DermTV – How to Treat Eczema [ Epi #178]

DermTV – How to Treat Eczema [ Epi #178]

Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] and welcome to DermTV. Hello, I am Dr. Neal Schultz, and welcome
to DermTV. The real eczema is called atopic dermatitis and we discussed
that in another episode. Today, I am going to give you some at home tips on
how to control and manage your atopic dermatitis. The most important symptom
that people with this type of eczema have is incessant itching; it drives
them crazy. When you examine them, you can see scratch marks, especially
in the front of the elbow and behind the knee. And the peculiar thing is:
while the scratching helps to relieve the itching, it makes it worse, because
the more you scratch, the more you further irritate the skin, and the
more irritated it gets the more it itches. So, you are essentially in an itch-scratch
loop, and you have got to break that loop. The best way to do
it, unfortunately, is not with the oral antihistamines; they really do not
work very well. And if you use heat to stop the itching, while it feels wonderful
for a few minutes, it causes a rebound increase in itching afterwards,
so do not use hot water in a shower to stop your itching. The best way
to do it is with either cold water or with menthol. With cold water or
even better ice cubes, just gently run over the area; it stops the itching
immediately without doing any damage. Menthol and mentholated moisturizers
like Sarna lotion, S-A-R- N-A, are very good because the menthol causes
a cooling sensation and it fools your brain. It fools your brain into
forgetting about the itching and all you feel is cooling, and the cooling is
much less noxious. One other tip for stopping the itching is just pressure.
Rather than scratching, just squeeze the area, but very tightly and firmly,
and that can also stop the itching. The next issue that you have to deal
with is infection because all of that scratching caused little breaks in
the skin and those little breaks create little valleys where bacteria can hide,
and also all the inflamed skin is all flaky and scaly and bacteria just
love to use that for nutrients and to live there. Whether those
bacteria are causing an actual infection, whether they are just living there
and making their metabolic byproducts which themselves are irritating
to your atopic skin and further causing more itching, you have to stop the
bacteria. And that is easily done with over-the-counter antibiotic ointments
like bacitracin or Polysporin. We try not to use antibiotics
topically that contain neomycin only because the neomycin sometimes causes
further sensitization and itching. The next step is to deal with the
actual inflammation of the rash and that is best done with just over-the-counter
cortisones, 0.5 or 1 percent hydrocortisone, better in an ointment
vehicle than in a cream because the skin is so dry. And that brings
us to the last part which is the dryness, the flakiness and scaliness.
Two ways to approach that: either with occlusive moisturizers like Vaseline,
petrolatum, or Aquaphor or else by replacing the lost surface lipids. Lipids
are fats, and in this very inflamed skin, the fats that hold these normal
cells together is missing. So, we try to use moisturizers that contain
ceramides, and ceramides are lipids that need to be restored to the surface
of the skin. An example of an over-the-counter product containing ceramides
is Atopalm, A-T-O-P-A-L-M, available in pharmacies without a prescription.
If all of these measures do not succeed in giving you some relief from
your itching and from the eczema, then of course your are going to see
your dermatologist who will either give you prescription strength cortisone,
oral antibiotics or topical immunomodulators like Elidel or Protopic,
all of which at prescription strength will surely bring your
eczema under control. Please join me again at If you have a
question, please send it to me by visiting: I am Dr.
Neal Schultz, and thank you for watching today.


  • dermTVdotcom says:

    @CalicoCatMissPeachs There is no toxicity from topical polysporin in patients who are not allergic to its ingredients so this topical antibiotic, like bacitracin, can be used on a continuing basis without danger. It is certain types of cortisone that the duration of topical application must be limited for. And thank you so much for your kind words!

  • dermTVdotcom says:

    @blabliful Because there are so many different types of marks that eczema can leave, your excellent question can't be answered in the limited space YouTube provides, but I will respond with a full episode.

  • Fangyi189 says:

    Should I use Physiogel Cream ?

  • Zombie sheep says:

    I understand that you are the expert and all but I was wondering, shouldn't there be some sort of root problem to this kind of eczema that you can get rid of so it won't come back? Because my eczema has cleared up but then after a short period of time it came back and spreads to more areas so shouldn't there be a way to get rid of it once and for all? But thank you for the ways to stop the itching; they're really helpful! 🙂

  • doctordooom says:

    ive been using cortisone on my eczema. just wondering though, if i stop it'll come back, right? is there any permanent way to get rid of it or am i basically stick with it for life? thanks!!

