Communities Near Military Bases Fear Drinking Water Contaminated With ‘Forever Chemical’ | NBC News

Communities Near Military Bases Fear Drinking Water Contaminated With ‘Forever Chemical’ | NBC News


  • KeepItReal says:

    Spending Billions is in other countries and our own country is falling apart… Sad, so very sad.

  • Cezar says:

    This is fuked up. This is why bottled water companies make so much money.

  • David Ellis says:

    Trump diverted funds meant to help eradicate this & mold to pay for his farcical wall.

  • Jugganuat says:

    Flint Michigan: here have a glass of our water it's safe trust me

  • Jay Cole says:

    This is government for you. The most terrifying words in the English language is ( We're from the Government and we're here to help ) And that was a president that said that, guess which one?

  • 0397rb says:

    Amerikkka loves its vets. #opposite

  • discorperted says:

    Of COURSE the water is bad!!
    Who did not know this?

  • James Lee says:

    Oh I was expecting that old Camp Lejeune toxic water thing, I guess its still the same, just different base.

  • Ethan Clarke says:

    Time for suing the government to get some money!

  • DrNooby Noob says:

    But I thought America was great again?

  • Jason J says:

    It's time to move out of USA, too much people suffering from cancer in US

  • Clutchyfinger says:

    Man, first we find out the reasons for fighting in Afghanistan were complete lies. Now we find out they are poisining us at home instead of protecting us. It's almost like human life doesnt matter? Hmmmm.

  • Tara Aliyeva says:

    This …..! And……what about FLINT? Another Flint but this time is for the KILLING of Army Navy and VETS and…….family.

  • Pohaku Mana says:

    TURMPTARD is responsible for cutting the EPA.

  • Chief Keyes says:

    1:29 come on now buddy got a mask on and he sprayed them kids anyways why you got the mask on, just saying this is crazy dude,  2 + 2 will always be 4 and I bet you they told him oh it's okay but you still got to put that mask on come on man think about it

  • Robert Richardson says:

    This is how America treats its soldiers. Kills them off so they don't have to support them

  • TRUMP FOR PRISON 2020 says:

    Flint still doesn't have clean drinking water

  • TRUMP FOR PRISON 2020 says:

    I NEED HELP trolling on "vesti news" & "Russia insight" both are on YouTube + they're Russian media/propaganda outlets. Remember to have fun!👍

  • ipressedabutton says:

    without clean water, you can say goodbye to life

  • kalbs89 says:

    The DOD has been getting away with murder for years.

  • George Washington says:

    America is broken. Smh.

  • LunarJane Global WarmingIs Real says:

    I’m absolutely disgusted with dod and the lying government. The head of the epa will never confirm anything related to the environment. Look who is in charge of the EPA! A lobbyist that is a trump supporter.

  • Nino Travis says:

    EPA Superfund site at every military site WWII activity

  • Timothy Walker says:

    Every Government institution that regulates society's livelihood has failed. In fact, it's a reflection of the worped politics on TV.
    If either collapses, society will implode. Just how they planned it.

  • J Engelmann says:

    Good thing Trump is getting rid of the EPA, Cult45, huh? This country is turning into the 90ies Balkans quick.

  • Marius Thefaker says:

    Trump's EPA? get used t going to funerals…

  • Nino Travis says:

    Example 10 people I know have died from cancer, known toxic site houses being built directly over pollution dump
    The discussion is liability limitations, criminal negligence

  • Explicitnice says:

    So how do we protect ourselves? move to spring water? buy filtration systems? Nice reporting NBC…

  • dave d says:

    How can anybody trust a word NBC says about ANYTHING?????????

  • Tanya Perrier says:

    In the meantime Flint STILL doesn't have clean drinking water….so I guess

  • Love AndLight says:

    Yeah I had a son that died from brain cancer and there was a chemical that was supposed to been banned in the 80s that the farmers were still using and so today the Congress that you all think you love so much that's trying to impeach and Enter Sandman is allowing by these military bases they are allowing the filthy water and they're not going to spend the money to make sure it's not filthy so keep supporting the Democrat Devil's you idiots I blame the supporters more than I blame the Democrats

  • poetgirl says:

    A million to study the health effect? 😂 Yea you brilliant money wasters, I'll save ya, a few bucks 🤗 They got cancer all sorts even rare ones, you need a million to know that? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Love AndLight says:

    Let me tell you something defense system is lying to the public and let me tell you something else the FDA knows about this they don't care because you know you have to have cancer in order to keep the economy going don't think they f**** care about you you stupid idiots cuz the FDA try to put an innocent man in jail for treatment for cancer and they stole his patent so if you all want to listen to this stupid interview go right ahead but they know about it and they don't care

  • Listen Up says:

    Spray the kids with foam… wtf

  • Babylon falling says:

    Just part of the worldwide population genocide agenda 2030 calls for!

  • Citlalie says:

    Unfortunately nothing will change if Trump gets elected in 2020

  • Beautiful Rosemary says:

    The government are killing folks. We're going down a dark path in America.

  • Seph Callaway says:

    Really sad but not surprising. Americans are going to start questioning living in the U.S. This conversation is definitely going to evolve.

  • Henry Niemi says:

    I would not drink tap water anywhere in USA.

