Brooke’s Truth about Lume Deodorant

Brooke’s Truth about Lume Deodorant

Hello! I’m Brooke and I want to talk to you about my favorite product of 2017 and that is Lume Deodorant. And it is for your underarms, but also excitingly it’s for your private parts and just about anywhere else where skin touches skin and where bacteria can hide and strange and unpleasant all factory events occur. So, this is an issue that I had not been like terrible worried about and I don’t’ think maybe hopefully anyone else noticed, but it’s something I always noticed. And it always made me a little self conscious and not as confident and as reassured as I feel like I should be and so I was eager to try this product and I did and within 2 days I realized it was actually working. And for the first time I had absolutely no worries about any sort of odor and that included underarm odor, but also odor that results from having bacteria that live in your groin, in your crotch, in you’re lady folds, in your meat drapes whatever you wanna say you’re private parts, you’re labia, when combined with heat this bacteria can make you smell like a dairy in summer. And this is just not what I really wanted for my life, but it has a great feeling going on, it’s not like waxy or oily. It has a nice generally natural scent, it’s a little tiny bit spicy, there’s a little citrus too it, and a tiny tiny maybe like a lavender. There’s nothing that makes you smell like a like a bouquet it’s really more the absence of smell that you notice than an artificial smell going on. Which is really nice because I don’t wanna have to think about how I smell anywhere unless I’m wearing like a lovely perfume. So in essence, if this is an issue that you feel is important and honestly, I feel like everyone else thinks it’s important that you don’t smell. So I think you should do yourself a favor so that you can feel more confident in 2018 and try this product Because it’s made a world of difference in my life, and have a great year y’all.


  • Beautiful Girls says:

    Lol your great. Love your personality. Thank you for the video!!

  • rosanicole4 says:

    This stuff really works!!!!

  • barn carolium says:

    I wanted to see that you put on that deo. 😊

  • amy pena says:

    Thank you SO much for this review. Exactly the "problem" areas I worry about. Definitely going to order after this review now.

  • Mark Gibson says:

    i live in Houston so wear my flops all year and use it between my toes adn as an underarm deodorant. it works great. no toe jam stink. or stinky pits. i like the new small tube too.

  • scorchedcandy says:

    This stuff smells quite nice

  • ROSE CUPELLI says:

    Any doctor will tell you not to put crap down there. Soap and water work fine. I have never had any complaints while men were down there.

  • Kristen Pfalzgraf says:

    I just ordered a tube of the unscented and the scented stick. Hopefully one of them will work out for me.

  • Friction says:

    not a good idea to put anything on your lady or man parts but hey if it works then i guess i'm wrong. I do wanna try lume for my feet however, nothing seems to get rid of their stench.

  • Enigmatic Sunshine says:

    You had me at meat drape lol

  • Jenna Mitchell says:

    That's OLFACTORY not "all factory"

  • Cindy Chambliss says:

    Love this stuff. Diabetics secrete more sugar in sweat, urine and other secretions so we just become an all you can eat buffet for bacteria. I manage my diabetes like a warrior, wight down , numbers perfect. But still I had a lady stink problem, I had Summers Eve wipes, in my car , my desk , my purse. So I gave this a try. Holy Hell I am me again, no constant sniffing and fussing. My confidence is back up and I won't be with out this product.

  • Being Jade Campbell says:

    Thank you for your honest review I can't wait to try this deodorant. I am so excited to order it. I've used so many different natural brands I think lume may be the one.

  • Ovrthaedge says:

    Good concept. However I am hoping that no one uses it on their lady bits THEN their armpits, or vice versa. Holy transference of bacteria batwoman. Does product help with chafing too?

  • melody Melina says:

    Where can you purchase it @

  • Andreea Giurgiu says:

    I cannot for the life of me find this anywhere else to buy-for shipping to Europe…WHY?!

  • Omazing Specialties By Teresa Renyia says:

    Can you buy it in a local store?

  • Natalie P says:

    I just ordered Lume and i am very excited! I'm a bio major and i understand the science behind this new type of deodorant.

  • Kara Brooke Attebury says:

    Did you really just say meat drapes? Gross.

  • Krissy S says:

    Thanks for the great and honest review! I have to ask where you got the wall art behind you!

  • G Blake says:

    Why do these “natural” products always use lavender and sage smell. Ewww.

  • Elizabeth Carire says:

    why aren't you on amazon?!

  • Raquel Bates says:

    how amny days does it take to ship

  • coconutgirl816 says:

    Wait, you're only putting this on your groin area, not your actual labia, right??

  • Norman Plombe says:

    FINALLY! A woman who discusses this subject like an adult!!!! I've had this tough conversation with MANY girlfriends and they WITHOUT EXCEPTION have acted like I was insulting them, and did nothing to change their…conditions. When I woman tells me I stink, I RUN to the bathroom to wash thoroughly. Of course lady parts are different, but he axiom holds: If you want a man to eat with vigor KEEP YOUR KITCHEN CLEAN!

  • Lexy R says:

    so this is mostly for odor not an antiperspirant?

  • george trevino says:

    I bet you still stink , you stinker! LOL!

