C. L. I. F. S2 警徽天职 2 – Ep 19

Don’t kill me! Come in Dr Chen, the police wish to see you They’d like you to assist in an investigation Let them come in Sorry to disturb you Not at all, I’m not seeing
any patient. Have a seat What can I help you with? Do you know the person? He’s my patient called Wu Anxing Has he broken any law? We suspect him of
raping and killing a girl He really… You know his intention? Dr Chen, another little girl is in… Wu Anxing’s hands Her life is at stakeYour testimony will offer us clues…and help us rescue the little girlSix months ago,
Wu Anxing came to see me He wanted me to treat his paedophilia Has he ever mentioned… any plan to rape and kill girls? Wu Anxing has told me
he often fantasized… about sexually abusing girls
and even killing themI didn’t expect him to act it outWhy didn’t you expect it? I’ve counselled him quite a bit… and prescribed medicine for him… to suppress his desires When he saw me recently, he didn’t mention his fantasy again I thought the treatment was working I didn’t know he had turned… his fantasy into reality When was the last time
you saw Wu Anxing? Two weeks ago on Wednesday He was supposed to come
for treatment yesterday afternoon… but he didn’t show up My nurse couldn’t get him
on the phone either Has he ever mentioned that 22 years ago, he did the same thing
to a girl called Huang Zhiqing? Are you saying he already… raped and killed
a little girl 22 years ago? All the evidence points to him We require all of Wu Anxing’s
information and record… during his treatment here
to help us with the investigation No problem I’ll get my secretary to print a copy for you Thank youNo problemThe lab examination confirmed that… the medicated cream
discovered in Wu Anxing’s flat… had the same chemical composition…as the cream culled from
Zhou Xiaoru’s dead bodyIt was clobetasol propionate,a medicated cream for external use… to treat eczema, vitiligo, psoriasis… and other skin disorders Wu Anxing’s doctor also confirmed… Wu Anxing had vitiligo The doctor prescribed him
the medicated cream As for the roll of adhesive tape
found in Wu Anxing’s flat,I’ve compared the cut seams
of the adhesive tape…and verified the
adhesive tape used to seal… the carton holding Zhu Xiaoru’s
dead body came from this roll We also found Wu Anxing’s fingerprints
on this roll of adhesive tape The schoolbag found in
Wu Anxing’s flat also had his fingerprints Does the suspect’s DNA
found on Huang Zhiqing, the victim killed 22 years ago,
match Wu Anxing’s DNA? I collected hair from
the shaver in Wu Anxing’s flat… and conducted analysis and comparison I was able to verify
it belonged to the same DNAIn both cases of lewd conduct
in the kindergartens,the rape and murder of
Huang Zhiqing and Zhou Xiaoru… and the abduction of Su Jiajia, all the evidence points to Wu Anxing We’ve checked the exit and entry recordsWu Anxing has not left the countryHe should still be hereWe’ve checked all the
places he’s likely to visit…but found no leadHave you checked
Wu Anxing’s background? Wu Anxing lived overseas for 21 years… and returned to Singapore
only nine months ago He must have fled overseas
after killing Huang Zhiqing years ago He stopped committing any crime here… but he was sentenced
to 18 years’ jail overseas… for three cases of serious
sexual assault on girlsHe was released only
more than a year agoThat explains why…he came back here only recentlyGuohuang, Haoping, Nico, Go to where Su Jiajia was abducted…and check if the road
surveillance cameras…captured any image of
a white van and trace its whereabouts Jinqiang, Eric, Kenny, we’ll investigate Wu Anxing’s
relatives and friends We may find some leads Yes, Ma’am Do you really believe Wu Anxing
committed all the crimes? All the evidence points to him What’s there to doubt? In the case that occurred 22 years ago, DNA tests confirmed… Wu Anxing sexually assaulted your sister It’s highly probable
that he murdered your sister… but don’t you find that… there are many questionable
points in the recent cases? If Wu Anxing knew
the police were suspecting him, why did he still keep Zhou Xiaoru’s
school uniform and schoolbag at home… instead of destroying them? Many psychotic killers treat… their victims’ belongings as memorabilia But he needn’t have kept them at home He could have hidden
