Can hair transplant be done in case of psoriasis | HairMD, Pune

Can hair transplant be done in case of psoriasis | HairMD, Pune

hello everyone this is Dr. Dhanraj Chavan
from HairMD hair transplant center one of our users recently asked us whether hair
transplant can be done in the case of scalps psoriasis so I am break it into
two parts first and explain what is scalps psoriasis and then I’ll
answer the main question so scalp psoriasis is psoriasis in the scalp psoriasis
is a disease in which the there is skin divide more rapidly so it is
basically a disease of our skin less in which they start dividing quite rapidly
and there’s the epidermal turnover time is reduce so we see a lot of scaling and
white scales over all scalp as present it was the body that called rest of the
body in hair transplant we are transferring the hair follicles which are not part of
the epidermis speaking for say so psoriasis and hair transplant other hair follicles
are not related much but when a patient has scalp psoriasis
especially in areas from where we able to take the hair or in areas in
which we want to transplant the hair we first want to make sure that the area is
disease free so we want to stop the disease activity in the area of scalp
psoriasis and then we will continue on with a hair transplant what the hair
transplant hairs get the accepted in the that area the disease may return or may
not return that is the scalp psoriasis and it won’t play a direct role
with those accepted hair follicles so if scalp psoriasis we first control it
once we control it will do the hair transplant once the hair transplant is done then
choice whether to continue or to discontinue the treatment
for scalp psoriasis once the hair accepted the scalp psoriasis that is
it self and the hair follicles are not much limited that’s it for any more
questions do type in your question in the comments below do send us an email
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  • vijay pihul says:

    what is sideeffect of finastarde tablets

  • nicky dandwani says:

    Hi Dr., I went for the transplant and the Dr. Cited psoriasis on the scalp and still did the transplant. Now after 7 days of the transplant, I see inflammed skin on the forehead of the transplanted area and it spread over beard as well. I am quite a lot concerned. I have been instructed to only wash my head on 10th day, untill then only spray the saline solution. Pls advise as to wht shd I do? Will the grafts come out when I wash my hair on 10th day alongwith the psoriasis scaling?

  • imran mohiu says:

    sir I have lost my hair due to psoriasis..can I regain my hair back after psoriasis treatment..
    my doctor suggested me to take some ins injection for scalp psoriasis..2 months ago I have taken pneumonia treatment.. are there any side effects if take that injection..plz reply me

  • Sam Katnoria says:

    Sir I m looking for hair transplant but some doctors say I have psoriasis some r saying I don't I have psoriasis so I m in dilemma can u guide further on this situation..

  • Affan Niazi says:

    Sir I have sebhoric dermatits oily scalp according to science it is an autoimmune disease just symptoms can be controlled by shampoo but some stem cell speaclist tell it can be cured by stem cell therapy and it is very costly I am going for it would I go if it be cured then I can have hair transplant because that cause some scars on scalp and patches what I do please guide me something???

  • RAFI AHMED says:

    is hair transplant successful in oily scalp.

  • Callum Shove says:

    Hi sir,

    I have very mild scalp dermatitis just behind my hairline, I have a hair transplant in 6 weeks time, it never itches or hurts I never really know it’s there.

    Will this affect my hair transplant

    Keep up the good work

    I look forward to your response

  • Subhankar Basak says:

    If sebo psoriasis come after two weeks any effect of hair transplant and can I use medicine Which I used before…. I want to hair transplant but I have sebohoric dermatitis…..

  • amna iqbal says:

    Can we go for hair extenso if we have scalp psoriasis?

  • Shayak Roy says:

    Nice explanation!!

  • no name says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am currently 17+. I was diagnosed with scalp psoriasis shile i was about 15. When itiching started i coudn't control myself but last year i lost a lot of hair due to itiching.for last 5 months i have been able to control the itiching and have almost stopped hair fall.Though not bald , my scalp is clearly visible in light. Now i feel very depressed . though some hair has came up those are very thin.Please suggest me if should i get a transplant or not,and if yes what is the right age.
    Thanking you

  • malini venkatakrishnan says:

    I have scalp psoriasis since 2 and half years, i am taking homeopathic treatment cause my relative aslo had my condition and homeopathy helped her control her psoriasis. I have big forehead with very little hair in the front, can i go through hair transplantation surgery? Will it be successful?

  • Ahsan Pabel says:

    sir i have scalp psoriasis and a bad hair it curable??what is the best treatment??

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