CHEMICAL PEEL Full Process | Procedure | Peeling | Before & After

CHEMICAL PEEL Full Process | Procedure | Peeling | Before & After

hey guys is Destiny Lashae and I’m
actually rushing trying to get ready to go I have to go get my sister before I
get my chemical peel actually done excuse my hair oh my god
so I just put on some my eyelashes and I just did my brows with some wonder brow
so this is what my face is looking like right now I have no idea how my hair is
looking at this point this is the left side of my face and then this is the
right side of my face if I also show you guys my face in natural sunlight as well
before I get the chemical peel done guys actually came back outside to film with
my face before I actually get the chemical peels done because I wanted to
get some good before video shots and I think I see exactly what my skin looks
like in natural sunlight and all that good stuff so this is my skin before the chemical peel so I picked this
pimple right here that’s why it’s a little bit dark I actually picked this
one as well what you should never do especially if you have hyperpigmentation
and this is my forehead hey guys it’s destiny Lachey and I’m here at grande
plastic surgery again I’m about to get a chemical peel done for the second time
if you haven’t seen my last chemical peel video please check that out I will
link it in the cards right here so you guys can watch that first because I feel
like it will help you out a lot before you watch this video but right now I’m
here with dr. Graham himself and he’s gonna answer some of you guys questions
that you had in the comments of my last chemical peel video
it comes from Hannah and she said I kind of want to do this and she has a lot of
ethnic scarring and a lot of the acne does it work for cystic acne would it
make it worse she says she has three different types
of acne and she’s afraid of irritating her skin and she doesn’t have the
downtime either so okay well as far as irritating the skin goes the VIP Liz
it’s not a very aggressive peel so it’s really good for all skin types even
those who have sensitive skin and are prone to inflammation so it would be a
good starter peel at least as far as is it safe for acne it’s actually a really
good treatment for acne the salicylic acid that’s in there is a beta hydroxy
acid which is an acid that actually can penetrate kind of fatty tissue which is
what part of acne is part of acne is the sebaceous glands so it penetrates the
sebum and breaks it up so it actually it actually helps with acne it’s really
good for our acne patients and the patients we’ve done these peels on who
have had acne they typically say you know they don’t get a pimple for 2-3
months after the peels so it’s really been great so someone else said as we
said the after is amazing talking about my last video I wish I could do it but
she has super-sensitive skin so is this peel for super sensitive skin
yeah so again this is a good peel for people with sensitive skin it doesn’t
penetrate very deeply in addition a lot of times in the post peel kit that comes
with that there is a there’s some steroid so
the steroid helps with that sensitivity as well and if we know someone’s
hypersensitive before the peel we can even supplement that with with a little
bit more steroid so so yeah it’s it’s really good for everyone
milah said can she get the peel on her arms or on her leg so technically we’re
not supposed to use more than a couple peels at a time just cuz that’s a lot of
chemical burden it just it just hasn’t been studied I can’t say for sure you
know how much is too much I don’t think I don’t think they’ve really completely
tested that in addition it would it would get pretty cost prohibitive to
cover those pretty those large areas I mean the amount of Peel that’s in the
kit really is only designed to cover the face and you’re talking about pretty
large surface areas so I think you would in addition to it being unsafe you’d
probably you’d probably break the back you’d be better off if you’re treating
acne too you know get a body wash from you know from a drugstore I don’t know
guys from the cringe um axed is this is this peel good for dry skin is it good
for dry skin yeah so it’s not first of all it’s good for just about every type
of skin you know peels are drying by nature I mean they’re gonna get rid of
the top layers of your skin which hold on to moisture which seal moisture ends
so peels are a drying process in the first place so everybody gets who gets
appeals gonna have dry skin because of course you’re gonna peel you’re gonna
flake drier skin patients tend to peel a little bit differently than patients
with a little bit more oil on their skin but it would be fine for you to use you
just you know like just about like everyone you just have to apply
moisturizer afterwards Selina acts what about people that have ingrown hair bump
problems she’s really hairy and she’s trying to remove all the hair like
follicle or ingrown hairs cause that’s an interesting question so I think I
think it would help because a lot of those bumps that are actually from sebum
collection sebum blocking that the hair shaft blocking the gland so this would
help break up the sebum and help clear out the pores adjacent to there but you
know if it really is a chronic chronic problem you know one of the best things
would just be electrolysis or laser hair removal really that that’s the
definitive way to get get rid of it I think I think trying this peel it’s
it’s worth a try and one last question someone asks a lot of people actually
were asking could you go outside with a chemical peel people are asking me if I
stay in the house for eight days and what do you do if you have to go to
school or work right so I mean you’re usually a little red for the first few
days most people peel starting around like a four I don’t know what your
experience was like before yeah so most of the aggressive peeling is really from
like day for to day seven so if you can just kind of coordinate the days where
