Daavlin Home Phototherapy for Psoriasis and Vitiligo

Daavlin Home Phototherapy for Psoriasis and Vitiligo

for me this this treatment 0:09
has changed my life completely i mean 0:11
I struggled with this for nineteen years 0:14
and this is a big deal to me this is my body and along with my body is my heart and
0:18 my mind and my soul and and
0:21 being able to look at in the mirror and and
0:24 not be sad about this is a wonderful thing
for me 0:37
the emotional impact of psoriasis and vitilgo in the life is significant
0:40 skin diseases unlike internal conditions are
visible to everybody 0:45
psychologically when you walked into an interview or a high-pressure situation
0:49 and you’ve got to be in your skin’s but it’s
quite bothersome 0:52
I’ve had vitiligo for about eleven years now
0:56 uh… I was as diagnosed at age eighteen
0:58 of course with just a couple of spots I believe
on my hands and 1:03
And around my eyes at that point 1:08
And uh I guess it was kind of hoping for the first year so that would go away but of
1:11 course it’s a progressive disease
1:13 And uh kept getting worse. One of the joys
of dermatology is the ability to 1:18
practice phototherapy 1:20
And a number of patients who came in after many sessions Jessie was in tears the first
1:25 Time she started phototherapy and after 15-20
treatments 1:29
I came in to see how she was doing 1:30
she jumped up out of the chair showed me her tummy and said look it’s all gone
1:34 You need to be able to get up in the
1:36 morning and get out of the shower and look
at myself in the mirror 1:40
And to see nothing but smooth skin no red splotches and to be able to touch my skin
1:46 And have it be soft and not be bumpy and red
1:49 These things for me are
1:52 has changed my life and he’s really truly
changed my life i think we’re without 1:56
having psoriasis or vitiligo it’s impossible to understand what these
2:00 people go through
2:01 It’s terribly emotionally trying for them
2:03 and for the first time in their life their
skin is clear it’s 2:08
all the same color and uh… they can walk around in bathing suits seeking
2:12 they can wear
2:13 fancy prom dresses they can go in the swimming
pool 2:20
Phototherapy is basically using different types of ultraviolet light
2:24 To treat the skin
2:25 and there are three types the oldest is broadband
uvb which has been 2:31
Out there for years it can treat psoriasis and vitiligo but it can cause a redness takes
2:36 many sessions to work
2:38 It doesn’t work in the patients with hard
to control diseases that’s the oldest type 2:43
The second type is PUVA 2:44
which is a new modallity that is derived from ancient Egyptian technology
2:50 where you take a pill
2:51 and then you’re exposed to ultraviolet a type
of light 2:55
it was very quickly works very well however over several treatment sessions
3:01 You do increase the chance of developing premature
aging and skin cancer 3:06
the third option is the cutting-edge type of phototherapy
3:11 called narrowband
3:12 phototherapy
3:13 Narrowband phototherapy combines the benefits
of PUVA and rapid clearance and 3:18
working very well with patients 3:20
with the benefits of broadband UVB where you don’t have as much of a risk of
3:25 Premature aging or cancer of the skin
3:28 So narrowband uvb is a new technology that
works 3:33
well in patients without as many side effects as PUVA. Once I started the
3:38 Treatment it was ninety
3:39 percent of my body that was covered was healed
3:41 I only had a small part that i continue the
treatments 3:45
It’s a very easy therapy 3:49
nothing scary about it 3:50
even I find the concern about the latest spots showing up a little bit
3:54 more
3:54 with vitiligo
3:56 I find with consistent treatments they actually
sort of 4:00
change from being stark white to almost already a sort of creamy tone which
4:05 Hey I’d take over stark white anyday
4:08 home phototherapy is an option for patients
where they 4:12
delivered the light doses themselves 4:14
and for patients who are 4:16
Experienced with photo therapy 4:17
i think it’s a good way to treat them 4:20
Basically a patient will receive a unit and the company will tell them how long
4:24 each light dose is given
4:26 however it needs to be done under the supervision
a physician because if you over do it 4:31
You do increase the skin cancer and premature aging.
4:33 skin cancers commission we do get a lot of
telephone calls because we advertise 4:39
In organizations that uh… 4:41
psoriasis patients belong to vitiligo patients belong to
4:45 so i guess we offer a solution to them
4:47 and a lot of these people have gone a number
of years without any kind of solutions 4:51
They don’t know what the solutions are. I tried other treatments i tried laser