  • MVE says:

    Well, I am very thankful we have clean, healthy drinkwater here in The Netherlands 😃

  • Morning Glory says:

    Honestly expect this to be the new normal and get worse. We are giving companies more ability to pollute our water so you can’t be shocked when we start dying from it

  • silky robinson says:

    Thanks Fake EPA. Nice Christmas Present for humanity and are world. Hope poisoning children, families, and our future is worth your Millions.

  • Ryan Duncan says:

    That could explain a lot here in Lemoore, California.

  • HOMER DRUMPF says:

    Hitler 2.0 . experiments on our troops

  • drinkmoresoda says:

    TRUMP 2020!

  • Richard Alevizos says:

    Nothing will be done while Trump fraudulently occupies the white house he wants to shut down the EPA.

  • Annastasia LuvSexy says:

    Omg! I'm sure this goes on in a lot of states

  • magic carp says:

    And they give people fluoride a run off chemical of the metal Aluminum

  • Chat Noir says:

    The Trump administration put a former industry lobbyist as head of the EPA. At the EPA, nearly half of the political appointees hired by the Trump Administration have had strong ties to industries regulated by the agency industry, and about a third of these EPA appointees formerly worked as registered lobbyists or lawyers for fossil fuel companies, chemical manufacturers, or other corporate clients:

  • Rob Donaldson says:

    This is a 30 year old story. Nothing new here

  • Chat Noir says:

    In 2019, Bernie introduced the Water Affordability, Transparency, Equity, and Reliability (WATER) Act of 2019 with Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley. The legislation will be a step toward making sure public water services are functional and guaranteeing that water is safe, clean, and affordable.

    The bill was introduced on the heels of reports that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is delaying a plan to set limits on Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances, or PFAS, in drinking water and soil:

    Lawmakers Introduce Sweeping Legislation to Fix Nation's Crumbling Water Infrastructure

  • Chat Noir says:

    Applauding Sanders and Warren's Rejection of Privatized Water Systems, Group Calls On All 2020 Hopefuls to Follow Suit

  • sally forth says:

    Demonotize. Create an off grid system for your town. Trade goods, not money, with other towns. Live in the town with the laws and work you like best. Towns compete to attract your family because of your potential. Towns with liberal freedoms and dignified work will attract the most potential. Towns buy water etc. Demonotize.

  • Zokizzy Foshizzy says:

    America: Our water problems are giving us cancer!
    Almost every third-world country:

  • Some Person says:

    Gotta love when regulations would have prevented this, they aren't to impede progress they're to protect citizens…

  • Warning Signs says:

    PDF: Water Sector – it's planned for years to sector the water

  • Warning Signs says:

    Delta Pa – dying by the 100's – cancer –

  • Eden Beaver says:

    The Trump administration will blame Obama.

  • Carl A says:

    The Almighty Dollar. Only in America.

  • NG0915 says:

    My husband is ex military he has had 5 heart attacks, has a benign tumor in his liver has had a mild stroke. I have Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis. Our 41 yo daughter has MS and our son has a mental disorder. We lived on a military base and nothing will ever be done. We are all disabled, I have tried twice to apply for disability and have been denied. I can’t work I live in excruciating pain. Thank you for our service right?!

  • H B says:

    Make the population docile

  • J. Arias says:

    Lies, Lies, Lies. Take care people.

  • Righteous 101 says:

    May the will of The Most High be done in the earth. ALL praises to The Most High – God of Israel to whom ALL praises are due. Sobeit

  • Chris says:

    Republicans Reversed all Corporate Regulations on Manufacturing dumping and use of Toxic Chemicals etc.

  • grumerguy says:

    I've been hollaring about how the PFAS have gotten into the Ogallala aquifer, which is the aquifer that my well feeds from. I haven't drank the water from my tap in two years, but my dogs do, and I've lost three of them to cancer, and I lost my cat too. I live fairly close to the airbase in clovis. A cattle rancher who lives even closer lost his entire herd to this. So. I don't drink my well water anymore.

  • Sophia Chin says:

    Uhmm… most Deer Park Spring water is also sourced from Eastern Pennsylvania 😢😢😢

  • Dennis Swanson says:

    The 1% make to much money off the military industrial complex. There will be no changes.

  • Lala Land says:

    Sorry but…we need that for the wall…..shrugs sorry not sorry

  • Raoul Radio says:

    The US government is allowing 80,000 chemicals into our environment that they have no idea how they affect the human body.

  • John O'Brien says:

    Heard about this a while ago here at ft Bragg

  • PsychedForLife* Eva says:

    It's happening here in Eastern Washington State too.

  • woody ahh says:

    Filter your water

  • Darrel Pingleton says:

    And this right here is when you open your eyes and see the "government" doesnt have anyone's best interest in mind. I mean a photo of them spraying kids with dangerous chemicals. That they knew exactly when they were making these non natural chemicals and compounds that they were dangerous and still did many things. If you haven't see THE DEVIL WE KNOW on Netflix you should as this talks about these chemicals and stuff like non stick pan cookware we all eat out of everyday is poisoning us and is one of the biggest contributors of cancer and illness in this country.

  • Gym Jordan's Hair says:

    The military is the gift that keeps on giving.

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