maybe you’re not gonna be as visible as much to those days try and coordinate a
lot of your recovery on the weekend you could work around it um one important
thing is directly after the peel though you need to make sure if you are gonna
go out to wear sunscreen cuz you know part of the reason you’re getting the
peel is you want to get rid of some of it the skin pigment and if you don’t
wear a good sunscreen that’s just gonna come right back so so that’s important
okay thanks dr. green yeah hey guys so I’m about to get the chemical field done
here’s Katie hi guys so yeah what are we gonna do first we’re gonna start so
we’re gonna do Destiny’s second VI peel worth precision we are going to start by
cleaning her face just washing off the day washing off for sunscreen because
I’m sure she’s wearing sunscreen she knows the importance of sunscreen every
day even on the cloudiest days you want to wear at least 40 yeah don’t work it’d
be good for you that’s right okay so we’re gonna wash a face just to really
get the sunscreen off and any other stuff from the day and then we’re gonna
prep her face with acetone to start the VIP oh the great thing about the VIP liz
is a relatively painless peel a lot of peels can actually be quite painful but
this one has an ingredient called phenol it’s a blended peel to begin with but it
actually has an ingredient called phenol which is a numbing agent so
start and it doesn’t hurt so I am going to give destiny in her hand a fan the
first part is propping the face with acetone and some people say that this is
the really the worst part of the peel process because it is acetone what we’re
doing with acetone is dehydrating the skin so that we have deeper penetration
with the peel so I’m going to go ahead and clean her face I just let her know
when it’s happening because it will be kind of stinky now people have concerns
about like putting your acetone on your face
absolutely safe it’s absolutely safe under the process this this peel was
actually created by a dermatologist okay and acetone is it’s a very small amount
of acetone and actually it’s provided by the company so I’m not just using any
random acetone it’s actually part of the package that comes with the peel you can
see I’m just going all I’m avoiding the mucous membranes which I’m going to
avoid with the peel as well do you have lip glosses right now perfect so I’m not
you’re quick on throw that I’m gonna stay away from your eyes so we’re good
there okay so that is the prep part so I’m about to start the actual chemical
peel process of the VIP with precision the precision is about 25 percent
stronger than the standard VIP oh it’s a blended peel it has tricor acidic acid
retinoic acid salicylic acid has the phenol and has vitamin C all of these
things are blended perfectly with minerals that they decided to add they
will tell us what they are keeping but it gives you a really really nice peel
without the pain and suffering of the more aggressive acid peels I’m going to
start the top and do the first pass the first pass is
kind of gentle because I want the phenol to kick in and I want destiny to be as
comfortable as possible so I can get a little bit more aggressive with my peels
with my passes after this one but this one I just want to kind of set in how
you doing right now destiny how’s your pain okay
Vernon Engel just tangles good don’t worry I’m gonna go under your nose now
are you ready so that’s past number one I just kind of want it to sit on there
for a minute and then I’m gonna get ready to do past number two you can
usually get two or three or four passes out of the product the important thing I
want destinated to remember right now is everywhere that I put this peel I want
you to do with your post or want you to follow suit with your post peel
towelettes did I give you you can absolutely put the fan on your eyes
absolutely are you doing pretty good so now I’m getting a little bit more
aggressive I’m a little tingly yep it should be numb in about 15-20 seconds again I’m not scrubbing her face I’m
watching her face for any frosting or any adverse reaction so far she’s doing
great and go under your nose how you doing now pretty good okay so that was two passes I think
we’re gonna be able to get a third no problem here
your skin’s tolerating it well fourth the great thing about this peel as well
as being you know relatively painless with a little tingling is that it comes
with the post procedure kit so you have everything you need at home to complete
the peel process which is important because the post post procedure
materials are just as important as what we’re doing right now
so like the towelettes to tell that’s exactly and then school with Italy did
this last time where the instruction is pretty easy to follow – I went over
everything but it’s always hard to remember when you’re here when your
practitioner talks to you and you know you don’t always necessarily remember
everything but I think this company is really great because they make it pretty
simple and they let you know exactly what you need to do so again you want to
avoid when you and your post peel tell let’s you want to avoid that your mucus
membranes want to avoid your your lips and your eyes and it’s a really strong
smell I know I love this not let go I need the smell of gas though alright
hopefully you don’t you know like I don’t like you know yeah it’s not yeah
sniff it or anything but I there’s no benefit well yeah we like can we the
only one no you’re not the only one there’s dr. Graham like the smell of the
mass to sell the stuff that you put on to make your to make our tape stick
better oh my god I don’t get it we all like we all have our own technically
it’s them SMO so I’m watching here are you doing great so we were able to do
four passes which is really great be burning anywhere specific no you’re
good okay easy peasy
there’s your feel awesome just go singly right now if you want I’ll go over all
