Cure Autoimmune Deficiency & Disease: Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Crohn’s, MS, IBS, Chronic Pain

Cure Autoimmune Deficiency & Disease: Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Crohn’s, MS, IBS, Chronic Pain

Good evening autoimmune disease night This is one of my favorite seminars. Yeah, I like it Let’s get going I got a lot of scriptures for you tonight, so we can Go ahead and crank this our Healing Room is is booming to my surprise Both both we had two so far and we’ve been swamped So it’s been going fantastic lots of people to get healed few people haven’t met All right tonight’s our seminar for autoimmune diseases remember the radio programs I’m on every day of the week a couple times, and then on the weekends once Saturday and Sunday My radio programs are going to be changing next month. This is the last month They’ll be on Soundcloud comm I’ll give you the other information later The radio station is changing servers Oops March 10th that is an incorrect slide and The time is also wrong just disregard that slide, please Just close your eyes You never saw that slide Any minute this is mass hypnosis, that’s my critics are right Okay, if you want to help us out And you don’t have any money you can do it if you switch over from Google to good search and put in our charity name Hardcore Christianity, they’ll pay us while you’re looking through the internet watching deliverance videos and Learning kind of manifest it’s a big problem We’re running into every ministry all over the United States now has a youtube problem What is it? people are watching deliverance videos That’s good, and they’re watching them and it’s some of them it’s helping and the demons now know YouTube’s available So they now are teaching people how to get delivered so now we have to weed through the people who are manifesting from watching YouTube videos as opposed to Repenting and the spirits are actually coming out Never a dull moment around here It’s not just me everybody’s having to face it So oh well take it as we see it anyway. We got four four youtube channels and This one will be broadcast and saved on our youtube channel After tonight the fact it’ll be on this one Friday nights is on our YouTube channel here Thursday nights. We broadcast on live stream If you know somewhere that needs to be delivered, please have them send me an email my cat Kartik or Christianity calm I’ll send him one up two minute miracle lists, so they can get healed at home a Woman called me this week and said This mega she went to a mega church here in town if I said what it was you know they were They said that the entire pastoral staff told their people In a big group not to come over here Do not go over to the deliverance Center and don’t have anything to do with Mike Smith Because I don’t have any covering here First of all that’s not in the Bible That’s something somebody made up and their ears you’re covering their terror cells the Bible says where two or three People are gathered together in the name of the Lord That’s where the Holy Ghost so there’s you’re covering the Holy Ghost recovery He’s not not the Presbyterians and Lutheran’s The secondly This mega church that was trashing me over there, I got a stack of interview forms from people who have come over here from that Church and gotten delivered over the years a whole stack of Thirdly Nobody’s dumb enough to be my covering. Can you imagine? Did you hear what he said? Unbelievable this guy’s crazy, so Don’t worry about that. I don’t If I don’t worry about stuff you shouldn’t be worried about stuff When I first started in the ministry and everybody was trashing me it kind of bothered me and I felt rejected I Got over that in about six months If you’re gonna serve God you have to forget about what people say about you You cannot live your life by what people think of you Well God thinks of you, and that’s how you live your life Thanks for your donations. Gotta pay the bills around here. We do not pay any salaries around here. I Am working on a Holy Ghost yacht. I have a habit on order from the Kenneth Copeland foundation Stop that Do you need a reason donation receipt for last year be happy to give you one send me an email or call me or something? be nude you can donate off the Website if you like and we appreciate that too, okay? It’s the end of that Autoimmune diseases are very interesting because they illustrate the incredible power of the human souls You’re made out of five parts as you know you have a body Soul a Spirit a mind and a conscience all five of these parts of you work independently and They all work collectively at the same time It’s the miracle of God’s creation man is the top of God’s Natural world his greatest creation was Adam In the spirit world is a different story, but in the natural world Hey human beings are God’s Most greatest and best creation why We look first of all we look like him Not exactly like him, but were patterned after him Yahweh or Jehovah the great Hebrew God has two arms Two legs a Torso So we look like him that’s how he made us As any father would want his children to be when You have a child you weren’t praying Lord. I always wanted a baboon Can you come back here? No you wanted a child that looked looked like you they call them chips off the old block Perfectly normal God is as the same features so you break down these five parts and you come tonight on our study of the soul and You see that science if it’s legitimate science always proves the Bible true Junk science does not Evolutionists junk trash science That is not true. That’s a theory it has never been proven and there are no examples of it in The scientific world though if they research something and it’s true it always lines up with the Bible Scientists have proven through extensive research that emotions and stress Affect the physical body, it’s a medical fact It is They have proven through empirical research that certain types of illnesses in the body are caused by emotions and stress for example Ulcers Heart attacks There are certain types of illnesses that react to Negative emotions in your body over a protracted or prolonged period of time True and it’s a fact It’s also a biblical truth It’s also the Bible not sharing the Scriptures tonight people who have damaged souls Can develop certain types of illnesses and in the medical field they’re called Autoimmune diseases Their diseases caused by people who have damaged Souls. I’ll show you how that works tonight. Oh Is that for an introduction We’ll see now here, we go it says Autoimmune diseases, there’s all kinds of different autoimmune diseases there are two different types systemic and specific and again It’s all how they attack the different organs in the body They’re basically incurable Diabetes is not technically. I think listed as an autoimmune disease but it acts exactly like one and has all the same features of an AI and Here’s the major kinds of them number one is rheumatoid arthritis This is number one percent of the world’s population have it women are three times more likely to have Rheumatoid arthritis than men for example. Here’s two famous Stars that had severe cases of what one was who’s that I Love Lucy and the James Coburn he’s still alive She’s dead, but anyway This disease causes the joints to morph It’s a extremely painful disease and and ugly one and Thyroid diseases are also Autoimmune diseases They can’t get rid of them. They don’t really know what causes them, but after tonight. We well know that Graves disease hashimoto’s Anna Nicole Smith had Graves disease It’s a thyroid issue and the glands are affected by it The soldier in syndrome, also is a autoimmune disease once against Swami usual swollen glands notice it usually starts in the 40s because Autoimmune diseases are directly related to your soul it takes years of Soul pain to develop an autoimmune disease in most cases What happens is? the soul turns on the person through chronic negativity Self-hatred self-disgust guilt shame mili Asian self-hatred These things in the soul send a message to the body and eventually over a period of time the body turns on itself and the body starts to attack itself And that’s why they can’t cure them because it’s a soul issue and medical science doesn’t believe in the spirit world They don’t believe in God Individuals do in the medical field, but I mean generally speaking scientific research in the medical field is Anti-god and then you’re not believe in spirits and souls And eternity and heaven or hell or anything like that so They don’t understand how the soul works. It’s the seat of human emotion and when you’re a person who has been wounded and hurt severely over the years you carry these wounds around in your soul and These wounds emit negative emotions They cause negative Illnesses physical and mental a long-term depression is caused by Soul scars soul wounds negative emotions out of the soul When you have a friend a friend or relative who dies? It’s perfectly normal to go through a period of depression if you were close to them It is abnormal to stretch that out That’s demonic The devil will try to take your normal pain and your normal depression and your normal emotions and extend them out For his usage As You do that over usually starts in the 40s decades the body eventually turns on itself It starts attacking yourself Once that’s repaired the body starts to recover Venus Williams is a Supposedly the greatest tennis player that ever lived she has Autoimmune diseases How’d she get them grew up with a insane dad All kinds of emotional trauma in the family lots of fighting lots of divorces lots of Remarriages lots of trauma once again. It’s the seoul-based issue That causes the body to turn on itself If you hate yourself You hate others carry around guilt and shame chronic frustrations disgust for yourself and others Breaches and loved ones mother father spouses children You carry this around for years you will eventually develop an autoimmune disease Because your body finally says you hate me Oh I give in I’m gonna hate you too. The neurosis makes any sense but This kind of a background of abuse and pain and suffering self-disgust self-rejection Self-hatred shame and guilt as you carry these things in your soul and carry these wounds with you over the years You can’t really develop an autoimmune disease click And you you’ve got one you it usually takes time for them to develop as Your soul slowly turns on you Lupus is an autoimmune disease Way more effective in women than men nine times more effective Here’s an advanced case of it, but if you dug back into this poor woman’s life. You’d see the childhood the wounds from molestation the beatings the verbal abuse the rejection the divorces the chronic negativity It all stores up in the human soul And your soul is incredibly powerful. Is it not you got to have a soul to be a human being You got to have a soul to fall in love You got to have a soul to Accomplish anything in life you got to be a soul have a strong soul to be a professional. Do you know? You got to have a soul to be married you Got a strong one Being able to Have regular emotions like a normal human being but they have to be controlled Emotions correct laughing is good. You laugh out of your soul Great, I’m gaining that too much laughter. Oops now. We’re in trouble anger is good works works great. Ah Too much anger misdirected anger self anger. Oh now. We’ve headed down the road to a disease These famous stars have lupus, Lady Gaga Lopez MS is a AI disease usually strikes later in life Richard Pryor had it Annette Funicello. She was on TV as a kid Mickey Mouse outfit Yeah, and it’s once you get us a neuromuscular disease that tears the person down and then diabetes acts exactly like a Autoimmune disease. I’m not I don’t think it’s technically a list of this one It is spreading like wildfire in America It’s just absolutely amazing how many people now have diabetes really shocking But again if they’ve got real bad cases of it You look back in their family tree And you’ll see the same pattern in your counseling sessions while you’re interviewing and why you’re talking to why you’re living with them It’s the same thing lots of pain and childhood fighting strife negativity self negativity Disappointments heartaches that store in the soul and they just carry them Year after year as others pile up. They’re carrying them and they Suddenly, hope they come up with diabetes out of the blue These type of actors are multi-millionaires has nothing to do with money, it’s a soul issue You can be rich and famous and sick rich and famous The devil is an indiscriminate killer You don’t care whether you got money, or you’re broke You’ll smash you like a bug never give you another chance if he gets a chance. He’ll take it These women here Rich and beautiful and sick. Why soul issue Halle Berry. She’s gorgeous moon Great actress and so on grew up with broken homes. Heartache lots of family problems, okay? you can trail these autoimmune diseases back to the sorrow where they start in almost every case Addison’s disease is an adrenal gland autoimmune disease The president had it and he suffered with it you know for years There’s your glands on top of your kidneys That’s where that starts, but again it actually starts in the human soul Here’s a particularly hideous disease what’s this one? Lou Gehrig’s disease yeah Fortunately MS. And ALS are very low percentage diseases. Thank God very very small number of people have these diseases, but if you Work with these patients and counsel them I have over the years. It’s the same pattern You trail it right back and it starts in childhood and it moves forward brokenness broken families strife divorces heartaches sorrows miseries self-hatred Self-disgust guilt guilt is huge guilt is really big The person can’t forgive themselves the person is hard on themselves when you meet somebody like that They’re a prime candidate for AI disease later They’re prepping it as they go The gospel allows you to forgive yourself Yeah, because if God forgives you and he doesn’t remember what you did you then have the Privilege of doing it to yourself That one issue alone stabs about 50% of the AI diseases right me I Because most people that have those half of them at least very hard on themselves and very hard on their parents There’s a breach with the parents In almost every case if you trail it back. You’ll see that and Young people they trash their parents they’re off and gone It catches up with you later There’s the arthritis there’s the fibro you know all of a sudden It’s starting to come in and your body is turning on yourself you told your mother to go suck eggs well that Allowed the demons to put a curse on you, and they are gonna come back and you’re gonna pay You’re gonna as the Bible says reap what you sow? But in Christianity when you get born again, you got the Holy Ghost you realize hey wait a minute Friendly I have received so freely. I guess I mean I I had a billion sins God got rid of so since I was forgiven all of these horrible things I Can forgive mom for being nuts And it’s very common for a child to have a mother who’s nuts It’s routine Routine The devil takes advantage of that commonality To place curses on children, and he’s legally allowed to do it because the Bible says Thou shalt not dishonor thy mother know that father So did you trash your parents? You trashing yourself well when you get the Holy Ghost And let them go Because you God let you go So you should have never been saved hotshot Some of you should already be dead and inhale and that’s what you deserve you didn’t get what you deserve you got mercy Since you got mercy you are now in a defined position to give first That’s her little preach These guys got severe ALS Hawking is that think he’s still alive busy like he’s got a hideous case of it. Oh There’s all kinds of other ones ganbare you’ve seen these before Here’s a very common word scleroderma. That’s that’s rapidly growing quickly Nears disease different skin disorders bowel disorders every. It’s a medical researched facts got nothing to do with God that emotional illnesses affect your organs particularly stomach intestines bowels this stuff here starts falling apart And it’s coincidental. I made that your mother I learned years ago fear spirits high in this area I Noticed in my mind. I said to myself. Hey, wait a minute There’s got to be some correlation between fear spirits always being in this area. They always seem to move around here. It’s weird and these Oregon issues plumbing problems uterine issues gut problems ulcers look What’s that stuff acid reflux? What’s the other one IBS mm-hmm? Well, I Sonny I think there’s a correlation there between these fear spirits and these Gut issues me there was Okay, what’s the root of these diseases? Let’s take a quick look at it. It’s this monster The spirit of rejection starts this whole Thing going he gets in a childhood during periods of trauma or extreme disappointment He gets into the child’s brain here And he begins at that very moment to morph that person into another person It’s uncanny how he does it He gets into the brain during period of sexual abuse verbal abuse Beatings car accidents trauma, whatever it is he makes the jump And as soon as he gets in the child doesn’t know he’s in there And he slowly over a period of time starts to take over their mind How does he do it well we’ve been over this before he starts putting thoughts in the child’s mind and At first they’re benign thoughts like look at that kitty and look at that balloon look over there Oh, there’s a butterfly and he keeps doing that continuously Until something happens which radically Changes the child’s life for the rest of their lives As soon as they look over there It’s over for them When they look over there and see the pretty balloon Look at that butterfly pretty and you do look the kid looks at that point the child doesn’t know the difference between one of their thoughts and one of his thoughts If you don’t know the difference between your thought and a thought from the spirit the spirit then can control you By putting thoughts in your mind as soon as the child looks at the butterfly or looks at the balloon He switches gears and puts negative thoughts in the child’s mind from that point on They’re usually personal thoughts so you can give them an AI later You’re stupid. You’re fat. You’re ugly. You’re an idiot. You’re moron. No one loves you God hates. You people don’t like you and it goes on and on and on and What he’s doing there is molding in the soul low self-esteem and a low self-concept and As soon as he gets that Molded