David Wolf Interview: Proven Anti-Aging Supplements

David Wolf Interview: Proven Anti-Aging Supplements

LISA: What do you take in the morning? This
is…perfect. DAVID: So I will put these, sometimes I will
take um, like this morning I got some fresh, organic local, apple juice and I mixed all
this stuff in there. I mixed the, well let’s start with TA65 LISA: Ok DAVID: This is the Astragalus extract that
was identified by the Chinese as being a telomerase activator, the very first ever discovered
that we know about that’s been told to us um, so this is an anti-aging supplement, very
powerful. LISA: The most researched, at this point? DAVID: That’s the most researched, it’s proven
to work. LISA: Ok, ok. DAVID: And, and nothing else is proven to
work, this is proven to work. Meaning it genetically de-ages your cells, meaning that if you take
a test and we check your telomeres, if you do this product for two years and we check
it again, you’ll be four years younger, genetically. LISA: So, double-blind, randomized studies,
for how long? DAVID: Right, years. 2 and a half years I
think is the longest LISA: Years, two and half, ok alright DAVID: Ok so now, this right here is something
I’ve been taking for a year the TA65 and what I noticed after about the first month is like,
uh oh the energy, like really primordial energy like, like I had when I was 16. LISA: Did it take time to build? Or…? DAVID: Yeah I guess so, it just took about
a month LISA: Over a month, ok DAVID: And then, all of a sudden I’m like
wanting to like, go out running in the middle of the night and stuff like that which I hadn’t
been, had that going on in a long time. LISA: Running in the middle of the night,
ok DAVID: Yeah you know where like Oh I need
to go jog off you know, in the middle of the night and just go run and see what happens
and getting it back into running you know that’s that’s LISA: That’s great! So you had a lot of energy,
energy production from this. DAVID: It’s great! Yeah, now this is very
expensive so I went to Ron Teagarden who’s a good friend of mine and he knows about this
product and he knows how to make it and I said, as we’ve talked about it before for
a long time and I know he’s been working on this for 20 years and I said, “Ron, now’s
the time. You need to put your thing together and we need to get it into a lower price that’s
reasonable so that, you know, people can afford this. And so he created the Super Pill 2 and
this is taking components of the TA65 and, and mixing it more into an herbal formulation
that, that takes into account the philosophy of Chinese medicine. The 3 treasure system
the 5 organ system the 12 meridians, yin and yang and that’s what the Super Pill 2 is so
I take these two together and I do like anywhere from two of these each like two Super Pills
and two TA65 LISA: In the morning? Ok DAVID: In the morning or four of each LISA: And then what is this? DAVID: Ok, this is reishi mushroom spore oil,
this is the most powerful immunological product ever discovered in the world. LISA: Immune system DAVID: Yeah, and so this, listen to this statistic
that’s on here this is something else right here it says this: “Reishi spore oil is estimated
to be 700 times as potent as raw reishi mushroom. LISA: Oh so the oil itself is… DAVID: Reishi mushroom is the number one immunological
herb on Earth, this is 700 times more powerful. LISA: Oh my goodness, and this is a capsule? DAVID: This is actually, it’s in a gelatin
capsule what I do is I bite into it, squeeze the oil out and then spit it out. LISA: Yeah? Ok DAVID: The oil tastes ok LISA: And then this is…? DAVID: Ok this is Estro guard, this is something
I’ll do, sometimes I do it in the morning with all these, um, but this is designed to
drive bad estrogen out of your system. This is effecting everybody. I’ve talked to the
top doctors in the world, my friend Doctor Yu, who’s studied this 35 years and he, he
is convinced that pretty much the pollution of our environment has contaminated us with
bad estrogen. Like for example BPA, plasticizers, plastic itself, um residues of pesticides
are all zeno-estrogens, they’re all fake estrogens plus we have a bunch of fake estrogens in
our diet. Like, a lot of soy products so you have to drive it out. And Estro guard it educates
your body on how to drive it out and it works as very interesting product it’s made out
of broccoli. LISA: So this is David’s system, what we’re
going to do is take a quick break and when we come back we’re going to have an entire
demonstration of David’s “Energy Elixer” so, stay with us!


  • noelle federico says:

    Nice video.. Natural anti aging supplements helpful to combat the formation of wrinkles, improve cell turnover and boost collagen production so that you can enjoy firmer, more youthful skin every day.

  • MartyMonster says:

    I still think taking a concentrated extract of Astragalus is better than an isolate of the root.

  • David Wolf says:


  • Dante' says:

    The first two products seem to be great, I mean, anyway in which we may slow/reverse telomere shortening (something I've been interested in for over a decade)…is great.
    However, the cost of both those products for someone such as myself living on a very small fixed income is simply not possible, even the Reishi Spore Oil is out of reach cost-wise for me.  
    If these people are truly interested in helping instead of being a money-making enterprise, the cost could be more affordable to the average person.
    This is somewhat reminiscent of Christians who are more interested in making money, and/or have a hidden agenda, (Missionary's)…. than in truly helping humanity.

  • Kathy Clark says:

    Nice video.. Thx..Maxelder argan cream is a fab cream… My wrinkle formation has reduced drastically and I dont look older to my age any more.. I love the way I look and now just get loaded with compliments all the time. It has made this possible… Suggest everyone w…nyarganoil…c

  • MrMusicformyhead says:

    take too much of this ta 65 and it can give you cancer. Read up on it

  • Gediminas Jesinas says:

    Going vegan or at least vegetarian

  • JENNA Gambino says:

    Where can I purchase estro guard ?

  • CMDR Exoticspeedefy says:

    Better of taking Nicotinamide Riboside

  • Keith James says:

    I have not seen any proof either than MICE studies that show TA65 lengthens telomeres.. I took it for about 6 months, (VERY EXPENSIVE), and I felt no different. I didn't get my telomeres tested, but unless you can see actual proof from blood work studies in humans, then I would suggest to pass it.. The only PROVEN results are from gene expression therapy that Liz Parish has taken. Look her up..

  • lora Cobb says:

    felt better when I took it

  • Jose Gonzalez says:

    Send me details.

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