did it I heard so beautiful under his own that I can say which I’ve done okay no I didn’t do it on my which I’ll prescribe and somebody did it and it works very well because it’s gone is we ran in the book that I read I also know that there’s something by now indigo on this book but I’ve not got there because I’m so much interested I said if you ask me I go check in on it so in that case I can check on it if it’s dark in your hair or I want to duck in your head said Doc Brown I want to do your hair dark brown after go check in on each okay for you so that I will know what to tell you cocoa powder and nest cave yeah okay now you’ve said something I would really really tell you what she was used to read cocoa powder and nest cave now we are talking now you will mix to make this dark brown yeah let’s say cocoa powder would be let there just remove the netscape right away cocoa powder will be the color that you would need okay now you are going to mix let me say due to your the length of your hair and the fullness you mix 2 spoon of the carbonates 2 spoon of honey 2 spoon of lime 2 spoon of what they call it again sorry know what the quality –get hydrogen peroxide truth spoon of honey 2 spoon of lamb 2 spoon of be carbonates 2 spoon of hydrogen peroxide mix them together first put it on your head it will did you say hydrogen peroxide don’t you know what it doesn’t do anything harm to your skin to your scalp to your hair okay then you mix it put it on your hair call it a plastic bag leave it for do to your the reaction you feel then after I let me say maximal 30 minutes they wash it off okay with with colored shampooed shampoo that is shampoo and a hair conditioner for hair colored for that same haircut dark brown okay then after I wash it you condition in Nairobi to me your cocoa powder you morning you miss cocoa powder you mix honey then honey copper and the olive oil you put it on your head you cover it for 30 minutes you leave it after the 10 minutes you wash it off then you go under the Sun you will see how to be glowing because the one I did for her is only to make her hair let me say to give her him this need to be highlights in okay highlight when she’s already soon when I saw she came to church after one week now she asked me but when she came to choice ah hey also you know I was so shocked I know it’s on the book here but I’ve not done it because I’m not a fan of color coloring of him okay so dear little anything you guys want to know you can ask me then I will go through if I saw it then I will talk about it or I will do a video about it so guys I just I see how let me say ten minutes before I go if you have anything guys please save I love coffee can you are suggest a hair recipe in a recipe for colored hair or what what is your news video about oh really I have my next video is so much if I if I should tell you the one what is going to be now I might change my mind okay I don’t I can’t tell what’s going to be because I have other videos I’ve already uploaded a bit I you know I schedule it so 20 30 28 or 29 I know to go online you know so I have three video which already make dates time on it own damn hair growth again hair growth again I have a lot of hair yeah I have a lot of hair grow but it still is that I’m going to just do it in between you know I will do some what’s in the hair growth a boot do some others in hair cool I would do some rats in hair grew a lot of hair growth stuff me a lot a lot what I want to do what are our thing to do though I have our video already on YouTube but I showed you them to the dates that it will be posted okay so my next video let it be surprised if I tell you now might change my mind my do something is cuz I wanted to do oh my god I wanted to do hair cream [Laughter] yes special dye really oh sorry dad darling I excuse me okay you mean I just mean you do you make eyes right knee you mean the eyes ball the eyes ball or do you mean the ice Seiko because I didn’t really really understand what you wrote you wrote eyes lights in connection sorry decoration is bad is it from me or from your side let me know if he’s from your side let me know what you meant do you mean do you mean for the ice cycle like this or for me for the eyeball because I don’t really really understand so I didn’t know what to say that was why I said I didn’t know what to do a bad ads so let me know just me because I have I sweat knee okay as I sweat knee is it the Icicle just me let me know if about I Seco or you really are talking about them let me know just being hello guys a few minutes all sweethearts just me I’m sorry okay okay you know what what about see you want me to do just leaking link it down below send me a message okay then I would think about you then I will get back to you same here darling same here good nights have a sweet sleep and his sweet dream dream of this video okay just me thank you sweetie thank you so much as much appreciate your time here god bless you god bless you Oh dah dah dah dah don’t worry not only your hair will grow your head wiII grow off your head don’t worry how we do how we do how we do I have lots of hair growth okay know what I want to do next next video what’s not next next now bitch let me say ahh by July I’m going to do really fast so the way you are going you are way too common a key fob just me you’ve had that oh my god I can laughing Oh for me just me yeah just me world from your side you guys you send me message on the link or the link down below the US and the comment box Creek oh da okay call it crazy long hair hoorah oh yeah you know you know what when you open your own store okay just meat or white cinder I okay now I understand okay now I understand that one is very simple it’s very very simple to watch in your eyes second you mean ice ball your eyes bought mini and you know what I really want to get you because you know today they are different English your ice ball you meet the