DermTV – Very Itchy Fingers, a.k.a. Dishydrosis [ Epi #396]

DermTV – Very Itchy Fingers, a.k.a. Dishydrosis [ Epi #396]

Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] And welcome to DermTV. This may be the season for itchy skin, but
chances are if it’s your fingers that are itching, it’s
not because they’re dry. Most of the time, itchy fingers are caused
by a condition called Dishydrosis and the itch it causes
can really drive you crazy. And it’s not just itching that Dishydrosis
causes… You actually get little bumps on the bottom
and sides of your fingers. And the bumps are actually
tiny blisters. Dishydrosis literally means, “bad sweating,” and it used to be thought that these crazily
itchy bumps were filled with sweat. That’s why it was
named Dishydrosis. But the fluid isn’t sweat… it’s actually
serum, which is the clear fluid in your blood. The most common cause of Dishydrosis is extreme
stress, although not every outbreak can be linked
directly to a stressful situation. On a personal note,
I can tell you that I’ve only experienced Dishydrosis once
in my life. It was early in my medical training after
a very stressful night of being up all night taking care of a lot
of very sick patients. The next morning the hospital dermatologist
was making rounds and I showed him my hands, and he said, “Boy you must have had a really rough night.” So… The itching and bumps both finally go
away after a few days. As it gets better, there are these really
interesting telltale little collars of dead flaky skin
that peel off. Those tiny match-head size collars of dead
skin get larger… and then smaller… over a few days and are
caused by the bubble of serum as it rises through the
higher levels of the epidermis. It’s like taking horizontal
slices through
a sphere… starting tiny at the bottom, then getting
larger, and finally smaller again. To treat the itching and bumps, topical cortisone
creams and anti-itch lotions with menthol are best. If that doesn’t stop the itch, cold water
can usually give temporary relief, but never try to stop the itching with hot
water. Even though hot water feels good and stops
the itch, it also causes the itch to come back worse
a few minutes later. After the itch and bumps are gone, the flaking
skin can continue for a week. It can be camouflaged with a moisturizer, but finally goes away by itself. And don’t ever pull off the dead skin. That’s
a great way to get an infection, and then you’ll have
visit your dermatologist!


  • SorrowfulM // MapleStory Veteran says:

    Idk who you are man, but thank you. I was thinking I was getting bitten by like some kind of bug, or a mosquito at work even though it's winter time here in Canada. Although it sounds terrible, I'm very relieved to have found out this is caused by stress; and when I think about it… I've had an insanely stressful last 2 weeks which is about when it started. I'm only concerned because it's happening to a 3rd finger now in a row; it would heal after ~3 days on one finger then start on another. First it was my right pinky, then left pinky, and now my left pointing finger 🙁 Hopefully I can resume normality and try to destress. Thank you again so much for creating this video 4+ years ago.

  • nathan ignacio says:

    i had this happen to me and i was told by a friend to use aloe vera and within a week or two my bumps, itchiness, and irritating pain went away give it a try

  • Ұ A K U Ƶ A says:

    my skin is hard between my thumbs and pointing fingers also side of my hands it realy bothers me and i did have the bumps before my skin got hard

  • Elliott Parker says:

    im currently experiencing this and have had it for weeks my sidewalls of my fingers are actually starting to split …mostrizing them hasnt worked unless i use it all through out the day and so on … i am experiencing it on my lower leg annd thighs …i try not to istch and now know what to do and what not to do …because this has been not clearing up is this a more serious case and would you suggest a dermatologist visit?

  • L Akash says:

    can u just say what is this

  • L Akash says:

    my hands become dry and my Nels start to tear sides

  • Clyde Spight says:

    Had dis shyt fa 3 months 😂😂

  • Cain Hamilton [Old Channel] says:

    Booom, an answer – thank you this was brilliant as nobody could tell me really what i had and i get it 2 times yearly [today it's bad my finger tips itch to shit even the skin is starting to rip and bleed !! ].

  • Guy Baldridge says:

    Man I have had this problem for years little bumps with clear puss after the skin breaks and if I try to peal the dead skin it starts to bleed.


