Coconut oil Super for Brain Health, Weight loss, Anti Aging, Beauty and more!

Coconut oil Super for Brain Health, Weight loss, Anti Aging, Beauty and more!

Hi there! its leda lum apotheca and today
I want to talk about coconut oil and its benefits for your hair and your skin and weight loss
and your brain and a myriad of things. This is a requested video to talk about coconut
oil which im a big fan of and its got a lot of benefits for your skin and your hair and
I use it as a moisturizer. I buy a cheaper one just from trader Joes which I mix with
essential oils. I like rosemary oil because I like the way it smells. I buy this more
expensive one that I use Medicinally, Ill drink some in the morning or add it to my
coffee or a bunch of different things. I use it for my facial serums. This ones organic
perfect coconut oil. They are both 16 ounces. This ones about $16 while this one was $5,
so. It very high in vitamin E thats one of the main reasons why its great for your skin.
It increases the moisture and the lipid content of your skin. Coconut oil is an interesting
mixture of fatty acids. Its 90% saturated fatty acids. Which is good its got a special
blend of short chain and medium chain fatty acids. And the medium chain fatty acids that
it has are Lauric, capric and mystic, no Maristic acids. Lauric acid is great for your skin.
Its good for Staph aureus. The harmful germ for your skin. Staph infections. Its great
for reducing acne and eczema and psoriasis. So thats why its so awesome for your skin.
And its also got some protection form UVA and UVB the harmful UV sun rays. It blocks
about %20 of sun rays. I wouldnt use it solely, but its good for your hair. It blocks the
damaging sun rays for your hair. But I use sunscreen. Medium chain acids have beneficial
antioxidant properties to them. So that partly why its such a great anti aging internally
and externally. Because Oxidization is one of the main reasons why your skin ages. Its
also great for weight loss because it speeds up your energy usage by about %5 through some
studies that were made. So just through one ounce a day, there were some studies as well
where it decreased the body mass index especially for abdominal fat. There was a 12 week study
with 40 women where they didnt change their diet, they didnt change their exercise routine.
they just added one once of coconut oil and they had a significant reduction of abdominal
fat. And there was another study where a group of men for 4 weeks just added the one ounce
and the average waist reduction was 1.25 inches. so thats significant. And all they did was
add coconut oil. Thats partly why its so great for wight reduction but it also increases
your energy output by about 5% so thats awesome. Medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil are
a great source of energy for your brain. Aside from glucose which is the first source of
energy for your brain, Keytones is the second source. And there’s all these studies with
the high keytone diets and how they are affecting health. the saturated fats in coconut oil
create an increase in the keytones in your blood. they’ve been doing studies on how this
affects epilepsy in children. they’ve had some benefit in using coconut oil to decrease
the seizures as well as studies with how its helping with alzheimers and one of the main
reasons alzheimers affects your brain is that it reduces your brains ability to absorb glucose
and use it as energy. And some how coconut oil helps that process. it also helps absorb
other minerals, the medium chain fatty acids, into your blood stream. It also helps raise
the good cholesterol in your blood, the HDL. So there are lots of cultures in like the
South Pacific and in particularly asian cultures that eat a very high amount of coconut oil
that have very low cancer and alzheimers and heart disease because of their large consumption
of coconut oil. So its probably good to add it into your diet. Aside from that its a great
beauty product. I love using it for my serums. Its good for your hair. Ill leave it in as
like a hair mask. Ill leave it in for a few days if i dont have to do anything and it
almost has like a, what is it called, a brazilian blow out effect of my hair. It de frizzes.
Keratin! Keratin treatment. Coconut oil, the medium chain fatty acids can penetrate your
hair follicle. Thats very interesting. I love coconut oil. Its a winner. I think you should
try it. And use it for so many things. People that I know who have started using coconut
oil as their lotion are just experiencing some buttery skin! And yea its great, I smear
it every where. Maybe you should too! OH! its great as a mouth wash. Ive done videos
on Oil pulling. And it could, I dont know if its necessarily proven, but ayurvedic medicine
encourages oil pulling to pull out the viruses and bacteria in your mouth and your body.
And there is a lot of linking of your mouth health to your heart health. Oil pulling,
where you just swish a little bit of coconut oil in your mouth, kind of push it forward
till its all milky and then you spit that out in the trash, so it doesnt gunk up your
pipes. And you definitely dont want to swallow it because it actually does have a high amount
of bacteria and virus. So if you like that video give it a thumbs up and Subscribe!


  • Darcy Smithson says:

    Great video. I think you hit all the salient points.
    Your house looks so eclectic and rather magical.
    Perhaps, would you consider giving a tour of your home?
    Either way, thank you for yet another informative tutorial.We
    appreciate you.

  • Diggin Diggen It says:

    Amazing video i sub coconut oil for cooking oil its also great if your cooking popcorn, thanks again for sharing this healthy information. Its very possible you might be the healthiest smartest person i have watched to date

  • JamieNTT says:

    Great video, but coconut oil actually doesn't have a lot vitamin E.

  • all now with wings says:

    I was just having my coffee w/ coconut oil while I watched this!! very informative! I do feel like adding coconut oil to coffee has helped me with sustained energy.
    I also have to second the use for hair.. Ive been applying a small bit to wet hair (and everything else) out of the shower, its its really made an appreciable difference in softness and strength of my hair.
    I wasn't aware of the use for reducing abdominal fat? but thats awesome, I think I'll have to increase my consumption to an ounce a day and report back.
    I have been experimenting a little with the spf properties of coconut oil, and while you obviously still get a tan, I haven't experienced any sunburn,and its also maintained my tan much longer since its hydrating my skin better 🙂

    nice job and love you muchy ~t
    Oh! by the way "mystic acids" 😉

  • Margaret Marie says:

    Iam loving your video's 🙂

  • Steven Peek says:

    I liked all the information in the book. It was very helpful, it was also very easy to read [ Check Details Here >>> ]. There are a lot of good ideas that I will be using. This book is great for a beginner or a pro

  • Synchronicity says:

    Ms. Leda, I won't lie, I think I love you. You seem to carry yourself with discipline and elegance which is quite unique. And thank you for this video, you did a great job!

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