Day #10 – Kidney Cleansing Exercise – 30 Days of Qigong to Better Health

Day #10 – Kidney Cleansing Exercise – 30 Days of Qigong to Better Health

Good morning and welcome to 30 days of
Qigong to Better Health. My name is Chris Shelton. Today we’re
working with day #10, on the Kidney Cleansing Exercise. The Kidneys are such
an important organ according to Chinese medicine because they are the foundation
for your overall constitution, how long your life will be, how well you fight
off disease, etc. They say that at the time of conception between your parents,
as well as God, and your environment this predetermines this kidney well. The
kidneys control so much of the body’s functions. Its the foundation of yin and
yang of the body. What does that mean? Yin in the body is the basis of all the
fluids: sweat, blood, cerebral fluids, digestive fluids; and is cooling in
nature. Yang is the motive force, which then helps to move blood and fluids
around the body. All the physiological changes that occur like, i.e. digestion. These kidneys they also
manifest in the ears. The kidneys control the ears, and they also control the bones and all the major glands in the body, the brain. And so when these kidneys get depleted or get weak. They naturally get weak by age, but there’s other things that we can do that will further help to exasperate this depletion of this kidney
energy. One is burning the candles at both ends. Improper dietary and lifestyle habits.
You know those kinds of things also will contribute to the diminishing of this kidneys essence. The way that I tried to compare it to. It’s like a battery. Everybody’s
born with a certain size battery and as this battery declines, then other parts
or other functions of the body, start to become weak as well. Hence the
reason why as we get older you see a lot of people with memory loss, degeneration of the bones, as well
as the diminishment of hearing. With Qigong one of the things we try to do is not only give practices that help with cleansing
the body, and in particular of the negative emotions that are housed in these
different organs, but then also to help to restore and slow down this aging
process. Now the kidneys are harmed by the negative emotions of fear, fright, and shock. Shock can be anything you’ve seen or or have experienced in your life, or it
can be surviving chemo or severe flu bug. Anything like that – a car accident. Those types of things will actually use
up the kidney energy, and depending on how severe the trauma is then the more
of this depletion that will happen. In the kidneys there’s uncommon, common conditions with kidney dysfunction, which would be weak bladder, frequent, urination, you
may also have ringing of the ears vertigo, Meniere’s disease, those types of
things can also be routed back into the kidneys. The positive virtue that comes
forth as we cleanse the kidneys is the virtue of gentleness, but the spiritual
component of willpower. If your kidney qi is strong then a person tends to have
much more willpower. If the kidney qi is diminished then what will happened is
the willpower will tend to lack as well. The practice is that we’re going to have our feet about shoulders width apart and once again even if you’re seated and
have to do this from a seated position you still do the practice. We’re going to place the hand on the right kidney and then from there we’re going to gaze at the back of
the hand and then what’s going to happen is we’re gonna bend at the waist. Now if
you have a hard time bending then just by having your hand on the kidney itself.
Gazing at the hand as you come around will also help to benefit the kidney, but
if you wanna make this into a bigger stretch you can actually turn and really
bend at the waist. Turn, come up, and away. Inhale as you come up exhale as you descend, and then we’ll do
is we’ll go ahead and work with the left kidney. Going the opposite direction. Then
we’re going to finish by pulling back the energy, pulling down the heavens three times, and sealing off with the white pearl meditation. So let’s begin. From a
seated position with your feet out about shoulder-width apart. Hands resting on the knees, or standing position, same thing, feet out about shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, hollowing out the arm pits, tucking the chin, pressing up on the Crown Point, and then tucking the sacrum, pressing back the Ming Mein. From here the breath is long, steady, even and deep into the lower abdomen. about one inch below the navel, also referred to as lower Dan Tien. We are just going to begin by connecting
with your higher power, three times Inhale and exhale Using the legs to pump the energy up, or to
bring the energy down. Inhaling Feeling this white light calming the mind, settling your body. Staying present. Then here going into Qi Clearing Exercises. Inhaling center, exhale as you toss. As you do this practice you gaze to the
tips of the fingers and imagine any excessive thoughts feelings or emotions
flowing off going several feet away from the body, and down deep into the ground.
Any tension in the shoulders and in the neck. Allow for that to flow off the tips of the fingers, as well. If you’re standing and doing this practice you want to focus on shifting the weight back and forth,
using those legs as a pump. Pumping the blood and energy up to the chest. We slow down, coming back to the middle, and Pulling Down the Heavens again, three times, inhale and exhale. Again, exhale. Then bring the feet a little bit closer together Relax the knees , relax the shoulders, and begin to lightly bounce. Bouncing on those Bubbling-Well points just behind the
balls of the feet, kidney one (KI 1) From here focusing on the ankles, and imagine any tension in the ankles releasing out through the bottom of the feet, and flowing down deep