    There are several suggestions to try
    consure higher quantities of fruit and vegatables.
    Drink more water
    give up drinking of alcohol.
    cut down the amount of stress in your life.
    (I learned these and the reasons they work on Takiras Magic Method site )

  • LUCAN GOPAL says:

    I can't wait until I am done with these damn studies

  • Taehyung's Camera says:

    god, bless this man

  • Taehyung's Camera says:

    I had this few times and onetime it was so bad, that I had to go to the hospital 🙁

  • Ethan H. says:

    he said "Boi!" lmfao

  • Matthew Ritchie says:

    I thought it was the bugs by where I lived or I was just dirty so I washed my hands after everything literally everything I did not know I was stressed out I'm completely shocked and the strange thing is I started putting cold water on my hands before I saw this video 😨😨😨😨😨

  • Jeremy I says:

    you MUST find and treat the cause, otherwise it will continue to recurr. Mine was caused by home brew yeast. took me a good year to figure this out but the live yeast in bottle conditioned beer was causing my body to react causing the pompholyx/dyshidrosis. It would last for 2 weeks before clearing up only to start all iver again. Now, I boil my beer to kill off the live yeast. Research 'dyshidrosis candida' to find many people's cure. all the best to you all, I know the suffering!

  • Ale says:

    I have it on my head for some reason

  • The Sun Of All Of Dun says:

    OH MY GOD!! I've had this sense I was like 5

  • sophia says:

    gotta worry me really

  • Just VIOLET says:

    This explains a lot thanks doc

  • EnderKitten says:

    i have had this for 4 months i suffer 🙁

  • MNI HR says:

    Please Hindi language

  • Anna says:

    Been trying to find out what was going on for years now. Not even my doctor was able to tell me but this was exactly what it is! Thank you for a clear explanation!

  • Elwyndas Raven Galbraith says:

    My fingertips have been itching since Nov 2016. Now I totally understand why.

  • Park Jimin says:

    Fuck this i just feel like chopping my hand off when its damn itchy

  • Kristin Henry says:

    Thank you! The side of my right ring finger has been itchy, red, bumpy, and flaky for the past couple of months and I absolutely could not figure out what was going on. I will be going to get a topical steroid.

  • Honey Boo Boo says:

    When you were literally pouring hot water on your bumps while he began to tell you not to 😂😂😂

  • SadThunderFan says:

    Fuck I peeled all the flaky skin shit

  • Unique says:

    I washed my hands with hot water (not too hot) and, my hands start itching so bad like out of control itching. I have been talking new pain meds from surgery so could that be a side effect? (I lost the paper). Whatever the case may be,this sucks!

  • Golden Gamers212 says:

    i think i might have this thanks to your video! and i am only in the beginning! it started yesterday and i guess i have been stressful because in school i had 2 quizzes and a test and the constant studying made me stress out and now, this! my ring finger is driving my CRAZY!!!!

  • Neelam Parmar says:

    Sir i m also suffering from ichhing & peeling on my hands from last 1yr pls gv some guidance

  • life is science says:

    My father has it.. Doctor but it's been almost 3 weeks so.. It isn't going and he's a driver.. So will it be cured after taking rest?

  • Sandra Wilber says:

    Thank you so much… I'm thinking I had cancer lol but no I just have dishydrosis …. Thank you for explaining …

  • Leslie Optional says:

    omg i am so glad i found this! i have had this for years, and when it's bad (as it is now) it is BAD, and i am embarrassed to let my hands be visible. my problem is that it often happens when i am driving or out, and i don't have access to cold water or any ointments mentioned here. i am just glad to hear it's not herpes!!!!

  • Paula Adams says:

    This looks like what I have now. Only thing is, my problem started about twenty years ago with very dry soles, accompanied by severe itching. The bumps appeared a few weeks or months ago, so I am not so sure exactly what it is – just hope that it can be cured.

  • dani says:

    What if it is on your palms?! I have it on my fingers too but mostly on my palms! Is it still the thing from my fingers or is it something else?! Please I need! More information

  • alexis altalaguerre says:

    Thanks dok it very helpful to me coz im just a antibiotec medicine and i do also put my infected finger in a warm water and put some salt on it. And your right after i did the warm water the itchy is back and there is a watery in an infected area. I've got to try what you have said and i am hoping that it will be effective coz im tired of thinking of what i need to do to get rid of this.

  • katie bear says:

    Omg my fingers were covered in them, one time my finger swelled up and it was sooo itchy but it burned when i scratched

  • Cullen C says:

    I had been experiencing eczema ever since I was a teenager and after over Two decades, I was not able to cure this health problem. The problem still persisted after visiting several doctors as well as taking various prescribed products that have only a temporary effect. Right after a month of utilizing eczema guide “Jαmzοzο Kuz” (Google it), my condition was gone permanently.

  • Rudaz_ Plays says:

    i hav fungal its been 1 year

  • Roy Chavarcode says:

    the word Dyshidrotic is spelled wrong at your description.

  • Brandy Collins says:

    Thanks so much you were the only person that could help me figure this out it's been happening for years only to go away but then return. I thought it was an infection inside my body but ur right it happens when I'm stressed!! Now I know thank you so much!! GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!! UR THE BEST!!!!!!!

