DermTV – Why Exercise Makes Your Face Red [ Epi #286]

DermTV – Why Exercise Makes Your Face Red [ Epi #286]

Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] and welcome to DermTV. Exercise is certainly great for your heart,
for your head, and even for your body, but a lot of people find that during
their workout or even a little-bit after their workout, their face
becomes a little-bit pink, or even red. It can last a couple of minutes,
or it can actually go on for more than an hour. But let me reassure you,
it’s of absolutely no harm, no danger, nothing bad will happen, and it’s
just your body’s way of trying to regulate your body temperature so that you
don’t overheat. You see, during your workout, your muscles use lots and lots
of energy, and that energy becomes heat, and the heat builds up in your
body. Your normal body temperature is about 99˚F, 37˚C, but if
you accumulate enough heat from the energy from the muscles, the body temperature
is going to go up. That’s not good for you, so your body tries to regulate
it, and dissipate or get rid of that heat. And, the way it does it is by
expanding the blood vessels in your face. You see, those blood vessels carry
a lot of blood, and by expanding and making them bigger, for example,
like taking something from the size of a garden hose to the size of a
fire hose. As the vessels get bigger, and there’s more blood, you can
actually see the redness. That’s why your face appears red as soon as your
body has gotten rid of enough of that extra heat, because it’s bringing that
99˚ blood from the inside to your skin, which is about 90˚, so you can
lose that heat. As soon as you’ve lost enough of the heat, the blood vessels
return to their normal size, and the redness goes away. Again, there are no
ill-effects, and nothing that lasts. People say, “Why does it happen just
in my face?” It doesn’t, it happens everywhere, but because there’s
such a rich network of blood vessels in your face, that’s why you see
it there so much more, and it’s that same network of blood vessels that makes
your facial skin heal so very well, anytime there’s an injury.


  • Samit0o0 says:

    Thank you! my face turns very red when I go to the Gym hehehehe now I know why 😀

  • Allison Yellow says:

    why does itching make your skin red?

  • monikaus says:

    People come up to me and ask if I'm okay anytime I run. Once I had a person ask if he should call 911.

  • kiki palm says:

    thank you i always wondered that!

  • LilRanDy920 says:

    @NaomiChambers no shit….

  • Dragon Effect says:

    That makes sense, but reverse side is more what am curious about. As in, why when it's sodding freezing outside does my face turn red? I get a red face when am hot (as ya explained with the rush of blood flow) but when i'm cold i get the same effect in the face. Hows that work? Cant be because i'm hot.. coz.. well, i'd be cold.. obviously

  • Bowiegirl75 says:

    Doctor what do you think of products such as the Clarisonic? Are they safe to use??

  • DeeZee Piano says:

    @EmmyIiciouS I believe it is because when you are cold, your body tries to warm you up by increasing the blood flow a lot, thus making your face red.. I could be wrong though.

  • Sally says:

    Are u kidding me???? C'mon thats like posting something like 'why do you have a mouth".

  • Dragon Effect says:

    @xcutiepatootiex Ahh.. that's a good point & makes sense ^^
    Sorta like shivering i guess then, makes sense 🙂

  • xarielchan says:

    @EmmyIiciouS This is simply my guess, but wouldn't it be the same thing? Your body trying to regulate the heat from the cold external temperature you're being exposed to?

  • Dragon Effect says:

    @demorien That makes a lotta sense, true too, my nose gets way way cold in the winter. Had real cold winter here last december, was so col i'd get in from work & stick me nose under the hot tap. 😀

  • Helli Cohen says:

    Hi doc. thanks to your videos i started to wear sunscreen. but i have a question, i wear it under my make up. i watched the video that you said that when the makeup wear off its time to reaply the sunscreen, but my foundation is very long lasting, up to 10 hours. what thats mean about the sunscreen that i put? do i need to reaply it?

    thank you very much for all your videos, i learned so much from them!!

  • laojace says:

    is it strange if my face turns slightly dark after exercise? does it mean poor circulation? it's been the same since i could rmb…especially after a match. should i be worried? anybody could reply not just the doc, thankkkks <3

  • GetInMyBelly says:

    Is there any way to prevent this? Please help, reply, thanks in advance, much appreciated.

  • ManyVideosforyou says:

    Can anyone tell me why i get red rashes all over my upper body neck. when train or sweat

  • Jessica Wright says:

    now i get it 🙂

  • yikes says:

    Everytime i just workout a little bit,i just get really red in the face… It's so embarrassing!! Do anyone got a tip?

  • Lindsey Rieser says:

    Is there any way to stop it from happening?

  • SHOWMONEY5 says:

    Omg I'm so glad I'm not the only person that gets red face when working out but I'm probably worst than anyone I get super red for the whole cold season it's really bad does anyone know how to control it it's happening now :/ I hate the cold mornings

  • Sun Sand says:

    he earned it

  • X Y says:

    My face goes red so easily from just doing a bit of exercise its so annoying. I'm not unfit but it always happens

  • Amanda Lee says:

    How can u stop it from happening or being noticeable? It's embarrassing!

  • Kaylin Rose says:

    but i look  ugly when my face turns red!!

