Dental Cavitations and Other Issues | Podcast #189

Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And we are live, in
person, Evan Brand, in the flesh. He took a uh— early morning flight to come
visit me out here in Austin, Texas via Kentucky. Evan, how are you doing, brother? Evan Brand: Dude, glad we could get together,
man. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Excellent. Very happy. So let’s dig in, Evan. What brings you here to our beautiful Austin,
Texas? Evan Brand: Well, of course, to see you. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: Uh— But then tomorrow, I’m
going to get a dental cavitation procedure done. And, I guess we can go into the cavitations
a bit. So, 90 percent of people when they get their
wisdom teeth out, they don’t get their— I think you call it a periodontal membrane. Is it called something else that you remember? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: It sounds about right. Evan Brand: Periodontal membrane. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uhmhm— Evan Brand: It’s a membrane in your gums
that most surgeons don’t remove. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uhmhm— Evan Brand: And so, I’ve had this random,
like— like I was showing him like this jaw tension— this jaw uh— I would almost call
like a lockjaw, so to speak, and I’ve had several people say, “Evan, it has to be
cavitations.” And so, there’s this dude here in outside
of Austin in Marble Falls that I should do a podcast with cause… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: …he was actually on the Holistic
Oral Health Summit. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh, wow! That’s cool. Evan Brand: None— ____[1:04] was. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: Uh— So, tomorrow, I’m going
in and they’re gonna sedate me— conscious sedation. They’re gonna use Fentanyl, and I was like,
“Ain’t that what killed Prince?” Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: That’s an opiate, I think. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: That’s not good. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: That’s not good, but that’s
what they have to do because otherwise I… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: It’s anesthesia,
right? Evan Brand: …would probably be miserable. Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: It’s— It’s Profanol and—
and Fentanyl. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Right. Evan Brand: And it’s gonna be conscious
sedation, which I’ve never had. I’ve only had normal, like fully asleep. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: Anaesthesia, so I don’t know
how it’s gonna go. Uh— But that’s what I’m here for so
I’m hanging out with Justin today though. Uh— I came in a day early to make sure we
can hang out. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Very cool. And then you mentioned on the X-rays for this. There were a couple like a spots or shadows. Evan Brand: They looked black. I don’t know if you can find it. A lot of things, it’s on your phone and
that I texted it to you. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Do you have your phone? Evan Brand: I could pull it out. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. We’ll get Evan’s phone here and we’ll
show it to you all so you can see what we’re talking about. So, very cool, trying to get Evan’s uhm—
stealth infection at his jaw addressed, which could help with some of his uh— adrenal
symptoms too. Evan Brand: Well, cause if you all listen
to the— the uh— the episode we did— When was it— in the last month or so… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: …on blood pressure. I was— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: How my blood pressure was randomly… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uhmhm— Evan Brand: …spiking. And, we’re thinking that it could be these
cavitations. And so, that’s uh— That’s what we’re
trying to investigate. So, I’ll put this up to the camera. But this is my X-ray, and I’m gonna show
Justin first the black spots or what they’re saying is the— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh, right there? Evan Brand: …the Necrotic Bone. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: There and there? Evan Brand: Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh, wow! Evan Brand: You see that? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh, yeah, totally. Evan Brand: So, I’ll show you all here. Find the camera. [inaudible] So, you all can look at my X-ray. Look on the uh— Look on the bottom edge
here… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Right. Evan Brand: …and then here. That’s where we’re seeing what we think
are cavitation. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, where that little
shadow is. Let’s show Facebook. Evan Brand: Yeah. Sorry, I was away from the microphone. But, this is what we’re thinking or the
cavitations. It’s these black spots here. So, look in the corner there. [crosstalk] You should be able to see it right
there. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …and down in the
mirror side. So, we pull that over, right in that mirror
side. Right in there. Evan Brand: Right there. That’s where we’re thinking the black
spots— We’re thinking that’s a Necrotic bone, and hopefully, we’re wrong and I’d
spent all this money and time to travel here and the guy cuts me open and says, “Owp! Nothing was there.” Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: “You’re done, Evan.” But, I’m— He said he’s 95% confident,
and I’m pretty sure based on how I told you. It’s just constantly soaring, achy— There’s
gotta be something going on. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. I think so too. I think a hundred percent. So, that’s what brings Evan into town. So, we’re excited that we’re connecting
in person for the first time in a little while, and wanted to see if you guys had any questions. We didn’t really plan this chat today, so— Evan Brand: Hello, Rosa. Is that, say, Rosa? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: It’s kind of small. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. [crosstalk] It’s small. Evan Brand: Hello, Rosa. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, totally. So, any questions, feel free and chime in. Anything else on your mind here, Evan, that
you wanna chat about? Evan Brand: Well, I’m hoping if— I’m
hoping to figure out if the whole heart palpitation thing was connected to this too because—
