Detox Diet Tips : Full Body Cleanse : Liver Cleanse : Heavy Metal Detox – VitaLife Show Episode 150

Detox Diet Tips : Full Body Cleanse : Liver Cleanse : Heavy Metal Detox – VitaLife Show Episode 150

Welcome to the VitaLife Show I’m doctor Janine Bowring and in today’s
episode were talking all about detoxification what it is, why it’s so important that we
detox because we’ve had a lot of questions here on our YouTube channel on
the VitaLife Show what exactly is detoxification why do we
need to do it why is it so important lot of people have heard all these
horror stories about detoxes and cleanses as well and I want to dispel all those
myths all about detox it something really all should be doing I have a great
demonstration coming up so be sure that you stay tuned to the end of the video so you really
understand what’s going on internally with detoxification and why you need to
detox regularly so let’s start what is detoxification?
It’s basically like cleansing its getting all those bad guys out of our internal organs we’re all
exposed to toxins daily in the environment and we really have to
be proactive about getting those toxins out these toxin sit it in the internal
organs and we’re gonna go through all those internal organs so make sure that again you’re paying
attention maybe you’ve heard about some of these toxic issues maybe not so be sure
that you’re paying attention and be sure to like this video and share with all
your friends because it’s really important to share
the good news about you know when you’re learning something that really touches home with you so the internal
organs can you name the five top detoxification internal organs? I’ll give
you a second can you do it okay well let’s start with
the liver the liver is our biggest filter
internally and I’m gonna turn it over to Lucy. Lucy is my friend
here who helps me to demonstrate exactly what we look like internally so
our liver if we take a look is a very large
internal organ right here which filters all our blood and a lot of signs of toxicity
are related to liver being toxic do you get headaches is this something
that chronic for you do you know somebody who gets headaches well that’s a telltale sign that the
liver has become toxic and it’s really important just like
taking the weeds out of the garden if you’ve ever done any gardening its
you know if you think about it if you don’t get rid of those weeds the weeds takeover and at the same with
toxins in our body and unfortunately that’s what turns into disease so
starting off with liver is really important in terms of detoxification now the lungs are another detox organ
which people don’t really think about as the detox organs but they’re huge organs that start up in our neck angle
right down to the bottom of my rib cage so again really important that we detoxify
we breathe deeply one of the best ways to detoxify the lungs but there are
specific herbs which will get to as well which help to cleanse the lungs. Now if I start to take Lucy apart little bit we can also take a look at the digestive
tract now you may have to heard about you know toxins in the digestive tract
and they can cause symptoms like IBS, diarrhea, constipation well its really
important as well to get these toxins out and we’re going to talk about how we
do that as well in a gentle yet effective in safe way. So lets take Lucy’s liver out also let remove
her stomach this is quick surgery here let’s take out the top of her large
intestine and some of her small intestine and
were even gonna take out more her intestines were also now going
to look at her kidneys now the kidneys are really
important detox organs as well and we have to get those toxins out the
reason that we need to do this is that our kidneys filter as well all our blood and if you’re taking any kind a medication
it’s usually the liver and kidneys that have to do a lot of that detox so
that’s really important to clean the kidneys as well, as well the blood and lymphatic system as well as the skin so the skin is our
largest organ on the outside and any signs or symptoms toxicity from the internal organs
usually translate out into skin conditions so whether
thats acne whether that the eczema, psoriasis types
of symptoms those are again signs that those
internal organs have become overwhelmed on the inside of the body
and now the spilling out to the outside the skin so we’re talking about
detoxification it’s really important that we detoxify all of the internal organs that we just
spoke about at the same time I have to tell you most of the cleanses
on the market unfortunately are detox is if you’re taking them they only
concentrate on one organ system there’s a problem with this so if we take a look at the toxins so the
toxins are all these multi colored balls within this pitcher of water we can
see that by stirring them up we’re now going to do a detox so lets
you know it’s you know a liver cleanse perhaps or maybe it’s
something for the intestines and that’s unfortunately how most of the
detoxes on the market is there just focusing on one organ
system in essentially what happens is this basically what happens is that you’re
shifting those toxins from one toxic organic to another so really you
haven’t done any detoxification the danger in this is that if that
second organ that you’re shifting that toxins to isn’t ready to handle the
detoxification process you feel unwell and you may if you done
a cleanse before you may have some of these symptoms of detox you get headache and feel tired you feel sick some people up from my
patients have actually been throwing up which is you know not something that you want to
do I used to have to tell my patients you know start your detox on a Friday when I was using other detoxes of
course because they didn’t know how they would react to start on Friday because
you don’t know you know if your gonna have any of these negative reaction and one of the most popular once of
course is running to the bathroom with diarrhea well you don’t want to be going through
that wo thats a toxic load that you don’t want to have
to deal with and that’s what unfortunately most of the other detox out there do well it didn’t exist in the
marketplace so that’s why I actually created a detox to address all the internal organs at once it’s
called the VitaDetox and what makes it so special is that it
helps to cleanse the liver the kidneys, the lungs, the digestive
tract, the skin, the lymphatic, the blood getting heavy metals out of the body as
well comprehensive it didn’t exist that’s why I created it So now if we take a look at what the VitaDetox does if for now using the VitaDetox because it’s working on all of the internal organs at once its cleansing all those toxins at
once so working like a magnificent filter to get those toxins out what does this mean for you this means
health, vibrancy you start to look and feel your absolute best people ask you what
are you doing because they see that vibrancy that kick in your step that luminosity in
your skin your digestion starts to feel better
those headaches go away i mean the list goes on and on and on line as to how
many thousands of people that we’ve been able to help with VitaDetox, so really you know
the power is in your own hands give it a try the VitaDetox absolutely
phenomenonal thank you for joining me today remember
that your health is in your hands you have the ability to live a healthy and VitaLife I want you to
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  • Jasmina F says:

