DIY daily lotion spritz to soften and moisturize throughout, it will keep your hair from dryness.

DIY daily lotion spritz to soften and moisturize throughout, it will keep your hair from dryness.

hello my beautiful friends my beautiful family so guys I just want to come and show you my new regimen for the soma I told you guys I have this new lotion moisturizing lotion which I’ll be using throughout this forma if you guys remember so this Lucia is very very moisture even if you leave your hair out for two day you will to moisturize it every two days so I believe in 2 spoon of flax seed I’ll be needing my car oh this is the last jar of my carrots are creamy I will need honey I will be needing salt also for this mixture I would need this boat so they will use your spray one but this is what I have you will need is to essentia or a tea tree and lemon so now I have 250 milliliter of blood woods that we are going to put my flat seat so I’m going to first cook my flat scene where by time started well yeah with a light so cook at least for 5 minutes not more than so now I’m going to put my time for the 5 minutes so that I would get myself a don’t cut that start to boil otherwise one puts a I’m timing it so I don’t want you to cook more than five minutes guys he doesn’t need to cook more than five mins for this kind of process so now yeah it’s already 5 minutes so I’m going to put off my flame I’m just going to give it a shake so after then I’m going to strain it into this my bow so after straining it I’m going to set it aside – Ally – cool why I met out with my double hits of oil not to not to destroy the the nutrient and everything already inside is my carrots creamy my soup ass reaching about one creaming Oh guys are this creamy I don’t know what to do I don’t know he’s fat I bless God and thank him for the wisdom so I’m going to just add a spoon I don’t need too much oh yeah in this Lucia because this carrot is a moisturizing agent okay so why are my carrots creamy is warming to mix I’m going to prepare this or Derby’s I’m going to add only honey Lisa is a moisturizing and hydrating a change to our hair it’s also a million’s it also keep our hair give our head Sheen and keep it from dry and freezing so the main of salt in this preparation oh my god ow down was it coming out the mean of salt in this preparation it will help your flaccid to make your choice to enhance is going to give a sheen and reduce frizziness from your coiling hair bet the message you need is are the sea salt not a water don’t know the water from the sea amid the sea salt but I don’t have that I just use my normal salt so I’m going to add also my aloe vera I would be adding through spoon of my aloe vera gel which I did for shooting for your skin for some bones we were for my Rivera powder which I bought some now I’m adding my tea tree oh yeah I’m adding according to the sensitive of my skin quantity so you can add any quantity of yours right here there is no base there’s no gauge just how I want it so guys I’m going to give it a stir now I’m going to stir it well so you see the jellies know that take is just lights not lights lights it’s jelly but it’s not that thick one okay so if not this preparation we change let me see the consistency or the way I wanted to come so I’m just mixing everything all together all the ingredients have put also the carrot only as you see and he’s shown that part because I post my camera in low so when he not see sound I’ve already poured everything inside this container so now I’m going to add my wits gem I’m also going to add my preservation I’m going to add my with Gemma Moog I’m going to our quantity as I feel with my eyes so you can add any quantity which gem is good for her hair it makes our head grow is very very nutritive tour hey so if you add more fuel add less there’s no harm of the quantity so I’m adding a teaspoon of my preservation because Lauren is 1/2 teaspoon because this is just little is just let me say 250 milliliter of of food preparation okay so now I’m giving it a final stare to just blend everything together so it looks a little bit watery now guys it’s not going to calm down watery so it’s going to come let me say fluid not watery is good to come out of fluid okay so girls now I’ve finished blending everything together I’m going to put them into my pump bottle this is the one I have but if you have Dale the spray bottle that is the idea of this a kind of moisturizing lotion so you don’t need to put it in anything like babe because this is what I have so I’m going to put it here I use it in this form in a careful way not to waste them out because this is very very nutritive and very very good so guys I’ll be using this notion to my hair oh my god I lose my twist I added two which I used it in fact I’m using it on an honest it’s all already gone guys it’s already gone for just two weeks I’ve already consumed a 250 ml guys so I hope you loved this video for those of you that are new to my channel please I feel of any of my video as always if not this anyone just subscribe to follow me thank you all god bless you bye bye [Music]


  • Ingrid Caldwell says:

    How do you store this

  • Yellow Mellow says:


  • errico cicconetti says:

    grazie anche a te.

  • Yoyo7424 M says:

    Hello there my friend!๐Ÿค—. U r just the sweetest thing on you tube! I want to see you use this in your hair.this looks very very moisturizing. Would this work for low porosity hair? Or all hair types? How often should it be use? I donโ€™t want hydra fatigue (if Iโ€™m saying and spelling it right, where u over hydrate your hair๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ณ)donโ€™t judge me yโ€™all! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚God is truly giving u wisdom my sister. Hope u go international and become competition for even carols daughter or alikay! Your concoctions are just so darn healthy, organic, and pure! How do u incorporate all these mixtures into hair routine? Do u use 1 thing and method 1 week and then rotate to another routine the next? ๐Ÿ’• love this recipe too!

  • BeautifulQueen says:

    Good morning my hair stays dry thank you for sharing๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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