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Hello everyone today, I will discuss about diets and foods for vitiligo patients and Also discuss about foods to avoid for vitiligo patients, so let’s get started Our eating habits also play an important role in determining your health and your skin. Our Contemporary diet includes many unhealthy foods such as fast food canned goods Alcohol and soft drinks that contribute to health problems such as heart disease increased cholesterol obesity and diabetes also skin diseases such as vitiligo Eczema and acne have increased since the incorporation of these components in our diet. As a result Scientists are trying to establish a link between our eating habits and generalized skin disorders Vitiligo is a stubborn disease that causes havoc in a person The medical treatments prescribed for this condition are effective for a very long time and it is very important not to let the condition get even worse an unhealthy diet can cause the disease to wilt and Therefore it is essential that the patient consume a healthy diet if there is something in your diet that can make the condition worse It is best to avoid it altogether Even if you are receiving treatment for your condition Develop a healthy diet and reduce all foods considered unhealthy Some components of food are very healthy and should be consumed more if you suffer from vitiligo It is time to formulate a healthy diet plan According to research many components are healthy and should be a part of every vitiligo patients diet Number 1 pulses and legumes always include chickpeas in your diet number 2 protein Include vegetable proteins such as soya beans in your diet. Number 3 oils and fats Take vegetable oils like olive oil Number 4 vegetables these include cabbage carrots beet roots spinach broccoli Brussels sprouts and green leaves Number 5 fruits important fruits in this matter are black dates apricots peaches bananas mangoes and apples Number 6 grains Take porridge and whole wheat eatables over faster, which is a form of highly refined are behide rates Number 7 nuts contain good fats and vitamin E. Which are good for your skin and Number 8 fluids and water Hydrate yourself and make sure that your body’s water composition is up to an optimum level Now I am going to discuss about some foods that should be avoided by a vitiligo patient According to her lists patients with vitiligo should limit the consumption of Non-vegetarian foods because they inadvertently stop a person’s autoimmune process and are highly antigenic However, you should try to eat fish Especially blue fish such as salmon mackerel and fresh tuna twice a week as they are a source of healthy omega-3 fatty acids Reduce your alcohol consumption and avoid carbonated and flavored drinks Try to avoid chocolates and ice creams Do not eat junk food and limit spicy foods Avoid foods rich in saturated fatty acids especially processed meats fatty meats butter whole milk products and cakes Patients with vitiligo should avoid blueberries these contain a natural substance called hydroquinone that inhibits the production of pigments by pigment producing cells Thank you for watching this video our next video will on anti vitiligo Cooking to get more videos on diets foods and anti vitiligo cooking for vitiligo patients. Keep subscribe our Channel.

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