BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS VLOG/ 16 months post explant/ what they look like/ have symptoms gone away

BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS VLOG/ 16 months post explant/ what they look like/ have symptoms gone away

Because I could hear God say you need to stop feeding it stop feeding the beast stop feeding image distortion because it will never be What’s up, you guys welcome back to my channel if you don’t know me already, I’m Hannah Dawson I am owner and creator of Katniss ministry where I inspire women just like you to love the skin you are in through faith fitness and food and I do this by teaching you one how to train with a purpose – how to eat with a purpose and three how to Have faith for the program. So today’s video you guys I’m gonna be going over what my breasts look like now after It’s been 16 months We’re gonna go over all of the questions that you guys have been asking me about How I’m feeling if I’m off all my meds now is the bloating gone There are so many questions. And so today I’m gonna answer your questions and I’m just gonna give you an update So if you are new to my channel, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button hit that notification bell so you’re notified when I upload new videos as well as don’t forget to leave your Comments in the comment box below any of them. I love connecting with you guys So let’s get up right you guys let’s do this. I feel like I haven’t done one of these videos in a long time and If you’ve been following my YouTube channel, I’m trying to transition into teaching you guys tons about my nutrition and fitness and stuff But I do want to connect with you guys on this level because this is the thing that you know kind of ties in with You know aesthetics and for me it was huge. So if you followed my story, you know, if you haven’t go and watched the playlist a breast implant illness as I take you through my whole journey from before from being really sick to You know deciding to remove them to removing them through my whole journey. So this is just an add-on. This is an update I just really want to connect with you guys and let you know where I’m where I’m at right now. What’s going on? um, so yeah, and then as well as the symptoms that if hear you may be experiencing that I experienced Before I had my breast implants removed and these are things that some people experience like right at once some people experience them like one symptom at a time and they just kind of compound and It can be really hard to figure out if they’re from your implants and especially if you love them and you love the look it can be easy to Ignore the fact that you know, maybe they aren’t good for you So anyways, let’s just get into it right now. Go to drink Nicole for coffee this coffee cup says Today it’s going to be the best day ever Guys, I am a coffee fanatic. I love coffee. I look forward to coffee And I’m obsessed with mugs Anytime I find like a cute mug. I’m like, oh I can drink another cup of coffee in my cute mug And it makes me excited. I just get really excited to drink coffee. Alright guys Okay, so something really cool has happened in the last little while. Um My boob started to plump up. Like I actually thought I was pregnant I’m like something’s going on. Like my breasts are like filling they’re there looking like full there They’re not looking wrinkly anymore and not that was horrible But I mean, they look a little bit different when you get them removed and you know And I workout so I could kind of make the top look good But the bottoms started filling and you guys they started to look plump. Um, and I I thought you know like oh my goodness Adam. I’m Pregnant and I wasn’t and he’s like your breasts are just starting to come back. And so you guys I just want to encourage you That if you have gotten oh, excuse me If you’ve gotten your breasts removed, and it’s just been recent that they do start to plump I’m gonna show you some images some videos. It’s really exciting. My scars have healed really well They’ve just really filled in nice now you guys I’ve been really um You know on my nutrition in my training like I’ve been really doing like chest focused workouts really building that muscle Like with any part of your body that you put muscle on it tightens and firms everything so I believe because I’ve been eating good but I’ve also been training and doing chest focused workouts that They’ve really tightened from my breasts like a hundred percent believe that they feel good. They look good I’m really happy with them. They’re tiny. But but the fullness has come back they have filled in so Like just know that yes, they will come back they will and it may take a few months It may take a year It may take two years But they will eventually start to come back as long as you’re taking care of your nutrition and you’re working out and stuff you can totally change your body you can totally Tighten and tone everything back up including your breasts Okay, so that is something to look forward to and so I thought you guys would all up to here Not as well as you guys. Um, I’ve got my notes here because I get scatterbrained I can kind of go down rabbit holes. I don’t forget why came on here. So a few other things guys I’m totally off antidepressants. So I’ve never thought that that would happen. Um, and it’s just something that just happened It wasn’t like I’m gonna come off of these it just happened um and I’ve been off them for eight months now and I feel really good I have days but I think Learning that we all have days and learning to be in touch with those emotions and figuring out why are we feeling this