I think it was you or was it _____[3:43], or both, that told me that you’ve got these—
You guys can look up a Tooth Meridian Charts. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: And, you can see that these teeth—
Can Amalgam fillings cause you to be in a Chronic sympathetic state? I would say so. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I would say so. It depends on the levels and it depends on
how sensitive you are. There’s a test called a MELISA Test, ‘cause
uhm— some people— The degree to which Mercury is the degree to which you’re making
antibodies to it. So the MELISA Test will actually look at antibodies
to Mercury, and that can kind of give you a pretty good rule of thumb of how much the
Mercury could be a stressor. Evan Brand: Nice. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I think it’s always
good to— to have it removed. But again, some people, they go and they remove
it and it’s the missing link and all the people doesn’t do anything, and the question
is why. So, you got to make sure all the foundational
things are— are dialed in too. Evan Brand: How do you spell? He’s probably gonna want to know. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: What’s that? Oh! Evan Brand: MELISA Test? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. M-E-L-I-S-A. It’s— It’s almost like Melissa. Evan Brand: Okay. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: So, it’s like, you
know, the ELISA Test, Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay. It’s like M— same thing, M and then ELISA,
Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay. So, M-E-L-I-S-A. Evan Brand: Rosa, she says, “Dr. Justin
and Evan, I have gallstones. Is surgery my only option?” No. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Absolutely not. I mean— Again, it depends. Like, a lot of people, they come into the
surgeon and they were like massively inflamed. There’s an infection, and— and a significant
elevation in white blood cells, and you’re in massive pain. Uhm— the surgeon may push for that, but
if you have a little bit of time to work on it and cut out the most common food allergens,
and work on HCl and enzymes and good digestion, and there could be infections like Giardia
and other things lingering up there too. But, of course, work on the— the diet and
lifestyle strategies. Work on the enzymes and HCl. There’s a uhm— If you’re patient, I
have an article. You can Google it. Dr. Jonathan Wright Gallbladder article. Dr. Jonathan Wright, W-R-I-G-H-T, Gallbladder
article. There’s some other foods that are even Paleo-friendly,
like bacon… Evan Brand: Eggs. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …eggs, nut seeds
that are even Paleo-friendly. That may be driving gallbladder issues. So, you may have to cut those out, and look
at Jonathan Wright’s Gallbladder article. Evan Brand: Well, there’s a lady too. I just— I actually downloaded a podcast. I didn’t listen to it ‘cause it was kind
of boring but Wellness Momma did one with this uh— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: … gallbladder lady. I think the website— Rosa, you can look
it up. I think it’s And, this lady did a whole article or a whole
podcast about what can you do if you’re in— if you have gallstones currently but
you don’t want to get surgery, just get like a protocol for it. So, I think it’s Uh— Ryan, he said he just gets Dry Mouth
often. He was thinking that maybe the cause— I
mean, I get Dry Mouth often too. I don’t know. Maybe it’s gut related. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. It’s hard to say. With Dry Mouth, the first thing I would try
to do is just try to get uh— more electrolytes in, right? He was talking about our friend, where… Evan Brand: Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …like this is the
catch all. Evan Brand: Yuh. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: He can go nameless
but uh— electrolytes I think are helpful. So, Topo Chico mineral water, right? Evan Brand: [crosstalk] I know. He’s out of water. He needs a refill. But I don’t want to transfer my gut bugs
to you so I would… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: [laughs] It’s all
good. It’s all good. I could wait a few minutes ‘til we’re
done with this and get another Topo, maybe even head over to the pool and do a— uh—
kombucha. Evan Brand: Yep. Let’s look at the— we got a question here
on YouTube, too. Tim, thanks for the feedback. Uh— We’ve got one here. I don’t know how to pronounce that name
so we’ll just answer the question. “What’s the underlying causes of losing
sex drive for men…” That’s not really on topic for— but we
didn’t make a topic so I guess we’ll answer it. “…and what are the solutions?” what would you say? Losing sex drive— I mean, stress is a huge
simple one like— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Excess sympathetic
stress— I mean, there’s like the pregnenolone steal, where like the building blocks for
all your hormones kind of go more to the inflammation side, away from the sex hormone side. A lot of people are saying that’s kind of
not true or they’re debunking it, but we do know from a sympathetic fight or flight
response, the body is always hardwired to prioritize and deal with stress right now. And inflammation— Our stress and inflammation
now, healing, recovery, libido, fertility tomorrow, right? So, it’s like this kid that’s constantly
procrastinate in getting his homework done. The body continues to procrastinate libido. It continues to procrastinate healing and
recovery if there’s chronic stress and inflammation now. So, I think that’s kind of like, if you
look at the allocation or maybe even the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, it kind of fits into that,
so it make sense. So, work on all the— the physical, chemical
and emotional stressors that we always talk about, and then, look at the body systems
that may be under stress— gut, hormones, detox, nutrients. Evan Brand: Yeah. Well, I would just say, take a vacation too. I mean, so many guys, like if you go on vacation,
all of the sudden your sex drive, like, doubles or triples. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: You’re just too stressed out. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: So, it could just be something
that simple. And it sounds silly to say that, but i mean,
I’m gone on a vacation myself and then my sex drive’s way higher than normal. So— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Food. Evan Brand: Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Making sure you can
