#Clear Skin and Calm Insides – EZ Aloe Tutorial for #Ulcers, #PMS, #Rosacea, #Psoriasis #Colitis

#Clear Skin and Calm Insides – EZ Aloe Tutorial for #Ulcers, #PMS, #Rosacea, #Psoriasis #Colitis

This is one of my favorite plants. This is aloe leaf, for those of you that aren’t familiar with it. These aloe grow really huge. They grow in the desert. Inside is this very cool gel. and we’re going to apply this gel directly to our face for a beauty mask. And it’s great for sunburn. If you get sunburn you’re gonna put aloe on it right away. You will not burn or peel. the next day. Its great for psoriasis, eczema, herpes, cold sores, bug bites. If you get those big hot mosquito bites. This cost 1 dollar at the market. It was actually bigger. It was like this big. We can also take this aloe gel internally and it’s going to cool internally So it’s great for ulcers, arthritis, colitis hemorrhoids. If you have a lot of PMS or menstrual concerns. Or if you have hot flashes, menopausal or perio-menopausal concerns, this can balance out your period, alleviate a lot of the inflammation and swelling symptoms that come with the period. I’m going to show you now how we’re going to use it in those two ways. And it’s safe to use EVERY DAY. Just going to cut this aloe here. And it’s really quite beautiful. Your hands are clean. Just take this – Oh gee, it feels just like the stuff that’s in the container in the junky plastic bottle with all the other parabens and junk in it. So I’m just digging my fingers in and putting this everywhere because it’s safe enough to eat, so it’s safe enough to go on the skin. It really feels cooling and benign like our cucumber mask which you can watch by clicking here You can watch my wonderful avocado mask by clicking here. Let’s say you have psoriasis or eczema or sunburn or a cold sore – you can carry this or a burn – I once had a burn from a curling iron and I carried my aloe vera around all day long with a little baggie and every hour I pulled it out and I swiped it on my curling iron burn. And as you can see, I have no scar from that whatsoever. How to ingest aloe. So we’re just going to cut this off here. Be very careful cutting htis as it is very slippery. Now If your hard core, I want to hear about it – you can just do this – There! Michael, my camera man is making a face. If you’re not hardcore, thats OK. We’re gonna put about n inch cube in the blender filtered water. Aaah this might be more hardcore. You can put this in a smoothie, you can put it in a green juice, Less hardcore. I’m going to save this for Michael! Aloe 2 Ways. Drink it or Put it on your face, you burns, your eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, athletes foot jock itch! You know how I feel about jock itch. I ban all jock itch from the planet. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe, tell all your friends. And I’m so glad you’re here and your part of this Kiki Community. FInd me on Facebook as Kiki Says. And come to my new website at www.KikiFlynn dot com Thank you for watching. Let me know what you think about this. Click to subscribe or watch these other videos. Mobile links are below.


  • Anyuta25 says:

    Where do you get aloe? I am always looking for them at whole foods and can never find it.

  • Kiki Says says:

    You can get Aloe at shops that sell mexican and central american foods. You can also easily and affordably buy aloe plants and keep one in your home and just cut a leaf as you use it….its great to have around esp in the case of accidental burns. and of course for super health! thanks for your comment…you were first! best, Kiki

  • Dee McIntosh says:

    Ohhhhh we all missed you last week!!!!! Thank you thank you Kiki Aloe was my first plant I migrated to Help heal some issues. You are So Brilliant and we Love your I'll yellow dress. adorable Kiki Bless you

  • Mary & Tyson says:

    I always get so happy to see a new video from you. Thank you for all the great information you share with us…..
    Peace and Love,

  • Kiki Says says:

    Mary, thanks for your support and your comment here – you keep me inspired! best, Kiki

  • Kiki Says says:

    Oh Dee, i missed you last week too! My mother visited and i was too busy to upload! Love the aloe – eat some too! it really cools and soothes, Kiki

  • Kiki Says says:

    Emily let me know if you're hard core and eat it straight or drink it down! its is great to keep in the garden…best, Kiki

  • Anyuta25 says:

    Thanks for the reply Kiki!!! Ur the best!

  • moon0halo says:

    I have an aloe plant right outside my door. It does work wonders for sunburns, or burns from the kitchen. It's also great for acid indigestion. Hardcore-chomp it down!i

  • yusara sansone says:

    definitely will try this! thanks
    Kiki <3

  • hutergirl1ify says:

    I've trying to heal leaky gut, so have been drinking a little of George's aloe with L glutamine. It has helped

  • hutergirl1ify says:

    It has helped my IBS symptoms greatly. I may try to grow one myself now

  • TheADAiction says:

    You're so awesome

  • Pippizza says:

    Hi Kiki what about the Aloe vera gel dietary supplement? I got a huge bottle from the brand Lily of the desert. It claims to be 99% organic could you use this instead of the real aloe plant, since I don't have access to it. 🙂

  • Bite0fSugar says:

    Wow, you're so brave eating it 🙂
    We have aloe vera in our garden and my mother uses it as a hair cleanser.

  • Bibiana Barajas says:

    Hi Kiki… I recently had given birth to a blessing but I question if you have any tips or some type of exercise to help push in the ribcage back into place. I've read that it takes time but since I've lost weight I look very bulky above the waist. Please help Kiki!!!