of your post post appeal instructions somewhere so my name is Katie
I am dr. Graham’s nurse here at Graham plastic surgery and I’m just gonna go
over Destiny’s post peel instructions which is just as important I encourage
everybody to follow the instructions to the teeth because this is just as
important to complete the peeling process and to get the best results the
great thing about vi peel is that you get everything that you need as far as
your post procedure care even the cleanser that we want you to use and
here’s the little key is are these post peel tell us which again have vitamin C
and retinoic acid which really help encourage the peeling process so
Destiny’s gonna leave this on her face for at least four hours you can always
leave it on a little longer there’s no magic number but we want at least four
hours okay when she gets home you can just do whatever you want to do
throughout the day we say stay out of the Sun today just because you don’t
have sunscreen on when you leave the office so you can relax at home if you
do have any intense itching you can always start to apply the post peel
protectant or wash the peel off a little early but you tolerated it last night is
fine for at least four hours so after four hours you’re gonna wash your face
with the VI derm gentle cleanser and after that you’re gonna wait about ten
minutes you’re going to use your first towelette everywhere in your face
everywhere that they put the peel and you want to be kind of aggressive you
don’t want to just kind of dab it on there you want to really kind of rub it
on there to get that really deep penetration it’s not going to go too
deep so it’s you can’t really do any damage with it at that point in time if
you feel 10 minutes later after you apply that Postville Toa
if you feel dry and itchy you can absolutely start right away applying the
post peel protectant which is the steroid that dr. Graham was talking
about when he answering your questions and this has
hydrocortisone it has aloe vera it has o kernel extract all antioxidants
anti-inflammatories soothing healing nourishing this is your go to in the
peeling process after that before bed about an hour before bed you’re gonna do
the whole process again washing your face with a gentle cleanser using the
post peel tell lab and following up with your post peel protective
the next morning you can wash your face again with the gentle cleanser and that
time you’re not going to do the third towel light yet you’re going to wait a
little bit to do that and then you’re gonna apply your post peel protectant
along with provided SPF 50 sunscreen and that starts tomorrow and this is gonna
be your routine every morning and every night except the sunscreen you don’t
need at night and if you ever run out of the post peel protectant you can use
things like L even use things like hydrocortisone cream straight up this is
the blend but you know some people would get really sensitive you use a lot of
this but anytime you leave the house you’re applying your sunscreen and
anytime you need the little extra moisture you’re using this and then the
next night you wash your face at night again using the cleanser and you apply
your third and final tella and then after that you’re just gonna wait it out
and hopefully start having some peeling going on everyone’s their friend over
the skin I’m dr. Graham talked about dry skin versus oily skin peeling
differently dry I have dry skins when I peel I peel in flakes and people with
oily skin tend to peel more in sheets yeah but again so you want to do this
whether you’re drier oily you want to follow the same things do not do not do
not peel the skin off of your face you can rib that fresh new skin on and that
can cause PIH which is post inflammatory hyperpigmentation you want to use
scissors and just kind of gently trim along yeah
and just avoid anything hot and strenuous for about 78 96 hours joking
just because you really don’t want to increase your body temperature again to
avoid that post inflammatory hyperpigmentation it is 1008 the same day that I got my
chemical peel and I’m just washing off my face I got emotional done at around
1:30 and I completely forgot to wash it off
so I mean so I’m just gonna do the post treatment that Katie told me to do you
may leave the VIP Ellucian on for over five four hours or cleanse skin so I’m
watching my first kind of half filled video just to see what I need to do
right now he says I cannot remember let me just show you guys quickly what came
in the kit that they gave me I get a couple of cleansers I get some post peel
towelettes I also got the post peel protected as well as the SPF and then I
have three post peel towelettes I hope my face does not H like I did
last time oh I can feel like my pimples the little
pimples I did have it was kind of coming to a head like especially like right
here there’s one that’s peeking through and it looks like my scars are getting
darker a little bit higher like today then wash your faces so English so now
what I’m gonna do is apply my first towelette to all areas where the VIP was
applied rub vigorously right now my face just feels very dry it doesn’t itch at
all I don’t know if that’s good or bad because last time I was itching I think
at this point so I’m gonna take the little post peel towelettes oops hold it
throw oh wow I scratch myself Oh my lips are really dry and real crusty
right now my face is not gonna look any different four hours from now so I’m
just gonna update you guys in the morning when I wake up it is Thursday
July 12 and it is 138 my face is just really really itchy right now I don’t
know if I’m supposed to be doing this but it’s just so badly it feels like my
face is just gonna like eat away at the skin that’s already there like you guys
have no idea of my face itches so bad right now currently as you can see this
I don’t know where it went it’s kind of disappearing now this was
huge like last night it was like coming to a head and then all my dark spots are