  • Kumari Abha says:

    sir , I even get blisters under my nail , the part of nail on which we apply nail paint that area I get blister(bubble) inside that area and it is visible from top of nail
    is this normal?

  • Everett Heart Pargad says:

    Questions finally answered. Thank you

  • Turah Be says:

    My hand itches in the same spot but not on the surface every once in awhile. Its underneath my skin though. You cant tell from looking at my hand.

  • KulaFachi says:

    Paint and boat wax gives me these tiny blisters. I have had them for 3 weeks only touching the wax for 3 hours. They get worse each day idk what to do

  • AcerAJ says:

    Man, I've had dishydrosis my whole life. Any help?

  • Ashley Bailey says:

    All this time I assumed it had something to do with my egg allergy(though actually it might be adding to the problem) I didn't know it had to do with stress. I've been undergoing stress for months and months- I think over a year, and the itching continues to grow worse. I don't know when I can relieve myself of stress, but I'm happy I stumbled upon this. Thank you very much.

  • Deryl Spirit says:

    it answered my questions. thanks.

  • Just Thalia says:


  • Mr. FreeZee says:

    I have this weird thing on my fingers…. Its not itchy it has holes…. Very small holes…. But covered in skin considered im tryphopobic it freaks me out

  • Semi Quote Centre says:

    I thought it was caused due to bitten by the insects or something. You said exactly same. I had iching on my some fingers. First it was only on one finger. But day by day it came to other fingers. Some tiny bubble like bumbs appeared on my hand. It is not look like as horrible in google images. when i shown my mom she didn't even figure out firstly. The tiny bubble like pimples i found on my body. (Only 4-3). I don't know it is caused by same problem but yea it looks same. After some days right hand fingers skin was peeling. I used moisturising cream but it doesn't work out. After few days it disappeared itself. Then for few days it was all clear. today, it came again. Then i searched in google and find your video. I have stress. Thank you it was informative 😊

  • Viktoreia says:

    i thought i had thumb cancer

  • Blakexm05 says:

    Thank you man my fingers are driving me crazy

  • Katelynn Parish says:

    I have one on my pinky but it still is not going away

  • Hollie& HerHobbies says:

    Wow I always thought I had eczema but now I'm thinking this is what I actually have. I think I will need to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist to make sure. o.o


    It is fucking anoying

  • Chris Aprile says:

    I have this and it is so bad my hands are numb and I’m a dishwasher so I can’t do anything about it so I’m fucked cause I’m 17

  • Chantelle Dawson says:

    Mine flares up if I eat gluten. It goes away if I don't eat gluten

  • Gracie ! says:

    I left a ban-daid on for too long and this happened.

  • Angel Chiarizio says:

    My pointer and middle finger have itchy bumps on the sides of them, thought it was just mosquitos because of the time of year, but I knew damn well that I wasn’t bit by mosquitos on my hands.

  • 习近平 says:

    my fingers are not very itching but very dry after washing hands, and the affected area goes from the space from two fingers to the whole palm

  • Nightbot - says:

    Thank you

  • Sherwin Vaz says:

    Thanks for the explanation. I was wondering what bit me . I' suddenly had many tiny blisters which were very itchy . I was worried that I had chicken pox but I've had chicken pox before so it didn't think that was what I was affected. Until I watched this. Now that I think about it yes I've had a very stressful work load past few days . Ive also got tiny blisters in my mouth which I tot to be mouth ulcers turns out it's also caused by stress. I'm showing several syptoms caused by stress so I took 2 days leave and yet it hasn't gotten better. Iv started using itch relief cream as a temporary solution

  • Faisal Shah says:

    You should make it clear that there is no love is nonsense.

  • Lydia Raramo says:

    I have that😭

  • Lydia Raramo says:

    My flight is tomorrow and I have dry itchy bubbly fingers EVERYWHERE and I’m going to the Islands 😭✈️

  • len Genius says:

    Thanks doc, nothing better than a free consultation, Awesome!

  • Ambient Kitty says:

    I'm in medical school and I have these bumps for a couple weeks now 🙁 They're extremely itchy!!

  • Lilyjade says:

    I straight up would put my hands In boiling hot water bc it felt good and then wash it with ice water thank you for telling me not to doctor phill that’s the end of my Ted talk.

  • Le Kate says:

    Omg thank you! I thought it was because of borax or slime and i freaked out!

  • NeverMetTheGuy says:

    Was looking for something completely unrelated, but having going through this before, this will help if it happens again. Thank you.