them from the police Maybe he didn’t have time to do so… or he was simply over-confident, thinking that he’d not be caught Apart from that, I deduce that… Zhou Xiaoru’s murder occurred… between the two cases of
lewd conduct in the kindergartens According to criminal psychology, if Wu Anxing could derive a thrill only
from raping and killing Zhou Xiaoru, he couldn’t have engaged in
lewd conduct in the kindergartens Reason being, he couldn’t
have found satisfaction in it Following this line of thought, his criminal acts should
become more grievous He’s no ordinary murderer… but an extremely dangerous
and monstrous killer He won’t make predictable moves But there’re still many questionable points Once Wu Anxing is arrested, everything will become clear Through these group therapy sessions, I can see that everyone
is trying to make strides… in hopes of shaking off your depression I’d like to mention someone in particular She was initially reluctant to join us… but was eventually willing
to share with us her experience This required tremendous courage The person is Yuqi Thank you, everyone Dr Li was right I resisted coming here initially I felt nobody could understand my plight… and my anguish, so I isolated myself I didn’t want any contact with anyone Fortunately, Dr Li was there for me She overcame all difficulties… and rescued me Only then did I realise… I wasn’t alone There’re many people in the world like me Some… have suffered even
greater losses than me Actually, right up to now, I still can’t get over it Two years ago, my wife… died of cancer My daughter and I only had each other Hence, I gave my daughter all my love… but… she suddenly… met with a tragic death… and left me I don’t know… when I can get over my grief… but at least over here, you always lend me your ears Each time, I leave here… feeling slightly more relaxed The purpose of group therapy… is to achieve mutual understanding, mutual support and mutual encouragement Once you understand one another, you’ll feel like comrades in arms… and face your problems together It’s much easier than
fighting the battle alone Are you sure Yuqi is willing to meet me? Yuqi’s emotional state… has improved immensely Therapy does help her quite a bit Let’s see if she’ll come after me with a knife Yuqi What brings you here? We’re here to see you How come you’re here, Mingzhong? Like Yuqi, I’m undergoing therapy here We’ve identified Xiaoru’s murdererWe should be able to capture him soon…and seek reparation for XiaoruYou have a good chat I’m offMingzhongRay, some classmates and I would
like to drop by your place next week Would you be free? Yes I’ll inform you of the time later Okay Mingzhong really has a hard time His wife and daughter… died one after another That’s why I feel… so much luckier than him At least I have Yun’en… and Jianxin Jianxin? You’ve named your baby? It means rebuilding one’s life After all the trials and tribulations, my greatest hope is… to begin a new life with Yun’en and JianxinThat’s why I tell myself…I must bounce back soonI’m sure you will We’ll be rooting for you Thank you Zhijie, I’m so sorry I almost hurt you in the past Did you? I have no impression of it No? Weren’t you afraid she’d
come after you with a knife? You! Donghua, listen to the supervisors later Don’t run around. Understand? Donghua, why don’t you skip it? We’ll have a picnic when I’m free. Okay? Don’t get mad Your father didn’t mean it He’ll let you go Why don’t you use the toilet first? I’ll wait for the bus with you. Okay? Didn’t we agree to let
our daughter join the activity? Why did you change your mind? Someone took our daughter the other time That worries me But it was an isolated case We can’t hide our daughter
at home because of that Are those people reliable? Can they look after
children like Donghua? I’ve told you this volunteer group… often organises such activities They have a wealth of experience… in looking after autistic
children like Donghua But they’ve never spent time
with Donghua before They don’t know her habits I’ve briefed them Donghua must learn to be independent We must also learn to let go Here, Donghua. Sit down I’ll put on your shoes Then, we’ll go downstairs
to wait for the bus What’s the matter? No appetite? You’re looking so moody… and not eating What’s the matter? What? You’re looking so moody.
