Colour Grey Hair Naturally for $30 a Year! // Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Zero Waste

Colour Grey Hair Naturally for $30 a Year! // Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Zero Waste

Hey there modern vegans and vegan curious, it’s Margaret, and welcome back to ModVegan. If you’re new to the channel, be sure and
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like this one. Today on the channel I want to talk with you
about zero waste hair colour. And some of the experiences that I’ve had, and how I think they might be valuable for
you, and maybe some different ideas for you to
take into consideration going forward. So I got my first grey hair when I was 25
years old, and I remember it very distinctly. Because it was the day of my wedding that
I noticed. So I was sitting there with my hairdresser, and she was doing my hair for the wedding, curling it, and she noticed a grey hair, and she said “oh, I guess you’ve started to
get grey hair!” “Congratulations!” And I thought, “oh my god, I’m only 25! I can’t believe that I have grey hair already.” Well, fortunately it grew very slowly, so I’ve only gotten a few grey hairs every
year. But still, it was a little traumatizing to
see that first grey hair, and I will never forget it when she pulled
it out of my head and showed me that indeed, I did have a white
hair growing out of my head. But since then, I’ve gotten a little more
comfortable with it, and for many years I just kind of ignored
it, because it was so small. Like there were just a couple of hairs, so I pretty much ignored it. But as time went on, I decided I wanted to
do something about it, and I know that a lot of women absolutely
love their grey hair, they embrace it, and I want to congratulate
them, I think that’s fabulous. It’s up to everyone whether they decide they want to colour their hair or not. It’s very much a personal decision. It’s just like wearing makeup: no one should ever make you feel like you
need to wear makeup, or that you have to wear makeup, no one should
ever make you feel like you need to dye your hair, but if you want to, and you just like the
idea of having a little more colour in your life, then this
video is for you. So after I found that first grey hair, I pretty
much ignored the grey hair until I was around 30. And I made sure I waited until I was about
30 before I started colouring my hair, because I just felt like for some reason in
my head that it didn’t make sense to colour my hair
before I was 30. So I started colouring my hair when I was
about 30 years old, and I just coloured it pretty much the colour
that it is now, my natural hair colour, ’cause this is my
natural hair colour. I just used a semi-premanent dye, which is
like the natural essences? I think Clairol makes Herbal Essences? It’s kind of their demi-permanent, if you’re
going to use the lingo used by hair dressers. That is kind of the semi-permanent/demi permanent hair colouring
that lasts for about 28 washes. It doesn’t lift any colour out of your natural
hair, it just deposits colour on your natural hair. So it’s not bleaching it, it’s free from bleach, and it what it does is it just deposits colour
on the shaft of your hair. So that’s kind of how that works. And I did that most of the time, because I
felt like I didn’t want to pay anymore, I didn’t want
to have to do permanent dye, because I felt that really
to do a good job of permanent dye it’s better to go to a hair
dresser, so I just used the temporary ones at that
point. And I did that for quite a few years, until
I was about – I guess I was 32 or 33? Because it was just a couple of years ago. I decided to start highlighting my hair, and you can see that in some of the earlier
videos from this channel. You can see me with highlighted hair, because
I decided to go to the hair dresser and get my hair
highlighted. And of course that was with peroxide, because
that’s really the only way to bleach hair. So I went to my hair dresser, had that done there, and I did that for a
little while, and then I stopped doing that when I decided
it was just ridiculously expensive. I didn’t want to do it anymore. I thought that it overall worked pretty well. It was not an uncomfortable process by any means, it’s just the amount of money that you’re
spending on it that is really the deterrent there, and that’s really – the environmental impact
and the time and money spent at the hairdresser are the
big drawbacks to that sort of thing. But of course, also as a vegan, you’re going
to find when you try to look into it a bit, that hardly
any hair dye is vegan. And since I care quite a bit about this – I make sure that my makeup is vegan – I’m
