DermTV – Nail Pitting [ Epi #358]

DermTV – Nail Pitting [ Epi #358]

Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz. [pause] And welcome to DermTV. Fingernails have a lot of uses, but in terms of personal appearance, they’re
almost an accessory. Depending on your mood and style, they can
be colored, lengthened, reshaped and literally manicured. But, since this is DermTV, there’s always
a “but”… so… t here are a bunch of problems that can prevent
your nails from looking their best. The problem we’re
going to discuss today is one of the strangest: nail pitting. In nail pitting, small pits develop in one
or several nails. These pits can be cone shaped with slanted
angled borders as if an ice pick had been stuck into your
nail. In fact, they can even resemble ice pick acne
scars, but these nail pits are much smaller. Or,
they can have vertical parallel walls like drill holes.
But regardless of their shape, they compromise the appearance of your nails. And nail polish, which isn’t spackle and
cant fill them in, just exaggerates the way they look. Nail pits occur while the nail is being formed, under the skin next to the back end of the
nail over here. There’s a tiny organ under the skin here
called the nail matrix and that’s the organ that actually makes
the nail. Nail pits occur most commonly in people with
psoriasis, eczema or in people with an allergic form
of hair loss, called alopecia areata, where you lose round
patches of hair. In all of these conditions, there are usually
several pits in any nail, and many fingernails may be affected. However, anyone can get one or two occasional
random nail pits for no apparent reason, and one or two pits
usually are of no cosmetic or medical importance. The treatment of multiple nail pits usually
requires treating the associated skin conditions I
mentioned. However, there is a treatment that can be
done to the skin next to the nail overlying the nail matrix.
It involves injections of cortisone which of course are uncomfortable, but they
usually work after a few monthly treatments. And of course,
as a last resort, you can hide your nail pits with nail tips!


  • Candy_63 says:

    Doctor, the skin where my nails end have really become quite dark than the rest of my fingers and my whole body. Could you please tell me the reason and suggest a cure for it. Takecare, Byeee.


  • (Jen) says:

    Nail tips don't fit well on a pitted nail though.

  • Michelle Chen says:

    my finger nails grow really quick

  • Ankita Patel says:

    Is getting the occasional nail pit ok? When they are formed it takes a while for my normal nails to grow back, so I am waiting for them to grow back. Should I do something about it or just wait for them to go away on their own.

  • ThePinkHeel says:

    There used to be a link on his webpage to get questions answered. You might have more chance to stand out 🙂

  • Candy_63 says:

    @ThePinkHeel Thanks. I seriously need an answer from him for my prob. Takecare, Byeee.


  • jeferson26 says:

    I`m from Brasil….. I realized pitting on my nails almost 2 years ago… know is getting worst… I went to 3 different "Doctors" by this time… i`m spending money.. but I have no results…… I`m my opinion is no Psriase, I thing that can be alopecia areata…. please… could you give a tip to solve my nail problem?!

  • qwerjs says:

    My nail on the side bend backward and unattach from my nail bed how do I fix it.

  • MegaDamarys says:

    could you please do a video in nail fungus? my husband has toe nail fungus and refues to go see the doc..

  • EndlessSky says:

    I have 3 pitted nails but no associated conditions. Thank you for this informative video.

  • urgulp says:

    I can't stop watching his hand gestures, it's so distracting 😛

  • JorisBronze says:

    i have it 

  • Aisha Saeed says:

    I have severely pitted nails. All my nails are covered with pits. And my cuticles have dried out. And even my nail shape is changing. Please help.

  • Crixus The Gaul says:

    boy I am reeaally interested in this. I have HORRIBLE pitting, and really bad ridges going on ALL of my nails due to dishydrotic eczema. I only have 1 good nail left, the rest look like zombie flesh without the discoloration… I need the injections!

  • Lindz Can says:

    The nail in my right hand thumb is pitted and it doesn't look good but I don't have psoriasis or eczema, in other videos or searches I've made it maybe cause by arthritis which I think I have because I had a gout at a young age.

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  • Sai Charan says:

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  • Jasmin Dooley says:

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  • Elaine Sistrunk says:

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  • Sneha Khandelwal says:

    Please hindi me bataye

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