What’s the matter? It’s because of my daughter What about her? She went on a picnic organised
by a volunteer group this morning You’re worried she can’t adapt? She’s never joined such an activity alone Relax They’ll call you should anything
happen to your daughter Let’s do this After our meal, we’ll visit your daughter Serious? Let’s go. Stop eating Leave it. Let’s go We’ll eat later. Let’s go Teacher, I need to pee We’ll take a break Who else wants to go to the toilet?Come with meRun along. Take care Mr Chen, we’re taking them to the toilet Are you hungry? Care for some food? Let’s get a bite Don’t run around Sit down I’ll help you open it Care for a bite? I want ice-cream! Kaizhong! Wait for me here. Don’t run around Kaizhong! I want an ice-cream Kaizhong, we have lots of food Moreover, too much ice-cream
will hurt your stomach Let’s go back. Come on I want ice-cream! Okay, I’ll buy it for you Which one would you like? Jen What brings you here? We’re here to see how
you’re doing as a volunteer Why do you look so distressed? A little girl under my care is missing How did it happen? He ran to the ice-cream van earlier I gave chase and left the little girl here When I got back, the little girl was gone Where are the others? The other two volunteers took
the other children to the toilet Only three of us were left here Okay, don’t panic She shouldn’t have gone far.
Could you describe her appearance? She’s about this tall and has long hair She’s wearing a blouse
with pink and black stripes… and white pants She’s an autistic child What’s her name?Dai DonghuaMy daughter is over there Dai Donghua is my daughter Where’s she? She’s missing -Missing?
-Sorry I left briefly and found her
missing when I came back Sorry! Give me back my daughter! Jimmy, calm down It’s not the time to demand
accountability. Better find her Do you have your daughter’s photos? She just went missing
and shouldn’t have gone far Let’s split up for the search Stay here. Tell the others what
happened when they come back Donghua Donghua Donghua Donghua never walks off by herself Let’s search separately Donghua Donghua Donghua! Watch out! I recognise the white van he drives The vehicle number is GT8918S Was the driver Wu Anxing? The driver was wearing a baseball cap I couldn’t see his face Thank you We’ve informed all police personnel
to look out for the van… and put up road barriers
at places where the van may pass by We should receive some news soon Your hand… It’s just a scratch Xinyi grazed her hand Should be nothing serious either You really care about her I like her You’re really frank We should be open about
our feelings when we like someone It’s too tiring to hide our feelings Be good to Xinyi She’s a great girl Does that mean you’re giving up? What else can I do? The decision is not in my hands Moreover, she has made a clear decision You’ve got the wrong idea Xinyi and I are not an item yet Therefore, we have equal chances If you really like Xinyi, don’t give up Try harder to win her back… because your rival in love, yours truly, is the strongest in the universe SOGF, provide an update
within five minutes SOGF4, is SCOF division also searching? Yes, Ma’am Sir, the vehicle is spotted along Lornie Road Noted Staff aider, put the footage upYes, SirSir, I confirm the vehicle has
started moving along Lornie Road Okay, good. Proceed to track the vehicleRoger, SirSOGF 5 and 6, proceed to track the vehicleThe higher-ups have
issued the arrest warrant They want us to do our
utmost to nab Wu Anxing The CID will head the operation Our police division colleagues will join us… to assist in the investigation Zhijie will take over from here… and brief everyone… on the leads we have so far in our
investigation of the suspect’s whereabouts We discovered Wu Anxing’s van
along Andrews Avenue… and launched an immediate search… but we found no sign of Wu Anxing
and Dai Donghua, the victim We deduce that after abandoning the van, Wu Anxing left the place with
Dai Donghua in another vehicle…but we’re still unable to confirm…whether he had prepared another
vehicle in advance or left a taxi We’re making enquiries
with the taxi companiesThe three beads were found