getting way darker eyes it is a Friday July 13th and it’s 206 in the afternoon
I’m just really getting up for the most part but what I did look in the mirror I
was like oh my goodness I started peeling this little pimple that was
right here it’s completely flat now and has started to peel around there I also
noticed that around my nose is starting to peel like right here and this right
here this was like a semi active pimple was more so under the skin that has come
to the surface now be gone and all of this is super super tight like look at
it it just looks like snake skin or something down here you can see it’s
just really really crusty as well as down here this pimple that came to the
surface is getting a little bit softer and I feel like after the peel it’s
gonna be gone but I’m just really starting to flake right now and I will
update you guys later on if anything changes it’s around 8:40 4:00 in the
evening and I just wanted to come on here and update you guys this is how my
face is looking honestly I always say this but I didn’t
think I was gonna peel this much today I started peeling around this area first
and then my mouth started peeling so to me it just looks a lot grosser than last
time I don’t know maybe because it started
peeling up here first but it just looks gross oh you see this little pimple that
came up and then right here hasn’t peeled that much but it’s really really
tight in that area but as you can see it was really really pili look at that okay
and it looks like this is gonna peel off I don’t want to really touch it but my
face is a little bit itchy but it’s not unbearable like the first day hey guys
it’s still Friday it’s 11:40 at night and this time my
face is looking it’s peeled a lot since I have to dude you guys last so this is
what my face is looking like oh I look grow Oh God close so yeah I’m about to wash my face I had
to slather my face in aqua for and like essential oil and my face is just so raw
and they’re watching a movie but you can see like all the skin coming off like
this piece right there it looks disgusting oh yeah I look like a
greaseball but my face feels ten times better
so no complaint so I will update you guys tomorrow Sunday July 15th its 124
and my face is almost done peeling it’s peeled right here and we still have this
much left to peel so this is how my face is looking I don’t know what’s left over
here there’s still a lot left over here then this purple that just came up when
I got the peel is now dark mark to me in person my face in the center looks a lot
lighter but I feel like with a chemical peel you have to wait at least two weeks
after the peel to see how your skin looks so these are the results almost
two weeks post peel the texture of my skin has improved drastically the color
or the pigment of my skin of the dark spots have definitely lightened up I
feel like my skin is a lot clearer and a lot smoother of course the peel did
bring up some more impurities that were underneath the skin that I couldn’t see
so that did create a little hyperpigmentation like on my chin area
but overall I’m pretty much very very happy with the results
hey guys it’s editing destiny here I just wanted to interject in the video
for a second I’m actually recording on my phone because I’m literally sitting
at my computer editing this video that you’re watching right now I do have on a
spot wrinkly because that’s what I do at night but and
I just want to say that if you are struggling with acne right now what I
had to do is literally forget that I even had acne at one point I was super
depressed about it I was really really getting on myself for having acne and I
would cry all the time I was just upset about it because it’s really really
frustrating when you try a ton of products and you feel like nothing works
you’ve gone to the dermatologist you’ve tried a ton of masks like I tried
dandruff shampoo I almost put pee on my face because I was that desperate but
literally you have to be confident and kind of be secure in the skin that you
have currently right now and when it gets better you will still be confident
I feel like at a certain point um my skin was really really good and in my
brain I would look in the mirror and think my skin was horrible and I look
back at pictures not when I’m like my skin was good like my skin was almost
perfect and I would be in the mirror just picking up my face looking at my
face all the time so I would just say be confident and nobody else can question
your confidence if you are confident within yourself and this is for anything
body wise nobody else can question who you are nobody can tell you that you’re
ugly like just be confident in yourself and trust me take it from me my job my
brand is my face so how do you think I felt when the acne just kind of sprung
up on me but I feel like God allowed me to have acne so that I can show you guys
how to deal with it and how to live your best life with it with or without it
acne definitely can go away I feel like acne definitely can be cured
because I’m on my way says I am on my way but I just felt like I needed to say
that because I know a lot of people really struggle with it and it can cause
severe severe severe depression just leave a comment down below
people that have cured their acne let me know what you have done to cure your
acne I’m definitely on my way to clear skin but help other people that need
that encouragement and that help to actually move forward with their
lives and just kind of figure out something that works for them so I just
want you guys to live your best life with or without clear skin because it’s
important in life is so precious and I don’t want you guys to miss out on
opportunities on memories or anything because honestly I probably did because
I was just so sad and frustrated about my skin I didn’t want to do anything so
I don’t want you guys to miss out on anything in life because life is so
precious and I don’t know I just felt like I needed to say that I love you