digest the food. That’s the assumption. A lot of people say, “Oh. Get your diet right.” But then, it’s like, “Whoah! Can you even digest that good food…” Evan Brand: Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: “…right?” So, get your diet right. Make sure you can digest it, the food, right. Make sure your sleep is right. Get to bed at least before 11:00. Sleep 11:00 to 7:00. Eight hours is ideal. And then, uhm— I would say, “Make sure
your not over-exercising. Evan Brand: Bright light exposure in the morning. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: Sunlight. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yep. Evan Brand: Got to get that Cortisol…. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly. Evan Brand: …peeking. So, I think that could help. And then, what are the solutions? Well, if there’s gut bugs, fix the gut bugs. If it’s… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: …adrenal stress, fix the adrenal
stress. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uhmhm— Evan Brand: If you don’t have enough light
or you have a terrible sleep pattern, go to bed on time. I mean, that’s freaking simple but effective. Uh— Let’s answer this one from Kaye, and
then Ryan’s got one here too. You want to read Kitty’s? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. So, Kitty writes in, “Great to see you at
the same place. Love it. What about the GI Map comes clear and the
patient sells a lot of symptoms like Brain Fog and Fatigue. So, if that happens, one, we try to run an
Organic acid test ‘cause we can get a window and there’s some window and there’s some
gut bacteria metabolites, Clostridium metabolites, and fungal metabolites. Uh— If a GI Map comes clear, almost always,
the organics would show something if those symptoms are present. And if that still wasn’t— That still came
back clear and everything looked good, then I would potentially look at running the 401-H
or a SIBO Breath Test. It would just depend if there’s more bloating
and SIBO symptoms or there’s— there’s other deeper infection symptoms, and it would
just depend on the patient presentation while it recommend either or. Evan Brand: Yeah. I would agree. I think the O Test will be great, and it’s
pretty rare for the GI Map to show nothing but it does miss Candida all the time. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. It does. It does. If like the patient told me like, “Oh yeah,
but I do feel really good on a low FODMAP diet. I would say, “Okay. Let’s run a Breath Test.” Evan Brand: Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: But if we didn’t
like see any correlation with symptom improvement and FODMAPs, then I may need to run a 401-H. Evan Brand: Or, I mean, another option… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: …would be, you could just run
a gut protocol. You could just throw some Olive leaf or you
could just throw in maybe some Berberine… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: …or something, and see if you
get symptom resolution or if the symptoms changed. You’re gonna know you’re onto something
in the gut. And then, maybe, you kind of scraped the bowl. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. I would say I— I agree. I just think that 95-99% of the time, we’re
gonna see something we can [inaudible] Evan Brand: Absolutely. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Right? Evan Brand: Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Agree? Evan Brand: I don’t like to guess and check. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: It sucks. It sucks to guess and check ‘cause then
the— cause the person comes back and then like, “Okay. This protocol’s not working.” ANd I’m like, “Well, if it was a budget
issue, then, that’s just something we have to work through and we just try to just do
one test at a time. But if it’s truly that the person just wanted
to hurry up and take a protocol and not test. And yeah, we can’t take the blame for it
‘cause then we’re kind of shooting a shotgun approach. And it can work ‘cause we’re pretty darn
good with the protocols, but… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: …you want to get the best data
first. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly. Tim writes, “What stool test you guys prefer? Doctors data? Any good ones?” Uh— We like the GI Map. Doctor’s data, the— the three sample’s
good. We like the 401-H. Uhm— I like the GI Map. Uh— And then, on the Organic acids eyes,
those can be helpful. They’re not quite a gut test specific, but
they do give us a pretty good window. And again, feel free if you like our information,
head over to the Evan Brand or justinhealth, and click on the store link
if you want to purchase any of those from us. Evan Brand: Not Just Paleo’s gone. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uh— What is it now? Evan Brand: It’s just my name. [crosstalk] It’s just Evan Brand. Well, actually though, if you do go to notjustpaleo… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: It forwards alright. Evan Brand: …it will redirect. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: It’s gonna redirect. Evan Brand: Yeah, I did a permanent— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Permanent— Evan Brand: …a permanent redirect. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Smart. Evan Brand: Yeah. We do the GI Map, so get your practitioner
to get one or if you need to get one from us… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: …go for it. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: We appreciate— Evan Brand: We’ll help you out. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, absolutely. Appreciate the uh— the complements there,
Tim. Appreciate it. Is Organic Acid Test or Food Sensitivity the
best option to determine what is causing Psoriasis patches in the body? I would say off the bat, just start an autoimmune… Evan Brand: Yep. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …Paleo template
first. Evan Brand: Amen. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Boom! Explode! Uhum— Start the Autoimmune Paleo template
first, and the also work on the six R’s. And then also, work on the six hours. Move the bad foods, which is kind of where
the Autoimmune template comes in. Uh— Replace enzymes acids. Repair gut lining, adrenals, hormones. Fourth R is remove the infection. That’s what we got to dig deep and figure
