Detox Cleanse : How To Do An Easy Full Body Detox Cleanse – VitaLife Show Episode 265

Detox Cleanse : How To Do An Easy Full Body Detox Cleanse – VitaLife Show Episode 265

Welcome to the vitalife show I’m Doctor
Janine Bowring and today we’re talking about how to do an easy full body detox.
We’re going to be using my sidekick Lucy which we’re going to bring in just a
moment, she’s going to show us the different parts of our inside so that
you can understand and appreciate why it’s so important to do regular
detoxification so that you can feel your absolute best. So say hello to Lucy this
is our model my sidekick and you may have seen her before in previous videos.
Lucy helps to show us what’s going on internally in our bodies and what
happens unfortunately when toxins build up is that they start to display
symptoms usually on the outside whether it’s headaches and having chronic
headaches it could be this trapezius muscle gets really sore intense so that
can cause tension headaches and a lot of soreness there and discomfort well
that’s actually related to the liver and this is the liver. So when the liver
becomes overwhelmed with toxins this is one of those reflex areas of the liver
and your body is telling you that it’s time to detoxify. When we talked about
the lungs maybe it’s a chronic cough maybe you have congestion that again
could be a sign of toxicity in the lungs that your body is telling you that those
toxins need to come out all the more reason to do a full body detox. Digestive
complaints so maybe it’s the gas the bloating you know the cravings for
sweets and all the wrong foods, telltale sign again that those toxins are
building up. Maybe you’re constipated or maybe you have chronic you know frequent
stools again a sign of toxicity that those toxins are trying to get out, or
maybe they’re you know trapped inside there we really have to make sure that
we get those bowels moving all the more reason to detox so you can see where I’m
going here. Maybe it’s a thyroid condition so thyroid concerns you know a
lot of people develop hypothyroidism which is a low thyroid function that’s
often related to actually the liver function and the gut as well so the
liver actually has to convert that thyroid hormone into that act of t3, a
lot of people don’t make that connection that thyroid has a lot to do with what’s
going on internally with the liver and the gut as
well. So a comprehensive look at what’s going on internally if you see skin
eruptions – whether it’s eczema psoriasis that’s happening on the
outside that inflammation those toxins have built up from the inside and now
they’re spilling to the outside it’s time to detox. So I usually recommend
that we’re detoxing at least four times a year at the change of season is
ideally the way to do it. Of course we have a wonderful supplement called the
vitadetox this is my own formulation which I’ll show you right here the
vitadetox is a great full-body easy to detox you don’t have to change your diet
you don’t have to do anything you know that’s hard to do you’re just taking
your capsules every day it’s two capsules twice a day which is fabulous
you will feel great you won’t be running to the washroom you don’t have to worry
about you know some of those scary stories that you’ve heard about detoxing
and cleansing gets all of those toxins oh and it helps with all those symptoms
that we talked about whether it is the skin whether it is the headaches you’re
just feeling tired and lethargic you don’t have that energy that you you know
think that you should have it’s time to detox and it’s remarkable how you will
love the vitadetox and how you’re feeling after you do this and do it
regularly. So thanks for joining me today. Please leave your questions and your
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have. Check out our other videos as well, and thanks for joining me today.


  • Tracy Dunn says:

    where do I get the vita detox capsules??

  • Bny Juarez says:

    For how long I have to use or take the Vita detox capsules if I want to detox my body
    As I checked in the website One bottle of vita detox is for just 15 days? Do I need a couple bottles of vita detox?

  • Man Of life says:

    Hello where can I buy your product?

  • Supa CG says:

    Maybe you should just get on with the video…

  • Reyzl Shlafman says:

    huge lack of information. what are the pills made of and why are they the best way to detox? i believe changing your diet is so important when detoxing..eating garbage and taking a detox pill wont help anyone.

  • Wambui mwania says:

    Fasting 16 hours once a week will be enough to detox. No pills…

  • Walter Robinsonjr says:

    How long should a person detox? I know you said at least 4 times a year, but you never said how many days L.

  • Anna-Tania Transylove says:

    detox is about geting things out of the system and not to get things in,in form of pills ,as a matter of fact these pills may make things worse …just drink plenty of waters and take your vitamins…thats detox enough…starding early in the morning in the morning warm water with lemonjuice or a tablespoon of applevingegar for a week will do.headachse and rashes are often a symptom of dehydration …thats all

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