Depressed Teen’s Hair Transformation | The Doctors

Depressed Teen’s Hair Transformation | The Doctors

we know depression can reveal itself in many ways we heard of a story of a 16 year old girl who was so depressed she couldn’t get out of bed for months so her hair was completely matted down to her scalp when she finally walked into a salon desperate for help she asked the stylist to just shave it because she felt so hopeless well knowing how important her hair was to her instead of shaving her hair the hair stylist worked for hours and hours untangling it and giving this teen a total transformation not just in her hair but her outlook in life and that activity alone makes such a difference that hair stylist is here today all the way from Iowa Kaylee joins us kudos to you a ray of sunshine the slightest bit of Hope can literally change a teenage girl’s life and outlook that day I’m curious what went through your mind realizing that this may seem like a small gesture but I’m gonna wipe out everything else I had to do today and do something special for this girl well having her come in balling and I was like what like I did I just my heart was in pieces and I told her I was like yeah she looked at me and said like I’m worthless this is worthless just shave it off and I couldn’t do that to a 16 year old girl like no way could any should any child or person feel like they’re that worthless that they wanted to shave their hair so I buckled down and I found anything I possibly could to just brush and brush and brush and conditioner and just brush and 13 hours later we got it out Wow following this experience and this is not an uncommon experience among teenage girls with depression they really do feel worthless they feel like nothing and yes an amazingly this research study that I conducted with a major hair product brand we found that 81% of girls feel that hair is their leading factor in self-esteem so this is a huge thing that you did for this girl it was picture day for her for her student or for her junior year and she said thank you so much for making me feel like myself again and that was the biggest tip I could ever get well I’ll tell you why you’re it’s also a reminder that in whatever profession you choose you can literally save a life and give someone hope and I know you’re just starting your career you know you are a wonderful young woman and because of all your efforts our friends at John Paul Mitchell Systems are gonna give to you $1,000 worth of professional salon products [Applause] you


  • The Doctors says:

    For more on this amazing story, visit To learn why depression rates in teenage girls are rising, visit

  • Precious Flores says:

    I'm crying

  • oldschool65 says:

    What a sweet young woman. May the LORD bless her always.

  • MUBS says:

    Your hero❤️

  • xXGachaJessXx says:

    I hate going to school everyday and hearing everyone being like "I have depression and anxiety lmao HoW qUiRcKy" Depression and anxiety is N O T a joke.

  • Karen M says:

    13 hours later????? Wow

  • Alexa F. says:

    I had to cut my beautiful long hair over a year ago, because it was so matted, there was no other choice. Depression sucks, man.

  • Gang Banger says:

    Anyone wants to untangle my pubic hair, it's in a worse condition than this

  • Fatmah Almoosawi says:

    That 16 year old is fucken nasty she need to shower eww if I work there I won’t touch her. That’s not an excuse to not to shower

  • Hyperia says:

    Ok motherfuckers, who the fuck disliked this video

  • Gianna Coronado says:

    My dad did the same thing to a girl

  • Tamara Gibbs says:


  • Marin Hardy says:

    The world needs more Hair stylists like her

  • Lara Toujy says:

    Your an amazing person ♥️I cried because your of your heart and Just I can't explain it your Amazing person I wish the whole world would be like you

  • acklying says:

    We need more people like this hairdresser in this fcked up world
    God bless her soul 🥰

  • taesty t says:

    My depression relapsed a while ago, my hair's been matted for 7 months because I stopped caring and now it's just destroying the little self esteem I have

  • precious moonlight says:

    I'm not gonna lie it use to take me 3 days to do my hair those three days were the worst three days of my life it was so hard to brush😵
    And I rember when went to Wal-Mart to do my hair WHEN I TELL YOU THRY ALL MUST KILLLED ME but I came out lookin flawless then water got on my hair a day later 😢😰 then the whole process started again

  • Will pugh says:

    What’s a sweet amazing young woman!

