C60 relieves 30 years of psoriasis suffering

C60 relieves 30 years of psoriasis suffering

I would go on Good Morning TV and tell them about it because I know how people feel when they’ve got psoriasis and it can be
quite soul-destroying. I tell everyone about it
because I’m just amazed that for thirty years I’ve had psoriasis and tried
everything and it was like a miracle. Hi this is Steve from C60inOliveOil.com We’re here with Debbie to speak about her psoriasis and experience of taking C60 in
olive oil. So Debbie can you tell us a little bit about your psoriasis and how it’s affected you? Yeah, I was 16 when I started to get psoriasis. No-one in my family had it. I didn’t know what it was to begin me that was a little bit
ashamed. I thought it was some sort of disease so unfortunately I used to
use a razor and shave it off which obviously is not great. I finally
went to the doctor’s and asked them you know what is it, after a
long time, I didn’t go for a couple of years and and they told me it was
psoriasis. and eventually it became where it
was on my hands, on my elbows. I tried lots of things. The creams the
doctor gives you, they smell horrible. They have moved on, so you’re
talking about thirty years ago and they have moved on but at that time
they smelled of tar. You got shampoo for your hair that absolutely stunk. It
was not nice you didn’t like going out because you smelt terrible. Yeah I didn’t do anything. I still don’t
even though the C60 has really helped me I still, you you won’t see me in a skirt
and even though with the C60 now I haven’t got psoriasis on my legs, I still as
habit after 30 odd years I’m not used to wearing dresses or skirts. I
do wear dresses on holiday but I wear maxi dresses, so yeah it stopped quite
a lot. I’m divorced now and you know my husband, I was with my husband from
when I was like 12 or 13, so it was never an issue with him because we grew up
with me having psoriasis but I’ve never felt comfortable with going out with
anyone for them to see that you know I’ve got scaly skin. Debbie: Yeah I feel a lot more
confident now, like I said it is a bit of a habit that I’m not used to wearing
short sleeves or dresses now and I think that that’s gonna take a little bit of
time for me to change my habits but I definitely feel more
confident. I mean when you approached me you’d seen that my skin was really
bad on my hands. I was very itchy. I only started to itch with the originally it wasn’t itchy and but it
got to the stage where it was really you wanted to scratch your skin off and so
it creams helped so creams help slightly but a lot of the creams worse arises a
steroid cream so you gotta use them really sparingly and then also you’ve
got to wear things your skin down and you know it’s not great to use sterile
creams for long and the things that I add off the Chinese people which was and
you boiled up heads and that and then drank it oh the smell of your house
nevermind the coal tar from agreeing she’s just terrible where is this c60
that and I’ve tried a few I’ve tried a number of different flavors off you and
no one would ever know that you taking any medication it doesn’t smell it might
taste a little bit off but I’ve got a knack to taking it and but ya know no
one would know that good taking any medication where is you know
you’re pretty much you can see people with the coal-tar in and you know even
you can have some bets so I you know about treatment off the doctor where you
have it’s not somebody singing for red light so it’s not that I haven’t tried
everything and I think I’m pretty much could be its arises expert with all the
things that I’ve tried and and as far as things that make it worse or better with
any things that you ate in your diet that made it worse or was it just yeah I
think that Breck makes it worse and I think I’ll call makes it worse but
yeah not a great deal and my daughter she’s got psoriasis and when she was
born she was allergic to milk and so I I don’t drink a lot milk either to be
honest um but yeah she was allergic to milk and shut up so you milk and then a
daughter was the same and so I don’t know whether I’ve never been tested but
it’s just a dare me that actually how long after starting taking 16 did you
notice changes three three days I started it on the saturday and by the
Monday I I found you up and said whoa what’s going on here
and that because I was just amazed at how quickly I could see improvements oh
and did those improvements continue to get better the long he took it yeah yeah
I did actually stopped taking it to a little while cuz I got confident that
actually mr. eyes is gone and so I did stopped taking it but you
know and come back quite quickly and but then as soon as I started taking it
again you know it disappeared today what dose did you start taking it I started
off on quite a high dose so I started on 30 mins 30 mins late email and then I
