Cochlear Implant Animation

Cochlear Implant Animation

Cochlear implant is a specialized hearing
device to restore hearing to patients who have severe to profound hearing loss. The procedure begins by performing a mastoidectomy
accomplished by removing the hollow bone behind the ear. After making an incision and retracting the
ear forward to expose the mastoid bone surface, the honeycomb partitions of the mastoid
bone are then drilled away down to where it connects into the middle ear. There are important structures that are preserved
during this procedure including: Semicircular canals responsible for inner
ear balance. The bone that separates the brain from the
mastoid cavity The sigmoid sinus which is a large blood vessel. Chorda tympani nerve which supplies sense
of taste to the tongue. Facial nerve which is responsible for facial
movements. Once
the round window is exposed, a well along with a channel are drilled in the skull upon
which the implant is seated. The electrode array is than inserted into
the round window and gently threaded into the cochlea. The skin incision is then closed. After the incision has healed, the external
component of the cochlear implant can be worn to start the process of hearing restoration.


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    Iwanna asking you about hearing dvice my yenger brother he is 8 years old he was 3 years old when he has this dvice it was working normally but now it is run for 30 min and sam times run just for 2 min and it is of when we ask people lik use they said we should changing battrey an we did and we pay 400$ for the price . and it is still the same proplem .
    can you helping us please with this proplem

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