Dandruff Shampoo Reviews (4b/4c)

Dandruff Shampoo Reviews (4b/4c)

Hey everyone! It’s Hallease here and I wanted
to get on to make a video about different shampoos I have tried to combat my kind of
seasonal dandruff slash Seborrhoeic dermatitis-y scalpy stuff based on when I tried products
that went a-rye and my scalp was like “No!” and freaked out. There is a routine, there
is a technic that you should use. The first thing is shampoo twice. Every time you’re
cleansing your hair shampoo twice. The first shampoo you do breaks up the dirt off of your
scalp. The second shampoo rinses the dirt and gets the dirt off of your hair. The second
thing that I think you should think about or consider is frequency. When everything
is fine with my hair and everything is good, my scalp is healthy, I’m cleansing maybe once
a week. Maybe I’m getting my hair wet every day but I’m only actually cleaning it once
a week, week and a half – maybe twice a week if I’ve been active, working out playing soccer
– whatever. But when I’m having a scalp outbreak when i’m having issues. I’m cleansing my hair
two three maybe four times a week. Especially if I’m trying to get my scalp back to equilibrium
and I’m still working out consistently, I’m cleansing my hair often. The first product
that I used that has always been tried and true for me, it’s my go-to ol’ reliable is
Head and Shoulders. Very affordable product, very easy product 2 in 1 they claim its a
2 in 1 but that’s the thing about Head and Shoulders this stuff will strip you dry. When
I use Head and Shoulders for my scalp issues I make sure to dilute it in a little applicator
bottle. I’ll put about a quarter size amount, and this is back when I had 10 inches of hair
and shrunken. I would put a quarter size amount of this into a 5 ounce applicator bottle give
it a good shake, and use that to work it into my scalp. And I would focus this on my scalp.
By the time you’re rinsing it out of your hair its going to be taking the dirt off the
rest of your strands as its coming out – so don’t really work this into the shafts of
your hair. Really focus it on the scalp. I would use this once for the first wash and
then for my second wash I would use a moisturizing shampoo. Something that isn’t quite as stripping
but is still cleaning my hair. The one that I use and keep with me handy, good ol’ Shea
Moisture Strengthen Grow and Restore Shampoo with the Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I find
that the shampoo is so light and moisturizing and none stripping that compliments the Head
and Shoulders really well. Because I like to experiment, I stepped away from Head and
Shoulders for a little while when I was having dandruff stuff and decided to try Neutrogena’s
This was something that I heard a lot of people would try when they were having scalp issues.
I also once again bought the 2 in 1 because I figure this stuff is going to be strong
and try to combat that as much as possible. Again, the thing with this product is it is
almost identical in ingredients as Head and Shoulders. The differences in the products
are almost negligible. They both have the same dandruff fighting chemical stuffs in
them. Very similar regimen, I would use it again with an applicator bottle directly to
my scalp and try to focus it on my scalp and keep it away from the shafts of my hair. So
that was the Head and Shoulders and the Neutrogena. Now, at this point I decided “Okay. These
work well enough, but they’re so stripping. Can I find something that isn’t as stripping
but still can help with my dandruff?” So while wandering about I came across Shea Moisture’s
Dandruff Control Shampoo and Hair Masque. So I tried both of these together as a regimen.
Now with this because it is a Shea Moisture product and I know its going to be relatively
natural blah blah blah…I used this twice, this was my shampoo twice was using just this
product. I love the smell of this product. It’s like, the best way I can describe the
smell of this product, is your favorite auntie that does hair. She’s a hair dresser so she’s
just got that smell…I don’t know…and this shampoo it lathers really well which is awesome.
It gets your hair pretty clean without stripping it which is lovely as well. Now after I would
shampoo twice with this, I would follow up with the Hair Masque as my conditioner. While
I will say this is a great moisturizer I don’t really feel like this combo really did anything
for my dandruff control. I would find that I would wash and while my hair felt great
and my scalp was technically clean – within a day it would still start itching again.
That didn’t happened when I used the Head and Shoulders or the T-Gel. So, I used that
for a little while but I really kind of considered it a wash, I didn’t really feel like it worked.
Finally I stumbled upon this product, and this is now the product that is my go-to product
whenever I have itching dandruff, flakes or I just feel like I’ve been working out a lot
I want to make sure my hair is getting a really good deep cleanse aside from the Terressentials
mudwash – which is what I use on my hair all the time. Now my happy medium of being extremely
effective but also not completely stripping my hair and scalp of every single thing is
Jason. Jason’s dandruff relief treatment. Am I saying Jason right? I don’t even know…anyway!
They got little blop blops on the stuffsie stuffs I dont be knowing how they work…anyway!
I was first turned on to this product by Myliek Teal of CurlBox. I follow her on Snapchat.
If y’all don’t follow her on snapchat you totally should because her snaps are…I just
want to someday aspire to have that level of just business forwardness…She actually
goes through dandruff flake issues from time to time and of course she’s always trying
products because of the nature of her business. So she was talking about using a different
version of Jason Dandruff Treatment Shampoo. It was still brown like this but it had a
sort of white accent on it. And she talked about how much she really liked it and it
was really effective and basically gave a little mini snap review on it. And I thought
to myself “okay Myliek hollerin’ at it, I’ll try it out.” So I went to my local healthy
grocer and they didnt have the specific one she used but they had this one, and I thought
to myself “well you know this the dandruff shampoo adjacent to the one she was talking
about” And this stuff has been awesome. I will say it is more expensive than the T-Gel
or the Head and Shoulders which is a bummer, I want to say this is like $10ish dollars
getting up into the 12s maybe…I’ll try to find a price on Amazon and show it to you.
This stuff has been the most effective and has really worked. The smell is not so pleasant.
It’s got this weird rosemary sulfur smell because Sulfur is the ingredient that is helping
combat the dandruff in this. It’s 2% Sulfur and 2% Salicylic Acid….[struggles to pronounce
it]. So this shampoo it doesn’t smell bad but its pungent and its like some twisted
rosemary smell. That’s really the best way to describe it. Twist rosemary. This rosemary
is strong. I really…I mean I really like it guys…I really like it. So, if budget
permits and you have dandruff scalp issues try this out and let me know what you think.
If you have tried it and it did or didn’t work – comments below holla at me and let
me know. And if any of y’all have any other alternatives out there. You know hashtag home
treatments hashtag Tea Tree oil. I mean I will say for me throughout my natural hair
journey and this and that, I have always tried to do the home remedies first. I have tried
Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint, things of that nature and found that they just weren’t strong enough.
And so one thing I will say to the naturals out there is that while of course I’m an advocate
of keeping it organic and natural as you possibly can, if you feel like your hair and your scalp
need something more medicated — then go to something more medicated. There’s nothing
wrong with that, there’s no shame in that. At the end of the day healthy hair should
be your goal. And if you need something more medicated to achieve a healthy scalp, healthy
hair, healthy life then go to something more medicated. There’s nothing wrong with that,
there’s no shame in that. So, all of that being said, this is now what I use when I
have dandruff scalp issues. When I try products and the eff up my head and I need to get back
to Equilibrium — this is the product that I reach for now. I hope that helped. And I
will see y’all soon. And…Happy New Year…and I’ll see you when I see you!