way? So it’s really helped me work through. Okay If I’m sad or if I’m anxious like the things that I have been kind of going through the things that I’ve been doing what I’ve been watching who have been hanging out with what I’ve been listening to doubt about that that is all on my podcast say Not to do another rabbit hole here but I created a podcast you guys called your best self podcast and it was Kind of a podcast that was birthed out of sharing with you guys you know this journey and kind of the things that God has shown me but So I thought podcast go check it out. It’s on iTunes. It’s called your best self and so I was kind of sharing on there to do with like feelings and kind of going through, you know, the funks and Depression and things like that and like some revelation that I got through through these whole times But it’s not a coincidence that I might Reston’s plants got removed and then a year later I got off Antidepressants and I feel really good. I haven’t felt this good in a really long time My fitness level is awesome. My endurance is awesome. I just feel healthy That being said you guys had a few questions for me And so I’m gonna answer those I got the first question was did is the bloating gone like the bloating in my lower stomach? Yes, it is gone totally gone. I mean if I eat things like I found out I have a way intolerance Um, so and I was drinking lots away Protein shakes, so I had to switch to a plant-based One and that helped a hundred percent because I still would have it on and off but not like as bad as it was when I had my implants and So yeah, my stomach was able to flatten right out. Wish that felt really good So yes, the bloating has went away as long as I stick to foods that my body likes to And then I have a few things that I’ve done to help that like taking digestive enzymes Take the taking digestive enzymes. I don’t take them as much anymore now be I just needed to take them in the beginning Um, and I took an over counter digestive enzyme. No, I don’t know if it was plant-based our animal-based I can’t tell you that I just know it was meant to break down proteins carbs and fats Um, and then I also take a probiotic um and That is kind of and magnesium. So those are kind of the supplements that I take around like my gut health. Oh I take l-glutamine as well that’s amazing for gut health and amazing for sore muscles and I’ll do another video you guys on supplementation and things like that if you have any questions on that comment below – so the bloating Thyroid so that was the next question. Have I gone off my thyroid medication? I have not Because I had thyroid issue after I had my second So before I even got my implants, it was very minimal, but I had to be on a little bit of synthroid but after I got my implants my my What is it called? I guess autoimmune my my thyroids they both of them went and it was skyrocketed So I had to go on a t3 for my t3 and t4. So one instant one is cybo tall I believe and Yeah, they had to increase my doses. So here’s the thing though. I go for my checkup next week next Tuesday See doctor Brooks and so we’re gonna go over you know we’re gonna be getting bloodwork done to see because you can’t give me my Dose has been increased since I got my implants removed. We couldn’t touch it and you can’t really tell anything With your blood work and stuff until it’s been like a year – almost two years till things can kind of settle back So I’m really excited. So I will do an update on that video for you guys of what my results came back with that So, I’m really excited. I’m really hopeful that it’s gonna be really good That brings me to the next thing I keep getting questions asked a lot about cleanses and detoxes and if I did anything and I want to really encourage You to not do a cleanse after you’ve had surgery at least wait a year If you think about it just like I said it took that this long for the doctor to even be able to do blood work that was going to be Where she could change my medication without it like changing all the time Like everything is gonna be kind of leveling out now, and so she the results should be pretty accurate Whereas after your you’re going through so many things your body’s changing your healing things like that so I would say don’t do a cleanse or do a detox because your body naturally does that and if you’re doing things like a cleanse and A detox right after surgery. It’s too hard on your body cleanses are very hard on your body All of the supplementation that you have to take your body’s trying to repair itself. You’ve just had surgery You just got these things removed your hormones are you know, you you had surgery it was literally by your heart It was by your chest like don’t go and start doing things like that because you can make things worse you you already are healing you already feel mentally and Physically just done and so don’t add any more stress to it. Just relax and just nourish your body with healthy food That’s all I did. I my carb cycle. I love carb cycling. I just did that I just watched the things that I ate made sure I was getting my macronutrients and all my micronutrients and things like that so, um That’s all I really focused on and then I didn’t end up doing a cleanse until about nine months. Later And I did a candida cleanse, which I started it before I got my results back and turns out I didn’t have overgrowth of Candida. So that’s another thing I would get tests done before you even go and take extra vitamins or Whatever go and get tested to see if you even need them because if you don’t or if you don’t have certain things wrong You’re wasting your money and your body doesn’t need it