CLEAR SKIN IN 1 MONTH: How To Get Rid of Acne & Scarring FAST | Zoe Maya

CLEAR SKIN IN 1 MONTH: How To Get Rid of Acne & Scarring FAST | Zoe Maya

This is my second time filming this because the first time I was ugly Hey guys welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be all about my skin And how I completely cleared my acne and scarring in just one month My skin is really dry and sensitive and although it was never bad in the past I would only get the occasional pimple it just plummeted downhill earlier in the year I tried a lot of different products to treat my skin and nothing worked until I found this routine that I’m going to share with You my mom is actually the one that created this routine and found all these Products and she’s a doctor so you can be sure that everything mentioned in this video is truly the best of the best Turn it up These are just the products that cleared my skin But if you want to see my current skincare routine of how I’m keeping my skin clear then just give this video a thumbs up And I’ll be sure to do that These are my before and after pictures of using the products behind me so if you’re dealing with acne and want to get rid of It really quickly then just keep watching one of the first things that I stopped using that I think really helped clear my skin up Is I stopped using oil-based products so I used to have an oil face wash and an oil makeup remover? But once I stopped using that my skin like Noticeably started to clear out so if you use an oil face washer an oil makeup remover Just like me then maybe try and stop using it try it for a week or two weeks and see how that goes the other Thing that was really making me breakout was wearing makeup since I wear makeup every day it clogs up my pores and then the more I breakout the more I wear makeup But the more I wear makeup the more I break out so it was just a really bad cycle So thankfully all this happened during the summer and I was able to not wear makeup for a whole two months So I think that really Contributed to my clear skin because I just let my pores breathe for such a long time so if that’s an option for you I would definitely suggest not wearing makeup or maybe just wearing a lot less than usually moving on to the actual products if I could Credit my clear skin to only one product It would definitely be this Benz Aklan gel I saw improvements in my skin immediately after I started using this so I think this is Definitely one of the best products that I’ve ever come across I would just put this on every single morning and my skin would clear Up so quickly it was like a miracle product reason that this worked So well is probably because it’s one of the more harsher products out there, and at least for my sensitive skin It just made it super dry and it was peeling and it was flaky But I still kept using this because it was doing its job at clearing up my skin And I have some other products that I’m gonna talk about that I use to get rid of all the flakiness so if you have really sensitive skin, too But you want to use this maybe use it every other day or relieves a little bit, and there’s also an alternative product That’s a little less than the Ben’s Oakland. It’s called benzo gel. It’s by the same company I never use this so I don’t know how it compares to the benzo clean with clearing up your acne But definitely if your skin is peeling too much, and you don’t want to deal with it Then I would suggest trying out the best in the morning after been so clean I would put on this squalane oil From at the ordinary this product really helps clear up your acne and your scarring and it helps with dryness So I would definitely suggest using this after the Benza clip it comes with one of these things And I’m blanking on the name of it right now, but you just put a few drops onto your face and then you’re good then I have two different moisturizers that I definitely recommend one for the day and one for the night so the Moisturizer that I would use during the day is this josie maran argan daily moisturizer with SPF 47 having SPF in your moisturizer during the day is super important because as your skin is like renewing itself as you exfoliate and if you’re like me when you pop pimples when the new skin grows it’s all super sensitive to sunlight and If the sun rays like being down on it, and it’s not protected It’s gonna be darker than your regular skin tone and you’re really gonna notice that scar so I would put a little bit of this over the oil and my skin was glowy and Ready for the day, then at night time. I actually still use this moisturizer It’s the drunk elephant la la retro whipped cream. This is hands-down the best moisturizer. I’ve ever come across It’s just so thick and feels so nice on your skin especially if you put it on at night And then you wake up and your skin is so smooth and feels like a baby’s bottom when I come home one of the things I look forward to is taking off a makeup and putting this up now to get rid of scarring I also have two options one for the daytime one for the nighttime though. I actually never really use this I use this like twice just because I already had so many other products that I was putting on my face during the morning this Is the ordinary vitamin C suspension thing so if you want to treat your scarring during the day? I definitely recommend this my mother thinks it’s better than the night But I just don’t want to put it on But I used to get rid of my scarring is this red and a cream I had a lot of acne on my face And I was popping all my pimples which I don’t recommend So I had a lot of scars and when I started using this I would put it on at night and just massage it into my skin and over time I just realized that all my scars had disappeared like I didn’t notice it every day, but then all of a sudden It was just gone, and it was all things to that’s now the next product I’m gonna be talking about is actually a face mask. This is the clarifying colloidal sulfur mask from dr. Dennis gross This is the best face mask I’ve ever tried I loved it so much this mask is supposed to be an acne medication, so it helps clear your skin and it also exfoliates So that was really convenient for me when I was using the Ben skin and my skin was always peeling and the great thing about This is that you can use it three different ways So first you can put on a little bit and massage it into your skin so that you don’t see it anymore And then you can put makeup on top of it Or you could put on a little bit leave it on for 10 minutes, and then wash it off Or if you want a deeper treatment you can put a lot of the product on at night sleep with it wash it off in The morning and then feel amazing so my name I friends that camp tried this out, and they all loved it so get it. You won’t regret it now the last two things I’m gonna be talking about are my face washes this first one is from bastia. It’s the clear complexion cleanser I actually didn’t switch this up when I tried a new routine I kept this in because it’s just so good for my skin because my skin’s super sensitive I can’t use a lot of harsh products, but this is so gentle and it cleans my skin and takes off all makeup So it’s really great I use it in the morning And I use it at night then what I did add to my routine to get rid of acne is this Neutrogena face Wash it’s the oil-free acne wash cream cleanser, and this just smells so fresh And it really feels like it’s getting into your pores, and it’s cleaning them all out which I love from a product I love feeling that it’s working so I definitely think that this played a large part in clearing my skin So I definitely recommend that you try it out. It’s really affordable It’s such a great product, and I’m so happy that my mother found it so that was a video I really hope you guys enjoyed it if you’re interested in any of these products I will have them all linked down below if you’re dealing with acne I hope that anything mentioned in this video will help you clear it as fast as possible Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe Down below and let me know if you want me to do my skincare routine Cuz I’ll be sure to do that and I’ll see you guys in my next video fine