out what’s happening infection-wise. Five R— Fifth R, re-populate or renoculate. Sixth R, retest. Sometimes, new infections come back. Evan Brand: And this works. I mean, this seriously works. I had a guy last week. It was actually a husband. It was a reluctant husband of a wife. You know… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: …those clients. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: The wife’s on board and then
she’s like, “Oh, my husband has problems…” Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: “…but he doesn’t want to
do a consult.” And then eventually he’s convinced to do
it. He had Psoriasis. We did AIP for six weeks… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: …while we’re running the testing… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yep. Evan Brand: …came back with a ton of gut
bugs. That time we did the follow-up review to go
over the labs, he’s Psoriasis is already like 98 percent better. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Love it. Evan Brand: Just by the diet— I mean, just
AIP alone. So, yo— you have to have to have to do that. I mean, it’s just crazy because— Like,
if you go to a— a conventional doctor, what are they gonna do for Psoriasis? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Mhm— Evan Brand: They’re gonna take you to a
dermatologist. And then, they’re gonna do what? They’re gonna give you a steroid cream… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yup. Evan Brand: …and maybe it works for a little
bit… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yup. Evan Brand: …and then, you don’t get to
the root cause. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly. Evan Brand: And then you come off the steroid. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly. My son, Aden, who’s nine months, I think,
today. A month— Yeah, today. Well… Evan Brand: Happy birthday, Ade. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …time flies. I know, happy nine-monther. Uhm— Eggs, and Strawberries we’re causing
his Psoriasis. Evan Brand: I believe… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Actually, it was Eczema. Eczema for him. We call those out. Evan Brand: I’m telling you, man. Eggs are it. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And my wife keeps
a food journal for him when we add the foods. Each week… Evan Brand: That’s smart. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …we write it down
and then we wait a couple of days, and if the Eczema pops up, we’re like, “Oh, okay. Eggs.” And then, so eggs and straw— eggs and strawberry
is on this list. Evan Brand: Were you doing too many strawberries? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I don’t know. If— Evan Brand: Like daily? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I don’t know if
it was too many because you know, at that age, like most of it ends up on them. Evan Brand: Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: First in their mouth,
right? And I found a good uhm— a good cream for
Eczema that I’ve been using for a bit. I’m using it on him a bit too. That works good. It’s about Puriya— Puriya? I think it’s— Evan Brand: This is different than what we’re
just talking about? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: No, it was the… Evan Brand: [crosstalk] The moisturizer? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: It was the same one. Uhm— They make one called Wonder Balm. Evan Brand: Oh, a no— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …from— Evan Brand: Uhm— From that Sara— the Sarah
V stuff. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh, that— that’s— Evan Brand: That’s different. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: That’s for like
severe sensitive people. Evan Brand: Oh, okay. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: But, yeah. There’s one that called Wonder Balm. It’s the— The other one’s Mother of
All Cream, I’m pretty sure. The Mother of All Creams. Mother of All Creams is really helpful for
Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Eczema. I had good success with that by Puriya—
Puriya. Evan Brand: I’m telling you, this guy right
here finds all this stuff. I’m like, “How do you even find all these
things?” He’s always got some like unique new ones
product that I haven’t heard of. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: And this— this is another one
to add to list. So, you’re telling uh— James here that
he can look this up, the Mother of All Creams and try it. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Put it on Amazon, Mother of All Creams. Give it a try. Evan Brand: Yeah, James. Type that in, and you’ll find it, the brand
here. It’s P-U-R-I-Y-A. Pur— Puriya? And it says here, “Ninety-nine point six
naturally derived. and they say, for Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis.” So, there you go. Hope it helps. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yep. Give it a try. I’ve had some good success with it. Okay, cool. And then I have uh— a little Periodontal
dermatitis on my face. It’s right here, and it was ninety-nine-ninety-five
percent gone until I put sunscreen on yesterday. Uhm— Basically, I was rubbing some essential
oils on my face for about two months too long. Evan Brand: What was it? What was the essential oils? What kind? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: It wa— I was mixing
a couple together. Evan Brand: Oh. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: It was a mistake. I shouldn’t be mixing stuff like… Evan Brand: Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …it was. And then it flared up. And then I was like— I was doing like everything
except like my toner. I’m doing my toner. But even that was just keeping it flared. So, then now, I’m doing nothing, and I—
I do find that like the most hypoallergenic thing in the market from moisturizer is Cerave. There’s a little bit of Paraben in, and
there’s a couple of things I don’t like… Evan Brand: Spell it. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …tell you. C-E-R-A-V-E. It’s the best from a hypoallergenic standpoint. The ingredients aren’t like awesome, like
if you went to Skin Deep… Evan Brand: Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …or Cosmetic Safety
Database, you wouldn’t be like, “Oh my God! That’s awesome.” But, I will tell you from an immune standpoint,
it’s good. And then for me, I have to just avoid those
ils and stuff for at least like one to two months. Let my immune system like just chill out,