    I've been suffering from psoriasis for a very long time and now it's on my face mainly on my nose and forehead, what's this telling me. I have acne rosacea now too predominantly on the cheeks and chin 🙁 I'm feeling so depressed my face is in a state. I'm just thinking this detox wouldn't be able to work. How long will it take to see thins clear up? And hve any of your patients suffered from psoriasis and successfully cleared using this detox?

  • Lakshmi S says:

    is it a tablet that we shd intake. U showed the filter physically but how it will happen inside our organ u fail to explain that. how the detoxification will filter the toxins inside.

  • Anna Hermali says:

    SO what is your product for 'full body cleanse' ?

  • sayeed patil says:

    Is it also available in India…. !!!!

  • Linda Puertes Deals says:

    all this to advertise her product!!!!!!!

  • Mojammel Haque says:

    good video

  • Kazungu Felix says:

    awasome explanation about why we need to detox.

  • Sherrie Carter says:

    Great Video

  • Veronica Davis says:

    My nose is stuffy a lot. My doctor said that my nose was more than a roof for my face haha and said I would never be able to use more than a low percentage of my nose.

    Now that I'm older and can research for myself, sometimes I can breathe through my nose!! 🙂

    I must be really toxic because I get really sick if I drink really hot water. My family thinks I'm crazy when I say that but when I was working at a call center I got really curious why my mother and older sister could drink extra hot and sip it and I could only handle very warm at the most. So I started drinking HOT tea. In no time I had laryngitis. Then I had to drink lemon, honey and cayenne pepper drinks to get out of that mess 🙂

    If I eat temperature hot stuff I get a headache. So I can only eat or drink warm things.

    If I'm warm for too long I'll get a nose bleed. One day I figured out that if I put something cold on the back of my neck it will help keep me from getting a nose bleed.

    I usually get a headache before a nose bleed. I go from too warm to headache/too much pressure in head to nose bleed.

    I would love to know more about the cleanse!! How do you do it, for how long and what's it going to cost me?

  • Anitha Joseph says:

    hi i have been diagnosed with gall bladder polyps and gall bladder stone! are these symptoms of toxic liver or body? should i start body and liver detoxification? will it help avoid future gallbladder complications pls?

  • Stefstef Christophe says:

    does this detox address the colon and can it help with acid reflux

  • Marbella Marlisa says:

    nicw video. thanks. so im interested in giving ur product a try. I'm on a 30 day food grade hydrogen peroxide cleanse. is it safe to take ur body detox during this time. appreciate ur feedback

  • Euline Martin says:

    I am not sure of your explanation concerning the reason why the Vita detox works on all the organs your demonstration was not clear when you used a strainer for one illustration and not the other.

  • Henry G says:

    Sorry to bother you. I want to know if your product is gender specific? is it for both male and female, or just female? Sorry to ask a kinda dumb question, with all the different detox products out there that states it's a female formula or male formula, I was just curious.

    thank you

  • Quality TV says:

    How long do you take the vita detox for please I need to know and where can I purchase it

  • Kylie Bailey says:

    I had my gallbladder removed about five years ago and I really wanted to do a liver detox just wanted to know how safe it is with no gallbladder or if there's any special precautions I need to take

  • Jeanette Malana says:

    Where can we buy that ,,,and how much?

  • Sexy Walrus 007 says:

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