So that would be kind of my tips my advice around that as well as um, alright Let’s get into some more some more students if this is helpful and answering your questions, you guys comment below Leave your comments below. Yes This is helping or any questions that you want to know and I can do a video on those as well Don’t mind me. I’m just keep drinking coffee um Alright, you guys another thing that I really really wanted to share in this is for the person that you know is doubting This is doubting that implants can make you sick or I had a few comments on my videos that you know They’ve have known people and nothing’s wrong and blah blah blah and you know They just don’t understand how you can get depressed when you get them or get all these things going wrong with you And so I kind of wanted to touch on that with the most Transparency as I can in the most in the most loving way As I can So I hope that this is received with love, okay? the fact that you got the implants in the first place is An issue is an issue. It’s Active low self esteem. It’s an act of You you low self worth and it is you can call it what you want to call it You can say I’ve had babies you can say, you know It’s not but it is if you totally accepted yourself for how you are how you came into this world You wouldn’t need to get them and that is the truth. That is the truth. There’s it’s black or white There is no gray in between you either love yourself and you will do everything Naturally in your power to take care of your body or you’re gonna fall into this this other leg trap you’re gonna kind of go with the crowd you’re gonna kind of with the flow and do what everybody else is doing and not See that you are made Individually unique that whatever you were created with you have everything that you’ve ever needed to have that you don’t need those Two whatever that thing is that you’re you keep telling yourself why you need them? You don’t do you already have that without them? so I don’t want to get off topic here but to do with that comment is She was saying that You know That she knows people. You know that have had had them and haven’t had any issues and like I said the fact that you got them is an issue and it’s gonna create tons of more issues because it Starts with it. It starts with an internal emotional spiritual mental issue And then it creates actual physical issues in your body And so what I’m getting at is when I was saying in the beginning of the video Sometimes symptoms aren’t like boom you have all these symptoms they creep up and that’s a scarier part because it could be 12 years down the line and you’re just totally like I Have all of these health issues and mine happened fast and I praise Jesus for that because if they did not I still may have them in and I still may be just like I Can’t even tell you. It was like it took my spark out of me. I took like the life out of me And so, um, you know, I was working at orange there and as meeting lots of different women there You know and they’re having all these issues on I met a few and and had my implants out them But this one lady was on all these meds like she could barely even work out anymore. She’s there I can’t do that exercise can’t do that exercise because my muscles and my joints hurt so bad And so this lady had these issues shoes on all these meds. The doctor keeps piling up all these meds there I met another lady same issues just different same problems on all these meds different issues and other Women I met with all these skin issues losing her hair really fatigued all the time shortness of breath Guess what? They all have implants and this this is the thing you can say That’s all these other things and you can you you’re literally, you know losing all of the things that that life gives us as a gift to try to have this body that that is man-made this this thing that we we want to we want to look healthy and like this is this ideal But we actually lose our health in the midst of it You can achieve optimal health without putting anything into your body. All right Whether you experience your issues And and I want to touch on that like my friends have them and they haven’t said anything They they don’t have any of the symptoms. Yeah, they probably do have symptoms. They probably do I I’m sure they’re they’ve Experienced any type of skin issues burnt. So these are the things that I experience you guys I’ve written them down and so pay attention to these pay attention to all your friends that have implant and here Listen to how they talk Listen to anything that they may say that’s going on and if they have implants and they have these issues I guarantee you all You have to do is remove those implants. They all disappear all of these disappeared for me These are a lot of the things as experience even even way more of them. I’m gonna go through them depression anxiety Heart palpitations like a fluttering of the heart for no reason just sleeping I’d be lying in my bed, and I could literally felt my heart gold and Then I would do it again and was like the scariest feeling ever. Um hair loss losing tons of hair Skin irritations. Like I said almost like eggs EEMA almost like psoriasis But it just keeps getting worse and doesn’t go away And you just don’t you you can’t get rid of it. Like you can’t take creams. You can’t eat things You can’t do anything. You can’t cut out foods. They it’s just still keeps coming. That’s another sign Extreme bloating for no reason just constantly bloated all the time You feel good first thing in the morning when you don’t eat anything but as soon as you eat something It’s like inflammation times a thousand. That’s another thing