  • Narwan Amini says:

    I think I have eczema, but I haven't told my mom because I think she'll freak. I have no clue why I got it but I got it the day school begun. Maybe stress? Help.

  • Golden One says:

    I found success using virgin coconut oil. I am actually having flare ups right now on my face, nothing excessive just dry spots that itch and small bumps so i put coconut oil on my face and the itching stopped however the marks… i guess it'll fade with time :-

  • Paulina Albazi says:

    Myeczema is soo bad. It on my palms and legs. I haev been using Triamcinolone Acetonide cream, 0.1% and it made my skin look wrinkled. I recently started using Aveeno Eczema Therapy lotion and it seems to be helping a little but I dont know waht to do about my skin that has been danaged by the steroide cream. Please help with any suggestions.

  • Ayleen Escobar says:

    My sister has been having eczema ever since she was born (shes only 7 mounths old) and her docter recomended aquaphor is that any good for her eczema,? it does sorda help but is atolpalm better?

  • TrollboyX says:

    I have had eczema for 13 years now it has become A pain this really helped me thanks

  • C Kobesko says:

    Go and see a DR that will prescribe steroids. Nothing works better. I had facial excema and it was aweful. Cleared it in two days.

  • Zombie sheep says:

    Is there a way to get rid of it once and for all? There must be some sort of root problem to all of it, mustn't there? I've asked this already but I think it would be really good to know because I've been going to many doctors and each one has told me that it isn't curable. One said it'd go away in about 4-5 years. I have no intention of spending my life with eczema and doubt that anyone else would want to either.

  • mushroomhill says:

    Gotta love that disclaimer at the end? "This video does not contain medical advice". umm, what?

  • bearoundme says:

    I have a very dry chin with flakes on the skin and red spots. It hurts a little bit if I press on it, but it has never itched. Could it be eczema?

  • Arnold Hofman says:

    taking a freaking hot shower feaaals fcking aaawsome if you have eczemaaaaaaaaa!#

  • Veneris Luna says:

    I dont think i have eczema but my doctor said i could have it. I have super dry skin. It always itches especially in my neck, back of knee, front of elbow, and my back. When i scratch i get little rashes . So could i have eczema ?

  • 220989NW says:

    I had eczema since I was1 and now 22

    I personal think hot baths are wonderful for me.
    People who give this adivce should actully try living with eczema.
    All of his treatment would cause me a lot of soreness and stining.

  • Andrew Chen says:

    Hello doctor,

    I have eczema ono my legs, recently the rashes stopped but instead, these huge welts that look like bug bites pop up and my dermatologists have no idea what's going on. Any advice?

  • Anthony Giordano says:

    Thank you soo much!!!!! :')

  • chester tan says:

    i have eczema before tried everything that my dermatologist gave me but it did only made it worst she keeps on giving me steroids but it didnt do any good, so what i did is googled and read and read after trying this chinese cream called BL after a day only of using it i already noticed a big difference and its gone right now im not using it anymore just taking some vitamins daily and the eczema is not coming back here my contact i can help you if this video does not help you try mine

  • wowcreativity says:

    if ice is in contact with the skin, it dries it out even more making it SUPER flaky resulting in even more of a temptation to itch the skin. If you want to put ice on your skin, cover it with a cloth

  • Alejandra Ramirez says:

    I get it EVERYWHERE ! On my back , elbows, and my private part (they itch like hell) the ONLY thing that helps is boiling water lol Uhhh it feels so good haha

  • MyOwnWorstEnemy99 says:

    I had my eczema dude to chronic candida yeast
    infection 2yrs ago and that program you have mention
    at the site:
    StopYeastInfection, info (no space)
    was the only program that cured me for the last 2yrs.
    Even I have severe infection it cures permanently.

