Cinnamon mask for acne| Coffee scrub| Clear skin tips| Clear skin hacks| Diy face mask

Cinnamon mask for acne| Coffee scrub| Clear skin tips|  Clear skin hacks| Diy face mask

what’s up guys today I’m excited to show
you how I’m treating I’m fighting my acnes I started this treatment one week
ago and I had acne all over my cheeks and they gone the only that I have left
are on my forehead if you’re interested keep on watching before we even start
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to subscribe to my channel my name is Java and I love natural remedies for
glowing skin radiant skin but also for beautiful and natural hair so if you’re
interested just stay in tuned because there’s a lot of thing coming soon to two tablespoons of ground coffee you
can add one tablespoon of honey it’s a cleansing agent and he hasn’t
inflammatory and it’s exciting properties and then you can add a 1
tablespoon of nutmeg nutmeg is known to fight inflammation and infection on the
skin and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder cinnamon powder actually kills bacteria
that are causing acnes and 1 tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice oh just a little
bit it helps Mia’s antioxidant properties and then it’s optional you
can add some orange essential oil once your scrub is ready to apply it to your
face you’re gonna wet your face and then
you’re gonna apply you can apply it on circular motion and you have to be
careful with your skin because especially the skin of your face is
really sensitive you can focus on the affected area so it’s gonna give you a
sensation of burning it means that the treatment is doing its job don’t make
this treatment every day so you don’t irritate your skin the full face mask you’re gonna need one
tablespoon of nutmeg one tablespoon of cinnamon powder one tablespoon of honey
and one tablespoon of lemon juice once your scrub is ready you can apply it to
your face let it dry for 30 minutes and you can do that every day for two weeks
I’m planning on doing it for another week and show you the final result but
it’s already getting rid of all my acne and I love the consistency you’re gonna
feel a burning sensation all over your face once you apply it but don’t worry
it means that it’s working for 15 minutes for the next 15 minutes you’re
gonna v feel that sensation these treatments I’m giving you are very
powerful they work for me and make sure you know what’s giving you these acnes
before you start any treatment and along the way check if it’s working for you
that’s it for today thank you for stopping by
and see you soon for another video on how I’m treating my acnes naturally and
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