  • asha says:

    why wasn’t anyone helping her. my sister has clinical depression and i help her with cleaning up occasionally, checking up on her, doing her hair sometimes, etc.

  • Rebecca Scheidling says:

    This happened to me

  • Katherine Michelini says:

    What an Angel She Is ♥️ I hope She Gets Back Her Beautiful Karma 100000000
    Times Over !!! ❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️❌ This Just Melted My Heart ♥️
    May God Bless Her Always….

  • xox Shaonna xox says:

    This happened to my hair and all they did was cut it off and almost shaved my hair

  • Cari Rios says:

    What a great women

  • Jeevan Emmriee says:

    You market good buddy

  • Jeevan Emmriee says:

    Marketing for deseases

  • Jeevan Emmriee says:

    I like the way you say remmerrrerrr

  • Jeevan Emmriee says:

    Seems you stuck buddy sick to your stomach as much as you have marketed for deseases

  • Jeevan Emmriee says:

    You should find a solution instead of marketing for this shit make people happy myserable prick

  • Jeevan Emmriee says:

    Media is not good for you buddy unless you advance your study uhh burden buddy wht can I tell you put an effort or shave your balls shit prick

  • Jeevan Emmriee says:

    I think you should shave your balls till you find a way out the only way out is to advance your study

  • Jeevan Emmriee says:

    Or perform a prayer in any fuckin religion warship something any thing shit dipp don,t try to pass it down to me you heard down to me

  • Jeevan Emmriee says:

    Duddy perform a prayer or your balls explode pa pa

  • Jeevan Emmriee says:

    Pa pa pa

  • Angel Bella68 says:

    So beautiful. You have a great heart.

  • Vanessa Frye says:

    this made me so emotional wtf!😭

  • joshina martin says:

    Kudos to her for not giving up ❤❤..

  • Ashley Hallman says:

    It's bad enough adults deal with this but a child & I've been there as a young teen( I'm 34 now & just realizing my worth) this is unacceptable. Depression is a key role in suicide. Kudos to that hair stylist 😭😭❤❤

  • Rachel Hartjes says:

    This hairstylist is such a beautiful soul, you can just tell. ♡

  • kabella Steinberg says:

    That hair dresser is one in a million❤

  • Julia Lynn Vlogs says:

    What an 😇 this stylist is. So beautiful. Be kind.

  • Erin g says:

    I got up to go brush my hair 😔 sometimes I don’t brush it bc I’m just lazy

  • lilly cecilia says:

    Such a nice hairdresser💕

  • sparkle p says:

    Kayley the hairdresser has such a lovely soulful face and eyes. Kindness personified.

  • becky g says:

    I used to be so depressed it started affecting my physical health and part of that was my hair falling out :/

  • Jessica Sotelo says:

    I started crying as soon as I heard the part that she was so depressed that she couldn’t get out of bed and the hair dresser spent hours helping her and transforming her hair.
    This hair stylist could’ve just done what the teen asked and shaved it, but she selflessly spent hours helping the young girl.
    I’m speechless.

  • Sara Dunlap says:

    Bless both of them 🙏

  • Kai Alexandria says:

    I love that they had the hairstylist on here instead of the teen. (Speaking from personal experience) depression can be so traumatizing and shameful and I'm glad they didnt put the young lady on blast and make her feel uncomfortable. That hairstylist is such a blessing. Sometimes we don't realize just how much we're helping someone even in the seemingly simplest ways
    I suffer from horrible depression to the point where I don't even want to leave my bed to use the bathroom. It can be soul crippling. I'm glad in most recent years depression & mental illness is in the forefront and people are being more open and honest about it❤❤❤

  • Sychgop says:

    Big mood

  • ITSMENIKKl says:

    I started crying from the title lol and just the start of the video I was sobbing
    I haven’t left my bed in months either

