Caring for Eczema : Eczema & Shampoo

Caring for Eczema : Eczema & Shampoo

Same goes for shampoo. If you are washing
your hair, you really don’t think about what isn’t the ingredients are in your shampoo.
So, it’s best to use a shampoo that is going to make sure that your hair or your scalp
is not itchy, it doesn’t have a lot of fragrance in it, and it will help your eczema, because
eczema can develop even on your scalp. Once you’ve gotten out of the bath or shower and
your skin is still damp, within a minute of getting out of the shower or bath, it’s important
to put lotion on. If you have eczema, what happens is that moisture that you already
have on your body will become trapped into your skin, which you want, you want moisture
and water in your skin. So it’s important to put moisture on almost immediately upon
getting out of the tub. When you do towel off, most people just take the towel and dry
your arms off, to pat your skin is going to be more gentle to it and will help with not
making your skin itchy by rubbing it too much.

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