he can now start reinforcing it which is what he does as they get older? He starts using other people to reinforce the fact that you think you suck Parents say rotten negative things Cousins neighbors friends then he traumatizes you Huge you start school And he starts drawing in bullies some people who would make fun of you What is he doing there? He’s trying to tear you down and Dominate you through chronic negativity He also starts to let in other spirits into your body One of them is fear all high level demons always use Fear spirits as partners you’ll find fear spirits in almost every case of demonic infestation they always help out The fear spirits are the one that controls the person Fears the Wedge drive into you to control you fear of being rejected fear not being included fear not being liked or loved fear of dying alone Fear of not having any money so fear not have any entry it the list of fears is unlisted Then he lets in a lust spirit the lust spirit is designed to bless you The spirit of lessons there to help you get a relief from the other spirits, it’s all a setup Here, it’s a drug. Here’s some booze. Here’s some sex Let’s go gamble. Let’s look at porn whatever it is It’s designed to give you a little respite So you feel better Here’s a pizza here’s some food. Here’s drugs. Here’s some porn Here’s an orgasm. Here’s that feel good you happy with that. Okay? I’m done, and then the other demons swap The lust demon backs off and the torture chamber starts again They start torturing you again Driving you back to the lust spirit the lust Spirit comes in again hanging back off of this guy time for lust time for sex time for food and for drugs feel better yeah Okay, you go back to them now low self-esteem low self-concept self-hatred self-disgust anger toward others bitterness fear being a little fear being afraid fear dying Fear friends dying fear oh you feel any better. Oh come over here There you go Feel better good. Let’s keep doing that and they this catch-22 goes on and on and on until they reach their goal Where you are now an addict? Once you’re an addict this system runs on its own it runs by itself It runs uncontrolled and runs unstopped The demons don’t have to work anymore. They just sit and watch as The body now is addicted the emotions soul are now addicted the mind is now addicted It’s becomes an obsession You’ve got to keep eating got to keep drinking. I think you shooting What are they trying to do kill? You duh? if they can’t kill you then later on they got backup plans one of them is an autoimmune disease If you have or know someone that has these kinds of emotional issues in their soul They either have an autoimmune disease or they’re going to get one self-hatred guilt Conflict with yourself, I wish I wasn’t born. Why wasn’t I born in this family? I wish I could die why can’t I die? I’ve had many Christians. Tell me in counseling sessions. They prayed and asked God take them all They prayed and asked God to let him die Your prayer obviously wasn’t answered because I was talking to but That’s a prayer God’s not going to answer for you, and what he’s gonna. Tell you to do is Let’s get healed of autoimmune disease. I’m gonna send you the Holy Ghost tonight to fix that poison That’s his answer you’re not dying. You’re getting healed and you’re gonna help somebody else who’s sick you get healed comprendes see He yeah, the demon of rejection is a Credible lover he’s an expert on love. Here’s how he does it mmm. He teaches the young person That love is based on performance so if you do a good job People will like you okay, so you’ve got to perform to be accepted and Perform to be loved which is 100% demonic God’s love is agape is unconditional. Love, which means you’re loved regardless of your performance good bad or indifferent If your performance is terrible you’re loved exactly the same as if you were performance what’s great Unconditional love never changes under any circumstances good or bad If you are failing and screwing up you’re loved exactly the same as if you’re succeeding and helping others to the max I’m his love tonight as I was years ago when I was drunk chasing chicks Huh Nobody here has ever been drunk or chasing chicks. Okay. Got a holy crowd here tonight. This isn’t gonna work I might as well go home No, you’re as loved now as you were when you back slid you didn’t hear me when you told God to screw himself You were loved then as you were when you were in the choir worshipping him Who’s not listening to me raise your head you’re not listening raising God’s love unlike human. Love. It’s unconditional and does not change Hear me it doesn’t change no matter what you do Human love’s not like that so the demons the rejection demon tells you And you got to perform to be accepted by others And He trains the person to believe that once the person believes that they are in deep trouble because Everybody screws up. It’s part of human nature Nobody’s perfect nobody’s even close to perfect well There are a few exceptions, and we are available but The demons know that everybody’s gonna screw up so every time you screw up. They jump on you like a pack of wolves and They keep shame and doubt and failure on you What are they doing trying to get you to commit suicide dumb, but if you won’t commit suicide What are they doing working on their back-up plan an? autoimmune disease later Why no one ever performs? up to anybody standard Even if you’re like perfect, there’s always somebody gonna nitpicky It’s impossible If you don’t believe me get married You could clean everything up, and hey you missed that Oh As soon as you hear that job. You’re working on an autoimmune disease right there, and don’t even know what? Nobody is perfect everybody fails God’s love never changes no matter. How often you fail or how you feel? What am I doing right now, I’m poking a Nice pic in these demons eyes tonight because they don’t want you to hear these kind of truth No one they don’t hear that because they know they’re gonna get their face kicked in in about 45 minutes at this altar The Holy Ghost always moves at an autoimmune disease similar no it’s it’s good you wait and see yeah He’s gonna kick some tonight If you repent a believing in performance love we can stop this syndrome, you’re in we can win this thing Love doesn’t depend on performance It’s a lie it is a lie and The fifth one is the usual some kind of a problem with a parent That is extremely dangerous to have in your life Why don’t have a problem with my mom and dad brother Mike. I never talk to him anymore oh Well later on and AI will be talking to you, so let’s face that now So the a items face you later me oh? I’m good with mom I haven’t talked to her in 20 years. I don’t even think about her anymore, okay That’s a trick of the devil. He helped you blot her out of your mind Because you got a little surprise for you An autoimmune disease coming Well this isn’t an uplifting message actually it is I’m actually showing you how to get healed believe it I know it. Just doesn’t sound good, but You know I’ve never never Cared much about that My dad oh my god. He he abandoned us. He married six other women he lives in Hawaii now. He’s in jail. Yeah, I Am documents oh oh Why not oh? Oh, you know I moved on Yeah, you moved on you’re closer to an AI disease now than you were then when you moved on let’s get that fixed get that swooned out of there Let’s go to the Lord and repent of it and let’s get healed so we don’t have to face an AI later That’s my recommendation Here’s some other killers that will destroy you Chronic fears anxiety jealousy and self rejection is the worst one The rejection demon gets you to reject yourself He gets others to reject you. Yeah, just a couple days. Oh god the counseling with somebody over the internet and The person is telling me Man, I have had so many broken relationships right every now. I don’t even want to talk to men anymore. I don’t like men I don’t I don’t know man. I can’t take it anymore every one of them – Okay you avoiding men and Becoming celibate or a lesbian or something that is not gonna fix this problem And this is a soul issue and you got a man hater down there That’s gonna catch you later with an AI Some people can’t stand people period not just men people period And they live very hard lonely lives, and they they get all kinds of a eyes Because there’s like seven billion people running around the planet And they’re hard to get away from And the demons if you know if you don’t like people they’ll send you people That’s right That’s a fact right there That actually happens. I’m not making that up in the least The devil always send you one thing you don’t want Yeah happens at work all the time It does It’s unbelievable. You’d be in a mall and you know there’s like 2,500 people there and run into somebody you don’t like they’re they it’s unreal and what are the odds of What’s he doing there he’s the demons are picking at your soul They’re trying to generate your emotions because they’re we’re still working on that ai you you’re gonna be getting 12 years from now Hello this thing on Envy and jealousy are as toxic as as a drinking liquid plumr It’s vicious These are these emotions will rip you to shreds quickly Quickly all right let’s go over this one. Here’s how your ai’s work There’s a difference between iniquity know me and sin hammer TM Iniquity is what’s inside you and sin is usually what you’re doing on the outside. See so if you’re committing adultery The lust is inside of you iniquity and the behavior is Sinful behavior, yeah Nick woody is the forerunner to your synth? Otherwise it’s not sin. It’s usually a mistake. There’s a difference between sinning and having your mistake Sin is relative something may be sinful to you, but not him There are sins of commission and sins of omission a Sin of omission may be a sin to you, but not her see it may be God’s will for you to do something, but not that person so that’s a sin of omission if you didn’t do it But she didn’t do it. That’s not a sin to her because she wasn’t asked to do it by God, if that makes any sense Some sins are relative It’s the iniquity that triggers the damage on the soul Then you carry inside you Envy hatred bitterness anger It only manifest later and becomes a sin when you do it I May hate your guts, that’s my iniquity, but I’m not sinning because I’m not yelling at him yet Correct I haven’t yelled at you and could give you a good cousin That would be a sin Correct, but it’s only an expression of my iniquity poured out on him It’s the stored up and Nikoli in the soul that gets the person in the long run Say when you got caught stealing a Couple days ago for kid mentally ill kid shoots up a bunch of students at a school And this is now happening so often you can’t keep them You can’t remember him anymore one from the other but anyway this murder mass murder was in the person long before ever bullet It it had been brewing in his soul for years before that He was bullied in school parents, and I stopped it out self-hatred Other people hated him This hatred for people and this desire for revenge or justice Was the iniquity in his soul that happened years before? He actually shot those kids a couple days ago. I think it was in, Florida Does this make it sense iniquity precedes the sent It’s it’s the root of it’s the foundation for it. It’s the Hamburger Helper Do they still sell hamburgers no I Don’t know where that came from it just popped in my head. That’s weird I don’t think they you probably never heard of it when I was a kid we had this Hamburger Helper And it was a bunch of crap you don’t you can’t afford any meat So you got to put a lot of crap in it make it look like there’s some meat that That’s what white-trash people like me. We ate we wood filler. You put filler in the food Because there was enough food as a kid would be raised you know we were We were trashy folks him And that thing just came out Hamburger Helper weird. I hadn’t thought about Hamburger Helper yet, but maybe it’s an inspiration Yeah, that’s what it was. That’s the ticket Hamburger Helper what happen Ai Diseases can’t be cured. Why because it’s not a medical problem. It’s a soul issue And if you don’t know there’s no a soul problem, there’s no physician there to heal you Jeremiah chapter 8 and Your health cannot recover From an AI disease because there’s issues in the soul causing the person to be ill Jeremiah 30 your Bruise is incurable and your wound is grievous Jeremiah 46 go up into gillian and take balm you virgins the daughter of israel in vain You will use many medicines Now you’re talking about AI these poor patients Take everything and anything to stop this thing, but because it’s a soul issue and that hasn’t been fixed They got to keep struggling to get healed and they will not be cured This rejection spirit uses your mind as well as your soul and your emotions by using chronic negativity Job chapter two chapter ten my soul is weary of my life. I Will leave my complaint upon myself Self-hatred Being hard on yourself being critical of yourself picking yourself Like your mom did you’re picking yourself like your dad did? this Is deadly? deadly And it is the opposite of Christianity because when you’re washed in the blood There’s nothing wrong with you anymore There’s nothing there to knit or pick Except that yawn, I was that’s I see that I have that often. Don’t worry about that. I work through that There’s no sin there to knit or pick The child of God is sinless in the eyes of God If you think you you’re not that way what you’re really saying is the blood of Jesus is deficient It’s a failure and it doesn’t cover everything and the blood it’s not good enough No Christian in the right mind or even partially in the right mind would ever make a statement like that What they they gotta be nuts to say that So there’s nothing to knit and pick in God’s world feyza always 100% on your side oh he’s trying to make you better always trying to help you always want to know you Never turning his back on you Why you’re unconditionally loved washed in the blood? You’re in Yeah, and you can tell your diabetes that tonight suck on that But bitterness comes from where it’s in the soul you want justice you want revenge you want and It comes from the beating your dad gave You somebody abandoned you somebody hurt you somebody degraded you somebody cheated on you and this bitterness dropped in there The demons helped you put it in there the rejection demon Fostered it and blessed it Once you develop bitterness it eventually turns on yourself as an autoimmune disease You will reap what you sow? Proverbs certainly a foolish son is grief to his father and builder you have no idea how many sick Parents there are with autoimmune diseases because their son or daughter is an addict a drunk All kinds of other things Children can cause parents to In Christianity it’s the opposite by faith in Jesus Christ and by trust in God’s Word you turn that child over to God That child is not your responsibility anymore. I’m relieving my soul of my Dysfunctional son or daughter they’re both barnyard crazy Lord There you go, you’re the only person that can handle a deranged child I cannot take it anymore He’s yours. She’s yours this makes sense, but people who don’t listen to God and First Peter Casting all our care upon him for he cares for us people who don’t do that and don’t believe that They keep trying to hang on to a crazed child and keep trying to fix them It’s a trick of the devil They will get an AI disease later. They’re using the kid to get to the parent It’s a trick We can’t just abandon somebody No you’re a Christian and you’re not abandoning anybody you’re turning them over to the Lord and Getting your ignorant self out of the way no offense You’re the jacked up one Not the kid were you talking about but kids on heroin like we don’t have drunk She’s pregnant against know you’re the jacked up one turn her over to You don’t think the Holy Ghost can’t hunt her down come on stop it He’s not gonna do a cotton-pickin thing to help that kid until you let that kid go he’s not gonna help He’ll keep him alive, but you’ll be getting a call again. Hey mom can you bail me out? No I turned you over to God Did you hear that codependent mother over there Sure I’ll do it again because I like autoimmune diseases, I love autoimmune diseases my feet are falling off. I’ve got diabetes oh I’ll be right down to get you, honey What are you stupid Hey? Do it God’s Way? Do it God’s Way and save your life? Oh? That’s a good sermon Adil preach? Go ahead and steal that one Let all bitterness wrath and anger Ephesians 4 and evil speaking put it away for you with all malice why? So you don’t get an autoimmune disease, dude Sums 10 107. They are diminished brought low through what oppression and rah evil and Sorrow what is yoga? Depression and What is depression Number one illness in America far out distancing cancer and heart disease no comparison depression so far ahead Those will never catch up There’s no one thing to catch up with depression nuclear war It’s so far in front it can’t be caught by any illness at all number one illness in America depression Why did the demons love depression so much it helps you get your AI going Here’s what science already knows the facts already been researched Proverbs 17 is a medical proven fact a merry heart works like a medicine a Rock ah a wounded spirit Causes what? illnesses in the body arthritis rheumatoid arthritis Fibromyalgia did degenerative disc disease What else all kinds of weird joint problems are caused by negative emotions hatred Envy bitterness folks come on proper 15 a merry heart makes That’s your countenance well. No kidding. You can look at somebody and read them pretty good get you Sorrow of the heart breaks the person down No kidding Psalms 41. I said Lord be merciful to me and Heal my soul and that’s your prayer tonight, we’re all going to do that together just like King David taught us King David had a crushed salt, but he got healed You’re getting healed But you got to admit your sin first look there it is particularly, it’s a parent issue a Spouse issue Another big one is ex-spouses. Oh and ex-spouse oh Particularly if they screwed you over bad took your money took your kids took something took the car. That’s the worst one. Oh a Spouse ex spouse taken the car now, that’s a low blow okay, the kids negotiable car why? Particularly if there’s no payments on it Yes, how long will you forget me Lord forever and a person with? Autoimmune disease frequently has this thoughts the demons pump them into their mind continuously God has abandoned you They think it all the