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    Acne cones fepm poor nutrition and eating pricessed food full of toxins. Acne is a body's way to eliminate poisons that would otherwise kill a person. Water fasting and then fruiterian diet for 3 months will eliminate any skin condition and help the body so what it does naturally: self heal. If you continue to eat processed food the acne will come back, always. Why do you think the stars are all vegan? With all that money they can afford to eat anyrhing, but they choose plants based food and zero toxins. They aren't stupid

  • Alexandru Toma says:

    Retin-A, works on acnee. May God bless you!

  • Dez The Dinosaur says:

    I like the smell of gas to so your not alone 😭

  • Zaria Babyy says:

    I like the smell of laundry detergent

  • crispycooter says:

    Take probiotics. Gut health is vital for good health and glowing skin. Stop all dairy and meats with hormones. This will disrupt your own hormones and cause breakouts.
    ❤️ An Esthetician

  • موسى محمد says:

    واو جميل

  • alyce. dexter says:

    I had acne too until I had a chemical peel done 15 years ago. Today my skin is healthy and my breakouts are less than 1%. Good luck to you…God bless.

  • Charles Hicks says:

    If anyone else came on here like I did just to see the Nasty face peel stuff, 21:11

    Youre welcome 🙂

  • Shayla Edwards says:

    I didn’t know Courtney Cox did chemical peels 😂

  • Tylaaa B. says:

    Wow im just looking at this video and its crazy bc im really depressed about my skin now

  • Moses Reel says:

    I love the smell of gas lmao

  • Shir Cheshin says:

    For everyone out here-> lubex/lubexil is a face wash/body wash for acne if it’s on your back,arms,legs or face it takes a little time but if you wash your face with it, it really clears the acne and cleanses the skin!!!!

