Can Candida Cleanse Help With Psoriasis?

Can Candida Cleanse Help With Psoriasis?

Hi there, I’m Bakker. Thanks for coming back. Candida and psoriasis, can a candida cleanse
help psoriasis? Absolutely, it can help significantly. We know through studies and research that
around 65% of people with psoriasis have candida. In fact when I get a psoriasis patient, the
first thing I want to do is to know what the level of candida is, because they usually
know they’ve got a gut problem. In nearly all cases a patient with psoriasis
will have some type of a functional digestive problem. I’ve worked with psoriatica now for a long,
long time, with psoriatic arthritis, but also psoriasis in general. Many of the creams and potions that the dermatologists
used for psoriasis are in fact antifungal preparations, which is quite interesting. Will the cleanse work? Absolutely. What you find out with psoriasis and candida,
you’ll get an aggravation of the skin first, and sometimes it can be bad aggravation. Your body’s going to be throwing off lots
of toxins and poisons, and crap that it’s accumulated over time, in the skin cells and
deeper down. Usually through suppressive treatments from
steroids, methotrexate, corticosteroids, prednisone, all that kind of junk that psoriasis patients
are offered. Well over half of psoriasis patients are unsatisfied
with conventional medical treatment, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation. Tons and tons of psoriasis patients now look
for natural treatment. One of the first things I want to be doing
is a candida cleanse. I’m absolutely positive that they’re going
to respond positively well with candida cleansing. If you’re watching this and you’ve got psoriasis,
and especially if it’s moderate or severe, it’s almost imperative that you do a comprehensive
stool analysis. Psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis both, what
we believe are autoimmune diseases. If you’ve got an autoimmune problem the best
thing you can do is to determine exactly what’s going on in the gut, because remember, the
small bowel is the seat of the body’s immune system. If you want to know your condition, and you
want to know the state of the immune system’s health in the gut, do a stool test. You got the right information, treat off that
test, watch what happens with your psoriasis. The results I’ve had and the benefits my patients
with psoriasis have received have been astounding. So, yeah, there’s a connection there. Check it out. Thanks for tuning in. Thanks for watching the video, and please


  • Rebecca T says:

    where does one do such a test at?  Please help point me in the right directions.  Thank You!

  • DaCazz says:

    Thanks for the info. So would initial treatment cause a worsening of eczema or psoriasis? I have never dealt with it in my life until I started taking Berberine recently – it's horrible! Could this be the body clearing out yeast?

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