  • Consciously Coping says:

    I have had issues with dandruff all my life as well. the only thing that really helps me now is hot oil treatments. I am going to try the Jason brand thanks for the information Hallease!

  • FhrizzBall says:

    Have you tried the purification masque by shea moisture as well? I wonder how much different it is from the Dandruff version. Other than the former having clay in and and a thinner consistency I can't really tell.

  • Evelyn Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for this video, I have seborrheic dermatitis and my scalp has been crazy these past 2 weeks. Tonight I washed my hair with the Shea Moisture dandruff line shampoo and for me it's kinda stripping, but it cleaned my scalp really well. I'll definitely be looking into the Jason shampoo!

  • Greydrops says:

    I find head and shoulders shampoo MILES less stripping than the shea moisture jbco shampoo

  • Obey Amma says:

    I'm not sure whether to start out with the Jason's (do you dilute it also?) line or head and shoulders first because my mom will only let me get one and won't let me be a product junkie again because I was dumb enough to thinking sulfate free shampoos could help my scalp

  • Folasade Hinson says:

    my boyfriend was having some pretty serious scalp issues. I put him on a regimen of jåson shampoo followed up by jbco thinned out with grapesed oil and rosemary. it worked wonders

  • NaturalMo says:

    "Little blop blops" above the letters. LOL!! Fyi, head and shoulders has a line with a treatment for coarse curly hair. I received it in a curlkit and gifted it to my mother since I never have dandruff. She loved it and I have recommended it friends. And, I have that Shea moisture dandruff mask and it does nothing to make me think it would treat dandruff, so I agree with you completely. And, have you tried mixing your own clay wash with acv for dandruff? Just curious.

