Coconut Oil Health Benefits For Bone, Heart, Weight Loss, Digestion, Skin & Immune System

Health benefits of coconut oil. The following are some of the many health
benefits which you can derive from the use of coconut oil daily. Good for the hair. If you have seen photos of women living in
tropical regions, you will observe the sheen of their hair. There is a high chance that this shininess
is as a result of coconut oil applied to the hair. Coconut oil when applied to the hair promotes
hair growth while also making the hair to glisten. It is no wonder that many hair care products
like hair conditioners and dandruff creams contain the oil. In addition to the shiny property of coconut
oil, it is also helpful in reducing the loss of protein through hair loss. Coconut oil is also a good remedy for damaged
hair as it stimulates the re-growing process of the hair. Apart from the fact that this oil helps to
reduce protein loss, it is also a good source of vital proteins that help to keep the hair
in good shape. Regular topical application of coconut oil
to the head helps to get rid of dandruff from the hair as well as in protecting the scalp
form lice. For weight reduction. Cooking with unrefined coconut oil has been
found to help in shedding off weight. This is because the oil contains healthy fatty
acids that give the oil its weight reduction capabilities. Even more, studies have suggested that obese
women can benefit from coconut oil; coconut oil helps to increase body metabolism, thereby,
increasing the rate of weight loss in overweight persons. This is evident in people living in regions
where coconuts are common as they usually don�t have the weight problems people in
the West face. Notwithstanding, you need to combine this
oil with other weight reduction methods like exercising to get maximum benefits. For digestion problems. Digestion problems such as IBS (irritable
bowel syndrome) and constipation can be alleviated through the use of liquid coconut oil. Coconut oil contains saturated fats which
have antimicrobial properties that help in fighting off microorganisms responsible for
such stomach problems. For healthy skin The use of coconut oil for treating skin problems
goes back to thousands of years ago when it was used in the prevention of dry skin. Coconut oil is beneficial in this way due
to the fact that it is packed with antioxidants. Massaging the skin with organic coconut oil
can help in the prevention of several skin problems. Even better, the topical application of this
oil does not have any adverse effects on the skin like some other oils do. Other skin problems which can be treated with
the use of coconut oil include dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema. The effects of aging on the skin such as wrinkles
can also be remedied through the use of this oil. For oral and bone health. The teeth and bones are also included in the
parts of the body that can benefit from coconut oil. This is because of the fact that coconut oil
promotes the assimilation of calcium by the body. Not forgetting that both the teeth and the
bones require calcium for proper development. Tooth problems such as tooth decay can also
be stopped using coconut oil. Coconut oil is great for the heart. Coconut oil contains saturated fats which
help in reducing the level of LDL (low density lipoprotein) or bad cholesterol in the body
by converting it into good or HDL cholesterol. By so doing, this helps to keep the heart
in a healthy state thereby, reducing the risk of heart disease. For boosting the immune system. Coconut oil contains several helpful chemicals
such as lauric acid, caprylic acid, and capric acid, which are powerful antimicrobial agents. Consumption of coconut oil is a natural way
of strengthening the body�s immune system against diseases. To control appetite. If you have a voracious appetite, you can
control it by adding coconut oil to your diet. Research has shown that coconut oil contains
medium and long chain triglycerides (MCTs) which can affect the way the body reacts to
hunger. Studies have suggested that eating foods rich
in these MCTs can help in curbing appetite. For More Natural Health Tips, Subscribe To
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