4:55 and it didn’t work and i tried out all the
other newer technological treatments and 5:00
nothing was working and that’s when I started the phototherapy
5:04 sometimes the telephone calls we get are people
saying jeez i didn’t know you are 5:07
out there i didn’t know there is any kind of therapy does this really work
5:10 and um…
5:11 one of our jobs is to
5:13 work with these people to tell them about
these kinds of therapies 5:17
we sell. I’ve tried vitamins. I’ve tried 5:19
creams things like that but it’s the only treatment that I’ve used that
5:22 Brought back pigment
5:23 quickly and uh…
5:26 just really a dramatic result. Psoriasis and
vitiligo have a common 5:32
pathogenesis meaning 5:33
the way they develop and how they have a link 5:35
and that is how they relate to the immune system
5:38 the immune system becomes hyperactive in both
conditions 5:42
and psoriasis it’s probably c_d_-four lymphocytes and
5:47 Vitiligo is not
5:48 quite as sure
5:49 as a result
5:50 you have treatments that shared here
5:53 Between two definitely different diseases.
Narrowband phototherapy 5:58
is well accepted by the dermatology field as being uh… the
6:02 treatment of choice for people with moderate
to severe psoriasis and were 6:05
more papers 6:06
and documentation on vitiligo as well. It’s a little personal for
6:10 me
6:11 because of myself having psoriasis. I
6:14 and see the patients are so frustrated with
the creams and stuff 6:18
And so upset and they 6:20
have a lot of anxiety about their condition and then the come in
6:24 And they get better and they say see I’m
getting better and they feel good about themselves 6:28
Like I know I’m helping you and I’m so happy for you
6:31 but this is getting better for them and I
know it’s not something that is going to cure them
6:33 It’s helping them feel better about themselves
6:36 first and foremost treating
6:41 with phototherapy really
6:43 It gave me control over my condition. I haven’t
had one new spot the entire time 6:47
which is really significant for me. A dermatologist is is watching you
6:52 carefully guiding you through this thing
6:55 any side affect that you are presented with
can be take care of by a dermatologist. 7:00
sometimes patients had questions on 7:03
what doctors prescribe this. I don’t have a doctor who can help me prescribe
7:06 And usually I can get a list of doctors in
their area 7:09
if their dermatologist is not familiar with this kind of therapy
7:14 Contact us we know dermatologist from
7:15 one end of this United States to the other
one one end of this world to the other 7:19
that are experts in phototherapy and 7:21
we can put them in touch. Some doctors will call me
7:25 And ask me what kind of
7:26 unit is best for them. A big part of our job
here is to talk to them about 7:29
insurance coverage and to help them get insurance coverage to buy this kind of
7:34 equipment
7:34 and uh…
7:36 if i can say we’ve got a pretty good staff
7:38 doing that i mean really go to bat for these
people who really seriously do 7:41
we don’t take no for an answer. We call the insurance companies
7:46 we file the claim and we
7:48 will keep checking up on that. It’s usually
a three month 7:55
process 7:57
One of our objectives is to provide a nice looking unit
7:59 the largest is a UV three sixty series which
is a full body unit where the 8:03
Patient actually steps into the cabinet 8:06
For full body treatment 8:07
we have a seven hundred series which have lamps that complement
8:11 Ranging from four lamps to ten lamps
8:12 So that you rotate to treat your whole body.
If you’ve just got 8:17
localized diseases we also have a series called the 244 series
8:21 Which is a very small two-foot size and it
was a very good for treating shins 8:25
say 8:26
the elbows 8:28
face so we have quite a a range of products. We also have a spot unit treatment
8:32 called the DermaPal. It’s a little hand-held
unit looks like a little telephone 8:35
a very very high intensity 8:38
and uh… you can use that very effectively for treating spot treatments of both psoriasis
and vitiigo 8:41
and the life of it also has a comb 8:44
You can slide onto thing so if you have a particularly psoriasis very prominent on the
scalp 8:50
You can use that to treat scalp psoriasis 8:53
there’s nothing 8:54
better than 8:56
starting some sort of treatment program. 8:59
Because this is my experience using using phototherapy i would recommend
9:02 that to you
9:03 it makes you feel so much better to have
9:06 control over your condition to be
9:08 doing something about your condition. It has
given me back 9:11
My self esteem my self confidence 9:14
and it’s just made me feel beautiful again and it’s
9:16 Just made me a whole person again


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