into the ground. Next the knee, any pain, tension, tightness in the the knee allow for that to release. Flowing out through the bottom of the feet, down deep into the
earth. Hips and groin region, low-back. Any pain,
tension, tightness. Allow for that to release out through the legs, out through the
feet, and down deep into the ground. From there the center of the back and chest, any excessive thoughts, emotions, tightness on the spine, in-between the shoulder-blades, just allow for all that to shake-out Guiding it out through the body, out through the feet and deep into the ground. Next the wrist Shaking out any pain. If you have carpal tunnel, arthritis, pain in the joints of the wrists and the hands. Allow for that to shake out through the fingertips, deep into the earth, and next elbows, shoulders, head and neck. Guiding it out, all the way out, through the arms, out through the fingers, and down deep into the ground. There from here we’re going
to inhale, pulling the breath all the way through the body, beyond the top ahead, and drop. Inhale up, and release. Pull the
golden light up, and releasing down. From there back into Wu Ji posture – Shaking the Tree – inhaling all of the up the body. Exhaling all the way down. Inhaling up. Exhaling down. Inhaling. Two more. Last one, inhaling. From there Pulling Down the Heavens three times Releasing out any heat or vibration. Inhaling and exhaling. Gather and release. Then from there with
your eyes closed, still tucking the chin, press up on the Crown Point, begin to melt down through the front of the body. Starting at the top of the head and imagine as a though warm oil begins to flow down through the front of the forehead, enveloping the
temples, the brow-bone, eyebrows, and eyes, the nose, cheeks, lips, ears, chin and jaw
structure. Touching everything as it flows down into the throat, neck, upper
chest, and shoulders, biceps, elbow creases forearms, wrist, feel the palms of the hands, leading all the way out to the fingers tips. From there enveloping the entire chest, wrapping around to the flanks of the body, underneath the armpits, through the mid-section, through the abdomen, through waist, through the groin. Through the thighs, the knees, the shins, ankles, feet, and toes. Allow for this warm oil to flow down deep into the ground From there feel the entire front of your body, from head to toe, being conscious of what’s in front of you. Also feel to the
left and right sides of you. Being aware of your body. Starting at the top of the head, begin to melt down through the Crown point, or from the Crown point, through the scalp, the back the head back, the ears, the neck, shoulders, the triceps. Relaxing
everything through the elbows, through the back on the forearms, through the wrists, back of the hands, leading all the way out through the fingertips. From there enveloping the entire shoulders, and upper-back, mid-back, low-back, waist, buttock, flowing through the hamstrings, the back of the knees, the calves, the ankles, the heels, the feet and toes. All connecting, all flowing off deep into the ground. And now feel what’s behind you. Feel the entire back, from head to toe. Now melting down through the center of the body. Imagine white light, or your connection with your higher source, your
higher power, flows down through the center. You feel and visualize the brain,
the surrounding tissues, the skull, the cheeks, behind the eyes. Inch by inch,
cell by cell, tissue by tissue feel the nerves to connect to the center of the brain, from the eyes, feel the sinuses, all the capillaries, the blood vessels of the
face, the inner ear, the jaw, teeth, the tongue. All the glands, that melts down through each of the vertebra, from the base of the skull All the way down through the center of the neck and throat. You visualize and feel the arteries of the neck, muscles, branching off into the
shoulders, upper chest, upper-back, now melting down through the center of the bicep, triceps, though the bones, the muscles and into the elbows. You now visualize and feel
the center of the forearms, leading all the way out to the all the small bones and
tendons or the wrists, hands, and fingers. This white light continues to travel down, touching each rib. Feel the ribs as they flow from the sternum, around to the spine on the back. You visualize and feel the heart, lungs,
liver, and gallbladder, the stomach, and spleen, the intestines, the urinary-bladder, the kidneys, The pelvic bone, the sacrum, the bladder. Flowing to the femurs, the bones of the leg, the muscles surrounding them. Center the knees, the center the shins, and calves, ankles, feet and toes Allow for this white light to flow down deep into the ground. From there you can just imagine your feet
melting down into the earth. You can imagine tree roots growing out from the
bottom of the feet, all the way down to the center core of the earth. As you
inhale you imagine this golden light coming up the roots, up the legs, into the abdomen
you inhale, then as you exhale flowing back down out the legs, out the roots, and deep
into the ground. inhaling and exhaling. If you want to combined practices the Massaging the Yang Organs, as the arms come up the golden light comes up into the abdomen, as the arms fall then any dark heavy energy flows
back down out the legs, out the roots, and down deep into the ground. As the hands come up golden light comes and massages and cleanses the stomach and bladder, gallbladder, intestines Feeling that golden light come up Feel any toxicity flower back down out the
legs, out the roots, and deep into the ground. They say that heaven is creative, earth is
