DIY Hair Fertilizer || healthy hair scalp stimulation faster hair growth mix #hairgrowthoil

DIY Hair Fertilizer || healthy hair scalp stimulation faster hair growth mix #hairgrowthoil

[Music] these people of natura head grew the house I don’t keep anybody to live inside a house the house we for so today guys I want to show you how to do hair cream so I’ve done so many video I’ve seen so what my costume and I bought this stuff stimulation wire for me so she also asked me to do that of cream because she want to give to our daughter so I’m doing the one of the cream today so I’ll show you how to do this – ciao ciao – ha so I will show you how I’m going to prepare all these things first we are going to need because I which will do two hundred milliliter which we need so I’m not oh yeah I’ll be needing sexy crap so the ADI cannot show you the liquid once though I will be adding my hips or your with the one I chose last time somewhere to add is my pump oil water which is very good to make prints we are making so these are the ones we are going to attend after this I will be adding my bee wax those big words you will be needing needs to make it solidified so I also add my ear wax so that because of the liquid and will be passed related to have to bind everything together so London or the least I’m going to add also my shea butter so are these time guys nothing else to do them wombats these outs in the adobo heats Willa then us this one is matching I’m going to mix the other parts of the product so me white guys in this other one I’m going to start I’m going to purge my so we’re to add my which Jim I was going to add fairground so we to admire unique so I’m also going to add my you know so guys make it nice way I were to add no with Jam so much less to do I’m going to just give it a stir this so I’m going to set this aside so guys nothing else to do as you can see oil has made out so fast now what I’m going to do I’m going to add my lemon your food oh yeah I will add just a teaspoon so after that I’m going to add my salt 1/2 teaspoon salt then now start to add my extension oh yeah this is a white time oh yeah I would add 3 drops peppermint oil I’m good at 5 drop as well my tea tree oil are good are 20 drops I’m good lawanda away I’m going to add 5 drops mere oh yeah I’m going to add five drops as well then I’m going to add my limo and accessor oh yeah and I’m going to have my rosemary oil so now you stay so on brutal part is my mix inside so nothing to do now not to use my message so I wanted to do that to Allah – so we’re going to like to find out nachos so the nice thing is to take it back to the fridge from our legs so you’re fine okay small guys brought it out from the fridge so as you can see so I’m going to add my last images mycology powder some of my fragrance so guys this is our hair cream so it’s going to solidify it and bring out the beauty so this is how it looks I hope you can see the color the pink color how beautiful it is so I just recorded relating did it in this form just to give you some Beauty bits what its does it still does it doesn’t change the color does not change anything so guys I hope you loved this video if you do give a huge tone so please have to share this video to everybody like guys so thank you for watching bye bye


  • jasmine k naoh says:

    1 comment 😍 thanks i was waiting for this one

  • errico cicconetti says:

    informazioni molto dettagliate

  • Beauty Babe says:

    You do great videos and I pray you get more subscribers and views.Ameen

  • Chioma Okoye says:

    You dis geh! Na wah o! When I saw the title as per "hair fertilizer" I don know say you go bring another powerful recipe to scatter our brain finish again! 🎊🎊🎊 Hmmmmmmm! Sis DV, na you biko! πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ’ƒ

    Please could you also add links as to where one can purchase:
    1. Emulisufying wax
    2. B Pantenol
    3. Sulphur
    4. Preservation
    5. Wheat germ oil

    Thank you for taking the time to record, edit and upload this your miracles o. Me sef I know say e no easy AT ALLLLLLL!!!! May the Lord continue to uphold you and give you more powerful ideas and recipes and may you cotinue to improve and grow till you have your multi-billion dollar empire where you help our sisters all over the world as to the keys to how to care for the hair God has given us. Carry go joor- notin do you!!!!

  • Bethany Wood says:

    Amazing work sister I cant wait to try this when I get a stabler place.

  • Lois Dons says:

    That was a great one please would you help make hair cream for dandruff?

  • Lois Dons says:

    That was a great one please would you help make hair cream for dandruff? Thanks

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  • Roxiee Morgan says:

    Where Did Get Your Containers From ?

  • emem tom says:

    Can I use for my body

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