very conscientious about that sort of thing – it didn’t seem right for me to be using hair
dye that was not vegan either. So about – gosh – probably about 6 months ago? I stopped using traditional hair dye, and you may have noticed that my hair has
been a bit darker in my recent videos, and that’s because I’m
no longer highlighting it, I kind of cut off the part that was highlighted. And now I am using a natural hair dye instead, and I wanted to tell you guys about it, because I’ve been very happy with it, and I think it’s a really good solution if
you are a brunette. If you are not a brunette, if you’re a blonde, then this may not work as well for you, especially
if you want to keep your hair a blonde colour. There are other solutions for hair colour
if your hair is naturally blonde. I know that Bea Johnson from the “Zero Waste Home” book and blog – she uses chamomile tea in her hair. I don’t know if that works at all – I have
no clue, because I’m not blonde, so I don’t know if
that works, but that’s one idea if your hair is naturally
blonde. But I would pretty much take this video as
advice for brunettes. I’m only giving advice for brunettes, because
I am a brunette, so that’s what this advice is for. So I did quite a bit of research before I
decided to use a more natural dye. And I looked around different companies, tried
to find out more about natural hair dyes, and since
I’d had a horrible reaction to the brand HerbaTint when I was
in high school, I decided to avoid that, because they use
some of the same chemicals that are in conventional dyes, and so even though their dyes are “natural”
– they do contain some chemicals in them that may be – if you
have sensitive skin you may have a problem with them. So that would be my big caution with Herbatint. I think it probably works just fine for people
who are looking for colour, as long as they do not
have sensitive skin. And I do. I had a horrible reaction back when I was
in school – when I was in high school I had a really deep
reaction to it. My entire head was itching, it was miserable. So since then I haven’t used Herbatint. I was pretty happy with Herbal Essences from I think Clairol, that
makes Herbal Essences. I used that for a while. And I was pretty happy with that. It had more to do with wanting a vegan and
cruelty free option. And thankfully, I found one that I’m pretty
much in love with. So after doing quite a bit of research, I
ended up with the LUSH Caca Rouge. Now, try not to let the name dissuade you. Caca is a bad word in Spanish, but we’re going to forget about that for a
second. But I think what they’re just trying to say
is that this is red. And this is their basic red hair dye. This is what I use. And it’s interesting, because if you look
at my hair, you’re going to notice that there really is
no red at all. You probably can see a few highlights where
it may look slightly red – but the hair itself is not
red. It does not look red at all. And that’s one of the beauties of using henna, which is what this dye is made out of, it’s
made out of henna. And one of the beauty’s of henna is that it
kind of just goes over your natural hair colour – it’s
almost like a varnish. And it kind of coats your hair, it protects
your hair, and it imparts a red tone. If you’re blonde, then your hair may look very red. And you will notice, I’m going to show you guys the grey spot in
my hair – that is my major major grey spot right there
– you’re going to notice that’s where it’s red. So that’s the hair that’s white, and you can
see that it’s turned bright red. And it’s just this tiny little section right
here – I mean, I’m 35 years old, and this is the
part of my hair that is kind of white, and it’s been turned like a
brighter red colour. But you don’t really notice it that much – you can see when you’re looking at the rest
of my hair, you don’t tend to notice that there’s that
bright section of red there. And I’m quite happy with it. I have to say, like, if you look at it, I’ve only ever been trying to cover up my
grey roots – I’m not really interested in changing the
colour of my hair, and I find that this red works very well. One of the things that the sales person at
LUSH told me was that if you are using their red hair dye, it’s better to use the Caca Rouge than the
Caca Marron, because the Caca Marron is their brown, but it just doesn’t contain as much colouring
pigment in it. So unless you’re trying to colour your hair
brown (which, if you’re say, blonde, you might want
that, because you might not want a bright red result) you might be happier with the Caca Marron
if you’re a blonde. But if you have white hair, the Caca Rouge