time How long are you going to hide yourself from me? He’s not hiding from me. He’s right there. The demons are blocking it see Father sends blessings to his children for the demons can block them and the person can block them Blessings are not required to be accepted It’s only accepted optionally. It’s all this is done on a volunteer basis You’re not forced to get healed force to get saved Or force to be blessed It’s your option to take it God doesn’t force you to get saved in he Was anybody here for stood again safe It’s not gonna happen, but God doesn’t want androids and robots he wants Loving followers who choose of their own free will which is in your mind? I choose you Okay nobody forced him to send Jesus here to save us he sent us from his own free will Nobody forced Jesus to go to the cross Did they Far from it. He said nobody’s gonna take my life. I’m laying it down How long will you take counsel in my soul once again, there’s the emotions, this is an emotional thing Sorrow in my heart, it’s all emotions. How long will the enemy be exalted over me as long as You don’t listen to these scriptures That’s how long as soon as you start listening these scriptures and get this stuff out of your soul this autoimmune disease They’re gonna take a hike That’s an old Arabic phrase Proverbs 14 a sound heart is the life of the flesh envy rots a raka decays the bones Can’t you see it this is uh this is medical. It’s emotional. It’s the soul. It’s the body at play here Jeremiah form he had a panic attack when he saw Israel in Jerusalem being overrun Where’s the word is he haven’t had exactly where everybody else has the man The fear spirits usually hide here, and it’s bowel issues stomach ulcers IBS Diarrhea constipation Oh Nobody here has ever had that great Thanks for leaving me up here all by myself. That’s good. Oh there goes Mike again. It’s only him Okay, my heart is making a noise. It sure is have you ever known as panic. Oh, it’s beaten in there No kid I? Can’t hold my peace have you ever met somebody who who? Talks out their fears Huh of course you have I’m married to one they won’t stop talking What is it causing that fear? That’s not them trying to get useful information to you. It’s fear generating verbage Like a it’s kind of a tic Only, it’s verbal okay. There’s a route to a tic. There’s a route to people who talk all the time Does this make sense? My soul once again is in the emotions in the soul Are scared here’s a here’s the trumpet or those called? What’s that called a trigger? Yes, sir trigger Anybody here have a trigger don’t raise your hand a lot of times. It’s related to You run into somebody who reminds you of somebody in your passion and you feel something well something moving There it is Yep, or a smell oh geez that reminds me you smelled something in your past during a trauma period It triggers again again the soul the spirits are using your environment to trigger you Sometimes we use a cell phone and then start playing and then a lot of people go kill that person What you speak affects your health, did you know that proverbs 12 You the demons will deliberately use other people and they do it all the time not just spouses That’s the most frequent one because they’re around more often, but when you walk out the dope They bring in hordes of what bats flies no worse other humans The humans begin to come at you It’s like a Steven Spielberg movie and They’re Semyon their plans and their triggers particularly would They say something Hurtful stupid ignorant asinine imbecilic click and it’s designed ahead of time planned out to trigger you Yes, sir Spouses are good at that particularly right after you wake up The demons go hey doofus us Here okay time to stop the sex dream stop it stop. Oh They’re not chasing you wake up hold a minute your wife’s in the hall wake up cook there she is right on top of you and The other person doesn’t know they’re being used But they’re being used to trigger something in your soul the hurt in your past ow Once you remove that wound the trigger doesn’t affect you That’s how it works once the Holy Ghost removes that wound under your soul and only he can do it The triggers don’t work anymore What happens then that other person that other thing those other people have no control over you anymore You’re free Sultan’s are our triggers on steroids Isola is a demonic catch in their soul2soul It could be anything lost anger bitterness whatever it is jelly Once that’s severed that person doesn’t affect you at all anymore Once you release that and say you’re insane daughter who’s on crack and you give ridley god That pain is severed And now you can be healed Say Once that hooking you is gone and That wounds healed the other person loses control over you See and if the other person Is smarter than you they’ll use your reaction to their behavior Deliberately to control you they know what to say how to say it how to how to piss you off? how to trigger your lust how to trigger your loneliness how to trigger your fears they’ll click it deliberately we call it what Monday ovulation Once that hooks out of there that person cannot manipulate you anymore You get healed Pleasant words are like a honeycomb sweet to the Yes, oh my gosh is in that the truth Everybody knows that you don’t have to have a degree in psychology Get any of this stuff. This is pure confidence. I went down to Tucson and my granddaughter was in a play and She came out I said hey Honey, I came believe it. I mean you’re Meryl Streep. I Came Lea I mean, you are the greatest thing on the planet. I mean I hit her hard. She was beaming I Could have had the opposite effect if I chose to do it, which I never would You know you’re acting your body posture tour Okay, your your legs were your face you tom was wait. Oh Man not. What was it? Thank You grandpa, no that wouldn’t happen I would have beaten her down Right she like respects me. She likes me. I want to keep that relationship For spiritual reasons later, I wanna keep that Open see There’s method in my madness down the road. I’m looking for her to get filled Holy Ghost So I got to keep that I thought you did a great job. I enjoyed That’s what it says now if you’re married it’s different, where’s my hey? Where’s my socks? Can I get it underwear without these holes in okay? Okay, that’s gonna lead to a divorce before you get your a I Start using a little wisdom ignorant Christian Stupid James three the tongues like a fire you’re married in a world of iniquity Why? Because iniquities inside of you and what you say is revealing it You can tell if somebody’s got iniquity in their soul okay, you just sit around listen to him What’s called being a counselor I mean what you do is you sit and listen people that’s all I do all day And generally speaking when what a Person says is what’s in there? Tell me there’s exception you got to weed through it Fraud to see con artist yeah, that’s all there your tongue is Horrible, it’s part of our male us body parts It defiles spolano means to stain the whole body How does to do that will eventually give you an autoimmune disease you’re constantly spewing? Negativity and hurtful things it ventually destroys you Not just others got a big mouth was what you got see you need a mouth ectomy It’s set on fire of the we love nature now, that’s a weird phrase. It’s the only place in the Bible That phrases their Chakras Genesis It means a wheel always runs the same way it always looks the same And that’s the way nature is nature. Just runs on its own is what are you saying? So once you develop a filthy nasty ugly Tongue with iniquity in your heart you’ll start doing that naturally there’s what he’s what prophets trying to tell us brilliant If you keep saying that and you keep behaving that way you will suddenly do that naturally That’s why the bible requires you to renew your mind on the word of god so that your old life of mental derangement Goes down and your new life in Christ runs naturally like nature Like on Jurassic Park the guys say nature finds a way and It and it does it runs God set it up to run on its own Right I take my Hummingbird feeder out in the backyard I got to refill it I put it in the backyard. I like hummingbirds Old people in Sin City like hummingbirds I Put it out in the tree, and I go in the house. I look back out to see it coming and the honeybees found it Well you can’t kill a honeybee that’s a federal offense So, I just put one in the back for the honeybees put one in the front for the hummingbirds It’s called negotiation Only those of us with monster IQs are able to do these things What am I doing there I didn’t advertise honeybees They just naturally came there honey bees do what they do Without thinking they just do it naturally The Holy Ghost is trying to get you into a spot in your life. Where you just do Christ naturally You don’t have to think about not cussing somebody out it’s not there anymore This is good preaching even though. It doesn’t sound it Now let’s go to these these are terrible Wounds all wounds eating disorders are not Illnesses they are soul issues Fools because of their transgressions and Iniquities are enough self abusers. No kidding cutters Pickers That is coming out of fear and soul wounds Leave me no interaction eating disorders OBC deep down inside the person hates Themselves carrying guilt carrying shame self-disgust spirit of rejection he’s always there Behind all these illnesses you’ll find him if you look for it Self abusers I’ll watch the movie years ago I Forgot the title of it, but it was something in Las Vegas, but anyway this guy Alcoholically is leaving Las Vegas, huh? What? No, no is materially I think it was some weather, but anyway this guy went to Las Vegas to die He was an alcoholic and he quit his job Was that the movie? What was it go? leaving Las Vegas guy quits his job, and he’s had it and it’s over and he’s gonna go to Las Vegas and He’s gonna kill himself by drinking himself to death he hasn’t got the guts though So he’s going to end it this way well. He goes to a prostitute in Las Vegas, and he falls in love with her and she falls in love with him Which is unusual? well, she tries to keep him from drinking himself to death and tries to save him and Love was not enough Love’s not enough love. It’s not enough for an addict. They won’t quit they gotta hit a bottom They won’t quit because they love you they won’t quit because they love themselves because they don’t Hate themselves Once again if you dig down in that attic soil you will find our old friend He’s not a friend a spirit of rejection from childhood. He’s hiding in there somewhere I’m framing you’ll find him there Are self abusers their soul abhors food, it’s an emotional issue. It’s not a physical one They draw near to the gates of death if you’ve ever counseled any of these kind of patients, it’s shocking how close Dell died Union and Severe cases they hospitalized them and force-feed them they force-feed They have to be retrained like babies to learn to eat again Now that we’ve put on a schedule they have to be a structured amounts gradual acceleration It’s bad However, you get them soul wounds out of there and those fierce spirits on there They’ve all got fierce spirits that thing goes away within weeks They recover boom boom like that Right at the hospital they don’t give you a spiritual solution. I mean they do the best they can they’re good people Psalms 42 why are you cast down? Shawna is sunk My soul that is a typical AI patient they get so tired and so cooped with life at some point they just want to die and That’s that long term. They called dysthymia. It’s long term depression It’s just a slow Slide click and they want to get out somehow Lamentations one these things I weep My eye runs down with water the comfort that should relieve my soul is far from me loneliness The horrible soul buster Job 14 his flesh upon him shall have paid his soul shall mourn. Yeah Once the demon to give you your AI they use the pain of it to drag you down emotionally and spiritually Perfect pattern they become morning and eventually when self-pity steps Sets in you’re close to the end self-pity is the final drop My children are desolate because the enemy has prevailed translation they get so tired so depressed so exhausted they give up I surrender And they go down They reach a hopeless point With the holy ghost round that need not have No, not only them around That’s not gonna happen It’s not gonna happen You’ll see in a minute Judge my wife, all right be not deceived God is not mocked whatever a man sows that shall he also reap This is a law like gravity in the Word of God, and it has it is indiscriminate sinner or a saint doesn’t matter Gravity applies to Christians Before the rapture and Gravity a prying applies to sinners and so does this whatever you sow you’re going to reap it period no matter what and so If you’re a born-again Christian in your spirit, man, you got wounds on your soul you got sicknesses in your body? you will be a dead born-again Christian Earlier than you should have died Well it must have been my time no you chose your time You didn’t repent didn’t change and get rid of these wounds You didn’t forgive that person you didn’t get those apologies out. You didn’t do it, so You made your time now you die because you chose today God gets blamed for stuff all the time said he didn’t do either So this flesh of his flesh reap Authority kay what a perfect description of an autoimmune disease, it’s a slowly progressing slide down an ugly hill Not fun he that soldiers of the Spirit shall Get well you’re gonna get tonight You’re gonna so to the holy go tonight and the AI comes out moon comes out Cut it to curtain draws There’s you there’s your generational curse history Your AI actually started in your family tree before you were born believe it or not the same patterns Can be found in your family tree? The same sins can be found in your family tree and The same iniquity in your soul can be found in your family tree. You wouldn’t believe it there They’re up there if you dig up the tree. You’ll see Our old buddy the spirit of rejection they’re picking off this that person Yes, you’ll see your alcoholism your drug addictions your sex addiction you’ll see the pattern criminals Divorces it’s all right there in your family tree This is a part of your family tree does not promote. Oh There it is now you know why you’re sick the roots in your soul are causing your illnesses you’re in many cases your mental illnesses your emotional issues your spiritual blockages and your Failure to live a powerful Christian life, which is what you were called to do you were called to be a demon fanny kicker I Made that up, but it sounds right you’ve been called by God Fight back you have not been called to be a gutless Cowardly loser sitting around all the time taking a beating That’s not you you need to change your identity you need to repent Tonight you got roots Dug in there from childhood some of these roots are still in there They’re in your soul They’re being maintained by your mind and if you dig down in there you’ll see our old friend a Spirit of rejection he’s there if you look for him you find him once you get him. He’s got to be killed You’re on a hunting expedition expedition tonight you’re gonna hunt down that monster, and you’re gonna take him out Using spiritual weapons The blood that Jesus shed his Broken body for your healing a Broken body of Christ will wipe out any autoimmune disease, but the soul has to be fixed first The Holy Ghost will inste hear you, but you’re still pissed off at this person ooop Blocking your healing not gonna happen hello, all we got to do is have a quick session with brother Mike and Here’s how he does it? Apologize oh gosh The Pope should be calling me That’s amazing like that’s deep No, it’s not deep and a casual reading of God’s Word if you’re interested. We’ll come up with that one repent change forgive apologize Revolutionary brother Mike can I get your autograph? Listen these roots of what you have to look for for autoimmune diseases. We remember that this important slide I want you to keep from the rest of your life. It’s not something superficial And Christianity makes it superficial Let’s just go pray and have them get healed that’s what the Christian is say the word of faith. Kook’s just speak it out Neil Wait a minute There may be more here than meets our eye You’ve got multiple sclerosis when in that set in oh when I was 42 and When you were young What happened to you well? My uncle did this to me, then I got that then I had this and then my x2 dent and the other X did death How do you feel about them? Oh? I’m fine with those old bastard’s Therefore whoa hold on hold on a minute. Wait a minute I Just found a route That’s causing the AI Disease to flourish see I just investigated it Because I’m an investigator It’s hiding somewhere in the soul something’s blocking the person’s healing Dad it keeps relapsing look around the soul and there you’ll find the root of it It’s usually shame usually self-hatred usually bitterness something like that if you hunt around there you can find it And you can see that person healed See many of them healed That’s The truth God’s Word heals body and soul doesn’t Psalms 147 there it is The Lord always goes for the heart. He wants to bind up the wounds of the person’s heart That’s the abuses the pain and whatever you’ve suffered through it Happens all the time with kids These parents split up bang. There’s a divorced trauma, and then the child usually stays with the mom Not always and then the mom then either brings in a stepdad or a live-in Well the live-in Dad small percentage of them. Love the kid. It’s not their kid And in fact in most cases. They’re hostile to the stepchild or They don’t care or They prefer their kids from their previous marriage They’re divorced over here, and they got two kids over there so that takes their time energy and money This kid NIT gets neglected or abused or beaten It’s easier to abuse Emotionally physically and sexually a stepchild than it is a natural child percentage-wise There’s a greater percent So the stepchild develops a bitterness toward the Stepdad or mom Right the stepmom comes into the family unit and prefers her kids Which they brought in now? You’ve got a blended family? What do you call that a carnival Now you have competing Personalities for everything food attention love affection time energy There’s a competition going on between unknown These people don’t know each other they don’t who are you? So these roots start click growing bitterness hatred frustration anger loneliness abandonment a sense of injustice drives