  • blindedby2monkeys says:

    i was reading some amazon reviews on hemp seed oil and a couple reviewers said it cured their eczema

  • ♥ Ailsie ♥ says:

    no more boiling water for the pleasure

  • Azulcrema1010 says:

    i got eczema last winter its all over my torso and it really sux its alot n im really sad about it. i think its goin to ruin my summer. i used some lotions i foun on walgreen the itchin stoped for a month now but the red spot are still there.i never been an allergy guy,so i think it was cause by the weather

  • Eddie Gonzalez says:

    better yet get a ziplock bag or ceran rap and just roll it on

  • BotasNegras10 says:

    @pattikaii63 thats excatly what I do. Never goes away but helps me treated

  • Jeremiah Arcilla says:

    His advice actually works!!! And can you put soap on your eczema because of bacteria? Like the Dove Soap?

  • erosrammaz says:

    See my brazilian auto hemoterapy CURE for eczema video .. 8))

  • Amanda Rose says:

    One time I had eczema around my neck, it was dry, and I could peal my skin off.

  • Ash Russom. says:

    This was very very helpful, I cannot explain. Thank you very much

  • Kaitlin KTMusic says:

    @Glowofmyblush you can put anti inflammatory cream or anti bacterial cream or mosturiser on it then put a plaster over it durin day time then take it off at night then it might go down when you wake up in the morning it might look at little better it did for me

  • Liz N says:

    Hi doctor, can I is it safe to use sovereign sliver first aid gel on ezcema? Because I have alot of cuts on my skin and bacitracin is not steriod correct? Thank you.

  • zrebrutibreniti says:

    i have eczema sinthoms for about 3 days now, how can i get rid of this?

  • Alyssa Ann says:

    I have eczema ever since i was born and we tried SOOO MANY thing but i won't go away :'(

  • bromystery98 says:

    thnx a lot doctor . at least your advice give me some improve for my eczema 😀

  • Jessica McLennan says:

    As an excema sufferer since birth (mine is so bad I've had to go to hospital for it when I was younger) I can recommend Sorbolene moisturiser, Palmer's Cocoa Butter, and the prescribed creams Advantan and Desowen. Vitamin A is good (so sunny holidays are excellent) but it's important that you don't get too hot. Acidic foods such as tomatoes and soy sauce tend to make me itchy, so try to find the foods that are your 'triggers'. On especially trouble areas, put on your medicated cream, a heavy mo

  • wowrogue192 says:

    This helped alot doctor. thanks alot!

  • JovansJazz says:

    help me, my eczema is getting out of control!!!!!

  • nemo nema says:

    if you scratch your eczema too much, you can get an infection from the open skin

  • Digger Ob says:

    Thank you

  • Esly Pacheco says:


  • Ng Shi Xiang says:

    @thynura it's called cortisone.

  • Ng Shi Xiang says:

    There are variants of cortisone though.

  • Susan Schisel says:

    Thank you Dr. Schultz you surely have helped me and your voice is so soothing just like your instructions and educational info. I was an administrative assistant at a clinic when first married you are the best doctor I have heard and help for a illness. Thank you.

  • dermTVdotcom says:

    That's so sweet. Thank you!

  • OhSoOrels says:

    Is it eczema if it is on the back of elbows and the front of the neck?

  • Lauren Little says:

    You can get eczema pretty much anywhere on your body, there are just areas that are more common than others. You just have to analyse the symptoms closely.

  • Kira Kosmo says:

    I've been using a regimen of Head & Shoulders for Seborrheic Dermatitis that contains 1% Selenium Sulfide applied to affected body areas during shower. I've been having patchy flaky skin and this product has been slowly helping me with it because its as if its removing the flaky itchy part of the skin. What is this chemical, and how effective is its use?

  • flippedoutkyrii says:

    Thanks doc, I have Eczema on my right hand and it's been a bother for years 🙂

  • Aric Lau says:

    i have a very very seriously bad eczema from my scalp to thigh ><

  • Zorgoon says:

    i hate when it gets dry and cracks open!!!


    hi doctor please what is the name of the cream please that i can buy from the chemist

  • Ashley Marie says:


  • Ida Tran says:

    Ive tried EVERYTHING and the only thing that has worked is called ojavon mud mask from the great salt lake! It cleans the eczema and stops the itching. Its seriously is the best.

