Cody’s Story of Healing From Meniere’s Disease

– Man I’m telling you what the things that
we just sang about we saw happen and God did so many things that have just blown
our minds, seeing people experience true healing and I wanted to share one of
those stories with you. Cody Carlton would you come up? Y’all welcome Cody to the platform as he comes. Cody and his wife Erica had been in the church for
quite some time now and I met him, not met him, but I really got to know him on the Israel trip last year, a couple years ago, and he shared with me at lunch one time
on Israel some of the health challenges that you’ve been facing and why don’t
you just share briefly what you’ve been going through and what God did on
Wednesday night. – So in April of 2017, I was diagnosed with bilateral Meniere’s
disease, which is a nerve disorder in the middle ear that causes hearing loss,
extreme bouts of vertigo, disorientation, just really messes up your equilibrium.
And it kind of ebbs and wanes, since November of this year been really
struggling with some major issues with my equilibrium being off, and I
know some of you are looking and saying wow I’ve ridden in the trolley with you
driving? I promise you I only drive when equilibrium has been good. But it’s
been to the point where I’ve taken some major falls down our stairs, falling into
some pieces of our furniture broken our bedpost, luckily no bones, just
some major bumps, bruises, scrapes, scratches. But hearing loss in both ears,
30 to 57 percent. When I have those extreme cases of vertigo, have to use a cane. When we were in Israel there was a day I had to use my cane to
get around. So came Wednesday night not really knowing what to expect, but I knew as soon as Tara started singing “Praise Through My Breakthrough” and I just lost it. I
knew that, as we say in the hike ministry, get ready because something’s about
to happen. So I was ready to buckle up. Wes gets up because God had given him
some specific circumstances, conditions, to pray for. So he mentions hearing loss
and muffled hearing, so I stand up I’m like
yes hearing will be restored tonight. And then he mentions a few more and then
he says somebody with equilibrium, vertigo, dizziness. And I’m already
standing so I raised my hand make sure he sees me and he looks at me and I’m
sitting about right there he looks at me he says come on man
tonight’s your night. And I’m thinking yes it is! So he starts to pray and as
he’s praying, both ears pop and there’s this sensation if those of you that have
flown and as the plane banks and then it rights itself, even though I’m standing
there still, that sensation comes on and then there’s this assurance, not a spoken assurance, but just this assurance that fills me that you don’t
need the hearing aids anymore. You don’t need the canes. So I sit down and I
whisper my wife Erica’s ear and I say “We’ve wasted money because I don’t need my hearing aids anymore.” [applause] And then, the equilibrium issues had
gotten to the point where when I would go downstairs I would have to go down
sideways, step by step, and hold on to the stair rail. Even the short stairs that
are right out here. We got home, I ran around some circles in our front yard,
luckily it was dark so nobody could see me, just to test. No issues, when I stopped
spinning everything else stopped spinning. Yesterday, thanks to the Netflix show Tidying Up With whatever her name is we
cleaned our closet. I went down our stairs normally carrying bags of clothes
to donate to Goodwill along with my two canes. And I haven’t felt this
good in years it’s been amazing.

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