Cure Hairline Acne Pimples FAST! | Do’s Don’ts and other stuff you need to know!

Well hey everybody! Welcome back to the channel today. If you don’t know me, I’m Chris Gibson I am your skin care expert and I am here to help you get the best skin you have ever had so if that’s your thing please do me a big favor and subscribe and hit the little notification bellow so that you know when my videos are up each week otherwise YouTube won’t tell you. Okay, so it’s bad enough if you’re having to deal with breakouts on your face but if you’re getting pimples on your hairline the back of your neck and your hair or your temples forehead what-have-you it’s a whole nother level of frustrating hairline acne pimples whatever you want to call it it really sucks and for a lot of people it’s very hard to get rid of and there’s a very good reason why now I do have a video on how to treat scalp acne but hairline acne is a tad different animal to try to conquer these breakouts that happened in the hairline they’re rooted in a whole separate set of causes see what I did there hair roots anyway so let’s dive into the conditions that actually caused it so you can avoid them and the things you can do about it so that you can clear it up and never have to have this problem again okay so here are some of the main causes for those pesky pimples in your hairline that you may not have ever thought of the first of these could be the accumulation of skin care products and your own skin oil in your hairline things like moisturizers make it up hair product whatever you’re putting on your skin every day you could be pushing that up into the hairline as you apply it and not even thinking about it so just think about like when you if you’ve ever made a pizza and you push the sauce out to the edges or when you’re applying skin care products the same thing happens a lot of times with the hairline is sort of acts like a little sponge so as you’re putting on the products you’re actually have leaving up you’re actually leaving an increased amount of product around those areas that just sits in there and dries out around the hair follicle and blocks the pores and we all know what that means a blocked pore means oil and bacteria gets stuck down there and begin to grow and then you get the breakout that’s how acne happens that’s how these pimples happen next your shampoo and conditioner may not be getting rinsed all the way out and shampoo and conditioner is a big culprit here especially those two-in-one formulas and here’s why so you go to use your shampoo whether it’s a two-in-one formula or where it’s just one and you rinse it out and you apply conditioner well that conditioner gets down into the scalp and actually because there are waxes and all kinds of ingredients that are quote unquote sticky that’s what makes your conditioner work it helps hold the sulfates which is the stuff that makes the shampoo foam up in down on the scalp in around the hair follicles the problem of this is sulfates are extremely irritating think about this that’s what’s in your laundry detergent now granted your shampoo doesn’t have the same level of them but if they’re stuck on your skin all day long they’re gonna be irritating so now we’ve got skin care product hair product in there we’ve got conditioner sitting on top of it and we’re suffocating the poor and blocking it so that bacteria begins to grow and then you get these pimples and and what to do what to do what you could do is switch to a shampoo that is sulfate free and use separated shampoo and conditioners in other words don’t buy those formulations that are 2 and 1 because they’re heavy on the conditioning side it’s going to be very very difficult for you to get that all rinsed out and it’s really super important to apply conditioner to your hair correctly and what I mean by that is we don’t want to massage those conditioners down into the skin now there’s a lot of people that don’t like silicones in skincare and I agree that too much silicone especially if you’re allergic to it is a really big problem but silicone actually is porous and will not block a pore so there’s a myth dissolved right there but what it will do is it will stick to the hair follicle down there and cause irritation again in the scalp so we want to apply the conditioner midway through the hair shaft to the end about an inch away from the scalp and try to keep from massaging that in – you don’t need to massage conditioner down to the scalp because your skin produces plenty of oil to keep that inch or so of hair well moisturized and hydrated so we don’t need to do that after you rinse out your conditioner it’s super important to take a water-based face wash or sulfate free face wash which if you follow me you already know I recommend those and go back and reclaims the skin around the area where you applied the conditioner like the back of the neck the temples the forehead would make sure that we get all that conditioning product up and off of the skin super important and this is going to help the majority of you that have this problem this is where it’s coming from and it’s gonna make a big difference the next thing to be really aware of and a lot of people don’t think about this is making sure you’re exfoliating those areas I talked a lot about using exfoliating pads for your face every day make sure you’re reaching up into the hairline through the eyebrows if you guys have a beard same thing and this is the same problem that guys have beard acne it’s exactly the same issue make sure that you’re using some sort of exfoliating product to get that dead skin cells to get those dead skin cells that build up in those areas off every single day and then you can use a spot reader so you don’t go and use benzoyl peroxide or acne skin care products in the hairline and then scalp because one benzoyl peroxide will bleach out and dry out your hair so now you got broken hair bleached out hair you’re not gonna be happy with me if I tell you to do that instead you use products that are camphor base like roll-on spot treaters tea tree oil is really really good you can use a swab and just swap it into the areas especially at night before you go to bed or again these roll-on spot treaters and there are many of them this is my brand clear Revolutions skincare spot treater it’s camphor base but camphor and tea tree oil are gonna help heal up those bumps and kill the bacteria that’s living there in the hairline and make a big big difference for you and easy to use because you can spot treating you’re not trying to rub some sort of cream into your scalp now I will put links to those types of products down in the video description box for you which brings me to the next thing if you use these tips and you’re still having a lot of trouble with breakouts in the hairline or scalp acne you may want to try a medicated shampoo called Anna’s oral and it’s the one that I recommend to all of my clients and what it does is it goes in and helps lift off and exfoliate that dead skin that builds up it can speeds that process up it also treats for bacteria so it reduces the amount of bacteria that can live on your scalp it’s a really great product it’s a step up from trying to do it this way it’s medicated so you can reuse it other day and follow the directions but it can really help a lot of folks as oral is a really good product and it does help now if he’s still struggling after that it’s probably a good idea to go see your dermatologist because you might have something else going on they will be able to help you out because the whole idea of this is to get your skin clear and beautiful the way you want it that’s what we’re here to do now I have a couple of other great videos on how to get clear skin and scalp and put them right over here if you found this video helpful today do me a big favor give it a like share it out let people know about it because it’s gonna help other people and it helps me and my channel grow which is look really really growing and I really appreciate your support in that area so that said stay beautiful much love and I will see you over on the next two

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