eyes I used to see or the eyes second if you make the ice ball just me I don’t know anything about that really do it tonight I know is something to come when you have where your your eyes is our hearts whole thing you maybe you you have is bringing our water I afraid of asking you how to remove a black spot from your body spot without side effects Wow okay about that we have no problem no side effects how am I going to explain is now you depend on where they have this posit on your body or on your face because you know the faces delicate body skin is let me say it’s more let me say tolerance to down the face which part of the burqa see if it is what kind of elephant the acne is it from pimples or is it from my really needs to know because you don’t sports are different if it is acne spot that I were to treat it if this may be just Potter came to true I don’t no scars okay me and okay now to remove now understand so remove such kind of spots they need to do something I know about three ways okay but it said one is cream they tagged one is cream first thing they will be doing let me say if if there aside for people that are not lazy to get care of their skin because you know we are not we are not all the same like me I do hate see besides I’m lazy okay when I’m lazy my hair or whatever yeah if you go bad back but when I still keep on doing my hair will be okay first they are going to juice but this very one I prescribe it for somebody and it works for that person here very well they are go to mix let me say toothpaste okay toothpaste they are going to mix it with water quality game potage in a potage or B cabinets okay they will mix it to get a bed potage walk more because the person I used it she used it with put took potage and it works very very well she added some acne okay then you put it that we put it on the elbow everyday when they are indoor okay every day every day then when they for testimonies after cleaning it off they are going to buy lattic acid lactic acid is not anything that has if it it doesn’t have side effects guys it doesn’t outside this field they use it to deep moisturize skin for dread and the skills skin and depend how I how many quantity you mix it will work for watching if you use if you mix it them is high quantity it walk higher now I did in this video I did this extract after you guys we have talked here now you won’t watch this video what I’ve done here and what we are going to do next after one week that this might have extracted okay then we’ll be using this on dia able all your news every day like that because like it’s like serum or their face is going to lighten it out bit by bit but this is just as struts now what we are going to mix with its later for brighten skin higher I’m using it while I oh I just put it inside my cream I put some because I want to break our to let me say give my skin that’s a good look okay but I want to brighten more than this if also brightly modern I will go this one directs I want to brighten it modern this so this one every day after doing it will be shaking every day remember to shake it shake it every day after one week we are going to do the main use of these Terrell so I said in my last video how to miss carrot all year then that’s potage with the toothpaste that one is going to face soft in the the skin there okay is good to soft in the skin there then what I mixed with this with this very stuff you seen here is going to be what we do the remaining stuff therefore the cream that I can’t say yeah cuz of my secret guy I’m so sorry because I’m selling it personally here can you forgive me I’m sorry god that one I said personality okay then for the duck for sports mmm curry duck spots every night before they go bad they go to bed they take this not this very woman now when I mix it later okay when I mix it later then we put it on there I Seco every night before they go to bed because you know cream works at nights like me I have always had my bath every night I don’t I never have my bath daytime because whatever cream I go to put on on my body dead time I noosed know who to walk hundred percent like when I put it on my skin I don’t the night before I go to bed when I wake up with the man I just added my cream poncho okay just two coats it’s October I really have used what we walk on my skin which the most thing I walk hundred percents on the skin okay it’s nice but with cream that you use in the night goes dead time they air the Sun they cold windy so many things they destroy our skin I’m not on I did somebody see how my neck is glowing little bit as if maybe a mother hundred and that’s a half way or me know okay if she have acne say her before she goes to bed every night he’s shifting having this acne or the acne are stopped but discuss today okay is the ethnicity commie exactness today just me oh that we disappeared sunshine hi sweetheart thank you so much Sam yeah you also the Queen no you are so queen thank you so much I only had is this our name is word for my mom thank you so much I’m so impressed same here where have you been it’s not your walk off you just finish eating you just came in ah anyway after I reach you check this video from the beginning we did we did something with do that I did two products one for your skin color test rats which is this very one then everyday living hairspray this one is Freight so moisturize your hair is oily under other ingredients which I missed why this very one is a carrot edge tracks it’s not a cult oh yeah it doesn’t have any to do it oh yeah it’s just extract like with a stretch which we buy for her this one is with a struck so I DIY the same with adidas with extract a DIY carrot extract for skin only for skin so you just wanna watch everything I split then this very oily this earlier was our requested some time ago by Oda she need everyday living oye this oil is separated with water and this vegetable glycerine so before you use it