  • sweet one says:

    schools need to focus more and reach out to teenagers with anxiety, social anxiety, depression and other mental health problems in general. they expect us to do everything they want us to do, and ignore all the problems we go through at home and outside of school. for example they may be dealing with parents who are divorced or getting a divorce, or deaths in their family, or being bullied by others, the list goes on. they’re so many things that are ignored and not taken seriously enough. all they seem to care about is how much work you produce or how your uniform looks, or whether you did the homework or not. it’s not fair because 99% of the time school and homework triggers anxiety and depression, or at least most definitely makes it worse and stresses teens out more than they could imagine…

  • Andrea Paul says:

    What a wonderful human being. I hope the young girl is feeling better 🙏🏼😇

  • Alilah Sutton says:

    Such an awesome thing to do I’m sure she’s going to remember that forever

  • S R says:

    Hey to all depressed kids / teens just want you to know that your beautiful and your amazing and you can change anything even if it looks lost ❤️❤️

  • Rosh & Hayley says:

    God bless this woman ❤️🙏🏽

  • Brauna Richmond says:

    Have mercy this made me cry like a baby!!! LOVE THIS STORY!!!

  • PurpleZombie says:

    God bless this hairstylist.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Cherysh B says:

    My hair used to be matted to my head I hated taking a bath bc I wanted to drown myself everytime and stay in bed all day I still struggle life is hard I cant handle anything anymore life sucks I have alot to say but this is a YouTube comment section so I'll stop

  • Ashley Vargas says:

    my mom spent 6 hours brushing my hair. i am 10/

  • Kathy Savage says:

    Poor girl has shitty parents. They should’ve been maintaining her basic hygiene. If they couldn’t get her in the shower, the leash they could do is brush her hair.

  • Tania Smith says:

    Amazing and compassionate woman

  • Almost Adulting says:

    I was so depressed for months didn’t leave my bed but my hair never did that

  • Titus Kino says:

    Everyone get more than a 1K like🙁 n pity me

  • Pluto Neptune says:

    Britney gray would NEVER do this. If you don’t know she is she’s a youtuber that’s also a hair dresser.

  • april hanako says:

    At the salon I work at a stylist had client who was a teenage girl that had months of matted hair.

    A little backstory on her she was shipped out of state from her mom to her aunt to care for her over summer. She was a mixed girl that was staying with her Caucasian aunt who obviously didn’t know how to care for her hair because she didn’t see anything wrong with her matted hair.

    On textured coarse dense hair it’s a little harder and more difficult to simply brush out months worth of matted hair. After 2 hours her stylist couldn’t even get through maybe more than 2 square inches of hair and the girl was in pain crying through every bit. Maybe another hour later she got through a little more and it was so bad. It has so much dirt build up her black hair was practically white within the mattes. It smelled so awful it was almost a hygiene issue. At the end her and the stylist decided forward on just cutting it off and doing a Rihanna style pixie.

    I commend this stylist for working on her for 13 hours but I hope she got paid for that time. A whole work day just for one client is rough.

  • Nish Wayz says:

    What’s so annoying is that people fake depression or uses the word anxiety in the wrong way, people think people with depression and anxiety are a joke because of the posers, so now we literally feel like we have to pretend we’re okay and hope the shit just magically disappears

  • Kayleigh Maher says:

    You're a treasure. Absolutely pure at heart.

  • Donna Francis says:

    God bless ur soul for ur amazing heart dear lady..

  • Alexandra Fernandez says:

    Thank God, there are still people like you in this world. God bless you

  • labgallerie says:

    This warms our heart to the very core. 👏💓🏆🌟 MVP

  • Delwyn Evans says:

    How was her hair like that anyways

  • Daniela Perez says:

    Anyone else watching in 2019? I truly hope this young lady is doing so much better.

