Cold Hands or Hand Arthritis? You Will LOVE This!

Cold Hands or Hand Arthritis? You Will LOVE This!


  • xDandii says:

    My hands are cold while I watch this.

  • Blue lighting says:

    I know this lady that the tips of her fingers are cold and very white. Isn't it circulation problem?

  • About Creativity says:

    Very good, “The road to success is always under construction. – Lily Tomlin´´

  • mpc77769 says:

    I just subscribed yesterday but I'm hopeful one of you will someday discover the fix to a broken heart.

    Love the videos Gentlemen!!!

  • Vlogafogo says:

    Playing the piano always helps too…

  • Jeanne L says:

    This is going onto my shopping list. Thanks Bob and Brad. 👍

  • Smile Smile says:

    The Claaaaaw!

  • ayush kumar says:

    Hello sir, I have been watching your videos from very long time and I want you to please upload something on trimalleolar rehab protocol

  • matt ballard says:

    is there anything i can do for Dupuytren's contracture, as far as stretching?

  • NWHomesteader says:

    Just ordered – thank you!

  • laura brown says:

    Thank you for this. I knit and the exercises are great. Have done them a couple times and already feel the effects

  • Donna Patton says:

    I have cold hands but a warm heart!❤️😉☺️

  • 1st Amendment Auditor says:

    Screw amazon.

  • Anthony Davis says:

    Great video. A ball of aluminum foil works as well.

  • Nancy or Keith M says:

    Thank you!!!

  • Bk Jackson says:

    LOL! You found some new toys! 😎

  • Highly Favored says:

    Great! No more "warning cold hands approaching!" My patients will appreciate this!
    I will LOVE it!! Thanks so much!! 😊

  • Adrian Maria says:

    Any tiny gust of wind makes my hands cold easily

  • TheAsdsdswww says:

    3:57 "thesaurus"

  • B uppy says:

    Peanut butter and cheese can make your hands colder.

  • Sleeping Lioness says:

    You said this was a cool thing…but isn't it supposed to be hot? Good device for hand arthritis + gloves with tips cut off.

  • A HA says:

    It's not really useful for doctors or similar, but wrist/arm warmers help me tremendously with keeping my fingers warmer even indoors. It's important the warmers aren't tight but comfortably loose, otherwise that just adds to the issue with making my bony wrists have poorer blood circulation.

  • Mosihur Rahaman says:

    Sir, can you guide me about the electro therapy??I am from india and a new PHYSIOTHERAPY learner

  • P Streech says:

    In your opinion of course Bob 😂👊☮️

  • CJ says:

    Cold feels better on my hand arthritis. Always challenging to get cold packs to stay on the right location especially if you are trying to do anything. Any suggestions?

  • Vašek Vochcalpádlo says:

    Rather women suffer from cold hands, it means they need to grab a dick and receive love <3

  • sylvia g says:

    I know many Doctors who could use this

  • marlene kerrmarlene says:

    thank you as always

  • Suzannadanna says:

    I have intermittent cold hands (combination of Chiari and a few impinged facets) and this is great. I have a suggestion for the two of you. Get thee a video softbox lighting kit, so that the video appearance quality matches the content quality!

  • Amy Phillips says:

    Also a “cold hands and feet” sufferer; but with some advice you could take or leave. This is from Wim Hof, won’t kill to try. Put your hands in ice water for two minutes and keep them there. You can do the same with your feet. I guess that the idea is to re-wire your perception of cold. I think that sometimes our bodies are putting us in a more protective mode than we need, and by exposing them to extreme temperature without ill-effect, our bodies don’t get so fussy and rebellious. It really did work for me along with lots of other things. I do have heated socks that I keep just in case I might start to feel cold after a few hours, and I feel like they help to keep my whole body warm.

  • bethpat9 says:

    What about cold feet? My daughter who is almost 50 has trouble with cold feet.

  • HappyHygienist says:

    I just happened to order that same electric hand warmer the other day. Coming tomorrow!

  • Bike Cycle says:

    You can get those squeeze things at the Dollar Store in the kid's section. They say knitting and crocheting is good for arthritis.

  • Tech tricks tamil says:

    Bob and Brad are broad minded doctors ,their rendering service to useful exercises to sciatica and other useful ailments.

  • Leilarhymeswithsheila says:

    There’s nothing worse than a man with cold hands. You ladies will know what I mean. I’m buying one for my husband.

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