into the child and 50 years later, they’re in a wheelchair 50 years later. They’re taking pills and Because their heart is not healed the Word of God forgives all your iniquities and heals all your diseases Psalms Worrell sunny said it word and healed them and delivered them from all their destructions First Chronicle 714. It’s so simple here. Isn’t it? Everybody’s got this verse memorize, don’t you? You know or else memorize and then if my people which are called by my name shall All right who’s gonna do that tonight raise your hands Two people over here three or four there, but Oh Lots. I’m over here. This is the revival section then Then it says well then Oh God You do these four first. What comes first the chicken or the egg these four come first? That’s what it says Then it says that’s it. That’s a conjunction then I Will a Blueprint for a miracle oh That’s a grenade verses know Psalm 6 if I regarded Nikoli in my heart you’re AI disease can be blocked Because you’ve got Bitterness towards yourself others here there, and you can’t get healed is anybody catching this I’m not making this up folks and it’s right here I may I see it in my counseling practice all the time, but I I got it here first I went here first, and I noticed this. Hey wait a minute here. This is a spiritual thing Right I had to learn like everybody else and just a regular person like everybody else’s Let’s go to husband’s now husband’s dwell with your wife according to knowledge giving her honor Tamayo means to place value on as the weaker vessel Oh What Let me catch our breath and let’s go to the last half of the verse if you can still sit there as being heirs together of the grace of life right a man is to leave his mother father and they become Flesh yeah, what’s the problem with most of these marriages in-laws? The person is to leave you know what leave means Leave the battle-ax Leave grumpy My wife I think we went home When I got married, but forget what number this is Her mother wanted to Make an impression and I Straightened her out Oops Now here’s a special problem with husbands wives don’t have and here’s the scripture These are gone and these are now together, this is God’s version of it leave your mother and your dad Leave them Now go here Okay, when you go here the husband is the head of the household Yeah, when you have a female-dominated home. It’s a loaded with demons and They hit the kids, then you have all kinds of behavioral problems, or if you have a home where the father’s absence common nowadays divorce so now you’ve got a female-dominated home with the kids run by women I Mean they’re good people they’re doing the best they can but I’m talking about God’s system the system is father-mother kids husband wife Children does that make sense that’s the system he set up He said I want to run this way humans told God to shove it and said we’ll run it any way we want to to women to men to trans pets anything now anything goes See well when anything goes then the demons move in the soul wounds the breakups the dysfunctional families the pain all of it begins to filter through the family see if that makes sense the homes supposed to be husband wife gets When this is jacked up System collapses kids dominating the home permissive parenting Codependency it all falls apart marriage falls apart family falls apart strife sorrow sadness and decades later auto immune diseases crop up Addictions crop up But Wife/husband dishonouring the wife he prays the demons block his prayers What’s the problem now the head of the household can’t get his prayers answered The family is screwed If the father can’t get those prayers answered the rest of the family’s in trouble rabbit Okay a cop doe means to cut down like you would a tree with an axe You pray and the demons are Chopping your prayers down Hey He’s just fights wives submit yourselves your own husband’s Your husband not somebody else’s husband Hey Las Vegas, San Francisco, whatever Swapping is popular wife swapping Husband swapping swingers, okay Now there’s a lot of benefits to swingers you don’t have to go to bars and pick people up There’s some there’s some structure to it you can schedule different things, but what you’re doing is you’re swinging and you’re letting all these demons in and You’re submitting yourself to somebody else’s husband or wife. If that’s making sense And you’re picking up transfer spirits from these other people you’re sleeping with And Husband wife kids a Blended family the wife puts the kids ahead of the husband the stepdad Particularly if the stepdad doesn’t like the kids So the mom comes in their defense so the mom then favors our step, they’re her kids Over the step bed, so now you got the kids here The step down here. They’re moms the dormant What are women supposed to do be slaves no, it’s a subordination. It’s a recognition of Position it’s like the Divine Trinity Father Son Holy Ghost nobody’s better than anybody else it’s a structure God is a structured person say So the Holy Spirit’s down here. He’s much less person and father. No it’s a structured system Nobody husband wife kids nobody’s better than anybody else, no one’s loved more than anybody his father setting a structure to it So it’s organized and works properly The Trinity is perfectly organized father. It’s not holding out, and it works perfectly This one agrees with that one this one agrees with that one. They all work in total unity That’s what the Trinity means. There’s one God Here o Israel the Lord your God is one It’s not one person. It’s one in unity See when you get married. It’s not one person Two shall become one flesh when you’re not one flesh your wife has a you’re married aren’t you? You’re not married Barney take this guy out in the back when you get married, you’re One-one in unity one flesh, but you’re not one flesh are you? There’s two people there for crying out loud at least they are when they come into my office Husband and wife’s barrel in them. It’s his fault. You know sir fall. Whoa time out. I’ll figure out who’s following this Because I’m lucky. That’s why they call me lucky Listen You have to submit to your position in the family, or you’re going to get demons and your prayers are going to be blocked And you’re gonna have what we call a dysfunctional family Am I helping anybody probably not, but I’m trying mark 11 when you stand praying a famiiy release Forgiveness means to release see That’s very hard to do with a blended family because everybody hates each other nobody Started out with each other. They’re all new and the kids come in they don’t know each other incest statistically goes up in blended families for obvious reasons They’re not genetically related Genetically blended families this person usually likes their kids better than your kids the kids usually have certain bonds with the genetic parent they don’t have with the step parents Family dynamics when God forgave you of your sins Afiya me he released you of them That’s why they’re gone You release something you can get rid of it, but if you have to hang on to it Ái down the road let it go If you have aught Against any whoa You also have to forgive them, and you must release your up Your art is your negative emotions you have about that person even though you’ve forgiven I forgave them but I don’t want to talk to him I Forgave my mother, but I don’t want to see her uh-oh Red flag up just reared its ugly head in my office Something’s got to be done about it or I can’t get this person forgiven You’re not going to get forgiven or released by God if you don’t release these other people How do I know that I read it here So your Father in Heaven may release you a famiiy of your per Optima trespasses or errors mistakes screw-ups failures What have you? If you’re going to hold something against somebody else God’s gonna hold something against you if you want to be forgiven and given a second chance because you screwed up the business the relationship the family the whatever a You’re going to have to learn to Do it to others And one thing you don’t want to have trust me on this one yes, God, not releasing you of your failures Notice it didn’t say sins are John 16 here’s another one I told you all these things so you would not be offended Of taking offenses, maybe the number one or number two Killer of Christians Taking an offense where does it start if they’re hard on themselves number one. It’s them number two It’s usually a spouse number three kids number four somebody at work. You can get the idea. It’s usually somebody close to you But in our society the demons are really killing us he gets people to take political offenses now Things are so bad out there You’ve got the Clinton people and the Trump people and they don’t just disagree anymore. They hate each other and That is up Okay Can you imagine going to hell over Hillary Clinton I Can’t even imagine sending a fiery pit screaming I Hate Hillary, let’s check it if hating Trump. It’s not worth it. It’s not worth your soul You didn’t hear me Nobody’s listening. It’s not worth hating Trump to burn in hell. Okay. Stop it I Haven’t preached that sermon about six years. I need to do that stop it one again. I just felt an unction Listen taking offenses of the worst thing you can do as a Christian It starts every church fight in every Church split if you dig down there. You’ll find two people somewhere sitting there And they got that look on their face. Just yet. Oh yeah, it’s choreographed As soon as you see that look you got a church flick coming That’s right. They’re probably Baptists boom, but Baptist split more than any other group Unbelievable and it all started out with it Like I’m appalled at what what you say, that’s the second thing what? As soon as you hear that what on this place is screwed. It’s over And as soon as you take offense here decades later that could grow into an auto immune disease They’re constantly taking offenses at people Come on When Jesus went home to Nazareth let’s close He couldn’t wait to get home no man does that ever happen to you Couldn’t wait to get home He had all his friends he grew up with And he knew someone had autoimmune diseases he couldn’t wait to heal him you’re gonna see mom again I Don’t know if Joseph was still alive, but let’s say he was couldn’t rate couldn’t wait to see a stepdad Couldn’t wait to see his school chums Couldn’t wait to go to the synagogue again where he started out and just opened up the word, and then have a massive healing and deliverance and Incredible meeting Couldn’t wait to do it. He was so looking forward to it and Really looking forward to its back. Then you know you didn’t get anywhere too fast you had to walk so Walking allows you to think a lot Driving allows you to think a lot and then get in an accident while you’re walking the Person Ponder’s things as they’re walking because walking is boring so your mind has to do something Have you ever been to a gym and seeing all those people on the treadmills? they’re all doing something because treadmills suck No one no one likes a treadmill everyone hates them except the people who have OCD And have exercise Addictions, but every regular person hates the treadmill, so what are they doing the gyms put up TVs? clown shows They’re reading books. They’re looking at something on their thing. They’re doing so wide they don’t nobody likes walking Well he was walking and pondering couldn’t wait to get home and He gets to the synagogue He’s ready to go God’s ready to go father couldn’t wait for him for Jesus to get home. He was watching the whole thing anxious everybody excited Who is this guy wait a minute you know cause you know all this stuff Where do you get all this power? What if they start nitpicking and then they took an offense? What happened there the same thing that happened you as soon as you started taking offenses you lost your miracles from God You lost the presence of God You lost the communion of the Holy Ghost the Greek word, Koinonia your partnership and relationship with God was then destroyed You’re sick with an AI and you can’t get healed your marriage is broken rotten, and it sucks your life stinks At Christian life’s a failure why? they took an offense and It says he could not do any Miracles there because taking an offense leads to on belief When you’re offended of someone you don’t trust them anymore if you don’t trust them you don’t believe in them and This incredible revival while Jesus was walking I know he’s thinking this Every person in town is gonna get healed all my old friends Everybody is gonna get healed when I get there tomorrow I’m sure he was thinking it. I know he was because that’s his MO. That’s how he’s built He wants to help you He doesn’t know anything else He can’t figure anything else out he always wants to help God can do anything far from it. There’s many things God. Can’t do and one of them is heal a bunch of unbelievers Who take offenses You want to end your miserable life here tonight, just repent of it Taken offenses now I could have taken an offense at that megachurch for telling everybody not come over here I Could have done it right if I was ignorant I would Homey don’t play it out anymore What’s gonna happen tonight Here’s what’s gonna happen Isaiah 35 the Ransom of the Lord shall return to Zion with songs and everlasting joy That’s what you’re gonna get They all obtain joy and gladness That’s a replacement to an AI disease sorrow and on the hot groaning From grief is going to leave you you Didn’t know I was prophetic didn’t you yeah, I gotta get on TV Malachi 4:2 you that fear my name Not fear yourself not for others not feel men Not fear demon I said fear the Lord the Sun of righteousness shall arise with Me in his wings You will growth go forth, and he’s using the analogy here. We don’t use anymore You know cows and calves are not working here They would have worked where I? Can zhis there’s a lot of farmers there? But this was a positive thing I know you’re looking at go. Well. I don’t want to be like that know that back Then it was a positive thing because the Calves and all the animals were happy to get out of the stall they couldn’t wait to go out into the pasture and feed they Were so happy they it was fun They were all in a good mood They’d go out and eat and have some flatulence And then they would look at each other and maybe a little mating it was a fun time out pasture That’s the point of the words. I’m trying to explain it Not doing too good You are going to repent of what tonight. Let’s close with this Saying stupid hurtful things about yourself and others That deep silence is bothering me. I was hoping to get a ok out of that or yes I am or something to self discussed and self-criticism That ends tonight regrets and chronic negativity ends tonight Bitterness and anger toward people who have hurt you and abuse you in the past That gets nailed to the cross your ex Is going to be prayed for tonight? We are going to bless them And we’re going to give them to God you’re going to take your step down or your step mom and do the same You’re going to ask God to forgive them and bless them If they’re dead you’re gonna apologize to the Lord for all the bad feelings you had for them And you’re going to release that person from your soul tonight Hello you are going to forgive yourself for all your failures and all your preceived failures Ladies you’re gonna forgive all these bad men You’re gonna stop blaming God for stuff he didn’t do Blaming God will cut your benefits off instantly Nobody likes to get blamed for stuff they don’t do he’s the same Bitterness the cancer of the soul, I really believe bitterness is the root of cancer, but I I can’t prove that yeah Bitterness and strife will kill you and guess what? It will leave Matthew 9 well close with this Jesus said to this boy laying on the cot He was obviously ludicrous, which means spinal cord injury he was probably a quadriplegic be my guess You know the story they brought him down there. It couldn’t get him in brought him in through the roof Laid him down there lowered him down somehow And you would have thought the intelligent thing would have been – oh there’s guys paralyzed. Let’s get him healed no God God looks on the heart man looketh on the outward appearance, but God always looks at the heart first He looked down at the boy and saw his heart and told him there sail Be of good courage have courage. I’m going to a famiiy Release you from your sins What was a kid doing like any like the vast majority of People who get in accidents and injure their spinal column they end up blaming themselves Why did I go? Why did I get on that bike? Why did why did I ski there? Why did I do this? Why and all these wives hit them constantly because they’re alone a lot, and they’re in bed a lot and their mind Runs with demons the demons put these regrets in their mind constantly flooding them with these thoughts well if you had done that and if you’d had done this if you’d have done there and Gone there that wouldn’t happen then this is your fault Everything’s your fault. You’re laying here because it’s your fault you have to live with yourself the rest of your life You can’t even go to the bathroom Look at you You look ugly you’re skinny. You’re and it runs on and on well Jesus saw that in a flash of Gift of knowledge and he knew that the heart issue was more important than the physical illness So he went to the most important thing first which was healing the poor kids soul What’s the first thing he did to the widow of nain The woman husband’s dead her only sons dead. She’s broke No jobs no future no one to take care of her when she gets old she’s lost everything The kids laying in the coffin dead you would have thought if you could resurrect people you know done the kid first wrong Man looks on the outward appearance God looks on the heart He went to the woman first Doing what the heart a broken heart hurts more than body pain a broken heart is more devastating than a illness a Broken heart is the worst thing you can live with Today today those people appearance and them kids shot Are in much worse shape than anybody in the country They all have broken hearts and the Holy Ghost is the incredible healer the broken hearted, Isaiah 60:1 he sent me to bind up the Brokenhearted Let’s let’s pray Thank you Jesus youtuber stay right there Lead I’ll lead you through your healing here And bring me up that handheld mic if you would Thank You Jesus Lord a lot of my friends showed up for the Seminar tonight I thank you for it. I thank you for your word I Did my best to explain how the soul and the body and? autoimmune diseases relate to one another But as you know I Am NOT able