Crohns Disease diagnosis and remission with ileostomy bag. My story so far…

Crohns Disease diagnosis and remission with ileostomy bag. My story so far…

What I’m actually going to tell you is
straight off my head, I’ve not got any material here, so bear with me and
skip forward if you need to. Hopefully it won’t get too boring, but here’s the
insight into my situation. Before I start I try not to feature my face too much because I feel that this should be down to the stoma itself or Crohn’s disease,
just highlight on those in particular. For those people that are
interested, here’s my story. When I was in my early 20s I had a sudden surge of blood when going to the toilet and obviously got to see the doctor straight
away so he can assess my situation. After initial investigation he
suggested going to a specialist at hospital because of the length of time
that it actually been happening so I went off to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in
Cambridge and they did some tests and reported
back to my GP. So the GP then said that I would probably have ulcerative colitis.
They weren’t quite sure on how far the ulcerations had spread, so that was the
first diagnosis and it was only actually a few years on that I found it was
Crohn’s disease. You should be able to see the link below to the explanation
there between Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis and there are plenty of other
videos around it. Hopefully you would have seen my introduction to stomanner channel and that’ll give you an insight as to why I set up this, as well
as my story now. Holler your story in the comments section below. Once I found out that I was dealing with this condition it was just a matter of
firstly watching what I was eating although I did actually have a very
strict diet I was very into my health and fitness, so I didn’t think that would be a problem at
all, then look to other possibilities that could have actually triggered the
the blood in the first instance there. For me I feel that at that
moment in my life all that I was trying to do well at work there was quite a bit
pressure and the company actually went into liquidation, so I looked back
then and feel that it was quite possibly stress that caused the initial
cause to come on. There are links to stress being a cause for many people and
I believe that that was one for me. Fly on over to socialise on our Twitter
and Facebook channels I continue going to Addenbrooke’s
Hospital who are absolutely fabulous I can’t fault any anything for the way
they’ve supported me over a couple of decades now, right from the beginning
they were very investigative, they gave me the results as soon as they could let
me know what my situation was and they were able to diagnose that it was crohn’s disease as opposed to ulcerative colitis. At the early stages I then went
through quite a few visits to get the right medication and as many people might experience, there are so many medications out there that it’s really just trying
those that fit the person and that’s what I did. I ended up going through from
the very minor medication, right through to self injecting and now I’m on Infliximab, which is a for me, an eight week course of an infusion and as
well as stoma bag now I’m not looking back to the horrible times I had.
The first few years gradually became worse for me, I was trying each
medication as I went along and the ulcerations were becoming more and more severe I think giving me the stomach cramps that you get, I was
fortunate not to be sick, for me it was just purely the diarrhoea, I would go to toilet 20-30 times a day sometimes, completely
uncontrollable, it would just come on and no matter where I was I just had to go
to toilet. Unfortunately lots of times this actually happened where I then had to change, so quite a debilitating disease as you’d expect and doesn’t
put much confidence in yourself, when you don’t have a change with you for
instance, and you’ve got to jump into a brush for the toilet. The dignity
side is quite low for yourself, so I have always tried to think positive and
I think that in my mind as well as my health and eating should have an effect
and always watch that, it’s not a guarantee that this will be something
that works for people, but again I tried everything… I’m going to finish this video now because it’s actually taken too long to
record between the last cut for this story up until now. ‘m going to leave
this open to your questions. Please add your questions below. I shall get back to
soon as I can with those answers and I hope you can continue watching my
channel where I’ll be sharing videos from other people to promote our
community. Fortunately I’m not ill, but I’m going to end this video now, I hope you enjoy the rest of my channel and I shall look out for your questions. Thank you. For more of our videos about greater times to live with a stoma bag, choose one of our featured playlists or subscribe to our channel and click on
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