Clutch Case Weapon Skins

Welcome to the Clutch Case. It’s been over 5 months since the last and
contains 17 new skins. For the first time ever they’ve ALL been
made by artists who already have skins in earlier cases. I would say to click on the weapon you’d
like to see, but oh wait, Youtube removed annotations. Timestamps are available in the description. Sorry. The MP9 Black Sand, by MGBazz and Mals1, was
designed to have a ‘somber appearance’ that would fit in with a military-spec level
design. It’s branded with the fictional CHAIN Arsenal
logo and is part of a sub-collection called ‘Black Sand’, which are a series of skins
designed to blend in with a dusty middle eastern setting (COUGH Dust) to be used by CT’s
in the Black Sand Campaign. The Galil of the same design has already been
accepted and the Famas, MP7 and UMP45 are also available in this style, but not yet
included in part of a case. Chemical Alia started the Aloha collection
back in 2015 and was surprised that nobody else had done a Hawaiian print pattern at
the time. As she developed her style she dabbled with
different finishes and has even redrawn this design from scratch to give it a more crisp
and polished appearance in-game. The pattern is randomised, so each skin will
look unique. Despite having made skins for the workshop
since 2013, it has only been in the past year that she has had success and has since had
3 skins officially accepted into CS:GO. This case came as a nice Birthday treat for
Hollandje. It’s the second of this style to be accepted,
the first being the deagle from the Spectrum case last year. He juggled working on this with his time developing
the map, de_studio. This was the first of the Oxide Blaze design
to not have flames on the barrel itself and he sincerely hopes that you like it. Raekan the Rock’s P2000 Urban Hazard is
the latest of the series to be accepted, going under the name ‘Crimson Hazard’ on the
workshop. It started life as a P2000 Supercharger and
went through several iterations and versions, before returning to red and making its way
into the Urban Hazard collection. Of the series, the five-seven and MP7 have
also been accepted into the game. And under a different name and colour scheme
are the Urban Shock dual Berettas. All in all, it’s been a very successful
skin collection so far. This intricately detailed revolver is by Teo,
who has had repeated success with other 3D-looking metal designs. This revolver is part of the ‘Tread’ series
because the handle is designed to look like the sort of rubber you’d get on a tyre,
sole of a shoe or… I don’t know… weapon handle. Teo takes his metalwork seriously, deciding
on the type of metal he’s trying to imitate and this then determines its properties at
different wear levels, which is made possible with the gunsmith finish. His goal with these skins is to make something
that looks expensive and high-quality, while not looking too gaudy, that people might want
just because it looks nice. There are several other colour schemes for
this available on the workshop which are also pretty cool. The PP Bizon Night Riot by M1nd Designs was
made to give some love to the less popular weapons in CS:GO. He originally gave it the name ‘Uproar’
though Valve at some point changed its name to ‘Night Riot’. For the big popular weapons he has another
series that you may have heard of, or even had items from, called the Elite Build. Of his Uproar series, the UMP45 was in an
earlier case and only the MP7 is left to be included now. PTP made this five-seven skin soon after the
Gunsmith finish was added to the game. It was one of his first attempts to utilize
the alpha exponent to create a metallic flake paint finish that sparkled in the sun. It’s part of his popular Hotrod collection,
all of which are metallic and airbrushed designs that are inspired by classic hotrods. The XM1014 and glock have already been included
in previous cases. The SWAG7 is the first of 2 skins in this
case that are made by the Honey Badger. Now I always love covering his works since
each has a story behind it, all beautifully written up on the workshop page should you
want to learn more. This skin was made as a followup to a sticker
of the same style. He says that the positive reception to his
Rekt 9 on the workshop also encouraged him to pursue this design. He wanted to keep the colour scheme simple
so that it didn’t look too garish, but couldn’t decide between a silver design that faded
with wear or the gold finish that wore to black and white… so made both! He thinks Valve chose the right one and thinks
the gold skin’s transition style was put to better use in his P2000 Imperial Dragon
design, which has also made it into the game. The Lionfish is another skin by PTP, inspired
by the patterns found on lionfish, believe it or not. He told me that sea creatures have some amazing
natural patterns. After a few quick tests, he realized that
not all patterns carried through to a weapon design that well. But the lionfish shapes did, while still being
recognisable as a lionfish. He started out with a black and white shape,