to help anybody it has to be done by the Holy Spirit I Don’t have any abilities or skills Of any kind we are looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith, and we are Looking to you right now We’re looking to you right now I Want you to forgive each person here who has a soul wound has bitterness toward themselves or someone else or someone in their past I Want you to forgive each person who has regrets? Each person angry and a step mother or father step brother or sister Every person here who was hit by The monster from childhood the spirit of rejection I want you Bless them and heal them tonight Lord for tonight is the night Where you heal auto immune diseases? But you will heal their soul first Just like you did the widow of nain. I saw you do it because I just read it And if I read it I saw you do it Just like you healed that boy on the cot he had a broken broken crushed heart and You healed him first? there And each person here who has any negative feelings about themselves Its person they’re going to repent of it in the name of Jesus so they can be healed Each person here who has bitterness toward an abuser a cheater a liar a betrayer each person here each one They are going to repent of this sin, and they’re going to release it to you Each person here has a soul tie tied into a dysfunctional family member an ex-lover a dream Anything Else we told a spirit. I’m looking for you to break that soul tie tonight, so your people can be free I Pray Lord for these four or five people are sitting here. They’ve got pride and arrogance and they’re not going to do anything I’m going to ask you to crack them With whatever it takes to get them to change I’m sorry to have to ask you that but I feel I have no choice because their lives are Great value to you and their arrogance and vanity and pride and their religious knowledge It’s going to destroy them I’m asking you to crack them some night. Whatever night it is And bring them back here, or somewhere else so they can be healed or delivered In Jesus Holy Name Amen Now just raise your hand and wave at me if you have aught toward yourself Because you did or centered something in your past that was very Bad and you have having trouble forgiving yourself Raise your hand real quick oh Good, there’s only a couple. Okay, come down here and see me right now won’t pray for you before you leave You look at yourself in the mirror, and you don’t like what you see Because your past your past is still your present Your past is still your present when the ministry teams gonna come up and help me here Stand right here and look at me. Thank you Your past is still in your present and because it’s in your present It’s blocking your anointing your gifts and your blessings from God, and you know it is You know it is. You don’t need me to tell you You got problems And you know what they’re related to You’re hard on yourself You’re hardening yourself Here, and you’re nitpicking yourself because of your failures God does not nitpick his children They never doesn’t Never Nitpicking is criticism God does not criticize you There’s no need to criticize you everybody else does God’s not gonna pile on you Like demons and people do it’s not gonna happen He’s not gonna do it And you got a repent of thinking he’s looking at you with a critical eye That’s a lie, that’s not true It’s not true Will you forgive yourself tonight Hey, and do it by faith not by feelings even if you don’t feel it. Would you be willing to forgive yourself? Come out would you be willing to forget you got it you sure Of the people standing here You do what is rheumatoid arthritis joint arthritis It’s I don’t know I get like sharp pains in my back. We’re almost that paralyzed For about six years Anybody also have an a I come up here and see me she does what is it? Hon a lot of? IBS and arthritis My answer, okay, did you hear that IBS? Fibromyalgia, right Yeah was that an accident. Yeah, what do you got? Hey, I don’t know I Went to a doctor and he’s trying to roll stuff out he said it could be a possibility of lupus That’s right Okay now if I was to ask each one of those About their ab rosacea this autoimmune disease just um I guess something with liver Rosacea RR o SC, EA Or. She said oh, it’s a skin oh Okay now these autoimmune diseases, I know this is gonna sound nuts their soul diseases That was if I was to ask each one of them or they hurt bad as children or they hurt that Marriage, and they have an accident did they have bad feelings about themselves They have chronic negative thoughts did they have what happened to you and you as a kid Lahter put down from parent Acts awesome Verbal and psychological abuse and One-time physical, and that’s when I left Rate when I was 12 had a baby Verbal from my mom Yeah Did you hear that Okay, hey we read the scriptures. Yeah, let’s pray then father God I took a couple examples for my friends on YouTube to illustrate what we were trying to see tonight and It couldn’t be any clearer to me it is it can’t be any clearer anyway Right of this moment we’re all going to repent in the name of Jesus of negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves Right now come on There Jesus please forgive me every negative thought every Negative emotion I have ever had for myself Please forgive me for every ounce of art. I’ve ever had for you Lord Blaming you for not answering my prayers Blaming somebody else for my problems Hating someone else hating myself Wanting revenge God forgive me for what I’ve done in the name of Jesus Lord forgive me. I pray right now I’m so sorry for my sin for disobeying you we’re taking in these wounds I’m so sorry, and I’m asking you right now. Give me Lord Jesus Forgive me, whether they come out Come out right now come out right now. Go come out right now get out of that body go Come out right now I release this ought in the name of Jesus Christ Now release this off in the name of Jesus Christ now repent of it right now Negative thoughts about others and myself I bind this evil right a second because the person I hurt the most when I hated myself Lord was you The person I hurt the most when I hated somebody else Was you and I apologized to your Lord for what I’ve done in the name of Jesus I repent of this wickedness of my soul I repent of it right now now release this wound off my soul in the name of Jesus now commander sin to come out and The spirits attached to this wound that command was saying to come out. You know that body come out. Let’s go Come out. I command you to come out in the name of Jesus Christ I Repent of it right now in the name of Jesus And I release my soul to the Lord come on raise your hand open up my heart. I open my heart Lord Come out spirit come out right now any piece will come out right now Come out in Jesus mighty name come out of there come out right now Come on ladies every ugly man That there comes come out Come out right now come out every ugly man the devil sent into my life to criticize me to degrade me to abuse me I command this Willing to come out of my soul right there for my stepdad I command this spirit to come out right now trying to kill me with this autoimmune disease Autoimmune disease I bind your power in the name of Jesus Christ. I command you to come out Come out I said Pride and arrogance I command you to come out Right now come out in Jesus money to come out come out spirit come on back a second Snare come out right now go Go now touch. He’ll come out of me Come out Come out now Every negative thought I had for my relatives or myself. I repent of it come out Come out come out get him out of there come out right now, Satan lose your hold safe, and I bind your power Satan come out in Jesus name sand come out of my life sand and evil wickedness evil crime right now Right now come out get out of me even a fear I Bind your power I command you come out right now in the name of Jesus Christ Tell right now Come out right now in the name of Lord hatred for my mother come out their hatred for mother come out Hatred and let it come out arthritis go come on buddy right now Get out of there racism hatred for my dad that Abuse I command you to come out Evil okay economy evil Wickedness come on in Jesus name wickedness Hating myself come out Come out right now hating my body body dysmorphia hating my body Food demons Overeating using food as a comfort. I command you come out right now come out unbelief and doubt come on their Unbelief endow shyness Shyness come out fear of being in public fear of failure fear of being criticized come on Oh even a fear come on my body Come out arthritis I command you in the name of Jesus Christ Spirit of arthritis come out right the second spirit come out of my neck right now Spirit come out of my neck right just say come on my vertebrae come on my lower back right ii don’t Don’t come on you tubers put your hand on your body you to put your hand on your body where the pain is if you have Fibromyalgia, that is not a physical illness. That’s a spirit usually caused by spirits of fear What are you afraid of just confess it and cast him out? Spirit of fear in the name of Jesus Christ In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to come out of my body right now Come out right now spirit What happened to my lower back was was in pain but Your back was hurtin when you can I’d you heard it. It was an injury from baseball, and I played in college injury with baseball Some baseball players back to Scott heel, but that’s not enough for the Holy Ghost. He wants a lot more than that tonight We looking for a whole whack of healings. That’s how he does it the only goes the greedy? course get everybody sitting in the hands of Jesus I command Insecurity and low self-esteem to come out of me right now I Release you from my soul right now. I released my dad right now Daddy I love you, but you must go now Come out Come out of me Come out Yeah Come out right now There bit abuse come out of me hating my body come out of me Using food as a comfort instead of the Holy Ghost our pain over right now. I repent come out Come out eating for fear demons come out right now. Yeah, my body Come on God forgive me Forgive me for bad feeling right down forgive me for criticizing Forgive me for Haiti when I was young so give me the real thought. I had come up I repent of it right now I let my dad go I Let my dad go come out Come out right now Transfer spirits from adultery and fornication come on my womb come on their genitals come on my best come on in my head right now adultery come out I Command every spirit of witchcraft now to come out of the womb of God come out of there you stinking rich don’t Come at you rich Sorcery white witchcraft Christian witches come out Come on come on hit self hatred self Come out I can and these wounds that come off my soul right come out come out come on. Are you rich? Hurry up Hurry up Satan I take total authority over you I Command my sin to leave now Come out, wait a second Come out right now Hurry up No no Stop demon stop shaking me and come out Get out of my spine right here Kundalini spare Church demons go Fire tunnel tunnel demons come out come out Satan I command you to come out that’s how you talk to the devil From my body right now spirits And I am there yes stop shaking her head here he comes there he is right there. That’s him come out Come out stop shaking your and come out Come out Familiar spirit from a fire tunnel come out in Jesus they come out there. That’s him shaking you get him out of there Come on. Devil Kundalini come out in Jesus they Come out stop shaking come there. He comes get out of her stomach you stinking spirit Come on that body hold that Come out right now go fire tunnel spirit tunnels pathetic come out and jesus name Come out witchcraft Christian witchcraft Kundalini come out in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Take Holy Spirit demons come out of there right now go Serious chops shaking her stop shaking or come out here. He comes here. He comes come out Yeah You tubers you got to hear this story here tell them tell them that story, that’s gonna help a lot of people This this lady got involved in the kundalini movement Prayer tunnels and so on and she picked up a transfer spirits, and here’s what happened So two weeks ago. I started working on the list. What is that list called the? Miracle list and this thing came in my back and It’s it was like claws in the top of my spine and it was in the right side for the last two weeks until You spoke tonight it moved to the left side and now it’s gone You Jesus oh Thank you – thank you Thank you so much Thank you Father I thank you Father, thank you, so good They’re so lean you’re so faithful god. I thank you I thank you guys for being thankful I think you really love Jesus Your unending love God. I thank you so much Thank you so much I Thank you so much father, and thank you so much comes out of your heart How do you love is so I’m ending and so unfathomable and I thank you God for it, I thank you God Thank you for your faithfulness. You’re so good Jesus. Thank you Thank you So much, thank you so much Thank you, thank You God I thank you very Thank you Thank you very much. I Thank you God for your love, thank you You’re so worthy. You’re so worried God of praise you’re so there’s No word of these Thank You Deity on Thank you, John, Aquila, and thank you God for nama Thank you Jesus Thank you Jesus Thank you Thank you, thank you so much, and thank you. I love you guys You’re worthy God are so worthy of our praise You’re worthy of our love Our faithfulness to you you’re worthy god. You’re worthy Jesus you’re worthy, you’re so worthy You’re still worthy You’re so were they You’re so worthy Lord you’re so Thank you Father, thank you Father. Thank you Father This man lost both parents their dad and The spirit of grief enter demon oh, it’s coming up right now Spirit of grief I command you in Jesus they leave this man of God Leave him and leave him at peace Come out of his wife right now in the name of G of Eric and the coming out of his wife now Spirits come out of both of them go spirit of grief come out spirit of sorrow and sadness go spirit of misery misery Get out of that body come out Come out quicker Sorrow and misery I command you to come out in Jesus mighty coat There comes there it comes There there come go don’t Come out of the smoke Come out of my back Come out of the spine spirit of heaviness spirit of grief spirit of sorrow Come out right now Get out of there or not Don’t grief sorrow sadness and pornography go out of the Spirit of God go Come out there. It comes there goes leave Morning come out Morning to be replaced with joy for the spirit of heaviness come out I released my parents in the Lord right now release my parents to God I Let them go on my own free. I let them go there. He goes. There’s one come out next come out now no, no, no go I Released my parents to God in the name of Jesus Christ Your voice is coming back. What was it God? couldn’t couldn’t talk No, it’s coming back now. What happened because Jesus come on cry it out and then be healed Cry it out and be healed well. Let that grief and sorrow go Father God we’re over Laurie is right now. I ask you to bless her I Want you to hunt her down and bless her there was greed in this family when the parents died and there was an inheritance fight? Those are the worst fights. You could have is a fight and inheritance It leaves deep wounds in every soul And his sister is going to leave his body and his soul right now, and he’s going to forgive her and Bless her in Jesus name. Love your enemies bless those who curse you pray for those who despitefully there. He comes there She comes come up come out. I forgive you come out. I forgive you come out there They’re coming out now the demons from the curses of his sister are coming out right the second go Come out right now come out get on my stomach come out I’m getting my voice back. It’s coming back. I couldn’t even Come out of my spine go evil wickedness Come on come out right now get out of there come up You got a beef over somebody over an inheritance fight, that’s the worst fight. There is fighting over inheritance I’m telling you Ask any counselor or therapist inheritance fights are beyond bad And they will leave soul wounds you will never get rid of just repent of it right now Get out of there and come out right now. You’re stalling for Go Come Come Come buy a body right now how about birth, I committed you and all your demons come out of your daughter If he’s not still alive She chooses to forgive him and release him Whatever his name was The rapist dad come out Come out of there Every ugly man I ever slept with come out of my body right now come on my will Come out Come on right now adultery fornication There it is come out you devil come out there he is Hurry up What’s up lift that Come up Go come out he’ll Come out Oral sex come out of that mouth and that throat come out in Jesus Monday night there. It comes come out Let’s go get out of your back there. It comes come out Come out oral sex I command you to come out You pervert Perversion demon come on. We’re back come on respond come out of that knee right this second Come on Go Go hatred of men come out Hating men go Hurry up hating men sell Kitty Pity parties come out come out of there Come out there. Yes come out leave your body right now come out Native American witchcraft Diamond jewelry come out Witchcraft go Come on Come out right now you witch come on, buddy right now shaman demons go Shama deeds Come on Come out Come out Diamond jewelry go Come out Come out medicine man spirit go healers come out Healer there he is Come out. That’s him come out right now. Healer come out of her body right now There he comes You or go Come out Native American healers sweat-lodge Shamans in Jesus name I bind your power come out all of it all of it Demon of poverty come out go Curses go curse this from the American government come curses Witchcraft there’s another one next you’re coming out next let’s go Come out next hurry hurry up come out come out of that knee Spirit leave Ernie come out come out right now Go Come out of her feet right now, I don’t Come out Poison for medications come out of there right now drugs Peyote come out hot go Smoking come out alcohol come out alcohol demons go Come out right now shut up and come out of there hurry up There he comes go, Alcoholism go thus saith the Lord go Down that body right now get out of there hurry up Come out Get out of that knee I said come out now go Come out of the other knee go heels Go come on with rope Come on Come on sexual perversion Come out you pervert Come on there I said