Checkpoint Inhibitors: Taking the Brakes Off the Immune System

Checkpoint Inhibitors: Taking the Brakes Off the Immune System


  • nunya bidnezz says:

    immune system knows how to fight cancer!!!!!! SOOO..this tells you, YOU can change your own immune system around. Take your life in your own hands, as immunotherapies are usually NOT first line. First line is poison, and radiation, neither work, but do this to your body first, then we will talk about things that may really work in FDA world? How about natural therapies? You choose what feels right for you, and run with it. No matter if its your own weapons of choice, or you go with medical world of not much knowledge Have faith, not fear. Cancer does not mean death

  • edwin henri says:

    This is great news

  • TripleKings says:

    How can I help, other than donating? I take this kind of thing very seriously, I am 13, and I have studied things very closely related to this for the past 3 years. I WANT TO HELP.

  • Dave S says:

    This is amazing!

  • preeti gautam says:

    My grandfather (age-75) has been suffering from cancer, we came to know about this in november,2014 and after which they have gone through a number of chemotherapies till now, and due to which my grandfather faced so many problems like extreme weakness, indigestion, loose motions, dehydration and many more but we were happy because we thought after this much struggle finally my nanu going to win the life because doctors told us that he is fine now and no more chemotherapies needed but recently after number of checkups doctors told that cancer has spreaded to the liver and other parts of the body and now there is no treatment left out for it!!! We are so tensed about that, we don't want to loose our grandfather !! So Please kindly suggest something regarding to this, Please tell what to do when the cancer spreads in the liver?? Please help grandfather can't be able to eat anything due to this..I can't see him suffering like this please help me…

  • Russel Miller says:

    This is a very detailed video material for the understanding of checkpoint inhibitors. With more discovery on the potential of checkpoint inhibitors, they are applied as immune therapies for diseases covering various cancers. Immune checkpoints are proteins in the immune system that either turn up a signal or turn down a signal. These proteins help keep immune responses in check and can keep T cells from killing cancer cells. When these proteins are blocked, the “brakes” on the immune system are released and T cells are able to kill cancer cells better.

  • Winston Yap says:

    How long should the treatment with checkpoint inhibitors take?
    I am a layman and I think that one course of treatment should suffice because the T cells in the immune system is supposed to be able to keep an imprint of the mutant cancer cells in its memory and continue with its work of eradicating them without further treatment.
    I also understand that some immunotherapy like CAR-T treatment can have life threatening side effects because the T cells are taken from the body and have their power boosted before being infused back into the body.
    However, other immunotherapy methods are more benign.

  • Edward Haughney says:

    This is as informative as a 2 minute video can get.  Thank you.

  • Eleanor Wiesler says:

    For another explanation:

  • Maria Wilde says:

    Great explanation, so understandable with the schematics, and the analogy of brakes and pedals. Thank you!

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