you know. Evan Brand: Yep. Well, this uh— Is this Ryan? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: What was his question? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Ryan wrote, “Thanks,
guys. One last question, if you can, what should
your stool test look likes— or stool like sink flow? How many times a day should you be on number
two. Alright. So, rule of thumb is 12 inches of stool a
day. That’s number one. Number two, if you Google— Google image
Bristol Stool chart. Bristol Stool chart, you want to be about
at number four. So if it’s— If you’re on the constipation
side, one or two, it’s like rabbit pellets. Seven’s like pure liquid Diarrhea. Six kind of moves more solid. Five, more solid. Four is like right in the middle. Like if you look at the Paul Chek “How to
Eat, Move and Be Healthy.” That’s like The Poopie Policeman, right? You want about 12 inches of stool a day. Evan Brand: I don’t know that. The Poopie Policeman? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh, dude. Right there. Look! It’s on my wall. Evan Brand: Oh, yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: See that? Evan Brand: You got it over here. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Right there. I keep right in my left as well. Evan Brand: [laughs] Dr. Justin Marchegiani: It’s called the
Poopie lineup. [crosstalk] Uhm— Evan Brand: W— We would show you guys but
we’d have to take it off the wall and it’s mounted, and— But it’s a funny image. It’s like these different. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uh— I got you—
I got you over my house and you’re already talking crap already. [crosstalk] Come on, seriously. Evan Brand: There’s different poops with
the— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: You’re already talking
crap. Evan Brand: With the uh— the spotlight’s
on… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I know. Evan Brand: …and that’s hilarious. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I know. That’s a good one. I had that in my office— in my office in
California. Evan Brand: That’s pretty should look like,
kind of like a banana, give or take. And then, how often should you poop. I mean, at least once. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: But, I had that in
my office in California, in the bathroom. You… Evan Brand: O, you did? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …go ever into the
bathroom and it’s sitting right there. I know it just be a great conversation starter. Evan Brand: Yeah. That’s awesome. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Patient will be like,
“Hey! You know, my— my— my Poopie Policeman’s
kind of like that…” Evan Brand: Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: “…or that.” So, number four, Bristol Stool Chart, uhm—
relatively solid, uh— ideally, less three wipes or less, at least 12 inch of the stool
a day. Evan Brand: Yup. Uh— Rose, “I hope Dr. Justin’s gonna
be on the Candida Summit.” Of course he is! Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Boom! I already was. Evan Brand: Done. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Make sure you subscribe. Justin— Evan Brand: July 9th. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Evan Brand: Let’s make sure that works. Dr. Justin Marchegiani:
should be a link where you all should be going. So, if you’re listening… Evan Brand: There it is. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …to me now, Evan Brand: Will it— Will it let you share
the screen? I almost want to show people this. I mean, it’s getting close to primetime. It’s almost June. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Let’s— Let’s
make sure they see it. Alright, I’m gonna do a little screenshare. Evan Brand: Yeah. [crosstalk] Let’s show them. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Let’s go promote
this year. Alright. Evan Brand: You guys got to check this out. So, this is my event, and of course Justin
is part of it. And then, he’s the only person that’s
on there uh— twice. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yes. Evan Brand: Yep. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Very fortunate, and
you on my summit as well. Evan Brand: I know. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: The Th— Thyroid
Reset Summit. So, Check the summit out. Amazing experts— Again, a lot of people
that have gut issues, there’s Candida is typically kind of connected in there at some
way. It may not be the big thing. It may be a peripheral thing. It may be the big thing. So— Evan Brand: Let’s scroll down. Let’s go see your pretty face and my face
on there too. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: Hey, look. You get my book. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Look at that. Wow. Evan Brand: That’s a registration gift. I didn’t know that they were doing that. That’s cool. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Right. Look at that. Antibiotics, High Sugar Diets— Totally. Evan Brand: I’m telling you, Candida Summit,
this is gonna be one of the biggest of the year. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: You got Ben Lynch
there. Evan Brand: Look at this lineup. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: It’s great, man. Got Wendy there, perfect. Love it. Dr. Osborn— Look at you. Look at you. You’re even a featured speaker. Evan Brand: I know. Well, of course, on your own summit. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Of course. Evan Brand: You’ll be a featured speaker
on yours. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh! Dr. Keelers, Dr. Jo— Oh, look at this guy
right here. Evan Brand: Oh! Dude, look at that lineup right there. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah! Wow! Look at that lineup. Klinghardt’s there. Evan Brand: That’s a functional medicine
mafia. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Wolfman, perfect. Evan Brand: [crosstalk] I’m telling you… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Perfect, man. Evan Brand: …this gonna be— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: This is gonna be a
great summer. Really happy to be a part of that, and then
while you’re there too, everyone, head over to Thyroid Reset Summit. Evan Brand: Yeah. [crosstalk] Do they have a page for you yet? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Boom! Evan Brand: Yep, an early registration. Look at that logo. It looks great. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Subscribe. Absolutely. So— Evan Brand: Yes, so Justin’s event’s gonna