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    Please make a video on your skincare routine now 🙂 This video might have just saved my life lol

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    Love the video! Im trying to get my skin so nice i dont need foundation. I have a natural contour almost with my cheek bones so i hope this works for me

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    Lol just bought almost all the products online. 😂 when i get them im gonna rewatch the video so i know what to do

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    Nice video! Your skin looks great 😀 If you have the time, feel free to check out my channel as well

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    Wow I love your channel so so much! Your personality is so happy and you are so stunning, I can see how much effort and work you put into your channel! I have just subscribed and I cannot wait to see where you channel goes! I hope you could subscribe back :)) 💗💗

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    The Ordinary products are SOOOOOO GOOD!! Even for us old farts! LOL And bonus- they are super affordable. Great video, Zoe!

  • MomNMe Beauty says:

    The Ordinary products are SOOOOOO GOOD!! Even for us old farts! LOL And bonus- they are super affordable. Great video, Zoe!

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    OMG THE INTRO!!😂👌 i instantly subscribed👌💖

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    My son suffers from acne and we tried so many different products but nothing seemed to help much. It was heartbreaking to watch his confidence go down. His Dr prescribed Benzaclin too and fingers crossed it's been a month and it is soooo much better. His nose looked like a strawberry so red and full of blackheads and within couple days of using it the blackheads are gone. His pimples went away within couple weeks and so far he's only had two new pimples that were tiny. So happy this is working so far. It has an antibiotic in it and I worry what will happen when he becomes resistant to it but so far it's good. He's also using Apple cider vinegar diluted 4 to 1 as a toner once a day and I think that helps a lot too. Also drinking 3 litres of water per day. Both of those products can dry out your skin and cause peeling but he's using CeraVe moisturizer with spf 30 and hasn't had any issues with peeling.

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