Braidlocks: Cleansing Scalp with Witch Hazel

Braidlocks:  Cleansing Scalp with Witch Hazel

hey y’all Trecey here thanks so much for
tuning in to my channel today I wanted to come to you all with a quick video to
share with you how I’m going to just cleanse my scalp with witch hazel while
having in my braidlocks I didn’t really want to wash my hair why because I had
just retighten it up maybe like a day or so ago so you know how you had at newness
going on and you just don’t want to just mess it up you know you want to
kind of like wear the newness a little bit so that’s what I wanted to do I
wanted to come in and I just wanted to just refreshen my scalp because it was
starting to get like a little dry and it was starting to having more itchy thing
going so I had never tried the witch hazel and I wanted to go ahead and do
that and I wanted to demonstrate to you guys what I was gonna do so first things
first what I’m going to need to do this with which I find it’s best to use when
you dip in and DAP it in you know what’s happening get yourself some cotton balls
they will work fine don’t matter where you got them I got mine from Dollar
General I think this bag was a dollar okay and you get yourself some witch
hazel this witch hazel I got this from where did I get this witch hazel it’s
not even helping me out here anyways y’all you can pick witch hazel up at
your local Walmart or any drugstore pharmacy will have some witch hazel so
stop in there get yourself some witch hazel I got this um I think the price
was I think if I make a mistake the price for this one is like five bucks
so these only two things that you will need along with your hair okay so let’s
get started so I’m gonna just get myself out a couple of cotton balls that way I
don’t have to keep reaching back for that bag alright so on this thing you
want to do is you want to make sure you’ll top is on on here tight alright
and you just want to get yourself which I mean of cotton ball you just pour
yourself some of the witch hazel on it okay kind of like it it’s soaking real
soaking wet hope you can see what I’m doing and all
say you want to do you’re gonna go in there and you just
did just rub the scaIp I hope that you seen what I am doing and you just rub
the scalp just like that with the cotton ball being real wet it makes it easier
to go right on over those braids or locks or whatever it is that
you got and get right on into that scalp and when it starts to feel kind of dry
like you don’t feel that smooth rubbing over the locks then just pour some more
the witch-hazel onto the cotton ball and continue so I’m
just gonna do this one whole section I did it once then I said I go in there
and do it the second time but this time I wanted to go ahead and show you a
video so right now this is what it’s looking like I really didn’t have that
much on my scalp but it was like I said it was starting to have that little itchyness going on so it was just time to do something either I had to wash it or I
just rather did this so this is what it’s looking like on both sides okay so
I’m just gonna pour a little bit more witch hazel on here and going to go in
back here so once you’re feeling smooth I’m able to do what you see me doing
them like this it’s like that scrubbing motion where I’m getting right into that
scalp so hopefully all that itchiness that I was feeling then is calming down
okay so hopefully this works okay it’s
starting to feel a little dry I can go with another go in maybe put a little
bit more on this same lil cute I mean cotton ball to get into there and just make my whole
scalp just feel good and wet so now I’ll get me another cotton ball and I’m just
gonna soak it – it’s just soaking wet with this witch hazel okay and I guess
on the other side I’ll just go in here oh yeah like that it just makes it so
much easier and you don’t have to rinse it out you don’t have to rinse it out
once you get it on here it’s on here and you don’t have to rinse at all now this
is where you can just rub over these braids or locks
whatever you want to call it in and get to that scalp and clean it give it a
good little rub and that’s really it I like for my scalp to feel wet when I
do this I like the wet feeling okay so not only did all of this in the back my
scalp is good like wet with the witch hazel and it feels kind of good it
really does so now it’s gone in there with this like this maybe divide off a
few just like that you can see a little bit better this really it guys and once you doing that it’s getting all
parts you know it’s like it’s not like you missing anything I’m getting all of it
okay that’s basically about that so yeah this is it quick video I wanted to come
in and show you guys how I clean my scalp with some witch hazel and you want to get
all the scalp even around the edges all of it all around the ears
witch hazel can be used for so much who would have thought you really can clean
your scalp with it but I didn’t really learn about this until I got into the
lock situation and the braids because even with um like micro braids and the
single individual braids you know a lot of people really didn’t too much like
washing them back in the day and they would do little scalp cleansing to wash
it all so you could is good you could use like a dry shampoo that’s also good
too and I did find like far as like itchy scalp drinking a lot of water for
some reason helps with that so if anybody having like a itchy scalp just
look like you just can’t stop the issue just start maybe you need to pick up on
your water intake because you body be like could be like a little dehydrated
and that could probably have something to do with it so yeah get that going so
then you’ll be good to go yeah but that’s really it I only use these two
cotton balls to do my whole head that is good as you can oh man this I could I
could feel like like a little like tingling going on but not like nothing
like how peppermint or like how peppermint oil will make your hair feel but
it’s feeling like a cool like tightening kind of situation going on up there up
in the scalp so yeah that’s it if there’s any questions about anything far it’s
this witch hazel and cleaning your scalp please go right ahead leave a comment in
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much for watching which you want less wonderful day
so into the next vid bye


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