got that to tile correctly, then added shading to give the pattern depth. Finally he layered on some micro detail to
mimic artifacts that might come from spray painting a weapon. There is now a whole series of skins based
on this design on the workshop. They seem split 50-50 between this design
and a darker subtle red. The pattern is randomised so each design will
look unique. The Wild Six nova shotgun by Dasdas took about
2 weeks to make. He loves post-apocalypse styles and he had
a lot of fun designing this one in particular, influenced by numerous movies and games from
the genre. There were originally 3 versions of this skin,
but eventually he chose the yellow version with a smiley face on the front of the barrel
because he thinks it’s the most fun. Just like a vehicle from some future wasteland,
you’ll find painted teeth, stickers and numbers plastered all over this design. This UMP45 Arctic Wolf was made by Blossomalex,
who told me that the theme was of a battlescarred white wolf, inspired by a book called ‘White
Fang’, written by Jack London. It goes from dark grey at the back of the
design to almost white at the front, which is where the fangs would be. There’s a midnight blue background that
features bites and scratches to really give the appearance of an aggressive battle animal. Moonrise is another skin by MGBazz and Mals1,
inspired by Hotline Miami. They started off by playing with the shape
of the glock, mixed with an anodized airbrushed finish. It’s got a couple of cool features. The texture shifts, but only horizontally,
giving each design a unique pixel-art skyline on the side. Look closely enough and you’ll notice a
faint TV-scan-line appearance. And there’s a 3.75% chance that you’ll
get a rare design with a ‘star’ showing on the button on the side, as a nice extra
little Easter egg. The USP-S Cortex by Glasgowdied’s account
is a hand-drawn creation that originally was meant to look like brain matter, but he decided
it looked more like gum and accepted that it would be that for the final product! …though
you can still see that it may originally have come from a skeleton’s head! The design becomes more red and green with
wear and tear, though most of the details remain in-tact including the ‘USP’ written
on the suppressor. The Stymphalian is another epic by the Honey
Badger with a story to tell. He was inspired by the map, Santorini and
decided to make some finishes based on Greek antiquity. For the AUG he chose birds of prey since they
have good eye-sight, which is what a scoped weapon gives its user. After many iterations he settled on one of
the tasks that Hercules was given, which was to clear out a swamp of Stymphalian Birds,
who were man-eating creatures with beaks of bronze, had sharp metallic feathers they could
launch at their victims… and poisonous dung. He studied greek pottery to get the colour
scheme and after many versions and iterations finally got to where it is now. It was the longest he had ever spent on a
single skin and was fed up by the end of it… but also proud. Despite all this, he wasn’t even sure that
the CS:GO community would like his design. Fun facts: he uses the greek Alpha and Beta
symbols in the design, bit like how there are A and B bombsites. He games on lower settings so makes his designs
look decent even with low texture quality so that everybody can enjoy his creations. And lastly, an early version had an eagle
instead, but he felt it was too ‘third reich’. The AWP Mortis, much like the AK47 Empress,
is part of a larger series by Zaphk where he intends to eventually cover the entire
series 1 of the Tarot Collection. The future plan is to make skins based on
all of the 22 major Arcana cards. People on Reddit pointed out that this looked
very much like a dead version of the Dragon Lore, but it’s actually a dead horse skeleton,
based on a particular Tarot card. The Bloodsport MP7 features a fictional story
about how terrorist attacks became so frequent that industry leaders sponsored the greatest
CT’s who had become celebrities in their own right, this skin being one such design
based around racing and extreme sports sponsors. Slimeface says it was inspired by Wipeout
from the PS1 since the MP7 kind of reminded him of a spaceship. But his time with the console wasn’t to
be- he enjoyed gaming on it until a slug got into the back of it and blew it up. And lastly, Donschi’s Neo-Noir M4. There’s not much information on this design,
but the already-accepted USP-S was based on a black and white illustration which was then
given some fancy striking colouring to give an additional ‘push’. This one is a new illustration, a girl that
uses sword in battle who has a scar from previous encounters. All illustrations are done with the specific
weapon in mind, so each design from the collection is unique although retains a similar colour
scheme. But there’s more- it’s also part of a
larger collection with different colours. And that’s it for the Clutch Case. Thank you to all of the artists who talked
with me about them. Much appreciated! I hope I’ve pronounced everything correctly

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