covers the colour a little bit better. It covers grey much better than the other
one does. And I’m going to take her word for it. Because that’s been my experience so far. It works very well to cover up greys. No this video is in no way sponsored by LUSH, and for that reason, I’m going to let you
guys in on a few tips that I have regarding using this product for
greying hair. Now I’ve been using this product for a few
months, and you will notice that it is 90% still there. So I’ve used maybe a third or something of
this outer ring. So it comes with nine blocks of colour, and if you’re just colouring your roots, and you’re just trying to get rid of the grey
that’s maybe at the very root of your scalp – you really
do not need much of this at all. You’re going to just use a cheese grater and
grate off a little bit of this bar and then add some
boiling water to it until it kind of is the consistency of a brownie
mixture. So it’s going to be not quite liquid, and
not quite a solid – just somewhere in between. Kind of like a goopy paste. That works best for sticking it to your hair. And again, I mean – I’ve done this now like
four times. I try to do it once every four weeks. And I find that works best for me. Because it actually is a lot more permanent
than the dye that I was using before. But it also – even though it’s more permanent, it’s kind of nice to have it have
that nice colour at the roots. I don’t like the roots to get too long. So that’s why I do it every four weeks. But you can see – if I’ve done if four times
– I have no idea how long this is going to last, but I would
say one of these bars – if you’re just colouring the greys
and you’re not doing much else – a bar like this will last you about a year. And this is probably – I’m going to say it’s
about – I’m going to be off here with the price, but I think that it’s under 30 dollars in
Canada. I think it’s more like $20 in the US. And it’s about a year’s worth of hair dye. Which is a pretty good deal, because, at least in Canada, it’s usually
around $10 on sale to buy a hair dye in a bottle. And you need to buy those every month. So you’re talking $130 every year, vs. $20-30
a year so it’s definitely a considerable savings. And of course, the only waste that you have
is this, which is your instruction information, and it’s just printed on recyclable paper. So it really is zero waste. And it’s – aside from the sticker – it does have a little sticker on here, and
I do think this might be a plastic sticker, so the sticker is not recyclable, but that
is the only part of the packaging that is not recyclable. I brought a recyclable bag to buy it, so it’s truly
a pretty much zero waste hair dye solution. And it’s nice, ’cause it comes from a store, it’s already pre-made for you, all you need
to do is add the hot water to it. It’s very simple. If I can do it, anyone can. I’ve been trying to convince my mom to try
it, ’cause I think that she’d really enjoy it,
I think it’s pretty much exactly the colour that she would want. So I just go ahead and I grate that bar, into
a container like this one, anything that isn’t going to stain significantly. You just put it in here. I actually use one of my eyeshadow brushes in order to apply it to
my scalp because I kind of just paint it on where I
see white spots. So if I see, you know, a white hair, I can
just add it right there. And you want to mix it until it’s kind of
a thick paste. And then you can put it on a brush, and then
add it to your hair. I recommend doing this instead of adding it
all over your hair as long as your hair is somewhere in the brunette
family. If you feel that your hair is either black
or blonde, you probably want to go for something else,
do not listen to this video. If your hair is blonde or black, and you want
a specific colour, if you’re trying to colour all of
your hair, then watch someone else’s video, this video
is for someone who has brown hair already. But if you’re just addressing those roots, and you’re trying to change the colour of
the roots, I would strongly recommend you try this. Just kind of paint it onto your roots. Leave it on their for about two hours. And I know that’s going to sound ridiculous. Because when I first read that, I thought
“oh my god, two hours of having something on my head will
never work.” But it actually works very well. You just put it on the roots, I tend to put it around here – anywhere where you might get a few white
hairs, put it there. Any place where you might see your hairs a bit lighter, and then I put a shower cap
over it. And I have a reusable shower cap that I have
at home for when I’m taking a shower and I don’t want