Come on I said Okay, you groaned enough come out right now Come out that’s good get out of there You sexual pervert I bind your power right now a Native American evil witchcraft sorcery Shamans all of it come out curses various come out right now. That’s him come out get out of there Come out come out You’re done are you done come on that body right now hurry up come out right now. She commands you to go She commands you to leave in the name of Jesus She’s not going home with a legion of demons. That’s not gonna happen come out right now legion come out controllers Come out self-hatred Self-hatred go anger heat rage Come out Abusing her husband now repent of it Negative saying negative things to my husband I repent of it Right now there he is come out here comes the husband go come out Howard you come out. There is Howard come on out come out right now Get out of there Criticizing Howard saying negative things to him come out hurry up Come on. They’re all poison from medications come on that body poison every drug Every drug come on them joints come on repeat come on them knees Go every joint come out in Jesus mighty name out out out Don’t know Come out Come out Demons from watching movies come out body right now call movies come out Hurry up go in the name of the Lord Close your eyes father God, I lift up the Peterson family to you right now They abused this woman of God Abused her and We are gonna forgive them for what they done She’s gonna forgive them for what they don’t We are going to forgive them right now here they come come out Come out here. They come. They’re coming out now on the in-laws Every curse from me and loss come out Every spell they put on our spells Spells come out of my mind right now in the name of Jesus come on Come out go quickly come out Come out quickly quickly quickly Go quickly don’t Come out Native American curses from in-laws cult We forgive them We forgive them in the name of Jesus I forgive them I forgive them I have mercy on them, and I release them from my soul right now go come out of my throat I Release my husband ex-husbands demons I let him go right now Filbert come out there right now go there. He is filbert. Oh here. He come Filbert come out Every ought all the art. I had for filbert I forgive him, and I now release him for my soul I Release him for my soul. I released my ex-husband from my soul I Released this food spirit from my soul right now No, I meant I didn’t ask you that this is so hurtin okay now who else haven’t you forgiven? It’s got bad feelings about somebody who is it? Is that you’re what’s-her-name the witch couple Damn Willis, okay, go ahead and pray for him Dan Willis I Crave you and release my husband right now. I let him out of my soul right to second everything He did to me everything. He said all the hurtful words All the criticisms the sexual abuse and release it now in the name of Jesus His pornography I let it go come out of my stomach come on here. It comes there it is right there there. It comes Pervert come out that which that family I Forgive them in the name of Jesus so I can receive my healing to my knee Heal in Jesus name heal Heal rafer knee heal Every man that ever touched me come out of me now and the fear demons go now They go fear spirit come out get out of my throat come out of there hurry up come out of my throat right now Various come out of my throat here. He comes good come out Check your knee out, what’s you say stand up on your knees walk around over there? Any change Your ankle what Here hold on a second stand right there go ahead ankle ankle, thank you Jesus demon I command you to come out ain’t go now No go I let every person that hurt me not just my ex-husband all of them. Do you have any kids that hurt you? Yeah friends Have you ever hated yourself One friend what’s her name? What what’s her? Friends from the in-laws what’s their names? Patricia go ahead pray for her and ask God forgive her Go find out what she’s doing Come out come out right now there it comes go Come out right now go Come out in Jesus Holy Name Come out right now Jesus Holy Name go Get out of there hurry up Hurry up go get out of there Come out right now Hurry up You know that body right now make it snappy oh, yeah, gone right now hurry Come out right now. I forgive them in the name of Jesus. I forgive you got in your body What’s wrong with your leg Now did you ever used to hate yourself? Did you ever hate anybody else? Stand up Raise your hands there they are Lord Jesus oh You still haven’t forgiven him now. Yes, you want to get healed No you haven’t forgiven them you have ought They hated you for divorcing her there brother yes Take a big breath Lord Jesus these in-laws hate my guts They hate me and I have to forgive them because if I don’t I’m not going to get healed come out I Want all of my in-laws out of me tonight? everything goes tonight all of it I Want my calf healed I want my calf healed right now in? The name of Jesus come out What’s going on she’s got all kinds of tomorrow Come on did you ever hear yourself there my sisters few sister, what’d she do – Brother Your mom told lies Okay, what was your mom’s name again, Bertha? Okay? Ready come on? Heavenly Father named you I forgive my mother for lying about me. I forgive my mother for lying about me and I want all her demons out of me tonight, and I forgive my mother from the bottom of my heart I Want these wounds off my soul and the sin off my soul Don’t like mother’s curse broken off of me and My brother and sister I forgive them for believing those lives and turning on me, and I release both of them from my soul both of them from my Father God, I’m praying with this man of God standing here at the altar, and he’s got curses on his life And his future is bleak He’s going nowhere fast and he wants to be healed he trashed his parents when he was young He rebelled against them and said negative things about them. He said curse words about them He dishonored his parents the Bible says thou shalt not dishonor my mother nor thy father Because it brings a curse on your life And his life to me looks like it’s cursed so he’s gonna repent from the bottom of his heart right now and apologize to you Lord for what he done to his parents and beg for your forgiveness In the name of Jesus he’s gonna do it right now with everything he’s got God forgive me Lord for what I’d done to my parents. I want this horrible curse off of me He’s better, but there’s something else wrong with it about the ankle Nothing at all your ankle and your isn’t your knees not completely healed or partially healed You don’t feel nothing can you walk right stand up? Oh? Is that from the hip Where where was that where’s the bone over? Here where right here Hold on a minute okay On Cloister pastor, please walk around Walk around Could you do that before you came tonight because Your knee and your ankle on your hip Okay raise your hands while you’re walking walk that way say. Thank you Jesus Say it louder, thank you, Jesus. Thank you dear Lord God forgive me for what I’d done to my mother now. Who’s the next person you screwed over after your parents Frere I’ll model your prayer and show you how to do it father God I Repent of anything I ever said or did to hurt my mother, or dad. I was wrong When I did that and that was a terrible sin That brought a curse on you. No, I want this curse broke off my life after After I abused and degraded my parents and rebelled a spirit of rejection Entered my body and drove me into alcohol and drugs and then hehe let in a spirit of fear and now I have anxiety and Stomach problems In addition to spirit got into my brain is causing me memory issues concentration issues a Fogginess comes over my mind, and I know that this is all related to the devil The devil done this he sent me those spirits And the fear demon also gave me blood pressure, and they’re trying to kill me So right now lord. I have to come clean. We do tonight. I’m gonna confess every sin I can think of Just confess every, sin you can think of and Tell the Lord you’re sorry because when you committed all them sins You hear God more than you hurt the people you sinned against and more than you hurt yourself, so let’s do it Go ahead father in the name of Jesus I ask you to forgive me for this sin, then that one then this one then that one and one I’m done I’m gonna cast out The spirit of fear out of my stomach in the name of Jesus I command this spirit to come out of men Long’s in my stomach By the power of the Holy Ghost and I’m going to repent and confess my sins tonight the Bible says if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness If I will confess it God will forgive me, but he will not forgive me if I won’t acknowledge it someone acknowledged it right the second And when I’m done, I’m going to command this evil spirit To get out of my body in Jesus mighty name I’m gonna take command over. This ugly demon he’s hiding right down there my stomach Check your kappa what’s the status on the cat walk? Over there check your calf out any change Is the pain gone, did you forgive your in-laws you did Did you stop blaming over and forgive them? And your calf got healed Thank you, Jesus. Here. You close your eyes raise your hand and tell the Lord how much you love him go ahead. Thank you lord Love you so much God for helping me. Thank you lord. Thank you for Watching over me. Thank you god for the healing that I received tonight. Thank you lord, thank you Thank you Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord. Thank you Lord for Those people Be good to them Lord God, thank you Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you Lord. Thank you Jesus. I’m healed Thank you Jesus. I pray you Lord I give you the praise and they give you a glory This ladies kneel and knee and ankle were was healed after she forgave her abusers that woman there his calf’s got healed after she forgave her in-laws Another woman over here got rid of a Kundalini spirit she picked up in a prayer tunnel At a Kundalini church somewhere. I think it was in California somewhere Listen if you will confess your sins, and you will repent of it the Holy Ghost is triggered he moves But if you try to cover it up or hide it You’re not going to get healed I ran down an woman She looked like she was my age or older In her 60s she was running out the door and I ran her down there. I Asked her why she was leaving she said well. She wasn’t healed of arthritis, and then I asked her Who hurt her in the past and she said oh nobody and I said well, what about her? Are you married? Yeah, did is this your first marriage? No it’s my second. What about your husband what he did here and her daughter She goes oh nothing her daughter pipes up and tells me oh he used to call her fat and ugly He used to verbally abuse her he treated her like a Second-class citizen and on and on she went and I looked over at the mother I said You know why you’re not going to ever get healed of arthritis Because you I asked you who abused you and you covered it up You you wouldn’t tell me You wouldn’t repent of it. You wouldn’t confess it you got Spirits from your ex-husband in your body and those spirits gave you Rheumatoid arthritis and now you’re running out the door, and you won’t answer my questions That they got daughter goes yeah, you’re right I get it and I said okay Since you’re gonna run out the dough Why don’t you call me later and come in for counseling appointment? but you can see there these people were getting healed because they confessed it and Faced it if you’re not going to confess and face it you gotta take it home with you If you’re not going to confess it and face it and you’re not going to be sorry for your sin, you don’t care You got to take it home with you? Period and you will never be healed Repent and be baptized every one of you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ And you will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost Repent so the times of refreshing will come from the presence of the Lord Peter said Listen preachers ministers You can’t water down the gospel and preach this rotgut stuff on TV. It’s not happy-go-lucky Prosperity Christianity you’re leaving your people in deep bondage They’re infected with spirits. They’re getting sick, and they’re dying and Here’s what we need to do change your preaching Preach Get hard Preach it straight preach it with love Anybody can be healed and delivered if they will meet the requirements of the gospel for God Is no respecter of persons Youtubers if you have demons in your brain take it over your thoughts They probably got in there through social media computer games video games Something like that They can also get in through drugs or witchcraft If these demons in your head when they talk to you you have to use second Corinthians chapter 10 to get them Weakened enough to cast them out You must take every thought they put in your head captive if you do not take the thought captive and you let that thought from a demon roam around in your head a Negative thought a lying thought whatever it is If you do not catch that thought and rebuke it and cast it out of your mind The demons will take it as a sign from you that you like that thought You like that thought and so they’re going to give you another one Then they’re going to give you another one now You have to repent of listening to demons you are born again man a woman of God You are not called by God to listen to demons you’re called by God to listen to the Word of God and the Holy Ghost You cannot get healed sitting around listening to demons it’s not gonna work Hello, it’s not working You can track brain demons pretty easy By understanding that the thought they put in your head is usually negative And God never uses negative thoughts to help people So you know right out of the gate that thought is not from God If the thought is negative It either comes from you, or it comes from a spirit If it’s you You must repent of it If it’s a spirit You must take it captive and cast it out Do not ask God to forgive you for hearing a thought in your mind from a demon. That’s not your thought You must repent of receiving that thought and believing it That’s your sin Not having the thought The demons put thoughts in people’s mind That’s their sin, not yours, but if you believe them and listen to them and keep them in there That then becomes your sin Youtubers let you listening to me. This is a war for your mind And you are to renew your mind in Christ you want to have the mind of Christ not sit around listening to negative thoughts lying thoughts grandiose thoughts from demons second Corinthians chapter 10 verse four and five Number two If you came here tonight And didn’t get here all these other people got healed that you didn’t all these other people got delayed But you didn’t that means the demon knows something you don’t Hey, it’s usually related to a lack of godly sorrow Paul told the Corinthians that he wrote him a letter and they became sad and Paul wrote him a letter he sent us, and I didn’t mean to make you sad, but I Wanted you to receive godly sorrow If you send in your past and you did evil wicked things and you’re not sorry about it And you just want God to forgive you like somebody flipped the light switch You are probably going to relapse if you’re an addict, and you’re probably going to backslide if you’re a Christian As Paul said to the Corinthians look what all these wonderful spiritual benefits Happened when you had godly sorrow If you don’t have any godly sorrow you can’t get the demons out because the demons take it as a sign that You’re ok with it. No big deal And if your sin is no big deal to you We are in some deep trouble Godly sorrow is an incredible gift run with it number three Conviction is your best friend If your conscience convicts you over something that’s the best thing in the world Conviction comes out of love from God condemnation comes out of hatred from demons There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ? Conviction is your best friend When you feel conviction in your soul for something you said or did Embrace it quickly because you want the moving of the spirit You want the Holy Ghost To hear your conscience And your soul That’s how he doesn’t he can fix you. It’s wonderful. It couldn’t be any better Number four if you didn’t get deliver tonight You have to ask God to give you godly tears Demons beat on people and they lied to him over a period of time years go by and they can’t cry anymore They have become dehumanized They should have godly sorrow over their sin, they should have Gandhi saw for hurting themselves or someone else, but they don’t Because they learn to be like Bill, Clinton They come part mentalize everything and when you do that Temporarily it doesn’t exist. It’s compartmentalized in your mind open the compartment bring it out here face it and Let your godly tears flow when the Holy Ghost sees that he will jump on you like White on rice They’ll be right there to heal you and help you If you are an addict Then you’ve relapsed several times your conscience is now seared and your heart has grown hard I’m gonna pray for you right now father God People that have hard hearts They do not receive Conviction they don’t have any godly sorrow and they’ve lost their tears sometimes they can’t even cry anymore period The only thing that will save them as if they’re broken so I’m asking right now father Jesus Holy Name I Want you to hunt them down on YouTube I? Want you to hunt them down right here at the deliverance center? And I want you to as you do best I Want you to bring them to a place where they are broken I want you to bring them to the point where they’re broken Where they’re able to hear the holy spirits still small voice Speaking to the spirit, man speaking to their mind So they can feel the love of God that passes all understanding So they can be healed I’m asking you to break them whatever it takes to break up. That’s what you got to do I Don’t know what it is That’s none of my business But I’m asking you To break them before it’s too late and before they waste their lives in Jesus Holy Name Streamer’s you go to the website hardcore Christian comm hit the post deliverance button also, if you’re going into the ministry, please hit the Deliverance training buttons on the top page of the website and go there and start going through your training for healing and deliverance go to the teaching button and hit the Hit the teaching button and read the article how Satan controls the mind Next Friday Next Thursday healing teaching preaching and deliverance at the deliverance Center god bless you. See you next time You