be fine. As you see the date’s there’s September,
so we’re hoping that our two events are like the biggest. Uh— So, the Keto— Keto Summit… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yes. Evan Brand: I don’t know if this is uh—
supposed to be private or not, but let’s just say, well over 50,000 registrants. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Wow! Amazing! Evan Brand: So— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: That was the great
summit. Evan Brand: I want to beat it. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: I want to beat the 50. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Uh— I think you
could do it. Ketoedge is the link for that. Did you have one for that? Evan Brand: I did not. No. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Did you f— Evan Brand: I… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …it out? Evan Brand: …did not. I did not promote it. I was too busy promoting a bunch of other
stuff, right? It was a very successful event. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, That’s Dr. David Jockers. He just had a— a child, too, this last week
or two. Uh— Which is great. So, I know David had the summitt going on
and— and the kid coming into the world. So that must have been a lot— Evan Brand: Chssss— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …you know, multitask— Evan Brand: I hope he’s taking his adrenal
support. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I know! Absolutely. Evan Brand: Have to ask him. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Exactly. Rosa writes in, “I hope that Justin is gonna
be—” Oh! You already answered that one. Is there anything else we didn’t answer
here? Evan Brand: I don’t think on Facebook. [crosstalk] Let’s go back on— Let’s
go look on the YouTube. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yes. Evan Brand: You closed that chatbox out? [silence] Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, perfect. I need that, man. That allows us to go live on everything it
wants. Evan Brand: That will be cool. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Okay. Cool. Hey, Sam. Evan Brand: Yow, Samuel, how are you doing? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: “Can a person get
taller after puberty?” If so, what amino acids and supplements can
help? Well, once your growth plates close, you can’t. I mean… Evan Brand: Yeah, you’re toast. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …it will if you
get a— a pituitary tumor, right? And the inte— interior pituitary tumor,
they cause us what’s called acromegaly, which is after your uhm— your growth plates
close, you kind of get like a deformation. You can kind of see it a little bit, Tony
Robbins. So, it’s got that like kind of Cro-Magnon
job. Evan Brand: Oooh. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: He had a little bit
of A— Acromega— You know— You know who diagnosed Tony’s… Evan Brand: Who? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …Acromegaly? Deepak Chopra. Evan Brand: Really? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: His endocrinologist
said uh— I think Mass General or Beth Israel in Boston at the time. Evan Brand: How did you figure it out? I wonder. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I mean they… Evan Brand: Blood? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …probably just ran
uhm— They probably just ran an HGH or uh— HGH Suppression levels. Evan Brand: These levels are too high or something? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And you know how they
run the… Evan Brand: What? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …HGH Suppression
test? Evan Brand: What? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: They actually give
you glucose and they watch your growth hormone drop. So, what does that tell you? Evan Brand: Oh, my God! Dr. Justin Marchegiani: It tells you that
excess carbohydrate and sugar will actually decrease growth hormones. Evan Brand: Well, I bought some pineapple. Do you think I’m gonna alright then? [laughs] Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Well, I mean, it’s
different when you do something like that too because, number one, you’re getting
a whole bunch of nutrients. Evan Brand: Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Right? And antioxidants, so you’re actually getting
s whole bunch of stuff. But, yeah. I mean, if you did that too much for sure. Evan Brand: Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And you weren’t
burning up. That— That makes a lot of sense. Evan Brand: About the pineapple ‘cause I’m
hoping with the… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: …brownie laying, I’ll be able
to heal up my cuts sooner. [crosstalk] Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: The enzymes would
be good. Absolutely. Evan Brand: Yeah. Wish me luck. It’s not gonna be too fun but uh— hopefully,
I’ll be back next week and be back on? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh, dude. You’re gonna be— Evan Brand: No chipmunk face. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. you’re gonna be rock solid. James writes in, “My mother was on Gabapentin
for nerve pain. I think it’s also Neurontin, isn’t it? Uh— Evan Brand: Yep. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: For nerve pain, but
allegedly was on— But was— But allegedly was the cause of Edema in her legs and feet. Two weeks off and the medication of Edema
is still there. No heart or lung issue just some— So, I
think… Evan Brand: And then you put past SIBO and
gut issues. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Okay. So, number one is I’d make sure the inflammation
in the diet was like— really good. I make sure like the diet stuff super clean. I’ve throw in the ginger. The ginger’s a really good anti-inflammatory,
and it’s a good anticoagulant, so it’ll keep whatever’s causing the Edema, keep
things flowing and moving. You could always do a rebounder or a uhm—
or a vibration plate to help kind of support the lymphatics. Ginger will help the lymphatics as well. So, I would start with that first before you
did anything else. Evan Brand: There is a— There is a formula. Let me see if I can find it real quick. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, it’s— the
formula you’re thinking of is— is Lymphagogue by Herbfarm. Evan Brand: Well, no. There’s another one. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Okay. [pause] Oh. Evan Brand: And I didn’t want to say it