  • Benjamin Cameron says:

    thanks for sharing…can you do a video on your current winter hair regimen?

  • obsidianbbw says:

    I have a similar issue, seems to be worse with the winter. Only thing that worked for me was sulfur 8 shampoo, 2 washes if I'm having an "issue" 1 if I'm not. I also sometimes the keracare in the bottle, but I find that was hit or miss. I use the shea superfruit shampoo to help with stripping and I do always use heat with my conditioner and some oil on my scalp. I think my last piece was being lazy and not wanting to wash as often as I should. I think I'll try the Jason's since the sulfur 8 is so stripping. I also find things I've tried don't get my scalp completely clean and that was one of my problems. So i'm watching the video as i'm typing and realizing Jason's has sulfur in it..blah we'll see…

  • J Hogan says:

    I do have the Shea moisture deep cleansing shampoo (black label) and the purification masque (black label also) but I only use either one or the other to clarify when I use them. Never used them together since it does seem like it could be super drying. But I only shampoo once while washing. I always fear my hair will dry out too much if I do it twice. Thanks for the vid!

  • J Thompson says:

    I have seborrheic dermatitis and eczema, in addition to being allergic to sulfur and some other things. I use Shea Moisture African black soap problem skin facial wash & scrub to cleanse my scalp. I know that is not the intended use, but I have to use something that isn't irritating, or going to cause an allergic reaction, but clears "the nasty scalp" (a term of endearment) lol! The exfoliation is great!!!!!!!!!!! The only down side is that the tiny black exfoliating beads get stuck in my lions mane, but I don't mind because it isn't noticeable. I use this product only on my scalp (massage it in) and use my regular shampoo on the shaft of my hair. I thought I would share just in case someone else has the same issue… Thank you @Hallease for making this video!

  • Perfectly Flawed says:

    I also have SD. I use a mix of Apple cider vinegar and water to cleanse my scalp. I use an applicator bottle to apply directly on my scalp and let it sit on my scalp for about 10-15 mins. I rinse the mixture out paying close attention to my scalp, I than proceed with my co-wash routine. After I have cowash end my hair. I apply virgin olive oil to my scalp everyday until I feel like my scalp is back to "normal". For the cowash I recommend you use a conditioner that is very light and natural base. I also have the head n shoulders seborrheic dermatitis shampoo on hand that I use once a month or whenever my scalp isn't umm cooperating. Hope it helps.

  • ladyluo says:

    thanks for this review. I haven't had an issue with dandruff until recently so I was thinking of trying the SM but I will try the Jason instead.

  • Just Tkay says:

    Great review. Thank you for this video. very much needed!!!!

  • dragonkind12 says:

    HI! its kim aka smallbeautifulkitten LOL! I was so done with my hair it seemed like it was ALWAYS itching and crusty lol! but then I started searching and I came across 22nd Century Natural Woman hair channel and tried her shampoo bar and her hair oil and I saw a change within a few washes that stuff is freakin' AWESOME!

  • NaturallyNeesh says:

    My dry scalp seems to come around when it gets cold so I use tea tree oil. I wash with suave shampoo and use Argon magic conditioner. Seems to work well for me.

  • h2opmayana says:

    I have mild dandruff so imma give this a try. You are entertaining. your pronunciation of salicylic and comment regarding the accents on the letters. I died. thanks for the video.

  • KNM 21 says:

    You look super cute with the new cut! 👼🏾😍

  • DarkandChocolate says:

    Thank god I watched this video! I now know what to use for my dandruff besides head and shoulders.

  • D.angelnaturel says:

    Try Nizoral it works well for me. I dont know if they have it in your area…

  • GlamNP says:

    Hi 👋I also have SD as result of my hormone imbalance. Sucks. My regimen include ACV rince monthly. Sebreeze to scalp with added (Tea tree/Eucalyptus/peppermint oil. Clarify scalp african blk soap with those added oils. Moisturizing shampoo and then light oil with those same essentials oils. No itching, flakes or greasy patches! Just sharing to all! TFP!

  • Jovanna Jade Estrada says:

    i'm sorry if this is a dumb question but what do you mean by stripping?

  • Daphne Lei says:

    You're great at this (making videos)! Never stop!