  • SavebyGrace says:

    While praying my feet catch fire and it feels like something is crawling on my neck moving up and down; shoulders to the back of my head. I've been performing self-deliverance for a long time and any time I start prayer it's like my feet are sitting on hot coals. I have a few A.I. issues, diabetes, joint pain (hands), chronic fatigue and my feet feel numb most of the time. I have your miracle list, you have sent that to me. I do not know what else to do to get past these issues. I'm in the Word, I pray and I do everything I can so I do not sin and if I do, I repent asap and if someone comes to mind I forgive them or break soul ties as they are brought to my remembrance. I still yawn, burp and cough during deliverance sessions. What is the spirit that is on my nape/neck? Thanks for any info/advice you can provide and thank you so much for your ministry.

  • Ramona Willis says:

    It is staggering that week to week I learn something new and at the same time get confirmation ………… such as the sequence demons use to bring about these auto immune issues. Textbook in the order of my wife's physical maladies to a T, and as I know the family history on her side(Abusive drinking father for both my wife and her mother) mixed in with Chinese traditional belief's (The demonic activity STOPPED COLD when I removed all the things in our home concerning this such as cultural stuff,dragons,chinese new year celebration things and two dragons we had on the outside of our front door to ward off evil spirits but in actuality was a welcome beacon!) and my wife fought ME HARD on this almost to the point where I told her I would have to leave our home as The Lord had convicted me for honestly a longtime to do it but out of fear of my wife's reaction I did not until the demonic activity got so bad I woke up and obeyed The Lord.  It was also sad to hear Mike chronicle a local Church literally tell people to avoid ADC …………………. Mike says it does not bother him anymore but it bothers me I will admit as if ADC is a cult than how do you explain the fruit in my life and people travelling from Sweden to come to a service in person! this only happens when The Holy Spirit draws people hungry for a touch as opposed to sitting in a pew and have nothing ever happen.

