DermTV – How to Treat Facial Redness and Red Blotches [ Epi #50]

DermTV – How to Treat Facial Redness and Red Blotches [ Epi #50]

Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] and welcome to DermTV. People with red blotches or broken blood vessels
on their face are frustrated by their inability to find effective
skin care products to help them with their problem. Here are the treatment
choices: First and easiest is make-up. Green tinted
foundation most effectively helps hide the red because green is opposite
red in the color wheel (i.e., they neutralize each other). Second are caffeine-containing products that
are advertised to help reduce the size of blood vessels. If you constrict
the blood vessels you will squeeze some blood out and there will be less
red in the skin. The reality, though, is caffeine containing products usually
work better to relieve the signs of Rosacea because of their anti-inflammatory
powers than they do to really get the red out of your skin. Next are topical cortisone products which
constrict the blood vessels very well and get the red out very effectively.
However, the problem is you can not use them on an on-going basis. If you
use them for too long after they have temporarily helped the redness, they
will actually break the capillaries, cause more redness and thin the
skin. So this isn’t an option. Lastly and the only thing that really works
is laser treatments. Laser treatments by your dermatologist will permanently,
easily, and without pain get rid of the red whether it’s blotches or
broken blood vessels. Hopefully in the near future an effective
skin care product will be developed to reduce the red in your skin but
until then you are either going to use make-up to cover it or have laser
treatments to remove it permanently.


  • Honey Bunny says:

    This really helpful! Thanks 🙂

  • Beatnikzombie says:

    I already looked into this and insurance doesn't cover it.

  • Marc Landry says:

    Ya wanna know how t o tackle Rosacea? Milk of Magnesia. Wont cure it but I have been using it for over a year and that bastard redness hasnt seen the light of day since. Changed my life. Email me and I'll let you know how to do it. Very simple and you will be very happy. I just wanna help somone who has to dea lwith this crap.

  • kabao xiong says:

    can we just use regular milk?

  • Shabnam Hossain says:

    i have oily skin and obviously face the redness often but now a days m pretty fie coz i have started having an apple everyday ( my mom often tells me to have apple for a month and check out my skin) and to b very honest i dont face that much of redness paleness in face i think all shud try having an apple everyday. finally i bliv to trat my skin from inside frst and then outside 😀

  • dermTVdotcom says:

    @insanekid1000 The blush is often caused by enlarged blood vessels for which the only effective treatment is the type of lasers discussed in this episode.

  • dermTVdotcom says:

    @erixa5 Anywhere from $300 – $800.

  • dermTVdotcom says:

    @xiongk11 Milk and water compresses are helpful for inflamed skin, but I'm not aware of it being helpful for treating the type of redness discussed in this episode.

  • Shabnam Hossain says:

    @alec11james : @alec11james: yes buddy it is damn effective. just remember if u dont provide ur body with good nutrition no matter how good branded products u use and visit the great docs ull never get good results. now i have only one problem and that is my skin burns right after i take shower. my doc told me i have a very thin and sensitive skin for which i hv this sorta prob and it is kinda unique one. but m fine otherwise. u can give a try. 😀 lemme kno 😀

  • Loo Nixie says:

    VERY good !! it helped me a lot to try and find options to get rid of the redness on my cheeks.. xx

  • Danny Are says:

    i used nasal spray and it really helped.. prolly not the best thing for your face.. but it helps get rid of inflammation and redness.. i alsoo heard that eye drops work as well.

  • Zeus G says:

    @PappyHab how?!?!

  • Greatnesskiss says:

    @PappyHab My face is often redish because if acne, what can i do to get rid of the redness?

  • Zebedee Mojuntin says:

    my was face was white but after doing several outdoor activity, my face turn red. its been red for afew months now and its still red. any idea on how to treat it?

  • D zastre says:

    Where can i find this milk of magnesia? If anyone could awnser i'd be thankful. 🙂

  • Marc Landry says:

    @johnplayersstandard where do you live. Anywhere in North America would have it at a Drug Store. Its made by Phillips

  • eddiechairez says:

    Does this also include that red hyper-pigmentation?

  • kassidymarinez01 says:

    what is the laser treatment called?

  • T B says:

    milk of magnesia is a laxative sold at many drug stores in the u.s…..wash your face and then apply it with your fingers or a cotton ball , all over your face , let dry …you CAN wash it off OR just leave it ….it controls oily-ness also . it's pretty cheap , too ,5.00 for 12oz. …better than the department store brands ….great stuff!

  • Marc Landry says:

    @kl2ssu , ya sure, been doing it for nearly 2 years now. Incredible.

  • Toni Hanson says:

    Clinique lotion for redness worked for my son immediately. It is non-oily also. Mario bedescu's calming mask is good also. I use vision daily then dab a few drops on my cheeks if they are red. Works like a charm. Hope these ideas help!