you just give it a shake then you spray already do the test on my hair you know you spray it on your hair after losing your twist out is only after think that lift me you know see people sweethearts oh my god I wish what is the self life on the carrot extra okay hi I already presently the self life is I think oh my god you know what now I’ve not added or that since so I’m still going to look on my book ok to see the self life because I will just prepare the bed which is this a strat so by the time I do how to use it ok man how to mix it with rats then I can talk about the life said the self-life about this extra blubber to check it on my for my book so then I can’t really tell you the safe life now I can’t really tell be called did a preservation of one week Korea boy to keep it so stay for one week inside his bottle close to a song a window yesterday the sole heir edition we gets to read and bring out all the extracts so by them we are going to talk about uncivil to prepare this is just the first base okay sunshine is that clear well done yeah I shouldn’t had a special or that crazy oh yeah okay no I can’t sunshine you’re a con you know Sean huh don’t worry you saw when I use it on my hair I really love how its give my hair so moisture and he fat yeah it’s cool it’s cool but I wanted to do it out of this program but I said let me just do it on life our chart because I really wanted to stick out with you guys today you know ii also seem in a different form I said I was having just a few minutes now I’m sorry buddy pop coming around just me are you done with your question about the acne scars which which is sorry the acne which I ask is this the coming out from your friends face or the acne is God is just already the spots that because there are so many things about happening the last one I did for you it cost of my clients really if not because I’m a male with my my phone white rabbits my laptop it wasn’t working and I don’t know why so if not because I am all and with my phone I would have show you the pictures okay even with this some bones a lot of things which I mix order you have to promise your funds that they we have the hell okay old ah please I really come across crazy tasting like me oh my god no you know what I can okay stick coming I still having it okay good you know what old ah just give me a second I’m going to answer you know you know what I tell harm every night before she goes to bed okay let’s just it up a having this up me that play that she’s having acne now she’s going to have a face I don’t know if I should call him no not a cream she should have a toothpaste in a house every night before she goes to bed let her put the toothpaste if he’s the one artists all over let’s have to use the toothpaste to put on her face trust me trust me look it’s loops to PT look somehow let’s let her puts the toothpaste on her face every night that she’d go to use very she’s good to use Colgate’s only co get walk-in this phone then after three days go to a shrink you know the problem realized that there is a cream that she’s going to use on top dis this cream guy lots of chains and I’m not one mixing it is for my cosmetology she means that I do the base then she mister the let me say the cosmetic part of its anyway let me just say about the talk about is what she’s go to use on a face and for three day after three days she’s go to ah so horrible if we born the acne is going to peel it off okay is going to peel it off then after we peel it off now if she can do this Astrid you know what just keep what I’ve said now see when I finish up with his a strat then she can use this one on top because this thing work for so many things it worked for so many ting the unit one do more this this I already have mine the one I did this is one I use already okay this one is already prepared I have not shown this gene now this one is already prepared I put this into my crane okay I put this very well to make cream so from this we are going to come to this by adding all that since to it this thing on that year I’m going to talk about what it is by the time we are done then you are going to have an auto lemma appealed okay which is lamode sense you were to have LEM up which is la mode set which contain antioxidant which is very very good to asking everything that this year is that from this to this then I add lemon sets under it then the this whitish stuff last you guys are seen on da we are going to talk about that then from this you can do whatever T you want to do it’s very very strong it can really watching you your skin if you use it directs but because as I said before I just want glowing and bright skin another stone I don’t you wait in my schedule to bleach my skin it’s just personal choice anything anybody wants to do provider you do it because you do it you want it you like it’s not because I’m telling you okay so but it’s handy discuss with your team with shrink and peel off she can use this to best we continue to use that toothpaste for so that the acne will not have the space to come out again but this one we have the face to come out blemish by removing the spot it’s good to be grabbed one not telling it’s just a miracle one they know I don’t know how long depend on how they they do sports I don’t have face if she wants maybe every night after she can use the extra to miss the toothpaste put on our face is good to clear our face if not because I have I’m using my picture I’ll show you guys sorry it’s not gonna using my phone I would have shown you guys the pictures of people that have the same app name oh my god from cream then how they our face we had before how it is now I’m not doing face miss a video on my channel for now because as I said before I’m those out the meeting I’m selling secrets okay you guys should forgive me I will try to do what I feel like doing even if it’s a secret I’m exposing it I don’t care but I miss our own truth I