  • Sarah Cunningham says:

    Oh, Kiki. Why on earth am I afraid to try aloe water? It's like I can't imagine drinking the green stuff "from the junky plastic container with all the parabens in it!" Someday I will man up and try it. (But I can relate to how your cameraman felt watching you knock back an aloe shot.)

  • Maricar's Life Journey says:

    So looking forward having that aloe vera on my skin and mixed it with my fruitshake! Thank you!

  • Kiki Says says:

    OOh I hope you tried your aloe and feel and look calm and cool and groovy!! let me know…Kiki

  • Kiki Says says:

    Sarah, I know you can drink the aloe..ALOE ALOE! Let me know…Kiki

  • Kiki Says says:

    I will try aloe as a hair cleaner, thanks for sharing that here. And yes, I am hardcore tee hee.Kiki

  • Kiki Says says:

    That is a good company and yes use it if you can not get the real leaf. Still excellent for you health, Kiki

  • Kiki Says says:

    My fresh aloe lead lasts in the fridge unwrapped (you know how I feel about plastic wrap no way) for up to two weeks and by then its gone!

  • Kiki Says says:

    Thanks for your support! and sweet words so glad you found me xo stay in touch, Kiki

  • Kiki Says says:

    Aloe helps leaky gut IBS – great news. Yes it is very cooling and will be positive for this. So glad you tried it. Grow it – you grow girl!!

  • Kiki Says says:

    yoo hoo!!

  • Kiki Says says:

    you and your sis will love it! thanks Yusara for all your good faith xo

  • Kiki Says says:

    yes great for acid indigestion and thus daily digestive health – chomp chomp! good for you xo

  • Kiki Says says:

    oh yes, of course dear xo

  • Kiki Says says:

    yes you can use the aloe from the shops, by a larger plant and repot it with organic soil and keep the soil dry and well drained – they are desert plants. they like heat but can turn brown in too much sun. Cut off an outer leaf and then use it, and continue like that. let me know how it goes! kiki

  • allexx123 says:

    I live in Minnesota and there are no food stores that sell the Aloe whole leaf. I have acid reflux and possible ulcers now and I have been on MD medication for 18 years, I want to use Aloe. but can only get "Lily of the Valley" brand Aloe Gel or juice for drinking which is expensive.

  • Kiki Says says:

    i want you to take aloe too! poor dear sorry you are suffering with acid reflux. See if you can buy Lily brand cheaper on line in a case or something. Also look at enzymes – these really help with digestion and acid (rainbow brand is excellent) and read about candida overgrowth which often underlies serious acid reflux. and buy some aloe plants and start growing it in you house! best to you – stay in touch – I want you to be happy and healthy! Kiki (find me on facebook as kiki says..

  • allexx123 says:

    I like the Gel drink better than the juice.I read that the Gel is not for drinking.Thanks for the enzymes info. I only seen little Aloe plants in stores but I really have no place to grow a plant where there is sun light in the house.
    I just read this " The Mayo Clinic reports that internal use of aloe vera for over one year has been linked to colorectal cancer".

  • lacey korb says:

    Hmm I only see where it says it may cause cancer. I wonder if that was seen in people who were drinking it out of plastic bottles which are often left in the sun on tarmacks before transportation. Very interesting!

  • Kiki Says says:

    bottled aloe gel often has a thickener added to it. And as for the colorectal cancer – this could refer to over use of aloe leaf laxative. I do not recommend the leaf but the fresh plant gel.

  • Kiki Says says:

    plastic from containers does leach into drinks and foods and we know plastic is carcinogenic. good point, Lacey, thanks..Kiki

  • Kiki Says says:

    If your hands and face are clean-yes you can apply aloe to your eye area. The chin reflects our bowel & digestion. Often a dark colored, broken out or dry skin means constipation – toxins in the bowel. the dryness could be a sign of dehydration from this.Watch my playlist – Do This First as well as Easy Detox – Spring Cleaning – EZ Tutorial. This will help you on an overall health boost that will reflect in all areas of your life including clear skin. Thanks for your support and kindness, Kiki

  • bit of everything says:

    I want some aloe so bad!  I wish I could get huge peices like that here.

  • Anthony Young says:

    Its work face went clear in a week wow

  • mimi tawfik says:

    you are wonderfull woman i like the most of your vidio you remember me with old Egyptian people they use many natural plants and oil . thank you very much for all what u put hier in youtube
     and i need to make a roug myself  red  colour to my lips. thank you 

  • Faye Reynolds says:

    These are old how can I see new ones

  • Nati Segovia V. says:

    Would this help with dark areas like armpits?

  • Sun Seeker says:

    I have an aloe plant growing in my home. I was burned by a cigarette. Seriously painful, could not stand the pain. I applied some of the pure aloe gel from inside one of my aloe leaves. Instantly (not kidding, instantly) that pain stopped and my skin went from red and starting to scar to smooth, pink. I wore the aloe all night long as I slept and woke up to no mark left. Just pure, smooth skin. it's amazing how aloe works.

  • saur2244 says:

    i dont have to buy the aloe leafs i grow it myself

  • AA2017 says:

    Kiki, what do you think of the Triphala tablets Banyan Botanicals sells? I've never been a very reliable "drinker," especially if it tastes kinda funky.

  • Rocio says:

    jaja cuando estaba en la marina comia aloe y mi crema especial muy fresca y amortigua los rayos solar saludo.

  • Trisha Meloling says:

    You also can use aloe Vera in the bottles at a store their from the plant as well you just can’t eat that one only use for your skin

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