  • Kaylin Rose says:

    i feel u!!    +Leah Rose

  • Lily Smith says:

    In gym class I get a red face and my crush pointed it out and I got really embarrassed… Anyway to stop this from happening?

  • B-Rex Gaming says:

    Thank u 👍🏻

  • Emily Perry says:

    I get so red so easily and i also sweat buckets thankfully i dont smell but i worry that i will begin to all of a sudden 🙁 and then it will become 100x worse

  • Roisin Austin says:

    My face gets betroot red after a workout and stayed like that for about an hour, Please tell me how to make it go away faster!

  • Ruby Rox says:

    Please what do I do without it going red because whenever I'm riding it goes bright red when I'm wearing a polo shirt and ever body else has jumpers on and their face isn't even a bit red!

  • Sofix Sove says:

    My Face does not only get red but I usually feel very very exhausted too, to the point where I see everything blurred out around me. Is that normal? :'D

  • RocknKittie Dance Show says:

    thanks doc answered my question

  • JD-Hi-Hello says:

    Especially after intense workouts like running 8-10 mile runs.

  • MylifeasEm says:

    My face gets red easily as it is and at skyzone today I was just jumping around with my brother and we went to get a drink and I looked at him and his redness was already gone! And my face was still beat red..

  • ravi thapa says:

    hello doctor i just wanted to get rid off it… is there any cure for it my hole face become red i just wanted to be cured…

  • Judee Coscia says:

    Thank You Dr Schultz I just started doing the Zumba Exercise & my face get really red everyone asks if I am okay. I feel fine but the redness did scare me.

  • Vorex says:

    I don't see red on my face cause I'm so white person

  • RG 14 says:

    My face gets red while and after playing basketball

  • Ivelina Ivanova says:

    here i am, hour and a half after a workout … still red.

  • # Lucie Panda # says:

    I literally ran 25 mins in 27 degrees (celcius) and I’m literally A TOMATO.

  • B.P - B.T.S Gamer says:

    j dont wanna look LIKE a tomato after I did pe 😂

  • Beelo Queen says:

    hlow dr I used baby face solution in week
    after that it changes the face redd areas ok
    what i do in my face
    plz reply my question thanks

  • ayaamudin Khan says:

    How i can do to my face is t not red

  • Lucy says:

    Omg I'm just fucking sitting outside and my face turns red what the hell im so annoyed.

  • suhvaleska says:

    When I was in Primary I used to fake being sick so I didn’t have to do PE because I got so red and everyone stared at me. But I’m in middle school now and it still happens but I don’t care AS much as I did because I just think kids have more important things going on in their own lives than to worry about my beet red face for about an hour

  • luke starr says:

    I get a red rash on my chest when I run any idea what this is?

  • Sweet avni says:

    Today my face turned very red when I finished playing football why does it turn red even if I sweat it turns red

  • lleslyy . says:

    My crush was right behind me on running day in my gym class, and I turn around and I felt my face get even hotter , 1 because I looked like a tomato and 2 because he was right behind me 😳😳

  • Sylvia Meza says:

    my face gets so red when i run a mile at school

  • Oonikorn Poop says:

    Why are there so many people on the internet who get red faces, and is apparently NORMAL but I am LITERALLY THE ONE ONLY in my gym at school.

    Hi beetroot face join the squad

  • KILZ Dr.montrays says:

    Wheres the off button for this?

  • g e m i n i says:

    My face turns red after working out AND when I’ve been out in the cold and I enter a warm building..

  • Edna Cortes says:

    My rosacea is actually loving this biotherm elixir people often comment on my skin looks fabulous it helps sooooo much 😭 I am happy it helps my redness its is a serum/ moisturizer so the price is expensive but it's so worth it I feel your pain give it a try if u go n buy it u have 30 day to test or your money back it n I promise u will see the difference in 1 week 1/2. If any one tries it let me know I am a cosmetician and trust me I try everything from higher end to low and this is high but this product created a bacteria plankton to combat the bacteria in our skin. ever since I developed rocasa I got that small bumps and ofcourse the redness n itchy type its done wonders. I don't work for this brand could careless but from personal experience I would suggest this from a person who takes this shit seriously cuz I don't like the tomato look got to do something about it. Let me know if anyone tried it if u do have moisturizes use it over this product. but if you are using olay or l'oreal or aveeno or Nivea or body lotion/cream/balm as your daily moisturizer just know yall putting vaseline which is going to cause flair ups cuz it's cheap ingredient that aren't ment for the face people… please and harmful especially for our type of skin. Moisturizes brands such as vichy, la rochay posay and biotherm alhough are created from same company the ingredients are not the same biotherm / vichy/ la rochay posay are safe for our beloved skin. 💖 wish ya'll a happy skin cuz I went to college just to learn what is up cuz I kept spending my money on stupid stuff.

  • Cassidy Spurrill says:


  • Tiểu Tiên says:

    Thank you

  • Panda Star says:

    My problem is that my entire face turns red except the upper lip! So I am a red faced person with a white looking mustache! It looks weird

  • Azariah Israel says:

    Non melanin is the cause every time.Lmao.

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