  • Madison Roberts says:

    That’s not what happen,what it actually happened is a bully poured glue in her hair watch inside edition

  • Emely. 1028 says:



  • kiya says:

    her parent/guardian should’t have let it get that bad they could’ve came and brushed her hair each day

  • Nancy Perez says:

    I love love love this hairstylist ❤️

  • Nicola Vids says:

    Shes so beautiful and should never go through something like that so much respect for you ❤

  • Davyqx says:

    13 year old Billie Eyelash fans go through this every month according to them

  • Amaze the Amazing says:

    My hair when I wake up.

  • Haylee Kakuske says:

    Down my YouTube rabbit hole that I ventured into, I came across this video. I am now crying and smiling while watching this. THIS is what humanity, selflessness and kindness looks like. THIS should be our main focus in our schools and workplaces. Amazing. This hairstylist deserves the recognition she got for doing such a selfless deed. Bravo.

  • dru says:

    this made me so emotional. i cant explain it well. i’m just so happy and sad at the same time.

  • 郭维佳 says:

    the person the hero saved wore a cape and the hero didn't

  • Baby Ahmat says:

    my hair look like that. am i depressed??

  • הגר גדליוביץ' says:

    I was so depressed a year ago that I didn't brush or washed my hair for two weeks, let alone got into the shower or even changed my clothes (and I mean all of them), my hair came out in clumps because it was so dry and one day it just freaked me out, just like that. So I went to the mall, bought new pants, shirt and undergarments for lack of a more polite word for it, bought a brush, a comb and non-wash conditioner and just locked myself in the public bathroom for an hour and a half, until my hair was 100% tangle free and only then I changed my clothes, wore some deordorant and threw my old clothes to the garbage, just like that. The feeling is nothing short of a rebirth, and I think I could do that because I'm a girl, I don't know how boys Cope with these feelings but I do feel like they should be addressed as well because they're often in the shadows. I'm sorry if this is uncomfortable for anyone, but that's the truth as I see it. And, I think this woman is incredible and I think that girl is incredible for even making the first step and getting to the hair salon, it couldn't have been easy for her and I think she's very brave. She saved her own life by letting others help her. Her future boyfriend or girlfriend are very very lucky she's coming their way.

  • Ettaqoua EXOL BLINK says:

    Depression is a serious matter

  • Ettaqoua EXOL BLINK says:

    She worked for 13 hrs for that girl , so she can make her feel better

    Such a sweet person 😍

  • pacie statterson says:

    i look at my dentist the same way that girl looks at her hairstylist. i couldn’t get out of bed or brush my teeth for months. my teeth were destroyed

  • It's ya girl Indica says:

    Breath…… dont cry! Ahhh! 😭

  • F H says:

    This is me watching YouTube videos in my bed to block out my depressing life. And my hair is like dredlocks now and im taking steps I called a salon to get prices.

  • pizzalizza 18 says:

    I'm not depressed
    I just can't sleep
    My hair is crap
    That person needs to get her damn butt here rn and do my hair


  • Lyndsay Olson Fibromyalgia Warrior says:

    This episode made me cry I also have depression I been fighting it since I was 23 years old so I know that teen girl feels. Her hair looks so beautiful.

  • Mandeep Kaur says:

    Waheguru 🙏

  • Bree P says:

    Plot twist: the hairstylist was actually her mom 😊

  • Chrissy Hendon says:

    Plot twist: she’s the 16 year old girl

  • SweetBerryxEditzღ says:

    Me when I don’t brush my hair for a day

  • Shania Moavero says:

    God bless ❤❤💯

  • Phi Fa says:

    Plz follow me it would mean the world I’m newww!!!!!🙏🏽❤️

  • Joseph2wavvÿ says:

    My hair is like this too and I'm so insecured

  • Queen Kate says:

    Some people are really depressed….all the jokes in the comments are sick.

  • Love Y’all Tarot says:

    This hairdresser ROCKS!!!! Oh my gosh, If only the world was filled with people like her!!! Wishing the girl and the hairdresser tons and tons of blessings!!! ❤️❤️

  • Josselyn Viera says:

    Im always depressed it takes me 6 or 8 hours to finish brushing my hair

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