inflammation Like a swollen hands just feeling like everything is kind of sore and achy all the time. That was another thing Cramping all the time feeling like you have period cramps gently Like it like kind of comes like in waves and you’re just feeling like like swollen Down there and like achy and just like almost like you’re menstruating or you’re PMSing but it’s like all the time That was another thing I experienced. Um Another thing red eyes red burning itchy eyes, and sometimes it would be red But they would like burn they would feel so dry like they would scratch all the time I didn’t know why I didn’t know I felt like my body wasn’t getting enough fluids. Like I just didn’t have that Um that moisture inside me another thing Our thright arthritis joints are at the right arthritic joints arthritis Anyways, achy joints almost like you’re getting arthritis like just a key Muscle fatigue you your muscles fatigue a lot faster. Just like you you lose your strength You just feel like you’re not strong enough and the other one that I experienced shortness of breath like I can walk up the stairs and just feel like something was like Pulling my like squeezing my lungs like it couldn’t seem to get like you Don’t even know what that’s like to feel like you want to take a deep breath in and it just stops and you just can’t Get that air into your lungs. That was another thing just heaviness shortness of breath all the time. Um, Weak muscles red eyes. So those were just a few you guys have the symptoms that I was Experiencing and that slowly the bloating was the first thing that happened But I just thought I had parasites or some type of I needed to cleanse or cut some food out So that was right away. That was probably a month after I got my implants I felt instantly depressed and it was really hard to get out of it Um, and I’ve went through depression anyways But this was like piled on top of I can’t even explain it And all these symptoms slowly started to creep up and just got worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and my husband had Actually made a comment. I bet you it’s those implants that you got and I’m like whatever love Allah would get mad. Like no It’s not no It’s not and then after two and a half years I things just kept getting worse My then my blood work started to go wonky. My thyroid started to go out of whack What else all of those symptoms anxiety heart palpitations feeling constantly chronic fatigue? chronic fatigue like There was nothing there was no amount of sleep. I would wake up tired. I would go to bed tired I’d feel tired during the day. I drink coffee it wasn’t helping like I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired and then I got them removed you guys and 16 months later, I feel good. I feel strong. I feel good. I feel happy I feel joyful that darkness that just felt like it suffocated me has left and I just feel myself I feel Who I am Supposed to be and so I wanted to do this video you guys To connect with you to let you know what’s going on to answer your questions, but to let you know that it gets better Whenever you’re going through it’s going to get better. You need to expect it to be better But here’s the thing when you remove one thing When you remove I call it image distortion. It’s like an addiction. It’s like it’s like this thing our whole world is obsessed with image right now with things with Possessions with how you look you have to kill it all off. You cannot feed it. You can’t get rid of one thing It’s like an addict when they give up drinking or when they give up doing drugs They can’t drink alcohol or they shouldn’t because they go from one addiction to another even if they give up drinking and that they can go to shopping or Over-exercising or obsessive eating and things like that and I know this because I can say this because I personally experienced this So when I removed my implants I stopped doing Botox I had to stop because I could hear God say you need to stop feeding it Stop feeding the Beast stop feeding image distortion because I’m sure if you’ve got plastic surgery if you’ve got Botox It’s never enough I told my husband it’s never enough like I would get it and I would like notice more Mcfine like it’s never enough. And in that moment. I felt like something is wrong. This is spiritual This is something that I can’t see but I’m actually physically see it feeling just like depression They don’t physically see depression. You see it manifest in somebody in somebody’s body, but it is spiritual It is something that you can’t see. It’s in the unsee. It’s darkness same with anxiety. It’s an attack on your thoughts It’s an attack on your mind and so image distortion is the same the more you feed it The more distorted mere start coming and and then pretty soon you don’t even know where you are You don’t even know how to get out. You don’t even know what is right from wrong anymore And then you just keep feeding it because you it’s like it’s like an addict too you know you use you try to stop and and the the cravings are too strong and you have to go back until you have to quit everything and you learn to work on yourself and You learn to work on that relationship with yourself and you learn to love who you are And if you don’t love who you are and if you’re really struggling with that Then you go to the one that made you and he will show you how he loves you and you will be able to love you the way that he’s Created you and you’ll be able to see that you are created for a purpose and a colleague and not getting implants and getting Botox And getting all in this plastic surgery. It’s such a distraction from your calling It’s