  • Alex Grace says:

    I just wanted to tell you your videos has helped me tremendously at my job. I actually work at a Psychiatric Hospital. I use your knowledge to help me with my patients. As a token of my appreciation I would like to share my music video with you and the congregation. Take care and may God bless you always.

  • Glenn Randle says:

    Awesome teaching Bro Mike! I have had to share with my fellowship as i myself have type 1 diabetes and my friends wife has MS. I have been gong through your list and Holy Spirit keeps bringing to my attention things i need to repent of and i have had some freedom. Im renewing the mind also on these areas of rejection, fear, self negativity etc. I need to know is it just a patience thing from now on and keep yielding to the Holy Spirit? As im not healed yet and sure do want to be free and healed to bring God the glory. If you can let me know as im open to learn and repent of anything that needs be to bring Father the glory!!! God bless you bro

  • Stephanie N says:

    I was listening to this at work and started to choke so bad I almost threw up on sales floor

  • Iliana Soltani says:

    What will you say about vaccination? Vaccines are giving to us since childhood and theres studies of this kinda of side effects.

  • Bernice l says:


  • Maxim Petrov says:

    This was great, I been tryin to find out about "ibs pills" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Mackorny Defeat IBS Blueprint – ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my co-worker got cool results with it

  • Bruceann Yellowega says:

    Wow, that’s quite a list of afflictions. I’m not sure, but isn’t it against some kinda law to make claims like this?

  • Renee` Hill says:

    God left us here because the earth belongs to Him and we are it's stewards. We need to cast these demons off and we need to become what Jesus created us to be.

    You showed lady Gaga that reminded me of a question I have for you. I work with a serious lesbian who dresses like a man and lives as a man with another woman. She's enthralled by this woman called Pink and tries to get me to watch her videos which creep me out.

    The spirits involved are obvious to me but what I don't understand is why they seem to embrace & love them though they're creepy. Am I picking up creep vibes because I discern the wickedness or do they love the creep vibes because they love the darkness? Or both,?

  • Freedom in Jesus says:

    Amen preaching truth!!!

  • Tongues of Fire says:

    What about for children who get these at an early age especially when it's rare to get as a child? Is it generational curses + family dysfunction at work?

  • Christine Scott says:

    Type 1 diabetes is autoimmune.
    James Coburn passed away a few years back

    What about children who develop autoimmune diseases. I know of quite a few diagnosed before age 10. I've seen a couple babies with type 1.

  • J_issa King says:

    is Gut inflammation,sugar addiction that leads to thyroid stoamch and adrenal issues related because they say they are bascially a systemic yeast infection this is demonic?

  • Vera Roncelli says:

    At about one 1 hour and 33 minutes in you are talking about women being the head of the household/spiritual leader like the dominant person in the home. what about if the husband isnt saved and the wife is saved therefore she is the one that has to be the spiritual leader in the family because the husband is not doing it like he is supposed to. I'm not trying to be the dominant head of household, but I have to be the spiritual leader. Is that the same thing as the woman being head of the household?

  • Vera Roncelli says:

    What if the stepdad has a temper and goes off yelling at the step kids and insulting them and being verbally abusive and that's why the mom steps in? That's what happens with my husband he goes off on my kids usually more on my son which is the older one than my daughter. I can't submit to that and allow that to happen I have to stand in the way and let him know that is not OK, this is my struggle.

  • Vera Roncelli says:

    I went through a fire tunnel two different times and my pastor at my church was the one that had people get together to create a fire tunnel and everybody got anointed with oil and prayed over everybody and as they pass through this fire tunnel is that the same kind of fire tunnel the lady near the end of this video was talking about?

  • Juan Zuniga says:

    Is that feedback on your mic or demons wanting to break your message?

  • Christy J says:

    The verse about where two or three are gathered together in my name, is speaking about church discipline not just people gathered together at the church.

  • Pati Clark says:

    Need healing autoimmune Hashimoto,Lupus & Epstein Barr Virus In Jesus Name Amen Please pray in agreement with me

  • Angeline Baekhave says:

    I really appreciate u r ministry mike Iam so grateful for u r insight. I do have a prob with the love part at 35:50 yes Gods love is unconditional but we have to understand each type of love that’s referenced in the bible is either a verb or a noun, for instance if WE love Jesus we obey him and keep his commandments that’s an action verb…to me says if we want to spend eternity with him it takes action and work on our part. We can’t automatically think bc his love is so great and unconditional we can continue in sin and expect to get into heaven. We have the power in us thru Jesus to cast out demons and continue casting out till they all gone. With David Middleton and u r self Iam learning so much!

  • Go Getter says:

    I'm a grown up child from an abusive home filled with terror and pain. I suffer from Lupus since age 25. It's very true what this man is saying. I'm starting to feel better now because I'm no longer in contact with my abusive parents. My shame, self-hate, self-doubt, feelings of worthlessness, fear, etc are starting to wear off. PLEASE SAVE YOUR CHILDREN. If your husband, partner is abusive, u need to leave.

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