  • Kratoes says:

    I have red-brown marks on my face.. I don't know how to remove them. I've tried several produkts, like Vitamin B5 and Proactive solution, but no help. When i feel my skin, it feels lean, but looking at the mirror, there are red – brown (darkbrown) marks on my face, not too small and not too big. Any idea how to get rid of that? Very annoying.

  • Painus McAnus says:

    I have red places on my face and forearms…. it is really annoying. Anything that i can do Like my diet or anything??????that could help with this?Also, they tend to appear more when The temperature changes…….

  • mooneyes89 says:

    @dermTVdotcom :'(

  • mooneyes89 says:

    any good lotions or creams that help with red skin (not from being irritated, just naturally flushed skin)

  • xxgoodnevil17xx says:

    will it also get rid of papules?

  • MODIGS says:

    @PappyHab Omg Is it true? If it is where can I find magnesia milk?

  • iheartadrianalima says:

    Why does the disclaimer say that the video contains no medical advice or treatment? So it's not really medical advice?

  • Criselda Landez says:

    i am 37 hispanic women my face is dye and red do you think i have rosecea

  • Sir Lotech of Buxwell says:

    so your saying that putting coffee or soda on our face is gonna help us out?

  • Enchanteralle says:

    I'm not familiar with rosacea so I don't know if I have a mild condition of it. My cheeks have a bit of pinkish redness (if that makes sense) and there are usually dry patches around that area. I usually use makeup to cover it, but during the winter, the dryness makes the redness worse. Do rosacea take the form of a dry patch or is what I have something else?

  • Ali Thompson says:

    I beetle bit my face a few days ago and i think it broke a blood vessel in my face, now there is a huge red dot and its getting more and more raised every day and i have no idea what to do, its right under my eye and very noticeable and makeup dosent cover it very well

  • daisykingsy says:

    I'm a rosacea patient :(( There is no cure but u can control it.Drinkin a lot of water really works,skin cleanin gently,not eating spicy-hot food also work..Of course sunblock everyday…And U should keep your skin moustrized..It is important cause when your skin dries then problems come back….itchin,going red,red pustules etc..I hope u all will be better..

  • Steph Crystal says:

    Hello, first of all am a huge fan of your blog and wish so much I was in America to be one of your patient .. But I'm from Australia. And I have huge blemishes or I think it's more than that, it leaves holes and it's bright red and I'm a medium colour skin.. I was wondering if you think I could use retin A to treat that? I'm really desperate about it and it depresses me. I hope to hear from you soon, thank you..


    ive been having really red cheeks all my life nan alot of people make fun of me i really need to cure it or else ill die not kidding

  • NatsuhiPhobia says:

    will u be my granpa? T_T ..

  • frak chu says:

    could you get this laser treatment while on accutane? if not how long would you have to wait after finishing all your pills

  • samsung872 says:

    i found moisturising skin makes a huge difference as well as not touching your skin when it can be avoided, also try vitamin K

  • LilRanDy920 says:

    i just have a red nose damnnit!!! im looking to save up money for a laser treatment for my nose only, any have any idea how much this will cost with no health insurance?

  • Thefighterspider says:

    I have heard that IPL doesn't cure the red face. I have red cheeks, they are red all the time. I could do anything to get normal color cheeks, am so tired of being red all the time, but when am doing sports, dances or other activity they get really red. I can even feel when they get really red and when they just a little bit. Why so many people complain about IPL ? If it really helps i will do it for sure, but what causes side effect of IPL? Many people claim that redness become worse after IPL

  • Lauren says:

    Laser treatment is painful, I went when I was 6 and I was petrified to go back again for them to be permenantly removed!

  • MarconiZXX says:

    health insurance is nothing to do with it, doesn't cover cosmetic procedures anyway.
    Cost could be something like $300 per treatment, usually takes three treatments.

    The size of your nose has nothing to do with it either. You're getting a treatment by a doctor with a laser; whether it takes 2 minutes or 6 doesn't affect the cost.
    You should just be glad it's only your nose; you won't be subjected to as much pain.
    It is quite painful, but it's over quickly.

  • ItsMJSBLUES says:


  • cheer035 says:

    I used to have horrible acne, so my dermo prescribed some aggravating topicals that turned my whole face red, and the redness hasn't gone down. no more acne though!

  • J'ena SanCartier says:

    He has such a soothing voice.

  • dinnersat630 says:

    did it work?

  • Marc Aldrin dela cruz says:

    i have a group of acne on my nose and it turning red how can i treat it

  • TechRambles says:

    Calm down. It's easy to mix acne and rosacea together. Basically because acne usually causes red spots or rosacea. Acne is a real skin disorder. Also, it isn't just hormones and poor eating that causes acne. My father still get pimples and he is 47 years old and has a healthy diet. I mainly get acne because I produce A LOT of oil.