on the front passenger seat of the vanDai Donghua’s parents recognised
the beads came from her toyWe also found a flier in the van The flier belonged to a car wax company According to the manager, they usually distribute fliers at the
industrial estate car park near their office Fliers are usually left on the windscreens Wu Anxing must have put the flier
in the van after taking a glance at itWe have reason to believe that…Wu Anxing is hiding in the industrial estate Therefore, we require
our police division colleagues…to help us conduct a search operation thereNo problem We’ll deploy more police
personnel to patrol the area… and set up road barriers in the vicinity What’s most worrying right now… are the two abducted little girls I wonder if they’ve died
at Wu Anxing’s hands Therefore, this is urgent We must find Wu Anxing right away Take immediate action Yes, Sir! Found Wu Anxing? We’ve gathered information
on his possible hideout… and are laying an ambush We’ll capture him soon What about Donghua? Any news of her? Is she still in the fellow’s hands or…? The police have no news of Donghua yet Wu Anxing is probably aware
that the police are after him We believe he won’t do anything rash You don’t have to console us I’m not new to police work It was all my fault Why did I let her go on a picnic? Otherwise, everything would have been fine It wasn’t your fault It was my mistake I convinced you to let
our daughter join the activity I put her in trouble Don’t blame yourself We wanted Donghua
to learn to be independent Her only mistake was appearing
at the wrong place at the wrong time Yaojia, can I join the
search and arrest operation? But Madam wants you to rest at home I know she’s worried that my emotional
state will affect my judgement… but I can’t stay home and do nothing All right I’ll assure Madam… I’ll keep an eye on you Thank you We’ll find them These beads came from Donghua’s toy Sir I found a carton hereIt’s like the one discovered in the jungleIt’s Su Jiajia Then, Ouyang discovered
a carton over there I opened the carton… and discovered Su Jiajia’s body inside I’ll leave you in charge here Thank you Let’s go See if they’ve found anything Okay -Sir
-Discovered anything? We found Su Jiajia’s school uniform
and schoolbag when she was abducted An item is missing Did you realise that when
we were in Wu Anxing’s flat, we couldn’t find the underwear Xiaoru
was wearing when she went missing? What does Wu Anxing
want their underwear for? To keep as his spoils, perhaps The lab report is out Wenlin will submit the report to you That’s right After lunch, a few classmates
and I will visit Mingzhong I’ll give him your regards Bye Hi, three packets of coffee and
five slices of kaya bread, pleaseWhat are you doing?
Get your hands off me!No harm giving me a hug -Get your hands off me!
-I won’t hurt you Sir Please leave her alone It’s none of your darn business! I’m a cop I was merely joking with her.
I meant no harm Thank you, Sir Sir, are you getting lunch? Yes How about a beer?
It’s cooling in this hot weather No, thank you -Come on, do me a favour
-No, really I sell beer to support my entire familyThis is the same woman…captured on CCTV
at Stanley Erickson’s condoAre you Zhen Liansong’s wife? Yes It was all the police’s fault You put him behind bars Otherwise, I wouldn’t have
to be the breadwinner… or sell beer here We were just doing our job as the police If only Stanley didn’t die He was really nice to me He bought me things whenever we met up They were all branded goods Compared to him,
my husband was so stingy Was he very rich? Yes Stanley said he had a money-spinner Just a spin and it’d have
him rolling in moneyStanley sent this
text message to Chen YanjunThe two probably had
an unusual relationship… or the Caucasian knew some
dark secret about Chen Yanjun Do you know who he was
referring to as a money-spinner? He didn’t mention any name… except that he knew
something about the personIt was about some fetishIf it became public, it’d
destroy the person’s reputationWenlin, did you discover anything
at the industrial estate the other day? Our lab test confirmed
that the hair found at the scene… belonged to Su Jiajia and Zhou Xiaoru -Nothing from Dai Donghua?