receptive; so it receives and recycles this toxicity. Bring back balance. Then from there, on the next inhalation,
allow the energy to flow straight up the spine, up over the top of the
head, down the front of the face, the chest the abdomen, flowing through the sacrum. Like a pump racing up the spine up over the top of the head, down the front
face, the chest, the abdomen. Flowing through the Microcosmic Orbit, Small Heaven Breathing Meditation. Use your hands to guide the qi. Flowing up the sacrum,
stimulating the central nervous system, as it comes up the spine, up over the top of the head, down the front the face, the chest, the abdomen Keeping the breath long, steady, even and deep. At this stage you may start to notice with the Micro-Cosmic Orbit Meditation that the flow of energy moves quicker than the breath, and that’s
normal. When you first start learning the Microcosmic Orbit we coordinate the breath with the flow of Qi, with the creative visualization, but over time you may notice as
you start to feel this energy movement. They normally say that it takes about 90
days to 100 days to open up these two vessels, Acupuncture channels. But then you may notice that the breath does not keep up. Using the mind-intent going straight up the spine, up over the top of the head, down the front of the face, the chest, the abdomen, then like a pump, coming up and flowing down. Keeping the mind-intent. Guiding the energy up the spine, up over the top of the head, down the mid-line, through the front of the face, the chest, the abdomen, and through the perineum, acupuncture point between the sexes
glads and the anus. A pump shooting up the spine again, going down the front of the face, the chest, the abdomen. And one more circulation, Allowing for that energy to flow down, and inhale Pulling Down the Heavens three times Inhaling and Exhaling From there, going directly into the Kidney Cleansing Exercise. Placing in the left hand on the right kidney If you’re at home watching, it will be the opposite, if you want to mirror me, then it actually be your right hand on your left kidney. From here we’re going to flow and scoop. Inhale Again clearing out the negative emotions of fear, fright, shock; bringing forth the positive virtue of gentleness, as well as
willpower If your eyes are close you can imagine pulling up water from the earth, up
into the kidney. As you exhale and drop down then imagine any toxicity from the kidneys leaves out deep into the ground Turning around, this is what it looks like from the back-side. The kidneys are also harmed by cold. The winter months are when the kidneys are most prone to disease. And then we come up, do one more. And switch, now the left kidney In Chinese medicine, the left side of the body is your yang side of the body, right side of the body in yin. But the left kidney is yin, and the right kidney is yang. Clearing out the fear Feeling the warmth flow into the kidneys. Imagine a blue cloud because the color blue or black is associated with the kidneys. Filling up into the kidneys. Kidneys are the one organ in Chinese
medicine there that are never normally in excess, and are normally always deficient. As we tend to burn this battery. The bladder could definitely have excess patterns. From here, come back up. We collect the energy back three times. Inhale, exhaling flowing down Inhale and exhale. Settling the energy. Then from there, placing the hands
over the Lower Dan Tien, one inch below the navel. Imagine a white mystical pearl forming underneath the hands as you gather this energy, feel this white pearl expand as your inhale, then as you exhale feel this warmth from this light, from this white pearl release and restore the vitality of the kidneys on the lower back, with each inhalation you feel the white pearl get thicker and brighter, and with each
exhalation you imagine it restoring the vitality of the kidneys on the back. Feel the warmth wrap around the
belt vessel, the belt meridian, wrap around the waist into the kidneys Then from there coming back to the present. Finishing off with Pulling Down the Heavens three times. Inhale and Exhale Feeling completely rejuvenated, refreshed,
ready to start your day. From there kind of get out of your Wu Ji posture, shake it off. My name is Chris Shelton thank you once again for joining me. Day #10 – The Kidney Cleansing Exercise 30 Days Qigong to Better Health I have a saying that QiGong is a simple practice, with profound results.


  • Sheila Chessman says:

    Thank you Chris for these simple and  informative exercises.  I am looking forward to the next 20 days.  I am already feeling calmer  and more alive.  Kind regards, Sheila

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    The veggies have been remarkable. I blend celery, parsley, kale, blueberries, strawberries, coconut almond milk and apple juice and Spirulina as a drink. It takes away the pain within an hour of drinking. It’s obviously filtering out the kidneys from toxins. Also only drinking purified water about a cup every few hours so not to overload the kidneys.

  • Melodye Buskin says:

    Local health food store recommended Kidney Cleanse & Function Tea by Bell. After just two cups during the day the pain diminished. Second day one cup and the pain is pretty much gone. I will continue to take the tea till I'm back to normal. Also organic turmeric and or cbd oil helps relieve inflammation and pain. Everything combined along with Yoga exercises for kidneys and your video all helped. it's all made a difference. Hope this helps someone else. Namaste.

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    Thanks again, Chris, for offering this knowledge. It’s worth it’s weight in gold.,

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