‘cause I didn’t know— Oops! I didn’t know if this was the right name,
but I’m pretty sure this is it. [pause] Let’s see if I’m right. I want to see what was in. Oh, yeah. Here it is. [pause] I think it was uh— some type of
diuretic. Let’s go to our herb section. [pause] Just Taurine. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Just Taurine. Evan Brand: What? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Taurine and B6. Evan Brand: I thought it was something fancy. Okay. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: There’s another
one called Lymphagogue by Herbfarm. That’s a pretty good one too that you can
use. You know, 30 to 60 drops in water twice a
day, and the ginger, I think will be good too. Evan Brand: Thanks, Naveen. I hope I would do get soon, better. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: You’re gonna do
great. Cool. And then, “Hey, guys. Is there a best timing for anti-Estrogen supplement?” Well, s— just looking at your name here
Gu— Oh! That’s a hard name to pronounce. Evan Brand: I don’t know how to pronounce…. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: [crosstalk] I’m
not sure… Evan Brand: …it either. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …that’s male or
female, so I— I don’t know the context of that. Oh, hey. Hannah just chimed in. Evan Brand: Hi, Honey. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: [laughs] But uhm—
regarding male or female, the best anti-Estrogen is gonna be just eating your cruciferous uh—
green veggies, number one. Number two, not getting food with pesticides
on it. Number three, not uh— putting your foods
in plastics, and that’d be the first best thing to do for anti-Estrogen. Evan Brand: Yeah. Anti-Estrogen supplement, is there a best
time? I don’t even know what they’re talking
about. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I’m not sure what
time is. I don’t think so. But I mean, you can Dim Diindolylmethane. Evan Brand: Yep. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: You can get Indole-3-carbinol,
which gets converted by Dim. Evan Brand: [crosstalk] I had Sulforaphane. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, Sulforaphane,
which is a— a sulfur amino acid compound. Evan Brand: Broccoli extract if you look up,
or just grow your own Broccoli sprouts. We did it. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: It stunk so bad. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, totally. Evan Brand: With the basin jar? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh, yeah. Evan Brand: We did that last year. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yup. Evan Brand: You get the Broccoli uh— sprouting
seeds. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yup. Evan Brand: Hello, babe! Hey, do you remember when we did that? We got the uh— People like, “Who’s babe?” My wife is watching on Facebook here. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: [laughs] Evan Brand: Remember we did the Broccoli sprouts,
the seeds? And then we put it in the mason jar, and we
ate the Broccoli sprout. It was strong… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh, wow! Evan Brand: …like, straight sulfur. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: You know Mercola talks
like it’s a hundred times more potent than… Evan Brand: Oh, yeah. It is. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …any… Evan Brand: Supposed to be. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. If you’re on a budget, I think the Broccoli
sprouts are huge. Evan Brand: They’re cheap too. I mean, it was like, I don’t know, ten bucks,
and it was like a thousand. [crosstalk] You can never beat that many sprouts. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: It was insane. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Totally. Cool. And then uhm— Christian writes in, “How
long does it take to get off on Nepresol?” which is like Prilosec, “before the rebound
effect stops?” Uh— It’s hard to say. I mean, I would never take someone off unless
we dialed in the digestive support. Like, I will not— I want to make sure we
hit that HCl, enzymes, and digestive support dialed in. I want to make sure we have the food changer
dialed in too. So, it’s not just taking someone off, it’s
making all the other changes too. Evan Brand: Yeah, you can’t. If you just go cold turkey off of an acid
blocker, you could have— you could have issues. So, yeah. I— we always do some type of enzyme. But, some cases… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: …no HCl. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Some cases, no HCl. And we ma— may— we may not even do bitters
or a— or ACV, Apple Cider Vinegar, or even lemon. We may just do just the enzymes to start and
then work in the bitters. Evan Brand: Or, we do like uh— a GI Soothe
or you’ve got one with the GI Restore. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, like an— uh—
like Glutamine— Evan Brand: Yeah, like a leaky gut formula. We may do that first as we’re weaning off… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yes. Evan Brand: …the acid blocker. Now, we never can legally say, “Hey! Stop taking your prescribed drug, but if it
just so happens to be that you heal up your gut, you’re bringing in the gut-healing
nutrients, then you in enzymes. And then, maybe you go every other day with
your— with your acid blocker, you— you could be okay. You could get away with it. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, man. Just make sure your food is predigested, nothing
raw, everything cooked. Of course, if you want err in the side of
putting it more in a crock pot or soup form, that’s also helpful to make sure you can
absorb it well. Evan Brand: So, that’s no salads. I mean, I have so many people that eat salads
and they stopped eating salad, and they feel better. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: So, that’s like low-hanging
fruit. Look at Ja— Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Hundred percent. Evan Brand: Look at James. Uh-oh! James is hung over. “Dr. J, I overdid it with the Titos this
weekend. Do you think the distilling process will clean
the GMO component of the corn-based Vodka? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Titos is pretty good. They filter like 7x. Uhm— I’m good with them. You know, you can always do Belvedere too,