  • Train To GO says:

    Why did you get it done again??

  • Elvina Smith says:

    Pee actually works. It’s best if you use a baby’s.

  • joy jones says:

    You are really pretty

  • Jennifer Muller says:

    Girl you are so pretty idc if your skin isn’t “perfect” I find it’s beautiful

  • Hellani Basha says:

    You are beautiful no matter what

  • Victoria Ivanova says:

    Just a random comment . You have beautiful facial bone structure

  • JazzyJoseph says:

    I have acne scars on my upper arm and I’ve been trying to find a doctor to help but none of them take me seriously

  • Dan iel says:

    Did the chemicals affect hairs? Did it make your hairs fall out

  • Jhay Campus says:

    Oh that's great it so amazing

  • Jrzygirlforlife says:

    The nurse looks likes bones from thebtb show

  • Nichele Williams says:

    First you are a beautiful young lady, I am probably late to respond and I tried to review some of the comment to see if anyone suggested making a baking soda, coconut , grapefruit essential oil paste. I have been using baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) paste on my face since I was 17 yrs old but stopped after getting too comfy. I went through a severe acne issue when I was 35 and started back the with the routine. My skin is now clear again, The combination of the ingredients are simple but it works.

  • Mae Be says:

    How much was your procedure?

  • Regena Kelley says:

    What does your diet look like? A friend had hyperpigmentation so bad so cured herself with cream she created… Eating meat and diary are triggers. You look great!

  • Pac Man Jones says:

    Just by Bezclin foam pump… thank me later

  • Arica L. Coleman, Ph.D. says:

    My only advice is to keep your hands out of your face. Nice job.

  • Flower Power says:

    Cool doctor. But in the before and after you should use no filters. Your scalp and neck look different colors. is hard to see the real results.

  • TIKTOK says:

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    Bruh, your actually so beautiful.. like even with acne your still beautiful.

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    Me: OmgFinallySomeone-

  • carole wilson says:

    I would agree what fracking doctor even aware you there but this guy sitting under big advert of himself free PR

  • Basimah KnowsHow says:

    This may help you out with your Acne.
    Use a natural soap such AFRICAN
    These work for our skin!
    Their pure and gets rid of the grime underneath and on top of skin also blemishes etc.
    *USE WITH HOT WATER / rinse and repeat daily 2-3 times and when needed*
    I’ve been using these soaps (black for 23 years now and African soap you can use from head to toe..lit wash your hair too.
    Do your own research and find a great method using it that works for you.

  • Linette Low says:

    Thank you for sharing this 🙂 ♡♡♡♡♡♡ God bless always. Xx

  • Ånnië Lårøw says:

    Even without the peeling, you're still pretty! Love your videos 😍

  • Kirsten Habeck says:

    I don’t have acne, but I do have severely dry skin. To all my dry skin queens out there, grab a face towel and damp it with warm water. Rub in circular motions on dry areas. Then do your skin care routine. Finish with patting on your moisturizer. This technique has changed my life. ❤️

  • TRSxClipZ says:

    don't wash your face with soap and don't sleep with the same pillow

  • Toshiko Peart says:

    Yea Ight

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  • ام مالك says:


  • Christina Baca says:

    That laugh tho!

  • Nicole Harper says:

    The doctor is so sweet and dedicated to making her comfortable. I love it!

  • Louise B says:

    I am glad you’ve found something that works for you – and you are stunning.

    Acne sufferers, I have some POSITIVE NEWS. It’s been scientifically proven that acne sufferers age more slowly. It’s to do with our DNA (won’t bore you with the details) not due to oil or anything. Wrinkles and thinning skin appear more slowly 😊. So that’s something at least

  • Black Orchid Wino says:

    So funny that I came across you because my name is Destini Lashay 😭😭 I have to Stan

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  • sydney stimpert says:

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  • Tonia Gray Logeman says:

    You are so informative and friendly! I can’t wait to try this with my daughter =-)

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    Mam, if i do this chemical peel do i completely get rid of it.

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    The lips on the thumbnail looks like ass😂

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