such a distraction to get distracted on looking this certain way Because you feel like if you look a certain way that you can Become that person that you’re supposed to cuz you don’t have the confidence Well, if you don’t have the confidence now You won’t have the confidence then and if you think that you’ll have the confidence and it’s just a fake sense of confidence it’s not a real confidence because Confidence we can’t accomplish from things or external things is something that has to come within it is something that God has put in us It’s something that he’s created you for he’s you You know, it’s something that you cannot grab externally you have to start manifesting internally it’s already in you you just have to do those things that make you most afraid you have to do those things and Step out of your comfort zones. You have to stop relying on beauty and image to make you feel like it’s the thing that is going to Solve everything and I’ve been there I can speak on this you guys because I have been there I felt like if I had the the best body that my business would do better if I had this that this would do better If I looked this way, then this would be better or you know, then I could just you know How they that saying fake it till you make it I would tell myself that like if I didn’t get there if I can look A certain way then can be that person but that person was never enough that person was never even when I got there I didn’t even recognize her because I would it was image distortion I mean You don’t recognize that person anymore and it’s and I tell my clients all the time If you can’t love yourself where you’re at If you can’t make healthy decisions where you’re at along the journey in love to learn the love to look Learn to love the journey that woman you become that you think that will make you happy will never be enough if You can’t be enough right now with who you are. Those things will never make you enough it’ll just make everything worse and it and Everything in your life will start to become and start to almost feel like a tornado like Tasmanian Devil like swirling like it’s just you’ll just feel like you’re spiraling in every area and you’ll grab onto something Quickly to make you happy in the moment Oh, I feel so good and then boom it’s gone again and you feel the emptiness and you’re just constantly it’s like Quick side like trying to like get out and so you have to be willing to be like, okay. What is the issue? I Don’t feel worthy. I don’t feel loved that is the issue it comes down to that. That is the issue Okay. God help me like this. You say I’m loved you say I’m worthy. So why am I believing these lives? Where is the crack god help me fill this crack? Help me fix it. That’s it. That’s all I have to say guys that’s way more than I Intended on saying but I hope this resignate with you guys Hope this helped you a bit has helped you guys. Please leave your comments below connect with me. Follow me on social media I’m on Instagram fitness ministry, CA Facebook I’m fitness ministry or Hannah Dodson Connect with me on here my emails everything you guys will be in the show notes below and Again, you know, that’s that’s all I have to say. That’s where I’m at right now. I feel good. I feel confident Um, I feel healthy. I feel focused. I feel grateful. I feel grateful That I can be in this place to share with you and to be able to encourage you that it’s gonna get better that There’s something so amazing inside you. That’s why you’re watching this right now. This is not a coincidence that you’re watching this This is like I totally believe that God works through people and if we what we don’t if we silence our voice you can’t work We need to speak up we need to share and so I share everything with you openly transparently vulnerable leaked to Hopefully bring something that encourages your heart brings something that sheds light into an area that you feel darkness in And that’s all you guys. That’s all I wanted to say. I have to get ready I have to do a teacher group right now, but um, don’t forget to check out my other videos guys Again, um, yes if this is your journey, this is good But you need to focus also on your help and you are nutrition and your training because our bodies, you know We need to take care of them. We need to nourish them just like you need to nourish your mind Taking those healthy steps. So check out my other videos If you have any questions on those leave them in the comment box below Other than that you guys I love you all you’re so amazing And I will talk to you soon


  • Hannah Dawson says:

    I hope my breast implant illness vlog has brought you hope and clarity I'm 16 months post explant and so excited to share with you. If you have any questions leave them in the comment section and id be happy to connect with you.

  • Alyona Simonson says:

    You are so right. When we focus on our outer appearance or any vain thing we do not walk in the spirit but by the flesh and therefore do not fulfill what God has called us to be. It is so hard to keep focus on Jesus sometimes. I really like what you said about not feeding the insecurities. I realize if I do that more would manifest and I would never be satisfied with how I am but would only focus on flaws. Thank you for sharing your journey you are a huge inspiration to me. I pray that you continue to heal and seek Jesus Christ in your life.

  • Cindy Russi says:

    How can you know if you have an Intolerance to food, how did you find out?

  • duane elliott says:

    Can you list the otc items you talked about. For digestion and probiotics please

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