-Nothing Perhaps she hasn’t been killed We’re tightening the screw on Wu Anxing Maybe he can’t find a chance to kill her What’s his purpose
of cutting the girls’ hair? Lantian suspects Wu Anxing is keeping
the children’s garments as spoils Perhaps the hair is part of the spoils Wu Anxing is a psychopath -I find something bizarre, though
-What’s bizarre? Whether it’s Wu Anxing’s van
or his unit at the industrial estate, we can’t find any of his fingerprintsWhat’s so bizarre about that?Wu Anxing probably wiped
them off to hide his criminal acts He didn’t have to wipe them off Reason being he knew
his identity had been exposed The police are after him Wiping the fingerprints off
would seem superfluous He may think we can’t prosecute
him without his fingerprints But he still slipped up by
leaving a half-eaten apple behind His DNA was probably on it You’re wrong. He didn’t eat the apple Our DNA test indicated that… the DNA on the apple
did not belong to Wu Anxing It belonged to another unidentified male Wu Anxing had an accomplice? This case appears to be getting trickier Thanks for taking the trouble to visit me We were classmates, after all You look wan Have you not been sleeping well? I dream of Xiaoru whenever I’m in bed How can I sleep well? It’ll be Xiaoru’s birthday in a couple of days I was planning to use
her favourite “Nini Cat” as a theme… to hold a special birthday party for her… and give her a pleasant surprise How crazy was Xiaoru about “Nini Cat”? Was her lingerie from the same series? All her garments had
to have “Nini Cat” prints When she went missing, she was also wearing
an underwear with this print? Why were you asking about that? It could be a very important lead Do you still have Xiaoru’s garments? Yes Any other findings? We were able to confirm the sawdust
found on the rug in the unit was fir What’s fir used for? It’s used very widely,
from construction, shipbuilding… to the making of furniture and utensils So many! Have you found out who owns
the unit in the industrial estate? It belongs to Hu Peifa, a merchant What’s his relationship with Wu Anxing? His unit was let out illegally They’ve never met It’s all electronic transactions It’s not cheap to rent such a unit I doubt Wu Anxing can afford it The accomplice must be paying for it We can check the communication record
between Hu Peifa and the tenant… or their electronic funds transfer record From there, we’ll trace the tenant’s identity Ma’am, we have to count on you
and your officers to investigate that No problem The rest of you will join me to investigate
Wu Anxing’s male relatives and friends, mainly to find out if they work
in wood-related industries… and if they’re financially sound -Any further questions?
-No, Ma’am -No, Ma’am
-End of meeting, then Zhijie, I’ve found an important lead.
Meet me at Yanjun’s clinic immediately Zhijie, what brings you here? Is Lantian here? I just returned from jogging I haven’t seen him. What’s the matter? He told me to meet him here Why here? I have no idea No answer? You didn’t see him at all? Could he have left when
he saw nobody here? Maybe I’m off, then If you see Lantian, tell him
to ring me immediately Okay Lantian? I’ve discovered Wu Anxing’s whereabouts Wenlin, have you seen Lantian? He’s not here yet He usually arrives by this time I don’t know why he’s late Is anything the matter? He messaged me yesterday evening, saying he had discovered
Wu Anxing’s whereabouts I rang him immediately… but his phone went dead Have you checked his house? He didn’t go home last night His phone was turned off.
I couldn’t get hold of him When did you last see him yesterday? I saw him in the morning In the afternoon, he said he was
meeting some university mates… to visit Zhou Xiaoru’s father at home Right! Why didn’t it
cross my mind? Thank you! Lantian and a few friends
visited me yesterday afternoon What time did he leave? About 4.30 pm He messaged me at that time Did he say where he was going? No Has something happened to Lantian? After he left your place, he disappeared altogether Before he left, he asked for a piece of Xiaoru’s clothes Whatever for? He said it could be an important lead Why would he think that?I don’t knowI told him… Xiaoru was crazy about “Nini Cat” All her clothes came with “Nini Cat” printsHe reacted very strongly
when he heard that…and asked me for a garmentCould I have one of Xiaoru’s garments? Sure, I’ll go get it Is Dr Chen in? He’s inside Zhijie, have you found Lantian? Not yet Jess, while I was out jogging, did you see Mr Wei here? No Did he really say he was coming here? He messaged me,
saying he had an important lead… and asked me to meet him here Any idea what lead he was referring to? No idea Any idea if Wu Anxing has… the fetish of collecting
children’s garments? He’s never mentioned that before… but patients suffering from paedophilia… may have such a fetish Can I take the tape from your
surveillance camera back to the office? Subtitles by C Tng, MediaCorp TV

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