  • Eric Groberg says:

    Menaji has a great line of men's undetectable concealer products for acne and rosacea.

  • YouLittleShyt says:

    it does suck doesnt it? i have a stupider experience that left my skin pretty bad and all this guy can tell us is that we have to bite the bullet and drop about $2,000-????$ on laser treatments.

  • Anna Malkovych says:

    he fails to mention the causes of these broken vessels and how to avoid those if you are prone to it

  • Elf_Greenleaf says:

    im 15 to and i dont understand how he thinks we are going to pay for this laser treatment haha

  • Keith Lefkowitz says:

    I have permanent pink cheeks. They have refused to go away and it has been two weeks. I see no blood vessels showing on my cheeks, and wonder if laser can target blood vessels that are not visible to the naked eye.
    I'm wondering if a dermatologist will put dye into one's cheeks to make the damaged blood vessels apparent so that one knows where to put the laser. Any feedback is truly appreciated.

  • Keith Lefkowitz says:

    The reason my pink cheeks are permanent I believe is because I blasted my cheeks with cold and hot water (roughly 20 minutes without stopping) to try to destroy acne cysts on my cheek. hat was a foolish move on my part

  • Keith Lefkowitz says:

    Hi Dr. Schultz, thanks for the informative video. Where are you located? If you're close by, I'd like to get help by you.

  • dermTVdotcom says:

    You're welcome!

    My practice is located in New York City. For more information, visit nealschultzmd(dot)com

  • majorl311 says:

    One thing for you, you are young but work on your vocabulary !

  • Diana Lechuga says:

    How about VITAMIN K?

  • Vedran susic says:

    why K??

  • GregJoshuaW says:

    Did you understand her message? If so – you know she's frustrated. So, the next Q is: why are you offended by the words she chose? Only you control how you receive anyone else's words. I personally don't care what word anyone uses. She's pissed off. Swearing is scientifically proven to reduce stress in many individuals Maybe it helps her.

  • majorl311 says:

    It shows how we have gone down with speech in this world we can do better!

  • farmec77 says:

    could you tell me please if the IPL treatment or Photorejuvenation treatment would work for rosacea also? is the IPL treatment actually the laser treatment you spoke?

    thank you

  • GregJoshuaW says:

    Well, this is true – I won't deny that. For me, the more important thing is actually conveying the message. There are many ways to do this, and so long as the information is received accurately, the complexity of the vocabulary is inconsequential. It's my issue, I know – but it bothers me that people get offended/irritated by curse words because. The power of a word is what the receiver believes it to be. Unless the word's vibration creates something – which is a whole other topic. 😉

  • bosanaczauvjek says:

    hes talking about rosacea

  • shaneo makiaveli says:

    rub ice cubes on your face.. apply apple cider vinegar.. take vitamin b suppliments and use witch hazel oil

  • Luke Morby says:

    How do I stop going red constantly at school?

  • jonrendavin says:

    Hi Dr. Schultz. Can you give me some advice? I have "heat rash" just on my face, only around the cheeks no where else. Can you tell me how to help with that? Love the advice thanks.

  • Milla Thomas says:

    Hi, I have red skin around my cheek area and I'd like to get rid of it, but I'm only 12 so I don't think laser treatment is something I can do – are there any tips beside green concealer or foundation that might work?

  • mark sanchez says:

    apply a light coat of makeup ull be ok for a while

  • SAL BIN says:

    How much does lesser costs ?

  • chaba49 says:

    vitami d was making my face red.

  • Maddie Janelle says:

    Idk what to do anymore because I have the worst pink undertone I hate it!!

  • YGil32 says:

    The most natural this you can do is use lemons. I had a beak out recently and I don't know what possessed me to do it but it worked better than any product I've ever used ever ever. You wash you're face than add the lemon juice. Let it sit and absorb. Witching a week my skin looked great. Lemons are natural disinfectants and kill bacteria causing breakouts. And they are a natural skin lightener. It's easy, safe, you feel it working and see results fast!

  • YGil32 says:

    Sorry for the spelling mistakes.. Auto correct. Lol

  • ShaneStanley109 says:

    Really the only way to get rid of redness is laser treatment he would say that wouldn't he it's all about money ?? They just trying get ur money

  • ShaneStanley109 says:

    Bet laser treatment costs loads

  • Rebecca M says:

    i have broken capillarie under my eye!
    got it when i got beaten up 2 years ago and when i look at it brings back bad memories :/ 

  • Jovan Zoran says:

    hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about alcohol red face treatment try Jaffacter Red Face Coach (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my partner got amazing results with it.

  • Vegan Bear says:


  • Jennifer Pickner says:

    In your experience, what type of laser treatment is most effective in treating rosacea?

  • John Garlick says:

    I have spent months studying relieving rosacea condition naturally and discovered a great resource at Natural remedy blueprint (google it if you are interested)

  • Gilbert Rangel says:


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