to get my hair wet – so I will use that, and you just
put it on for a couple of hours. You can walk around the house. The nice thing with this is that unlike an
artificial dye, if this falls down on your marble countertops,
for example, I’ve got some marble countertops in here – if it falls on that, it’s very easy to wipe
it off. It’s not going to stain it unless you leave it on there for
a long time. I’ve been very happy with the kind of ease
with which it can be removed from things. I haven’t had a real problem with that. And when you’re done, you just rinse it out, and then shampoo your hair. It’s a little bit different, again, from an
artificial dye where you probably wouldn’t want to shampoo
it. With this one I do recommend shampooing, because this has cocoa butter and things like
that in it, to kind of give it a nice smell. It’s just meant to be a little bit more rich. And so you don’t need to worry about it drying your hair, it does not damage your
hair, in fact, it actually protects your hair. And I just love it. I’m a huge fan. Again, this video is not sponsored, I wish
it was. It’s not sponsored, but I absolutely love
this product and like I said, because it’s not sponsored,
I can tell you, that unless you have like – I don’t know – maybe
20-30% greys because I don’t really – maybe I have like
5% grey? Something like that? So I don’t have a lot of grey, and so for
me, a bar like this will easily last a year, probably longer – and
if you have a few more greys than that, then it may not
last quite that long, but you’re still going to find it lasts much
longer than any traditional hair colour does. Again, unless you’re blonde – if you’re blonde, you probably need to do something else. You might need to use like an entire bar and
cover your head with it so that you get uniform colour and
everything like that. But if the problem is just about having some
greys here and there, it works really well. and as you can see, like – I’m really quite
happy with it. I find that it is working really well with
my hair. And it’s good too, if you have a sensitive
scalp. I’ve told you guys before, I have psoriasis, and I’ve always found that to be kind of uncomfortable when I use artificial dyes. Like – that’s the ironic thing. If I leave this stuff on for two hours, it
doesn’t irritate my head at all. Like, I can leave it on for two hours – I could probably leave it on overnight, and
it would not bother my skin at all. And I have very sensitive skin. But there’s nothing in this that is speeding
up that dye to make it work faster on your hair, and that’s the real problem with something
like a Clairol dye, or L’Oreal or any of those
brands – they contain ammonia to help speed up the
process and help your hair to change colour faster. And it may work in 10 minutes, but that isn’t really necessarily good for
your hair. And so, a product like this that you can leave
on for a couple of hours and then remove, doesn’t irritate your skin
at all, and then if you have something like I do,
like psoriasis, it doesn’t irritate the psoriasis at all. Like, I still have some psoriasis plaques on my head, and it
doesn’t irritate those, and I’m so grateful to have this colour, and that’s why I really wanted to share it
with you guys, especially if any of you guys have, say, an
autoimmune disorder, or anything that causes irritation
of your scalp, you definitely probably are miserable every
time you use a harsh dye on your hair, and this isn’t like that at all. So, definitely something worth considering. Also doesn’t have any waste! And the funniest thing is, I find now, whenever I go to the drug store, I realize there’s nothing I really need to
buy there, because, just in the last couple of weeks,
I’ve started making my own toothpaste, and my own deodorant, now I do my hair colour, and I don’t really
need to worry about going to the drug store any more, because
most of the things that I need, I already have, or I could make
myself, and it’s kind of a nice, liberating feeling. And I think actually saves me quite a bit
of time. If you enjoyed this video, be sure and give
it a thumbs up, and subscribe if you aren’t already, and also please let me know what your doing
with your own hair dye – if you’re pretty happy with your
solution, or if you’ve tried – especially if you’ve
tried another kind of zero waste, natural solution that you’ve found
works well for you, I would love to hear about that. Let me know, especially things that are cruelty
free and vegan. I would love to hear about that. And I hope everybody has a beautiful day. Thanks so much for watching. Take care. Bye.


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