  • Debra Allen says:

    I personally love the Jason shampoo. I have the 2 in 1 dandruff shampoo and it is amazing! I'm also with you on washing my hair multiple times a week especially in the summer since my job is mostly outside in the element sweating and all that. I've found Jason to be a whole lot better than things like head and shoulders or even selsum blue. I also want to recommend a product. It is on the drying side but it makes your scalp feel very clean and it also tingles. Not sure if your a fan of tingling but I like it. It's Redkin Dandruff Control shampoo. It's about $15 or $17 ish depending of where you get it from. It's a great product very effective. Even though it's drying it comes in as a strong second to the Jason dandruff shampoo I loved your video it was very honest and relatable.

  • Priscilla Nieto says:

    as a kid I used to get dandruff real bad in the hot summer weather of new Mexico & religiously used Head&Shoulders. as an adult I've moved to Alaska & now my scalp doesn't produce flakes but itchy scalp pimples from being so oily. I just recently got the Jason shampoo you talked about & hope it will solve the issue for me.

  • LuLu Hudson says:

    What conditioners do you suggest with dandruff shampoos? Or what do you suggest goes best with the Jason's shampoo? Also, do you do shampoo "two times routine" with the Jason's?

  • W Learner says:

    I've had luck with Neutrogena T/Sal too. It can be a bit hard to find in stores though.

  • Moses says:

    apple cider vinegar

  • Kate Crossin says:

    I've tried alot of products on the market and nothing seemed to work for me. I've used Head and Shoulders, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Oil, Neutrogena T Gel. None of those have worked for me. I have really bad dandruff associated with itching. I hate this feeling. It is really annoying and also very embarassing. I'm going to either try buying Denorex shampoo or try the one that you mentioned called Jason. Hopefully either of them work cause at this point I don't know what will. I'm gonna go to my local doctor and see if there is anything he can do for me.

  • Jose Molina says:

    So basically you use head and shoulders then Jason afterwards the hair conditioner

  • Kritika Gupta says:

    First, the music was great.. and second, you are amazing.

  • Colby The King of Brazil Covington says:

    If it suggest to use it AT least twice a week… does that mean i cant use it everyday?

  • zombie prodigy says:

    i have dandruff and i have dirty blond hair my parents refuse to buy head and shoulders for me because they think that my hair is going to go black from using head and shoulders is this true? Please someone tell me this what can i say to convince them? i cant find any case of this, that my hair will go black? If someone knows please tell me because my lord this is irritating

  • Meherun Nisa Tamanna says:

    O my God I like you. thanks for the review and suggestions. those sounds helpful and promising. 😊

  • Aqua says:

    ughh I hated that shea moisture stuff. It didn't do anything for my hair or my scalp. Plus it was so expensive. I actually bought that Jason thing, but I returned it the next day, cause I bought them around the same time and I wanted to just try one. I really wish I saw this video before.

  • Sunfish OutOfWater says:

    The only non-Rx items that have worked for me are Nizoral &/ or Dermarest, the latter being my current go to. Dermarest also has a leave-in that is a great adjunct for between washes. It pains me to have to purchase them as none are cruelty-free, so I'm hoping the Jason will do the trick for me!

  • Tesha Jean says:

    so glad I found your video!

  • Lunaius says:

    Love this video. Very informative and the music was very calming 🙂

  • Amanda Viola says:

    that shea moisture product scent description was so on point lol

  • Kay Jones says:

    My hubby has been having issues in his scalp since he was 15. I`m happy I`ve found this chemical-free and safe psoriasis treatment solution called “Κοkοzο Wuno” (Google it). I highly recommend this particular product. After using this treatment method, I`ve found good enhancements on my ailment.

  • Lovely Samira says:

    I have similar issues and this video is very helpful im actually going through it right now i love your personality and channel

  • Invisibleman says:

    Nobody got a video on vitamin e head&shoulders god damn must of cancle that shit

  • langdawn says:

    Love the music selection of your video. I think that helped me to relax while learning about the various products you reviewed. Thank you for that! As a parent, I feel stressed to the max over my baby girl's hair. Her hair is so short, almost bald on the left and right sides but full in the middle and back. She is fully transitioned from the relaxer and I noticed that her hair has been itching really badly and I saw 3 scabs on her scalp. Will the Jason work on scalp scabs as well? I don't know if it is dandruff or not but I haven't seen any dandruff in her hair.