  • Lissa Harre says:

    I just tried the deodorant stick and the lotion type bottle. As long as I don't sweat or lift my arms I'm don't smell but as soon as I was active I smelled sickly sweet. Almost like when apples rot. Basically it was gross and they will only let me return 1 opened item even though I was trying different formula/scents to see if it was just the scent. Return policy is difficult and product is subpar.

  • Olympia StarGazer says:

    Great Video!!!! I orderd my stick and cream yesterday. I usually skip commercials on YouTube, however, something told me to watch the whole video. I'm glad I did. Can't wait to try this.

    Let's be honest, body order is not something we feel comfortable about talking. Especially, private parts (Meat Drapes) lol. But. I've been married for 20 yrs. My husband is not going to pull out or use a condom. Soooo, I get left with his love juice. Okay, now what??? Exactly!! Need me some Lume!!! 💋

  • Dezeri Smith says:

    I'm getting this deodorant.

  • Linda Martin says:

    After three weeks of using LUME, I have the most narly pit rash imaginable. Thought the equatorial rash was due to heat, but rethought that when the pits went the way of the pudenda. VERY disappointed with customer service, which was perfunctory and misrepresentative. DON'T buy the offer with both the stick and tube–they're only going to give you a fraction of your money back if that. VERY disappointed.

  • Tabitha says:

    Ok so thank you for the honest open review… Also, for using the phrase "meat drape" I'm dying 😂😂😂

  • April Manttari-See says:

    "…when combined with heat, this bacteria can make you smell like a dairy in summer…this is not what I really want(ed) for my life…"
    Too hilarious!

  • J Rosario says:

    I purchased this deodorant 1 week ago, I tried it for 5 days and it irritated my armpits so terribly I had to discontinue. I am not sure what I am doing wrong?! 🙁

  • Irina Ivanov says:

    The question is if it is really safe. There are some ingredients that raise a question….

  • Lovely Bones says:

    Fair warning, you will not get your money back. You can only return items that you haven't tried, so you really can't return the deodorant. Unless you just bought it to look at it. Plus you only have a 30 day window for returns and they will charge you five dollars to do it. This company may advertise like there is no risk, but that is false. I bought this hoping for just one day of protection from natural odor, much less the 72 hours they are advertising. It didn't happen. I'm sticking with Schmidt and Primal.

  • Eva Castillo says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the review. This really helped me to go forward and buy this. God Bless

  • Samantha Harper -Truth Be Told says:

    I have been looking for an all natural deodorant for a very long time. I am willing to try this so I can leave the other products alone. Thank you.

  • Krystle Garsha says:

    Are you sponsored by Lume?

  • Tor Strasburg says:

    Well done! Buying. Although the Crystal I've been using for over twenty years is perfection. A stick lasts years. But I want to try something different.

  • Mary Krebs says:

    ALL women who sit long at desk or driving and more end their day less than fresh. ALL.

  • A 9 says:

    Even after going to bed nude, after a shower and applying lume, it no longer works well for me after 2 months. I wake up and have an armpit smell. Very disappointed as I spent 45$ on 2 deodorants and the body lotion deoderant.

  • boogermansdaddy1 says:

    "37" In a row?

  • Tywana Wright says:

    Meat drapes??????? Lol

  • Hollywood Scentstory says:

    Worst underarm product I’ve ever tried, the texture is sticky & very uncomfortably weird

  • Madison McKenzie says:

    Ok why'd you have to say meat drapes

  • EmRe Photography says:

    Meat drapes! Hahaha

  • LaShonda Bennett says:

    I’ve been using Lume for about a week now and I have mixed results. When I’ve spent a lot of time with my arms down and then move them, I feel like I detect a musty smell in the air but when I do a sniff test in my underarms, they don’t stink. I can’t exactly figure out what to do. My guess is because there is no air circulating when my arms are down, it collects scent? I have no idea but I’m kind of disappointed that this wasn’t the holy grail of natural deodorants for me. I’m going to keep using and maybe reapply during the day and really hope I didn’t waste my money. Any tips? I use unscented, I’ve been using natural deodorants for a few years now so I already went through the antiperspirant detox years ago and periodically use a bentonite clay mask to detox my pits.

  • Rachael Koontz says:

    What is your favorite scent?

  • L L says:

    Thank you for your review.Ive been wondering about this product

  • Iris Valdivia says:

    I’m buying it for my sons feet! Hope it works!!!

  • Stella Rothe says:

    This product doesn't seem to work for me. It's not bad – definitely better than a lot of other natural deodorants – but it definitely doesn't work (for me) on long, hot days. I prefer Schmidt's.

  • Glendalough V says:

    Was hard to hear even with speakers all the way up, need to speak up!

  • Beth Kwiecinski says:

    I am not being overly dramatic when I say this changed my life. I was sweating and stinking so badly, and nothing I did helped. I went on RX antiperspirants, and tried every thing the stores offered. I smelled horrible.
    I tried this on a whim and it changed my life. Cant imagine my life without it

  • Saint Germain says:

    We got it – like EARLY ON – you really didn't to do all the terms – JEEZ

  • DONNA THOMAS says:

    The kind with no scent stinks! It smells like stinky feet 😳

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