wanted to be a what come out for my mind not I hope you understand when it’s I’m comics and I do just believe that I just feel like doing it’s okay I don’t care if he’s commissioned something I miss posing it’s okay so that’s it for the Creator the face cream really old ah only 5 minutes are you going okay we are living all right I’m here let me same it’s almost two hours since I said let me say when I am let me two hours ow we go of the line then sunshine we said do you have a tutorial on how colored oil with yeah no I don’t have it now sorry does that was what I was saying that I will be mixing this let me say I’m I’m doing it to date race Sunday my Sunday next week ok Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday now seven days one week let me say by next week Monday Tuesday you are going to get a video of fab way to finish up with this kind of their struts I don’t have it now today’s my first day showing it it was a secret place not secret to me using it on my own before I taught off showing it’s now okay so by the time I finish up with it then I’m going to show you how you can mix it for high if you want to in this form that I mixed this is to glow my skin and to brighten my skill another strong with light from our graduation my skin will be glowing it will look so really I’m not once aiming people are saying it my skin is glowing okay I know because goodbyes you know you you taking some picture we know selfie you see how your skin is glowing you didn’t do any this show you did do anything it to any touch so many what you using is working so this is for this one day I am going to do the higher one from the higher where you can dilute it in your form by this one I put into my creamy I don’t use a direct I add it to my body cream just to give it let me see that’s base not that high my back Lou okay it’s also clean spots for my face now I should also showed a video of when I have some pimples due to antibiotics which I took how I cleared a spot there are so many trees gotta so many things are so many things guys so many really my daughter have used tomatoes for acne so far so good yeah I also had that tomatoes is good as well I had at mitosis good as we are really yeah jority you cannot preserve tomatoes you are going to always do it that is very one you can preserve it and keep on using it like a cream that of tomatoes you cannot present can’t cook it you can because you cook it you remove the acid inside and the temple is a except you have to mattes your frig every day that’s what I think grab much use that ultimate old Adam but it’s in I mean I know that walked so much truth paste if you use it every day if you have acne if you have spots on your face just use it every day then with dots you are going to use this a cleanser we face cleanser which I also did for somebody with aloe vera with natural water then I use I add some glycerine then with water quality which let me say teaspoon of kojic acid just to use it to Kindle sport for cleanser okay to clean the spots then do its worst guy it would have so many secrets so many secrets okay so many sick it works but for me when I had a spot due to what I said before I just use this toothpaste every night after cleaning my face with my so a face wash the soap I did the video also then I just put the toothpaste it was here on under here I just put it and it clears it within two weeks what oh you are going I want one night my way to send me to jail where was I forgotten train to try the recipe right now wish the crazy earlier is not going to fall yeah did it do it sorry do it no do this are you this oil is very very nice because I waited this long to do it’s okay and what it is know to do it because it’s very moisture if you have dry hair if you just lose your twists before you go out shake it you can add if you have oily scalp oily hair this one is for dry hair and dry scalp if you have oily hair and oily scalp you can add more water to dilute it to dilute it to more liquid okay we have four minutes left you know what’s on that day let me know so that I’ll just be endure I wouldn’t even watch Natali meagerly let me begin I’m not going to watch the telly not for anyone if they are showing the best movie I’m not going to come sunshine same here sunshine have a blessed day as well thank you so much for hanging around with me thank you so much I’m so happy having you guys here and I didn’t even know that’s someone will be out there you know I guess okay let me just go try to go online for the first time this is my first time I didn’t why it’s work I tried it with my laptop I didn’t I wasn’t able to get me all online I try with my desktop not nada so I say okay let me just did with my phone so thank you so much sunshine stay tuned for my next video stay tuned so I have so many slaves so minis guys Thank You jasmine love you thank you so much thank you so much thank you so much thank you guys thank you I really appreciate you guys hanging out with me you guys are so blessed I’m grateful okay okay okay sunshine ah Jenny fell from Barbados you just come in around now oh my god I’m so sorry it’s just two minutes left for me to run up anyway hi how are you Jennifer how are you you know what you can go back to watch this live scream because I did two products on online thank you I’m so happy you are good I’m so happy I did I did two products in this life scream Jenny you know what you would do after I run up just try to go and watch everything I did two products for everyday hairspray oh yeah with this carrot extract it’s not solid oh yeah it’s called extract for your skin but this is just the base after one week we are going to mix with other things to use on your skin for this soma period is going to blemish your skis go to give your skin a very nice tone is going to enhance your skin apart from the carrot oh yeah but is very one I’m going to miss something special okay for our skin will we know we