  • Chuy Gomez says:

    Is there any problem popping them, use rubbing alcohol and a bandage? Asking for a friend😒

  • Ninja Eldra says:

    The top layer of my fingers are itching but I do not see any bumps

  • Elite Bowman says:

    I started having trouble last Nov. with this. Still having trouble with it. Not as bad because I drink Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar, which helps with the itching. Problem I have is at the tip of my middle finger and my pinky finger on my right hand the skin splits and peels the skin off constantly. Very painful. It won't go away. I keep putting Bacitracin on it with band-aids. It starts going away, but if I don't use bandaids it keeps splitting. They look nasty. It won't go away. Getting sick of it.

  • 2611MG says:

    I don not feel stress but I have all these small red blister like dots on the bottom of my fingertip so💁‍♂️

  • Molly Thao says:

    Yo idk who you are but but thank you because I thought i I’ve been bitten by a snake or some kind of bug because when I i always hold my controller on fortnite I always sweat in my controller

  • Sadie Kera says:

    So I have a broken finger and I have these on my broken finger and it itches so bad because my finger is in a splint

  • Flower Vlogs says:

    I think I have this but I had this for a year

  • BASSIST 718 says:

    Wow!! I've had this condition for years and no dermatologist has ever got it right! Some even told me to use hot water for relief which I've been doing for years since it feels like your scratching without actually scratching, but it never goes away no matter what topical ointment I use. Gonna stop the hot water asap!!!

  • Flute Løøps says:

    I have eczema, like the atopical dermatitis kind, but for almost a year my hands have been dryer than ever before, and I'm 98% sure this is what it is. It's summer time, but they've worsened, even after I started using ointments. Also it gets really bad after I wash dishes. I guess I'll just have to keep trying this and avoiding hot water, lol.😊

  • Flute Løøps says:

    But dyshidrosis is spelled wrong in the title…

  • Styx Beaumont says:

    This was really helpful. Thankyou doc.

  • Frankie Logan says:

    Omg 😲 I started experiencing this a few years ago. It’s annoying and it happens out of no where. The bumps kinda freaked me out.

  • Violet Mashaba says:

    I have been Deeping my fingers into hot water, thanks for the advice

  • Chris Rod says:

    Thank you !

  • vsco_ zen says:

    Ohhh it’s so hot here I get so sweaty

  • Professor Tilt says:

    What if you just have peeling skin on your finger tips without the itching. And it happens every summer every year

  • Nievas says:

    I thought i got herpies from taking out trash at work so often and sometimes my gloves tear while puling the bag off the can. Ive never seen herpies so seeing something weird on my skin freaks me the fuck out a lot

  • The Oden Channel says:

    My fingers don’t inch my feet have itchy bumps on them r they the same thing?

  • East Coast Remixes says:

    Searched this after bump got cut open. A lot of blood. It was on the outer side of my index finger. Only bump

  • Salad_Man says:

    I got this thing since i was at 4th grade im at 9th grade now and still has it this thing infect other fingers as the time goes my right hand finger is all infected with it some time my friends or classmates would shit on me because of my ugly fingers usually in the morning it get itchy and when it gets itchy its so itchy that i bite my fingers and theres white liquid from the blisters when you pop it

  • Vanessa Malcolm says:

    But the hot water feels soooo goood

  • Hot Viral says:

    Really? I think it is fungus infection as mine spread if I ignore it. It's itchy as hell.

  • Gold Mark says:

    I got tiny patches of eczema and dealt with it making use of this eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it). I seen an improvement when using the guide and after made use of it to heal the eczema affected parts of my face and it also seemed to be useful. It lessened my skin breakouts and also just makes the skin feel way more healthy.. .

  • Julia Gаna says:

    I had been encountering an aggravating rash under my eyes. I afterwards found that I was having eyelid eczema. However thanks to eczema guide “Rαsοkο Kuzo” (Gοοgle it), I was able to ease the problems in just a day of applying the guidebook. I`m really happy to report, it carried on to enhance and after A couple weeks of application, I seriously feel very positive that it is really healed.. .

  • shawns bitch says:

    This is happening to me rn so i looked it up, but i was pouring hot water on it.. it got worse idk what to do noowww

  • Jodi Stanton says:

    Mine is a constant on my feet and hits in waves. They only show up on my fingers when they are long gone and just the dead skin growing out.

  • Arthur Garcia says:

    😲😲😲😭😭😭 the face i made towards the end when he said " dont ever pull off dead skin because it will get worst"…. I had a pair of tweezers n thone tiny scissors cutttig of dead skin lmao

  • John Smith says:

    Hi everyone, if you have this kind of rash , don't ever go to see a doctor, all you have to do is to follow only 2 steps and will be naturally 1 do not contact washing dishes detergent. 2 use Epsom salt, just grab handful and rub on the rash with warm water , do these step only several times and it is gone, guaranty.

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