Detox Warnings! : Never Detox Your Colon Before First Doing This – VitaLife Show Episode 279

Detox Warnings! :  Never Detox Your Colon Before First Doing This – VitaLife Show Episode 279

Welcome to the vitalife show I’m Doctor
Janine Bowring and today I’m talking about
you should never detox your colon before first doing this. So we have other great
videos here on the vitalife show although detoxification, but I want you
to really pay attention to these tips. Number one make sure you’re not sick
before you go into doing any type of detox but especially colon detox because
you don’t want to be trying to move things and getting these toxins out if
you are sick and your immune system isn’t up to speed. Number two make sure
that your bowels are actually moving so if you’re super super constipated it’s
not the time to start a colon cleanse or colon detox which probably goes against
what you’re thinking, it’s really important to get things moving gently
first so use fiber in the diet increase your water, increase the healthy fats in
your diet to help to lubricate that stool think of it as the grease to get
things moving before you embark on that colon cleanse. Number three make sure you
choose the right type of detox supplement and this is super important
the reason being is that you don’t want to just maybe focus on one organ and we
have other videos on this you want to make sure that you’re addressing all of
the internal organs at once to help with that detox. So let’s take a look at Lucy
because I really want you to appreciate what’s going on internally when you’re
doing a detox and why you don’t want to just focus on the colon. So if we take a
look here we can see that this is of course a digestive tract and the colon
is here for the large intestine you yes you want to make sure that you’re
detoxifying the intestines with the small and large intestine but you also
want to address the liver, you also want to address the lungs, you also want to
address the blood which is the highway between the organs for that proper
detoxification. I’m going to take the lungs off here so we can see internally
so now we can appreciate how big this liver is that big internal
detoxifier for our internal organs. As well as our stomach which we can see
here, as well as our kidneys so our kidneys are hiding back here let me take
out the intestines so we can see here you also want to be detoxing the kidneys
as well and of course the bloodstream which we can see. So really important to
do a full body detox and that’s why you know here at vitatree of course we have
the vitadetox which I’ll show you really quick. We have other videos about the
product, but what the vitadetox is helps to address all of the internal organs
plus the blood, plus the lymphatic system, plus the skin to help to get those
toxins out. So you know if you’re considering just doing a colon cleanse
maybe not the best thing because if you’re now you know working on the colon
and you may be now shifting toxins to the liver to the kidneys and if you’re
not detoxing them at the same time you could be forcing those toxins into those
other organs that aren’t ready for that detoxification process. You also want to
make sure, tip number four is that you are doing detox regularly it’s not one
thing that you do you know we pick to do a colon cleanse you just do once and
then you’re good you know this is something ideally that you’re doing at
least four times a year to get those toxins out because they accumulate
you’re you’re exposed to these toxins on a daily basis. So thanks for joining me
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  • Nutella says:

    Thank you for this video! I subscribed to your website and look forward to learning more from you. At the moment I am choosing a Probiotic supplement and was absolutely fascinated to read about your product. I had no idea that there are supplements with human strains of live probiotics. You may have already done a video on this, I will have to check, but if you haven't please talk some more about Probiotics and Prebiotics.

  • kimberley puddicombe says:

    do the kidneys have to be filtering before I detox

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