love to take we love when our skin is very beautiful you know even if we are not beautiful when I was kid is beautiful it also give us the beauty all together so Jenny this is what we did in this life scream not only we come out from this scream don’t worry Ally house oh my god I said after to me it’s a ritual of us I don’t have a few minutes look for long week I’m not going to watch the telly because I’m I’m so spitting my way to do something I will come I got my hair grow that’s long that’s long lady ring movie you know don’t worry she loves you want your hair to grow I don’t know where he wants to take you don’t I will I also do I hear that we grow at your they have from your armpits even hear from your ears this motto grow hair all over don’t worry by the time you you use fertilizer on your hair before you know it not only behaved from your head will grow your head oh my god I really really like me oh my god I’m so grateful you are not yes you a spontaneous you a spontaneous that’s good Jamie yeah just try to watch from the beginning okay ah I like your idea okay we watch the to produce a lady idea you your of your product my problem is getting the piece of the preservative Jenny you can get a present Vichy from about those you can get it from Amazon Amazon they have a lot of products that’s why I’m I don’t know if I could get a sponsor famous or one day don’t be don’t be more easier for you guys but unfortunate is not easy it’s not that I’m looking for but for you guys you know they can be able to get everything I use from Amazon quick and fast bet you can get up because when I use the one I normally use I’m going to posts I think the name is excuse me let me bring it out name the name is is fennel see it’s on oh no no no yeah if I don’t say it’s uh no no does the name Amazon just go on Amazon boots only kicks down below I’m going to try to remember link down below everything and in the description box so you can check the preservation is very easy on Amazon or you try on ebay Jenny we miss you please promise you will be back again with another secret recipe love you yeah definitely well well well I heard you say you made please somebody come and I won I wanna call it that one one one one name I don’t know what the number of the police in you anyways now I long one night I don’t know anyway call me now yeah oh da yes I just said it to Jennifer yeah we thought hoorah crazy uh odd our name on it yeah you know what many a lot of promise you I don’t like promising I have problem that if I promise I don’t fulfil my promise I don’t want to promise okay so I want to promise what I knew that we do because I have a lot of DIY to bring out here guys I just want to go for the one that’s I feel like doing immediately if not I don’t sell it in now order the nests are Cenobites not nest nest now I mean mmm any sense if I want to do our data for I’m going to do something for head with maybe hey Matt so hair go maybe hair cream for hair growth but I really understand what you need that you really want to drug yourself out with Edwards I really come across a really come across a growth company I will call it or die a growth crazy oh yay okay like yo-yo she said concussion yeah of course I hope same so maybe I will come online maybe not LEP adios try to come online I didn’t know how it works I wanted to just try it for the first time so maybe I will put it to us this time ladies like this so that I can be able to catch up with every let me say more people that will have the time to stay to hang up with me okay yeah I will do put her to dinner and we do approach with henna in future I have it as plan 1 1 101 yeah I must seem sweet to come in a 1 1 it is not 1 1 because somebody wants to bring their hair out of this cream here so Jenny yeah we do it would I would do it product with I already have it on my mind to do something with Shana but I rotten is not here now it has to be mixed with let me say with good experience and with good quantity because henna it’s the kind of thing that can dry up your hair that can drag up your hair yeah do you want yeah the oil will be yeah the oil will be horrible hair groots don’t worry if that is what you want I’m going to put you out with all Korea or that blue in this oil oil okay oil that grows hey yeah because these are very simple now maybe not nest now or maybe next number I want to promise okay let me say hair cream for hair growth okay hair cream for hey Brooke I did know I’ve done that hair growth no I did living conditioner for tika hey which I’m using I’ve done a video of how I used it and how I used even the oily I did last how I use this too I’ve done the video about that some co2 or deed a deed sorry I’m to go to a digit everyone don’t worry about hair growth your hair will grow by the time you start by tell you I’m using all my product you have you just be growing because these are food these are pizza like this I’m not sure if it allows you are giving to your hair if since you don’t have probably like I like I do a no pressure chronic wound if my chronic alopecia hair can grow just imagine what your own will come up to be your hair will grow don’t worry too have patience okay so guys I need to go now because sorry do not sign I really appreciate coming around and I also appreciate you guys hanging around with me I’m so grateful to God having you guys I have a new friend new family all over the world oh my god I’m so happy thank you all for watching thank you all for hanging out with me thank you so so much for those of you though that wasn’t here so chats with me on live scream I hope you loved this video I hope you enjoy this laughing this crazy no hair or your growth from all da Company Limited so thank you everybody Fergie not with me god bless you as usual I love you stay tuned for new video stay tuned bye bye guys bye ciao ciao now my will to go off

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