  • dedum456 says:

    Is it ok to use on kids like 5

  • Pratik Modi says:

    उत्तम विडियो ! मैं महान परिणाम के साथ अमृता फार्मा के मस्तानी हेयर एंटी-डैंड्रफ शैम्पू का इस्तेमाल कर रहा हूं और मेरे बालों को एक सप्ताह के भीतर चमकदार और मजबूत हुये है, आप इसे इस्तेमाल करे और आप अपनी प्रतिक्रिया दे |

  • Alex Oborne says:

    I've tried head and shoulders I've tried selsun blue I've tried everything.

  • Vikas Jha says:

    Read this post it tells you everything about dandruff and remedies too https://wp.me/p9u46w-17

  • alleycatfire says:

    let me say thank you! I'm so grateful! I started using the Jason's shampoo and it's now my holy grail. Scalp hasn't been this consistently healthy since before I hit puberty. I use this and the moisturize my scalp not with oil, but with fresh aloe vera. Poof! Healthy scalp, less shedding, and soft hair. Since I now I have locs, I only put a bit in water and apply with an applicator bottle.

  • DrRisk01 says:

    Head and shoulders is so good , but I'd use it twice and it dried me out bad. I'll try using it once this time and follow up with a moisturizing shampoo! Thanks !

  • Brianchorsaway says:

    Head and shoulders DESTROYED my hair so much! Stripped my hair of all moisture and made it as life like as hay in a 90 degree day… I used t gel from Walmart and saw progress but little progress.. jäson one was a saving Grace for me… Made my hair life like and full while controlling the dandruff.. very happy with it.

  • Sara N says:

    I like listening to your voice, it's soothing

  • Chelsea Bujan says:

    this was so helpful! thank you!

  • Metro Commander says:

    I don't like head and shoulders.

  • Meggs says:

    Gonna give the Jason shampoo a try. Side note: I love your voice lol 😂

  • Chantal Bueno says:

    Jason works wonders for me , 10/10 recommend

  • Michelle Smith says:

    I just came across your video. Love it. Great advice.

  • Fly By says:

    Head and shoulders will kill your hair like literally

  • Fly By says:

    Don’t buy shampoo’s with sulfate in it. It will cause really dry hair and damaged hair. I’m 16 years old (male) with receding hairline due to using head and shoulders for 3 years. Yes it helps with dandruff but it will also strip your hair.

  • Traci Dorsey says:

    Going to try the Jason shampoo! I've never heard of it and I've tried everything!

  • Serenityblu23 says:

    None of my aunties do hair😂😂😂😂 . They hate doing mine cuz it's so thick

  • SandKeats says:

    Excellent advice, thank you! I was curious about the shea moisture shampoo. Now I know.

  • UhhCantThinkOfOne says:

    I love the way your voice sounds!!!! Gonna go try this shampoo to combat my dandruff now

  • Michael Fabanwo says:

    You need a comb too. Comb your hair😉

  • PleaseDontGoCryBaby says:

    I'm giving you a like solely for calling the accent marks "blop blops" 😂

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    I struggle with the same thing. Love the advice thank you.. your favorite Aunty that does hair lmao

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    I really liked your tip on using a moisturizing shampoo after the head and shoulders, will definitely give it a try!

  • Anjuli De Alwis says:

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  • Wendy v/d V says:

    Use a scalp brush or toothbrush while shampooing your hair. It does wonders.

  • Lovely Ley says:

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  • Loulydollx3 says:

    Why u talk like if u were a doctor ?

  • Frank Ribeiro says:

    Chronic itching.Big seborrheic keratoid in my head.Dermatologists did nothing.
    With some investigation I control the itching and I achieved the disappearance of the keratoid in 3 months by trying different techniques of chemicals.I cannot explain how I obtained this healing process.

  • Jvmayn says:

    What's 1 shampoo I can just stick with and use every other day

  • Jose Martinez says:

    Even $12 isn't bad. It's for your health. Your body is your temple.

  • Jose Martinez says:

    Btw, I now only use JÁSÖN products. Try out the aloe versions. It will leave your skin soft.

  • carochan86 says:

    Ive been using Garner Fruitise Dandroff ( spelling off) Shampoo for years. There was a higher concentration of zinc versus h @s. When you mentioned Shea Moisture Brand I never would have thought of trying it. A lot of the issues you have I have had also. I wouldn't consider myself the typical client to buy their products because race. I am really surprised by Shea Moisture by how well it works. I feel like it works almost just as well as the Garner.

  • Shay Taylor says:

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