did what you said like slowly get down to five mill but five mill was not you
know for me him and then I went back to about 15 mill and did you find any
difference between taking the different in terms of how much needed to take to
keep this arises today I felt like the help there hemp one I like that one yeah
I feel like that one’s helped me the most yes but all of them have got good
results yes the only one that I haven’t tried is
the the cod liver oil and which I’ve got ready to try so hemp I think you said
that you were able to take a lower dose yeah and have the same effect yeah
definitely I think I was down to five mill with the head yes and that so
that’s is that what you kind of think in five mils and yeah yeah so did you see
any negative effects other than I know you don’t you didn’t really like thanks
to some of the oil yeah I spoke to you about it and you came with some good
ideas so I found that I was like I didn’t realize it was from taking the
oil and but I was quite shaky and I didn’t feel confident driving and it was
just after we had the bad snow so I sort of thought well it’s all to do with you
know my name’s yeah and it was one I used to take it in the morning
and this one day I got up and I went to Morrison’s and I didn’t feel any
shakiness or anything and then I got back and I took my medicine and then I
went to go out again and that shaky and it clicked that actually it was only the
effect from taking the oil and but then I started to take it at night when I’m
going to sleep and then it was fine I didn’t sleep no gosh no no no it was
just in the morning it wasn’t good to me taking it in the morning so I know that
you’ve got some photos of before you’d start taking c60 and those those photos
are thing of the past now in terms of how your skin appears yeah I mean if you
look at my hands you can see when it’s red yeah well that’s not um there’s no
dry skin it’s just scars from having psoriasis which hopefully in the summer
next year little tan so that’s basically where my tan is because I thought I
brown easily and the redness this just no
flaking nasarah or bore you could say where it affected me but that is no dry
skin which arises you know your skin grows you know doubly fast so there’s no
surprise I said it’s just purely I’ve got some time around it so looking at
the photos of the backs and the Front’s of your legs and now they were before
you started taking c60 your legs when you say there proves yeah I’ve got
nothing on my legs yeah nothing on my legs look at my
elbows again I had a lot of my elbows again you could say there’s no dry skin
there but you can see where it was yeah same as here and where the spots are but
there’s no itchiness there’s no you know there’s no flakes there’s no normally
when I have my psoriasis and I go like that yeah I’d just be like yeah flaked
all over but did you find it I had any benefits some things like your nails and
your hair you can play my hair is really soft
yeah so I I do straighten my hair quite a lot and which can affect the dryness
of it but no I am my hair is nice and soft and my nails I don’t bite my nails
and but yeah they’re definitely stronger take a lot lot more effort to bite them
but yeah no I think I’ll draw all this everything’s quite positive and is it
something you’ll continue taking don’t got yeah yeah
I can’t I I tell everyone about it because I’m just amazed that like the
years I’ve Ives rise this and tried everything and it was like a miracle and
is it something that you recommend to others oh yeah I’d go to the psoriasis
I’ve gone good morning TV and tell them about it
because I know how people feel when they gots Rises and it can be quite
soul-destroying and yeah I would go and shout
okay thank you very much for your time thank you

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  • MoiNature says:

    I have experienced psoriasis all my life and I found something which put me in remission 8 years ago. It's a topical treatment which takes 45 days. No odor, no pain, no side effects whatsoever and remission in 45 days with a maintenance application once a month. I found it quite by chance in Mexico. If anybody knows anything about Mexico postal service it explained why you have to go there in person to get the product. The doctor team which develop the cream based on ancient Maya knowledge found out the reason why people get psoriasis and based on their own ancestry legacy develop a protocol which is 100% effective (at least was for me). C60 cell rejuvenation power make total sense in stopping the appearance of skin flacking. Yet because it does not change the PH level of the skin and does not address the contamination in the throat, the remission is dependent on taking C60 continually. But for the millions who do not have access to Mexico, it's a ray of hope. Go C60.

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