Degenerative Spine | Q&A with Dr. Lee Riley

Degenerative Spine | Q&A with Dr. Lee Riley

[MUSIC] Degenerative conditions of the spine
are due to arthritis in the spine. It happens naturally to everyone,
but not everyone gets symptoms. [MUSIC] There’s basically two ages
where it can happen, and it depends also on
the location of the problem. It first starts in the early 20s
in the lower back when you can get disc herniations or back pain as
the discs naturally wear out and degenerate. It then can occur in
the lower back in the 50s and 60s when you develop further
arthritis in the facet joints which are prepared joints in
the back of the spine. And then you can begin
to get back pain again, buttock pain, or weakness or
numbness in your legs. [MUSIC] It can have a genetic component. There are tendencies in different
families to have back problems. Probably related to a conditions
that we don’t understand. But then also their anatomy, so
there’s a spectrum of space for the nerves in the back and some
people have more space than others. [MUSIC] There’s a spectrum of symptoms and it can range from a backache
that is short lasting, maybe a few days to a week or so to
leg symptoms such as sciatica pain, numbness, tingling, or
weakness down your legs or arms. [MUSIC] There are some conditions
in the back where if left untreated the pain
will worsen over time. Those conditions can be treated
with medical management, including exercise, medications, sometimes
shots and in extreme cases surgery. [MUSIC] Degenerative spine conditions
are diagnosed first with taking a careful history,
talking to the patient and doing a physical examination. To determine if there
are any physical signs of a condition that
you have to be aware of. [MUSIC] It can spread to other parts of
the spine as they develop arthritis. Fortunately, most of the time,
the symptoms are short-lived. And could get better either on their
own or with physical therapy and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory
medications or other types of pain medications. Occasionally it requires
more advanced treatment. [MUSIC] Disc degeneration is a normal
part of the human condition. When it puts pressure on nerves, and the nerves develop symptoms such as
numbness, or tingling, or weakness, or pain,
it can cause permanent symptoms. [MUSIC] Non-surgical treatments that
are used to treat degenerative spine include physical therapy,
which is the mainstay of treatment. And this usually involves
a home exercise program. Anti-inflammatory medications
such as Ibuprofen or Motrin or Aleve are also used. And occasionally prescription
medications will be needed too. [MUSIC]
Surgical procedures really depend upon the type of
problem that you’re having. If you’re having leg pain or arm pain and it’s due to pressure on
a nerve, procedures can be performed to take the pressure off that
nerve and relieve the symptoms. In some instances, a fusion is necessary to treat
either instability, too much motion in the back that either exists and
is causing the symptoms. Or is created in the course
of the operation or in rare occasions to treat
the back pain or neck pain itself. [MUSIC] Recovery’s a process
of getting better. First after surgery there is pain associated with
the operation itself. That is treated with
pain medications but then also goes pretty
rapidly away on its own. Then there’s physical therapy
to get your mobility back, and your strength back, in your body, and then there’s a general
recovery process after that. [MUSIC] We’re in the early phases of
looking at ways to prevent reverse arthritic changes
in joints in the back. And it’s being done in
an experimental level in our lab and some clinical trials
are also underway. [MUSIC]


  • Michael Bernardo says:

    One treatment that is missing here is maintaining a healthy plant based diet.

  • King Arthur says:

    Is degenerative disc can be curable totally is it possible
    Is it becomes like previous disc after taking treatment

  • bigbangnone says:

    Primary root causes. Sugar, and sitting in front of a computer. Bad diet, and poor exercise plan….. most of your calcium should come from leafy veggies. Milk ruins your digestion and ability to process nutrients because with no acid in your stomach there is no digestion.

    Now that Monsanto Pesticide is soaked into all Cow feeds, eating steaks and drinking milk is not a good idea since cows are also injected with antibiotics and all types of growth hormones to include milk making hormones !!!

    Take calcium only at night before bed.

    The good doctor didn't tell about this valuable info….did he.

    And always remember to exorcise 🙂

  • HUSLE Gonzalez says:

    I been suffering with ddd for 7 years now. I feel and believe that the devil is inside me.

  • Brad Johnson says:

    I have ddd and rheumatoids arthritis and im 23 all of the drs around me do not take it seriously . Because of my age. What can i do about it?

  • Markus Lucas says:

    This back pain guide is a treasure, search for Google "Kemzαnο Loni". It considerably alleviated my severe back pain caused by a recent injury. .My spasms have ended since I can attain various positions whether it is side or back. .

  • Dr. Leftfield says:

    I was told that i have DDD when I finally sought medical attention for irritating lumber discomfort
    that I have had for years. Got the x-ray, got an explanation and was offered and accepted injections
    that did nothing. What I did get was that's it nothing more we can do, no follow up no offer of
    physical therapy nothing which I find frustrating as I've been paying my taxes for 38 yrs now.

  • Adam Lackey says:

    I have DDD, Arthritis, Schnorls nodes, and a ton of other problems. I would do anything for some relief but I'm told nothing will help me. I have a wife and kids but this constant pain speaks the loudest and I'm ready to end it all if I cant get help. I'm sure my military service contributed to it a couple decades ago. No proof though!

  • ojeezy En says:

    hi all, i currently have disc degeneration, im in constant pain 24/7 what do i do for pain relief, the heaviest of tablets dont help at all, im in agony! 🙁 all i want is some pain relief!!! please help

  • Average Joe says:

    I found out i have this problem amd i have had for years and didnot know i am 29 years old and live in australia. Get your self checked asap if possible and take care of yourselves

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