  • Hollis Holloway says:

    The very best skin therapy I used on my 1 year grandson cleared up his skin problem better than dermatologist recommended Eucerin. I saw immediate results in a 24 hour

  • Abhinav Verma says:

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  • peni alefosio says:

    I am sick of itchy…everyday after shower I need the right medication for that

  • Astra Inclinant says:


  • Jessie Xu says:


  • Kevin S. says:

    i have all the symptoms….except…without the itching. what would this mean? thank you

  • Bobbileat says:

    This worked for me! Thanks! I had tried a number of other remedies to no avail.

  • Ann-ivid Malana Andal says:

    rubbing garlic is that cured the itchiness… ive been an allergy for my hands for 2years now the cause is same on u eating chicken egg and seafoods..

  • snakebitmgee says:

    I had this skin problem. I hated it with a passion. I tried so many creams on the market, and nothing worked. It took me three years to figure out that each time I drank any type of alcohol, I would have a flare up. When I finally associated the drinking with the outbreaks, I immediately quit drinking any and all alcohol. I also stopped putting medicine on my skin. One month later all symptoms were gone. One year later, still no symptoms. I am happy again. I hope this helps someone.

  • motanderon says:

    This really helped alot thanks man 🙂

  • Akilah A says:

    I would suggest you ask your doc to prescribe you Clobetasol….it's a water based gel that gets rid of the eczema, skin is less scaly/wrinkly and it evens the skin tone too

  • Luis Lomeli says:

    Elidel and Protopic are cancer causing agents that are no longer recommended.  Also, anxiety can exponentially worsen the itching.  Many patients with severe atopic dermatitis need psychotherapy.

  • bkohler89 says:

    I've been dealing with eczema since 2012 :(. I have it on my left ring finger and my right pinkie

  • billie green says:

    I have had Dyshidrotic Eczema  for 23 years and I have tried everything to get rid of it and nothing would work….creams of any kind makes it worse because your skin is very angry……for 9 months I was on steroids once i got down to 10 mg it stopped working and would come back with a vengeance….My doctor and I fought this over and over for months she even had me on cancer drugs to help get rid of it but then I was told to try Marinol……Oh my gosh  take 5 mg in the morning and 5 mg at night and it works….I have not had a flare up since…talk to your doctor about it and see if it will work for you…….Marinol is Marijuana in a pill and it is prescribed……Maybe you don't like Marijuana maybe you do…..I just know that for the last 5 months  have not had a flare up and I always had it every month for 23 years…..I also use Coconut oil for moisture I also take 10,000 units of Vitamin D3…….It feels so good not having any flare ups at all……I finally feel human again……. 

  • ITM ITM says:

    My hand eczema fully heals, on its own, every 2 years, for a month.. My skin fully repairs although it leaves a slight callus on the healed areas. Is this normal?

  • Lon Qua Nong says:

    I've tried to heal my eczema for a long period, and finally discovered a method. It helped me, my pals & you, too

  • t marie says:

    Zincofax has worked to stop the itch. 

  • Cynthia Insinna says:

    Thanks Doc, I have had it my whole life to. Now it is just on the palms of my hands, really awful. I have gloves for everything. The only thing that stops it in a day or 2 is an injection of Kenalog. I have to get it once or twice a year.

  • Manoharan Thangavelu says:

    How to cure varicose eczema naturally?

  • Manoharan Thangavelu says:


  • Abdul Khans says:

    Right hand palm infected with water bubbles last one week .And its pain full before grow up its pain full palm and itching initially plz advice me

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  • Paul Warner says:

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  • Lou Vo says:

    thank you doctor

  • TAS34232 says:

    Stop the itching! Just Google "Hydrocortisone 2.5%" and "RxPalace" to find it online.

  • Annie Leonhart says:

    I don't get it but a little

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  • Guy L says:

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  • Jen Sa says:

    Thanks I will try menthol lotion

  • Mackenzy Dan says:

    As specialist, I'm sure Noboremed Secrets is actually good way to cures your skin disease naturally. Why not give it a shot? perhaps it is going to work for you too.

  • Scott Almond says:

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  • Cullen C says:

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  • Lotusrk123 says:

    I used 3% hydrogen peroxide applied repeatedly about every 5 minutes for about 1 hour to 90 minutes. After letting it air dry after the last application I apply lotion specifically for diabetics. All itching gone and it promotes faster healing.

  • K. Ganesan Ganesan says:

    First check blood sugar.

  • Rahul Gondaliya says:

    How to fix this problem,???

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