Can Candida Cause Issues With Your Lips?

Greetings. Eric Bakker, New Zealand naturopath. Author of Candida Crusher and formulator of
the CanXida range of products. Thanks for checking out this video from sunny
Las Vegas. I come to a trade show today all the way from
New Zealand. Long flight. Lots of stress with all the taking the shoes
off and all that kind of stuff at the airports. I’m glad to be here. I’m here really to check out some raw material
supplies and some great labs to do some testing for me to make the best possible stuff for
people out there that are supporting me in this endeavor. Thank you so much for looking at my products
and the kind of work I’ve done. It’s a result of accumulated 30 years of knowledge
put into the area. Can Candida cause a problem of the lips? Is the question. I’ve not personally seen any yeast infection
of the lips, but I have known people to get a lot of lip problems as a result of throat
or mouth or oral thrush. I have seen cracking of the lips, of dryness,
angular stomatitis or cracking of the corners of the mouth often denotes a B vitamin deficiency. Drying of the lips can denote fatty acid deficiency. Itching of the lips, especially around the
perioral dermatitis like little spots that are itching really bad. It can be eating kiwi. We call them kiwi fruit. You people in America call them kiwi. Kiwi fruit, mangos, pineapple, some of these
really tangy things like tree tomatoes, they can really cause funny sensations on the lips. Almost like you’ve had your mouth over something
that puts electricity or something like this. Electric shock kind of thing. Who would do that? That’s crazy. But you get my point? Like a tingling of the lips that often can
denote an allergy. Rawness of the lips can sometimes be environmental
like sunburn or wind blister. I’ve seen a few people outside here in Vegas
walking around putting lots of stuff all around their mouth, all sorts of like balms and stuff. I’m looking outside now and it’s as brown. It’s as brown as anything out there. It’s like burnt toast out there. It’s so brown in this country. It’s unbelievable. In New Zealand, it’s as green as an emerald. Environment plays a big role in lips. Lips are very sensitive and delicate. An external part of the body that can be very
much affected. Candida definitely affects many people orally. If can affect you in your mouth, on your tongue,
on the buckle wall like inside the cheek, it potentially well could affect the lips,
particularly on the inside of the lips. I have seen some children with yeast problems. You could try and apply just a very small
smear of oregano oil or tea tree oil on there that’s mixed in a little bit of olive oil,
for example, that will definitely help. Treating the mouth orally will often help
the lips significantly. To answer that question again finally in a
roundabout way, can Candida have a causative factor when it comes to the lips or create
problems? Potentially, it can. I’ve not seen it on the lips, but I’ve seen
it inside, so just be aware. Treat it orally. Thanks for tuning in.

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