Could This Happen to Me?: Nummular Dermatitis

Could This Happen to Me?: Nummular Dermatitis

As the weather gets colder, you’re seeing more and more of this. But the question is, the question is, not what is this. Yeah, that- What happened. But I’m gonna ask, could it happen to me? This could absolutely happen to you, Travis. This is super common. I think it’s kind of hard to see because it’s a blown up picture. But for us laypeople, you gotta tell us what is it? Oh, so this is called nummular dermatitis, and nummular is just a fancy medical jargon word for coin-shaped. So this tends to occur on the lower legs. Some people call it winter itch. It occurs from the knees down, and you get this very discreet, red, scaly, sometimes itchy patches, and the clue is that it comes up in very dry patches of skin. Sometimes people mistake it for ringworm, so if you do see just one, definitely go get it tested and make sure it’s not an infection. But many of these round patches can be treated by just good old moisturizer. Some people call it winter itch, so this could definitely happen to you. If it’s itchy, a little bit of steroid cream will completely take care of it. Good stuff! What’s cool is if you have any what is this, what happened, and could it happen to me pictures, send them our way.


  • Nctzen & Monbebe says:

    Luckily I never had them before

  • puffer puffer says:

    I had some weird thing on my head… 8 days later the doctor told me I had cancer… 9 days later doc told me I have 2 months to live… at this point I'm just trying to enjoy my life. My hopes and dreams are demolished by a single word.

  • Bad Kitty says:

    I have this and i have had it for a long time not knowing how to treat it

  • Swag Brother says:

    Can u have them on the arm too?

  • B Dub says:

    This video diminishes the severity of the condition and the negative consequences it can have on one’s life. If only it were simply dry itchy patches from the knees down that can be eradicated with moisturizer! This segment was a disgrace.

  • kayoua48 says:

    Any advice for discoid eczema that seems to not respond to any treatment?

  • Maria Lopez says:

    My son has this a bad case of this they thought it was psoriasis but it wasn't laser treatment seems to help so far no flare ups yet hope that he will not have it anymore doc said if he keeps getting flare ups he will have to do chemotherapy orally 😟 praying that won't happen..!

  • Will G says:

    I have this but it’s all year long and steroid cream doesn’t stop it but it does make it go away for a week

  • Zach Powell says:

    Knees down? I have like 6 on my back. Had them for years. I also have eczema.

  • Sarah Doan says:

    OMG I have this! I thought it was ringworm at first but after 1 month it looks like it's eczema which i usually get, but never this bad!

  • Shashi Gowdar says:

    Eczema happens more during winter why? Regular exposure to sunlight helps during fall and winter. Best way is if there is sun light coming through window at home, take advantage by exposing your skin to sun between 10.00 am and 3.00pm It improves the skin barrier function and antimicrobial defense. Moderate exposure to sun or UV rays is good or a home light box for UV rays should be considered if there is no sunlight for weeks. Sunlight is a major contributor to the current Atopic Dermatitis and Nummular Eczema epidemic.

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