Clinician’s Corner: How to be a Lifelong Learner

Clinician’s Corner: How to be a Lifelong Learner


  • Adorable Queen says:

    How to form your own identity …

  • How to Medicate says:

    Lifelong leaders, are lifelong learners!

  • Adorable Queen says:

    How to figure out things that is speacial about me

  • Adnan A says:

    If only we could download articles to our brain

  • Cari says:

    Yes, I hope to be a life long learner.. I would love to be a physician, but I started with nursing so I hope nursing field grows more and people understand this field better. Not many people understand the field of nursing as much. Physicians and Nurses are both caregivers, just a bit of difference in their scope of practice.

  • gogo Johnny says:

    could produce a video about tinnitus, please

  • Nes232 says:

    Learning for me is not a habit, it's a lifestyle.

  • sultana Loca says:

    thank you.

  • hansab omar says:


  • Life Lab Learner says:

    To be honest as a young stem cell researcher, I'm quite anxious that my specialisation will ultimately result in me losing track of current breakthroughs in biomedical research (there is a lot going on in cancer research, neurosciences, and so on). That's one of the reasons why I launched a Youtube Science channel (science is awesome!) – If you are interested in current topics in Alzheimer's, Multiple sclerosis, cancer therapy or the generation of organs, I would be thrilled to see you there!

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