ok so i’m going to share ok so first
we’re going to talk about what you’re going to need to make this face mask
you’re going to need of course your ingredients which is um some organic
honey the one that i am using is the simply
truth organic honey and you can find this at like any grocery store he’s
going to get organic honey you want to get some nutmeg and the one that i’m
just using his regular old ground nutmeg by mccormick yeah mccormick and some
cinnamon some ground cinnamon Bible chromic as well then you’re going to
need of course the spoon as something to mix it with your going to need a
container i’m just using this straight all plastic container is something that
comes with the lid because I’m you may not use it all in one setting so just
something to store it in and then you’re going to need a some tablespoons or some
tea spoon so i’m going to use one fourth of a cup for the honey and then i’m
going to use one tablespoon for the cinnamon and nutmeg ok so with that I’m going to show you
guys how we’re going to make this so first we’re going to start off by
putting in the honey and we’re going to use one one-fourth cup of honey and you
can also warm the honey up in the market away if you feel that you need more hon
they make sure you guys can see what I’m doing you know what I’m still learning
my angles so bear with me sometimes I haven’t so we’re going to go ahead and
pour this in making it one-fourth of honey so now i’m just going to take that and
i’m going to put it into my container yeah make sure to scoop out everything
because we don’t like snow honey around here honey so make sure to scoop out everything and
to get in there black swimwear alright so then now we’re
going to add in two tablespoons of nutmeg and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon so
starting with the nutmeg i’m gonna this is a 1 tbsp i’m going to add two
tablespoons and that meg that’s one oh and that’s why it is important to put
something down because you may get a little messy with this alright and then now I’m going to add
one tablespoon of cinnamon now the reason why this is such a good
mask for acne is that because the cinnamon and nutmeg they have so many
good antibacterial anti-inflammatory properties that they help to heal the
skin or heal the pimples and i’m all about building of the skin of the
pimples you know i’m saying so now i’m just going to go ahead and I’m going to
mix everything together so that’s why this is such a good mask i’m pretty much
is because when you’re dealing with acne I’m you want to just find things that
are going to help that inflammation and that are going to prevent um you know
the bacteria on the skin so that’s why this is such a good mask and I mean it
smells interesting it definitely smells interesting and
it’s a pasty consistency is exactly what you want from this because you want is
going to be like a paste so now that everything you want to make sure
everything is mixed together and mix pretty easily is nothing that is you
know hard to mix now what I’m going to do with this is i’m going to go ahead
and I’m going to do a test um a spot test and the reason why i’m
going to spot us because we’re doing my research with this i found or i read
that people can have a reaction to the cinnamon or the Nutmeg so because i do
have sensitive skin and i don’t think i have an allergic and I don’t think I’m
allergic to cinnamon but just in case this give me react you want to do a spot
test so i’m going to go ahead with spot test on my arm and what about 15-20
minutes see what happens and then if everything is good and gravy we’re going to come back and i’m going
to show you how i’m going to apply this mask so yeah alright so to apply this to
my face i’m going to use a foundation brush it is just a lot easier because
the consistency of this is quite sticky so using a brush is a lot easier to
apply but i’m going to get into why honey cinnamon and meg are good for acne prone skin so
let’s start with honey the reason why honey is good for the
skin is because it has antimicrobial properties it’s a natural antioxidant and
antibacterial so it helps to fight the bacteria on the skin that causes acne at
ok so next the cinnamon cinnamon dries out the affected area opening and
clogging your pores and cinnamon is also antibacterial as well which is always
great when it comes to fighting acne like i said previously before when doing
my research on this you want to make sure that you don’t have an allergic
reaction to cinnamon or nutmeg so if you’re going to try this I should
just doing a spot test like i did to make sure you don’t have an allergic
reaction ok so nutmeg reduces inflammation and
acne causing bacteria so as you can see honeynet Megan cinnamon all do the same
thing they all you know fight the bacteria on the skin they reduce
information they reduce redness so the combination of all these together is a
really the combination to fight acne and plus you know it’s all natural alright so I’m going to sit on my face
for 15 minutes and then I’m going to rinse with warm water the final boss I
really enjoyed this mask after moving it my skin just feel a lot more refresh a
lot more breathable my poor still open so yes I really do like this mess so
thumbs up for that so yeah if you want to try this mask we tried this mask
before please leave a comment down below let me
know and make sure to rate comment subscribe all that fun stuff and I went
back to you guys in a later video by to see more of my beauty DIY projects make
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