which uh— they get it from potatoes. Evan Brand: What’s Deep Eddy? They had Deep Eddy on the airplane. I didn’t know. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh! Evan Brand: I had a free coupon but they were
like, “You can’t—” I was gonna bring it to you and they’re like, “You can’t
take it off the plane.” I’m like, “Well, I’m not gonna drink
the— the” uh— what is it? Vodka? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: The Deep? That’s the drunkest I’ve ever seen my
wife…. Evan Brand: Oh! Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …this vodka. Because, if they have one that’s like uh—
Deep Eddy’s will be red… Evan Brand: They had a grapefruit. Is that the one? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Dude, that’s it! Evan Brand: Oh. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And like, you can’t
taste the vodka. It feels like you’re just having like Kool-aid
or something. Evan Brand: Oh my God! Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And it is like unbelievable. So, we got to be careful with that. But number one, the key is have one of these
in between each meal or between each drink, ‘cause that gets the minerals in. Because a lot of the issues [bottle dropped
on the table] with the hangover come from the minerals. Evan Brand: Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: And then, number two
is, you know, charcoal. Evan Brand: Yep. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Activated Charcoal,
baby, right there. [shows supplement] Evan Brand: No free brand deals. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah, no free brand
deals here. Evan Brand: [laughs] Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Then, one to two,
uh— for drink. One to two per drink, and then of course,
afterwards, you can always do some Sulfur amino acids. So, like— We do like in my line detox, aminos,
but it’s got like all the Sulfur ones— Glycine, Glutamine, uhm— Taurine, Methionine—
those things.And you can also do liposomal Glutathione… Evan Brand: NAC? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …Vitamin C, and
N-Acetylcysteines in that product too. But any NAC by itself is still great. Yeah. Evan Brand: Yup. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Totally. Evan Brand: Yup. Uh— We had a question from somebody with
not really a name, more of like initials here. They had said, “A Zonulin score of 394.1… What’s next?” Dr. Justin Marchegiani: You got leaky gut. Evan Brand: That’s a leaky gut, yeah. What’s next? You got to dial in your diet. You got to figure out why is your Zonulin
so…. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Six R’s. Evan Brand: …so freaking high. Probably Gluten is the one. If you’re not on a Gluten-free diet, then
you need to be. And if you have gut bugs and you got to fix
those to get that Zonulin down. ANd, should you just go take a bunch of leaky
gut supplements? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: No. Evan Brand: I mean, you’re gonna waste your
money. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: A lot of people out
there are doing webinars on that. Evan Brand: Ain’t that ridiculous? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …like the missing
thing. Evan Brand: Leaky gut. Fix your leaky gut. And he’s like, “Okay, there’s a step
before that, multiple steps before that.” It’s so annoying because from a marketing
perspective, it sound sexy. I even heard a radio ad the other day. I sent it to my wife. It was a lady who was talking about like parasites
and leaky gut on a radio advertisement. I thought, “Wow! Parasites are becoming ]mainstream.” Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I know. Evan Brand: But then, it was like Glutamine
and Aloe. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: yeah, it’s like, “That’s
not gonna kill your parasites.” Dr. Justin Marchegiani: No. It won’t kill it. Absolutely. What’s the best time to take probiotics
to get them in uhm— to save them from stomach acid and maximize benefit?” I mean, I do first thing in the morning and
then, first thing before bed. But then, I have the mega support that I do
with food that’s acid-resistant, so it depends, I think. Evan Brand: Yeah. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: It’s grains. Evan Brand: Yeah, I always have people do
before bed, just because you’re not competing with stomach acid and… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Yeah. Evan Brand: …you’re not competing with
digestion. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Cool. Evan Brand: Uh— We have not tried— I don’t
know. I’m not— I don’t want to speak for you. I have not tried in for Red Light therapy. I had the— I had several companies try to
uh— They actually wanted to give me a demo version or something of a Red Light therapy
device, and I was just like, “Aah! I’m not interested.” Is it cool? Does it work? I mean, probably does something, I just haven’t
played with it. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I’ve seen little
things. I’ve tried a couple of things. They have won a lot of the seminars that put
up their nose, and then… Evan Brand: I’ve seen that. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: …[inaudible] nose. Evan Brand: Yeah. Why? Dr. Justin Marchegiani: So to some— I mean,
I think that they find like this bacteria and viruses hiding in there so they kill it. But— And I think it also can get over the
brain. Evan Brand: Oh! Speaking of [crosstalk] v— viruses, I have
the Xlear. I need to go squirt… Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh, yeah. Evan Brand: …that spray at my nose. I brought it. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Good. Evan Brand: I’m gonna spray all the bacteria
from the plane out of my nostrils. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: Oh, yeah, totally. So, outside of that, guys, I think we answered
everything. I’m gonna go. We’re gonna go jump in and do a little lunch
action here but phenomenal. Glad we’re able to do this in person. Hope you enjoy the today’s chat. Anything else, Evan? Evan Brand: I’ll have to fly down here next
week. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I know, man. We’ll make it happen. I love it. Evan Brand: Alright. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: I have to go to Louisville,
Kentucky soon too. Evan Brand: See you, guys. Dr. Justin Marchegiani: [crosstalk] Take care,
guys. Evan Brand: Take care, guys. Dr. Justin Marchegiani & Evan Brand: Bye

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